Development roadmap

Here is a list of the general targets I have for each version. Please be aware that there might be some minor things that I've forgotten to add to this list, and that some tasks are definitely going to take a lot more time than others.

Updated at v0.3.6.9 release.

v0.3.2 - v0.4

- Add Claire's quest.
- Add buying Brax from Candi.
- Add Helena' quest.
- Add Axel's quest.
- Combat update.
- New Enforcer content.
- Add more control over jobs for offspring & friendly occupants.
- Add and expand size difference content, both of the 'orifice being too small for penetration' variety, as well as 'one character being significantly taller than the other'.
- Add day/night cycle content.
- Finish adding all Rat Warrens' dialogue.

The following objectives may roll over into v0.4:
- Add more Meraxis, Lilaya & Rose, and Lyssieth content.
- Add in more slave jobs, management, options, and dialogue.
- Add item, race, and sex modding support.
- Add unique dialogue for offspring who have moved in.
- Improve orgasm denial scenes.
- Add more sex actions and improve sex descriptions & dialogue.
- Add more alleyway encounter content.
- Add more harpy nest content.


- Add new Shopping Arcade restaurant, with a tie-in with new Pix's gym content.
- World map encounters for every tile type which you can currently visit.
- Add Elis map and content.
- Add Shinrin highlands content.
- Add main quest up to the point of resolving Lunette's content.


Adding in the next Elder Lilin encounter.


Adding in the third Elder Lilin encounter.


Adding in the last Elder Lilin encounter.


Adding in Lilith's encounter.

v0.8 - v1.0

Adding in more content.


Continuing to support the game.