Saturday, 29 July 2017

Github and preview patch notes

Hello everyone! ^^

I've put up a public github with the source code to Lilith's Throne! I had hoped to have got this up and running earlier in the week, but I've been struggling to wrap my head around licenses. At the moment, and in the interest of getting this released on time, I've gone with a standard copyright protection license. This obviously isn't ideal, as I want you to be able to mod the game. I'm going to get the licensing sorted out next week, so until then I may not be able to accept pull requests.

Anyway, here it is!

There's a tutorial on how to build it in the repository, called '', so read that if you need help building the game! ^^

These patch notes are what's included in the preview version that I build for Patreon. This is not the full release (which is released to everyone at the same time on 4th August)! You can build the game at any time from the public github!

Version 0.1.82P patch notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added: 25% Chance for an attacker in dominion's alleyways to be one of your children. Requires having the incest fetish, as well as having had children (duh! ^^).
      Added: Framework for incest encounter affection progression mechanics. The current dialogue for incest encounters is heavily WIP, but will be a lot more polished for the full release next Friday!
      Changed: Children's race no longer depends on their mother's reproductive system. Instead, half of a mother's children will be of her race, the other half will be of the father's race.
      Added: Essence extraction ability in Lilaya's lab (unlocked after talking to her about essences). You can now extract your essences in the lab, then sell them to Vicky or Ralph!
      Added: Tail penetration action groups for vagina and anus. (PCTail-NPCvagina, PCTail-NPCAnus, NPCTail-PCvagina, NPCTail-PCAnus)
      Added: Non-consent fetish. I wanted to use the fetishes to gate content, rather than adding options for that in the main menu, so non-consensual sex is now unlocked when you take the non-consent fetish.
      Removed: Non-con option. The non-consent fetish is now the way to unlock non-consensual sex scenes!
      Reworked some of Lilaya's lab content to make it a little smoother.
      Added fingering and masturbation options to the 'standing' sex position.
  • Items:
    • Added: Vanilla water (Human attribute consumable, similar to the other attribute consumables.)
      Added: Bottled essences. You can now buy bottled essences from Vicky.
      Added: Crotchless briefs. (Masculine, groin slot.)
      Added: Work boots. (Masculine, foot slot.)
  • UI:
    • Added: A list of all your offspring to the pregnancy stats screen.
      Expanded: 'Characters present' and 'Phone contacts' screens to show NPC's status effects and a table of their stats.
  • Other:
    • Added a 'Buy all' action in the trader menu.
      Added a 'Use all' action for items in your inventory.
      Kate and Nyan will both now identify and purchase all clothing items (including jewellery).
      Buffed the completed Enforcer set's status effect, as well as buffing the individual pieces of clothing.
      Minor improvements to random harpy dialogue to take into account if she wants sex or not after combat.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed several incorrect names showing in Lexi's and Diana's nests.
      Fixed Lexi's post-fight-loss forced transformation (occurs if you have the TF fetish) turning you into a bimbo. It now correctly applies the 'Harpy Nymphomaniac' transformation.
      Fixed incorrect sell amounts being displayed when you chose to 'Sell all'.
      Minor typo fixes.
      Fixed instances of cock tease over pussy/ass generating incorrect speech.
      Fixed several major typos in partner's penis-vagina & penis-anus sex actions.
      Fixed some bugs in succubus attacker's sex scene.
      Fixed bug where random Harpies would not be able to be re-encountered after completing the 'Angry Harpies' quest.
      Disabled quicksave while in phone menus, as it was causing a save game file corruption.

    Version 0.1.82PHF (Hotfix) patch notes:

  • Clothing:
    • Added: Headband (No femininity requirements, head slot). Also added a 'headband with bow' variant (feminine, head slot).
      Added: Long-sleeved dress (feminine, torso slot).
      Added: Shin guards (No femininity requirements, ankle slot).
      Added: Stomach sarashi (No femininity requirements, stomach slot).
      Added: Chest sarashi (No femininity requirements, chest slot).
  • Other:
    • Removed harpy height limitation. (This was a left over from a very early version of the game.)
      Slightly increased the arousal reduction on 'Calm down' action.
      Humans now have a chance to drop Vanilla Water.
      There is now a chance for NPCs to have three fetishes. (20% chance for three, 20% chance for two, 40% chance for one, 20% chance for none)
      Added 'Permit/Forbid self clothing' actions in sex, to allow you to forbid your partner from managing any of their own clothes.
      Vicky now stocks a lot more essences.
      Rare clothing should now be spawning in correctly (10% chance for every random piece of clothing to have a rare enchantment).
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed bug where almost everyone would resist if you have the non-con fetish.
      Minor typo fixes.
      Fixed several old bugs from the sex system rework (could have been causing orifice stretching issues).
      Fixed bug where fathered daughters wouldn't count in the pregnancy stats screen.
      Fixed offspring description giving incorrect mother/father name.
      Fixed Harpy Perfume tooltip incorrect effect description.
      After meeting your offspring, their name should now correctly change from 'Unknown' in the pregnancy stats screen.
      Added NPC variants for consuming Mother's Milk, Promiscuity Pills, and Vixen's Virility.

    Monday, 24 July 2017

    Targets for 0.1.82

    Hello again! ^^

    These are my targets for version 0.1.82! The full version will be released on August 4th, but there will also be a preview version for patrons released on July 28th. If you aren't a patron, just remember that you'll be able to build the game from its source when I put up the public github. ^^

    Goals for version 0.1.82:

    Make the public github repository. This wil be done before Friday!

    Make save games compatible. This is going to be a lot of work, and may end up running into the next version as well, but I'll do my best to get it done for this version!

    Finish the next stage of the main quest. Scarlett and Alexa's content.

    Implement the start of slavery & NPC romance.

    Add tail-on-partner actions in sex scenes, and at least one more sex position. 'Dominant kneeling', 'Back-to-wall (anal)' and 'Cowgirl' are on the list.

    Add more items of male clothing.

    Do a lot of bug fixing, add several minor suggestions, and add some more content here and there.

    Patreon goals:

    Publish a work schedule.

    Start work on getting a website up and running. I want to move away from wikia and host a proper wiki.

    P.S. Thank you so, so much to everyone who's supporting me on Patreon! And thank you to everyone for playing and enjoying Lilith's Throne! ^^

    Sunday, 23 July 2017

    Patreon launch

    Hello again everyone!

    I finally got around to launching a Patreon for Lilith's Throne! ^^

    First of all, I just want to stress that the public github will also be launched before Friday, so, staying true to my plan, anyone will be able to build the game from github at any time!

    Thank you to everyone who's shown an interest in supporting this game, and a big thank you to loveless and b00 for their help in getting this Patreon set up! I listened you all of your feedback in the patreon post I made a few weeks ago, and as a result, I've included a $1 reward tier.

    As a reminder, I'm very active on the Lilith's Throne Discord, so if you wanted to join and ask questions, report bugs, or offer suggestions, please feel free to do so! ^^

    Saturday, 22 July 2017

    Version 0.1.81 release

    Hello once again! ^^

    First of all, I decided to just skip straight to 0.1.81 for this release, as the number of 0.1.8 previews, hotfixes, and half-finished releases was getting confusing.

    Secondly, I know it seems like this release is a little light on content, but I've been spending time this week working on the Patreon and github as well. I'm hoping to have the Patreon set up within the next couple of days, and I'll make a post here on the blog when it goes live.

    Finally, now to talk about the content in this week's release! This version has added all the matriarch dialogue, along with making some improvements to the AI in sex, adding another tier of item rarity, and fixing several bugs. The matriarch content was originally designed to be a simple encounter, where you'd choose to walk away or fight, but I got a little carried away and decided to tie them all together into the quest 'Angry Harpies'. As a result, it took a little longer to write than I had planned, and could still do with some improvements here and there. (Like adding more detailed passages about your punishments.)

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the release, and thank you for all being so patient and supportive! I really appreciate your kind words in the comments and on Discord, and thank you very much for playing Lilith's Throne! ^^

    Download links for the .jar version:

    Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

    Full folder: Google Drive

    .exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    Full folder: Google Drive

    This is still an early alpha, and will most likely contain bugs and half-finished content!

    Version 0.1.81 patch notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Finished: Bimbo harpy nest content.
      Added: Dominant harpy nest content.
      Added: Nympho harpy nest content.
  • Other:
    • Added: Uncommon rarity for items.
      Increased the chance for enchanted or jinxed clothing to spawn. (Enchanted | Jinxed chances increased from: 9% | 12% -> 25% | 25%).
      Enchanted clothing can now spawn as uncommon (one enchantment effect), or rare (two enchantment efects).
      Slightly adjusted rarities of some items and essences.
      Slightly increased the number of essences dropped by NPCs, due to uncommmon elements in crafting costing slightly more than the old common ones.
      You can now use all of the basic items on the random NPCs in Dominion's back alleys and the Harpy Nests.
  • Sex AI:
    • NPCs without a penis should no longer push you into doggystyle or face-to-wall positions (as they can't really do anything in those positions without a penis).
      Fixed major bug where virgin NPCs would penetrate themselves, thus losing their virginity, while non-virgins never would. (Oops...)
      NPCs will no longer repeatedly penetrate->pull out->penetrate during sex scenes.
      NPCs with pregnancy or broodmother fetishes should no longer ask you to pull out.
  • Bugs:
    • Virginity loss caused by things other than your partner's penis should now correctly display in your selfie. (This might be a little buggy still, I'll get it fully fixed for the next release.)
      Fixed some incorrect NPC reactions to player's breast size.
      Rough kissing actions now have the correct fetishes associated with them.
      Fixed instance where the non-combat method of pacifying a harpy matriarch wouldn't count as progress towards completing the 'Angry Harpies' quest.
      Minor typo fixes.
      Fixed text in the enchant quest referring to enchanting things in your room.
      Fixed 'Fondle balls' sex action being available when the partner didn't have any balls.

    P.S. I'll be on the Lilith's Throne discord server over the entire weekend (while I'm awake), so feel free to join and ask questions, report bugs, or offer feedback! ^^

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017

    Release will be on Friday

    Hello again!

    I'm making this post to say that the next release will be out on Friday. I know I said there would be another hotfix this evening, but I'm going to have to scrap that plan.

    After putting out the release last Friday, then making a hotfix for Sunday, then trying to get another hotfix done for today, I feel as though I've been rushing to get the harpy content fully written. I've got the matriarch nests fully written up, but, after reading through them, I feel as though the quality of the writing isn't good enough. Therefore, I'm going to take another couple of days to edit and improve it all, as well as adding a few more little things.

    It's only another three days until the release on Friday, so I hope you won't mind the minor delay. I figured that it would be better to wait a few more days and get something that's polished rather than get a rough copy now. Sorry for the minor delay! ;_;

    Monday, 17 July 2017

    Progress on hotfix

    Hello! This is just a quick post to say that I'm still working on the hotfix!

    Writing the new content for the harpy matriarchs is taking a lot longer than I thought it would, and as a result, it's not all going to be finished for this evening. I'm still planning on releasing a hotfix this evening, but it won't contain all of the matriarch content. I'm going to get it all finished for tomorrow (or Tuesday at the latest), and release another hotfix then.

    I'll update this post when I release this first hotfix, but it may be another hour or so yet... (Please don't wait up!)

    I'm really sorry that these latest releases have all been so late; I'm not very good at estimating release times...

    As a reminder, if you want more current updates as to the progress of releases like this, you can join the Lilith's Throne discord and ask me in person!

    P.S. Sorry again it's taking so long. ;_;

    ------- EDIT -------

    Alright, I'm falling asleep at the keyboard now, so it's time to package it up and release the hotfix. These hotfixes/multiple previews for version 0.1.8 are starting to get a little messy now, so the next release with the finished matriarch content will probably skip straight to v0.1.81, to get a fresh version number. ^^

    Either tomorrow or On Tuesday, there will be another (final) mini-release containing the rest of the matriarch content!

    This hotfix is not compatible with previous saves! Please remember that this is still an early alpha! Sorry! ;_;

    Download links for the .jar version:

    Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

    Full folder: Google Drive

    .exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    Full folder: Google Drive

    Version 0.1.8 hotfix patch notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • ~60% complete: Bimbo harpy nest content.
      Added: Rewrote harpy walkways description, and added a variation for rain & arcane storms, and minor variations of a random harpy attack.
      Expanded: Enforcer post dialogue and 'Angry Harpy' quest dialogue. Includes a new item 'All about Harpies', and a new quest completion reward.
      Added: Transformation fetish. (This only affects the harpy matriarch content at the moment, but I'll implement NPC forced-transformations and gate Brax's forced-transformation behind this fetish for the next version!)
      Added 'explore' action to Harpy Nest tiles. (Also a 'Look for trouble' action if you've completed the 'Angry harpies' quest.)
  • Sex:
    • If you or your partner are resisting, you only gain 25% of the normal arousal increase.
      The 'Resist' action now decreases your arousal by a huge amount. (Let me know if you think it's too much.)
  • Other:
    • You can now completely disable males and females in the gender preferences options. (If you turn everything to 'off', it will default to only spawning females.)
      Brax's transformative potion now only gives you multiple breast rows if you have it turned on in the options.
      Bree now grows three rows of breasts if you have multi-breasts turned on.
      Exhibitionists will now wear clothing in the chest/groin slot, so long as it doesn't conceal their breasts/gentials.
      NPCs should no longer equip clothing that would replace any of their currently equipped clothing.
      Lexi no longer has the submissive fetish.
      The three harpy matriarchs can now be impregnated.
  • Bugs:
    • Harpy matriarch's unique items no longer spawn in alleyways.
      You can now go back to the kneeling/oral position after going doggy-style with Brax.
      Several minor typo fixes.
      Fixed bug where Skater Dress's image wouldn't be coloured properly.
      Fixed bug that caused the 'Fondle balls' action to be unavailable.
      Fixed parsing for virginity status effects when they're on an NPC.

    Saturday, 15 July 2017

    Version 0.1.8 release (hotfix needed)

    Hello, sorry this took me so long to release tonight!

    So, it turns out two days wasn't enough time to get everything added... I've implemented the framework for the harpy matriarch content, but it contains a lot of placeholder content. If you wanted to play through with the final, polished descriptions (which I strongly advise), there will be a hotfix released on Sunday that will contain the polished dialogue for the matriarchs and Alexa!

    I'm going to continue working over the weekend, and won't stop until this is finished! You've been waiting for this matriarch content for so long now, and I'm not going to rest until it's finally complete! (Well, apart from sleeping...)

    Once again, there will be a hotfix this weekend! I'm calling this a 'full' release, but it's really more like a final preview, with the proper 'full' version taking the form of the planned hotfix.

    Download links for the .jar version:

    Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

    Full folder: Google Drive

    .exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    Full folder: Google Drive

    This is still an early alpha, and will most likely contain bugs and half-finished content!

    Version 0.1.8 patch notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added: New side quest 'Angry Harpies'. (You can pick it up from the Enforcer Post in the Harpy Nests.)
      Added: Framework of content for the three harpy matriarchs.
      You can now get Bree/Brandi pregnant.
      Slightly rewrote and improved parts of Brax/Bree/Brandi content.
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Pleated microskirt. (Feminine, leg slot.)
      Added: Belted microskirt. (Feminine, leg slot.)
  • Items:
    • Added: Three mystery items, obtainable from defeating each of the three harpy matriarchs.
  • Sex:
    • The actions 'Stroke pussy (self)', 'Stroke cock (self)', and 'Stroke mound (self)' no longer set a pace, and have the masturbation fetish associated with them.
  • Parser:
    • Added Britany, Lauren, Diana, Harley, Lexi, and Max to the parser targets.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed issue with Bree/Brandi being referred to as 'he/him/his'.
      Several typo fixes.
      Fixed bug where 'Sex with Brandi' option wouldn't work.
      Fixed bug where some parser targets wouldn't work.

    P.S. I'll be on the Lilith's Throne discord server over the entire weekend (while I'm awake), so feel free to join and ask questions, report bugs, or offer feedback! ^^

    Thursday, 13 July 2017

    Version 0.1.8P2 Preview

    Hello! First of all, I really want to apologise again for this release's delay. Due to some personal issues, last week was an exception to my normal routine, and I didn't manage to get any work done on Lilith's Throne.

    I've tried to get as much done as I could over the past three days to catch up, but there are still a few things missing in this release. The most notable of these is the harpy matriarch and Alexa content. I've added descriptions for the normal harpy encounters, but I didn't have enough time to get the matriarch content added into the game. As such, I'm going to call this release another preview, and I'll be putting out another release in two days (on Friday), with the matriarch and Alexa content.

    I really appreciate the kind words and supportive comments that you all left in the delay post, thank you for your understanding. I'm going to put 110% effort in over these next two days to get all the harpy content finished, so I can move on to the next stage of the main quest next week!

    Download links for the .jar version:

    Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    .exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    This is a preview release, and is just a snapshot of my current progress! It will contain bugs and half-finished content!

    Version 0.1.8P2 patch notes:

  • Content:
    • Added: Brax as a repeatable encounter.
      Slightly rewrote and improved some descriptions in the Enforcer HQ.
      You can now enter the Enforcer HQ after defeating Brax (and encounter him at the front desk where Candi is).
      Slightly improved Brax's sex scenes to remove duplicate actions. (I'll be adding more scene-specific descriptions to all sex scenes, including Brax's, as the game develops!)
      Added harpy encounter/fight descriptions.
      Added harpy matriarchs to the nests.
  • Sex:
    • Added and polished the orgasm options from Brax's doggy-style to regular doggy style.
  • AI in sex:
    • Rewrote a large portion of the AI in sex to stop the NPCs from behaving in ridiculous ways.
      NPCs will no longer repeatedly penetrate and pull out over and over again.
      NPCs should now take into account your requests for anal/vaginal penetration.
      NPCs will prioritise using their (or your) penis or tail once over 25 arousal.
      NPCs will now prefer anal penetration if they have the anal fetish, or vaginal penetration if the have impregnation, seeder, pregnancy, or broodmother fetishes.
      Told NPCs to stop sucking their fingers so much.
      NPCs will now prefer to use orgasm actions that result in impregnation if they have an associated fetish.
      NPCs will now take into account requests for creampie or pull out (they may ignore pull out requests if they have an impregnation fetish).
  • UI:
    • Added a 'Take all' button to the inventory.
  • Other:
    • Added a confirmation to 'New Game' option. (I'm really sorry about switching the positions of the 'New Game' and 'Save/Load Game' buttons in the last update...)
      Added an autosave for each character name to avoid unwanted overwrites. (i.e. The game will now make a save file called 'AutoSave_Innoxia' for a character called Innoxia.)
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed: Major bug where you couldn't remove jinxed items (locking you in the 'remove jinx' screen).
      Fixed: Major bug where you could sometimes get locked in the enchantment screen when switching between menus.
      Fixed bug where 'genderless mound' description would be incorrectly displayed in body description.
      Several typo and incorrect dialogue fixes.
      Fixed bug where you'd always know how good an NPC is at oral sex in their description.
      Fixed dirty talk sometimes not taking into account if you were resisting.
      Fixed bug where removing pregnant NPCs would keep them in a permanent state of pregnancy in your stats page.
      Fixed bug related to rings and gloves blocking each other. (I removed all the restrictions.)
      T-shirt and swimsuit should no longer block each other. (I think this was already fixed, but I still had it in my bug list.)
      Fixed another cause of NPC's body parts not being known even if they are revealed.

    Friday, 7 July 2017

    Version 0.1.8 delayed until next week

    Hello, I'm very sorry to be having to make this post, but version 0.1.8 is going to have to be delayed until at least Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

    Without going into any personal details, I've had an extremely bad week, and have had almost no time at all in which to work on Lilith's Throne. Needless to say, the Patreon will also be delayed (probably until next weekend). I'm not going to go ahead with it after disappointing you all with this delay.

    Sorry again for the delay.

    Saturday, 1 July 2017

    Version 0.1.8P Preview

    Hello! Sorry this release was a couple of hours later than usual, some game-breaking bugs presented themselves after I compiled the game, which took me a little while to fix.

    First of all, please remember that this is only one half of version 0.1.8! I have a lot of the Harpy Nest and Brax content written in draft format, but I need to do a lot of proof-reading before adding them into the game, so that will all be in next Friday's full release.

    I decided to focus more on bug fixing and enchantment mechanics for this first half of the release, as I needed to have a break from working on sex content after doing so much of it over the last few weeks. I'm still planning on having all the unique NPC's sex scenes polished and expanded for Friday as well, please remember that this only a preview! ^^

    I've been very busy working on the game since making the post about Patreon, but I have read all of your comments, and will respond to them either later this evening or during the day tomorrow. Thank you for all of your feedback so far!

    Download links for the .jar version:

    Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    .exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    This is a preview release, and is just a snapshot of my current progress! It will contain bugs and half-finished content!

    Version 0.1.8P patch notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Large rework of enchantment system:
      You can now enchant from anywhere (you no longer need to return to your room). After completing the enchantment quest, open your inventory, click on an enchantable item, then enchant (option 5).
      You can now stack multiple enchantments on one item.
      Added 'Virility' to enchantment elements. (For sexual-based items, like Harpy Perfume.)
      Rewrote parts of the enchanting quest to retcon the lore about needing an enchanting plate to enchant anything.
      Removed quest requirement to gain access to the Harpy Nests. (You can go there straight away at the start of the game if you like getting beaten up by harpies. ^^)
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Ankh necklace. (No gender limitations, neck slot.)
      Added: Bike shorts. (No gender limitations, leg slot.)
      Added: Fishnet gloves. (Feminine, hand slot.)
  • UI:
    • Improved: Enchantment screen has been totally reworked.
      Removed the starting menu screen. When the game loads, it will now display the in-game menu instead. (I did this to be consistent in the style of the game's UI, as well as offering options and save/load at game start.)
  • Other:
    • Improved NPC reactions for when your (or their) breasts or genitalia are revealed during sex.
      Very slightly improved selfie descriptions.
      If you're the dom in sex (or if the sex is consensual), you can now switch positions even if there's ongoing penetration. (Doing so will stop all ongoing penetration.)
      Improved position-request reactions to take into account partner's pace.
      Improved virginity-loss descriptions.
      Improved ongoing kissing descriptions to make it sound less like there's actual penetration going on. (It's just meant to be an ongoing action, so you can be kissing someone at the same time as doing other stuff...)
      Added detailed description for when you lose your anal virginity.
      Deflowering fetish now grants experience for taking anal, nipple, and throat virginities. (Half as much as vaginal virginity.)
      NPCs now gain experience from taking your virginity if they have the deflowering fetish.
      Added more options in the 'Furry preferences' menu: More Human Encounter options, as well as Multi-breast preferences (finally ^^).
      Added a masculine version of 'doll', so the gender pronoun for masculine dolls should now correctly work.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed bug where unavailable actions wouldn't be greyed-out.
      Fixed minor colour bug on Enforcer shorts.
      Fixed ongoing combat effects displaying '-' instead of their proper description.
      Fixed some typos.
      Fixed issue where NPCs would spawn in with the 'Recovering Orifice' status effect.
      Made sure NPCs with the 'pure virgin' fetish will always resist having sex. (Although only if they're not broken in yet.)
      Fixed bug in a couple of sex actions where your character would say they've never been penetrated (anal or vaginal) before, even if they have.
      Fixed bug where an incorrect number of arcane essences would be spent when unlocking fetishes.
      Fixed bug where both 'breasts exposed' and 'groin and breasts exposed' status effects could be active at once.
      Fixed some minor bugs in partner clothing reveal reactions.