Thursday, 21 January 2021

A few more days...

Hello again,

While I've got quite a lot done for this next preview update (about 125 lines of patch notes so far), I've not quite made enough progress on Nyan's romance content to feel comfortable releasing it tonight. I'd also like to include at least a small Fields encounter as part of the preview, so with those two things in mind, I'll once again need to delay this release by a few days.

I think that what I've currently got done is probably already enough for a preview release, but I really wanted to get Nyan's romance content completed up to the point past going for a restaurant date (which I'm almost at). I promise that this preview really will be released by the end of this weekend, even if it's not completely up to the point I wanted.

Sorry again, and I'll see you in the next post in a few days (with the preview release)!

Monday, 18 January 2021

Progress News

Hello again,

This is just a small update to let you know that I've almost got enough done to make a preview release, but I just need a few more days in which to get some things finished off. I'll make another post on Wednesday night, and I'm sure that by that time I'll have the preview release ready. After that, it should be just a week or so until the full public release of 0.4.

Sorry about this small delay!

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Progress News & Plan

Hello once again!

Since the last update, I've been working on a couple of main things for the next release. First of all, I'd promised a while ago that I'd make an expansion to Nyan's romance quest, so I've been getting a lot of that done. I've also been planning out the Fields encounters, as well as the stages of the main quest for the Fields and Elis (the town around which the next stage of the main quest will focused).

I'm going to get a preview of this next version released at the end of this upcoming week (probably on Friday or at the weekend), and then I'll finally get the public release of v0.4 released about a week or so after that. While there may be some unfinished parts in next week's preview, the public release should contain the finished version of Nyan's reworked romance quest, as well as a couple of Field encounters and the map of Elis. As usual, there will also be a few other small additions, alterations, and bug fixes.

I'll do my very best to get these next updates out on time, and I'll see you again in my next post (which will be the preview release post)!

P.S. I hope you all had a good Yule and New Year, and I wish you all the best for the year ahead.