Wednesday, 31 May 2017

One week delay for version 0.1.79

Hello everyone! As the title says, I'll be having to delay version 0.1.79 for one week, so it will be released on 9th June.

There are a couple of reasons for this delay:

1. The 'sex pace' mechanic is going to take me a lot longer to implement than I anticipated. I'm having to write loads of new content for the sex scenes so that all the descriptions take into account the current pace.

2. I've been working on Lilith's Throne pretty much non-stop since I first announced it on TFGS in mid-January, and I really need some time to regain my energy. A lot of you have been expressing your concerns about my health (and lack of any proper breaks) for some time, so I decided to take your advice and have a week off.

That being said, I will still be releasing a hotfix on Friday, but it will only be fixing the major game-breaking bugs in the preview version, and won't contain any new content.

I know several of you have been eagerly anticipating the harpy content, so I'm very sorry to make you wait another week for it. I feel as though if I didn't decide to take this week off, I'd get completely exhausted, and wouldn't be able to work on the game to the best of my abilities.

Although I'll be taking a break from programming this week to have some rest, I'll still be around on discord in the evenings, and will answer comments here on the blog.

P.S. Thank you for all your feedback, suggestions, and kind words! I really appreciate your input and support, and I'm always happy to hear that you're enjoying Lilith's Throne! ^^

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Version 0.1.79 Preview

I'm sorry that this preview is a day late, but here it is!

Just be warned, this version is really rough. I've implemented the necessary framework for adding in the new 'sex pace' mechanic, but I haven't added any content for it yet (I'll be doing that over this next week). As a result, there isn't really much to see, so I'd strongly advise waiting for next week's release before playing.

If you do decide to try out this preview version, it would be helpful to know if you're still encountering the memory leak bug. I spent the entire of Monday and Tuesday trying to fix it, and it seemed to be mostly fixed when I tested it on my system, but I'd like to know if the problem is still persisting for any of you. (Leaving a comment in this post would be the best way to give me feedback. ^^)

Download links for the .jar version:

Pre-zipped (use this one!): Hotfix post

Full folder: Hotfix post

.exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

Pre-zipped: Hotfix post

Full folder: Hotfix post

This is a preview release, and is just a snapshot of my current progress! It 100% contains a lot of bugs and half-finished content!!!

Version 0.1.79P patch notes:

  • Engine:
    • Altered: Method of setting content in an attempt to fix the memory leak issue. While I don't think it's totally worked, it may have helped a little...
  • Gameplay:
    • Added: Masturbation fetish.
      You can now use dye-brushes on your partner's clothing during sex. (Only in non-consensual sex when you're the dom.)
      You can now steal your partner's clothing during sex. (Only in non-consensual sex when you're the dom.)
      Random NPCs will now dress themselves in gender-appropriate clothing after sex. (e.g. If you TF a wolf-boy into a wolf-girl, the next time you see them, they'll be wearing feminine clothing.)
      Added library to Lilaya's house and moved the 'Books' action from your room into there. (It's on the ground floor, in the East wing.)
      Human opponents will now drop dye-brushes or Angel's tears.
      Added 'repeat craft' to enchantment screen. (I plan on adding a lot more functionality to the enchantment menu soon.)
  • Sex:
    • Added: Sex pace mechanics. Some sex actions now change the 'pace' of sex. This pace affects the descriptions of actions taken.
      Added: A lot more self-interaction options related to using your fingers or tail.
      Removed: 'Blocking fetishes' mechanic from sex actions (such as 'ask for pull out' being disabled if you have the pregnancy fetish).
      Improved: NPC's sex AI.
      Random NPCs now have preferred positions based on their race, fetishes, genitalia, and whether they're the dom or sub. NPCs now refuse your positional requests if it isn't one of their preferred positions.
      Added options to permit/forbid your partner from using any self-penetrative actions, as well as managing your clothing during sex. (Only in non-consensual sex when you're the dom.)
  • UI:
    • Options that are too long for response boxes should now automatically scale to fit.
      Removed the green tick and red cross icons from sex actions. (I felt as though they were cluttering up the response panel.)
      Improved sex action tooltip requirements text.
  • Other:
    • Added ginger and orange feathers for harpy's hair.
      Added body part setting options to the debug menu.
      Slight formatting improvements here and there.
      NPCs should now level up after gaining enough xp.
  • Bugs:
    • 'Frustrated' status effect is now properly removed when you orgasm.
      Fixed lubrication not being transferred correctly during penetration.
      Fixed some bugs related to attribute perk detection.
      Fixed some minor formatting errors.
      Fixed bug where submissive tease would be effective against submissive fetish (instead of dominant fetish).
      Fixed bug where intelligence gains from reading books could be triggered more than once.
      Fixed minor bugs in encyclopedia entry for humans.
      Fixed some clothing access bugs (related to the swimsuit incorrectly blocking some clothing removal).
      Fixed bug where loading an AutoSave would show incorrect responses and dialogue.
      Fixed bug where gaining multiple fetishes at once would cost an incorrect (and huge) amount of arcane essences.
      Fixed a formatting error in pregnancy stats screen.
      Fixed chemise displacement text returning 'null'.

    P.S. There is a lot of half-finished content in this version!

    Friday, 26 May 2017

    0.1.79 Preview Delay

    Unfortunately, I'm going to have to delay tomorrow's preview release by another day. It will now be released on Saturday ~23:00 UTC.

    As to the reason for the delay, it's because I'm half-way through implementing a new sex mechanic, so most of the sex scenes are completely broken at the moment. I'd like to get it all into a reasonable state before releasing the preview version, to save you from running into a whole mess of bugs in every single sex scene.

    As to the nature of the new sex mechanic, it's going to introduce a 'pace' to sex. Some actions will set the pace to different values, which will then alter the descriptions and NPC reactions during the scene.

    The paces available for the dom are:

    The paces available for the sub are:

    As you can see from the 'resisting' pace for the sub, I'm going to be introducing some 'resist' actions during sex. The descriptions for these won't be too extreme, but it will be introducing some more 'forceful' content that a lot of you have been asking for. I'll be including an option to disable these 'resist' actions for those of you who like the current level of the game's forceful content.

    Sorry about the delay!

    Tuesday, 23 May 2017

    Targets for 0.1.79

    For this next version, I'm going to be focusing on improving and fixing the sex scenes and adding content for the harpy nests. There's also a huge list of bugs that I need to address (thanks for reporting them everyone)!

    As a reminder, the full version of 0.1.79 will be released on June 2nd, but there will also be a preview version released on May 26th.

    Goals for version 0.1.79:

    Add main quest content. Finish all content in the Harpy Nests, as well as adding in the next stage of the main quest.

    Polish and improve sex scenes. This will include fixing all of the reported bugs, such as the random succubus not behaving properly in sex. It will also introduce the new sex scene mechanic that I introduced into the engine a little while back.

    Fix bugs and implement minor suggestions. This version's work is going to take a lot of my time, so adding suggestions may be pushed back a little.

    Ongoing goals:

    Fix the memory leak! I've never had a bug as frustrating as this one...

    Work on making the engine more writer friendly.

    Work on making save games compatible between versions.

    P.S. I'm absolutely shattered and really need some sleep now, so I'll respond to all your comments in the previous post tomorrow.

    Saturday, 20 May 2017

    Version 0.1.78 release

    It's another 'full release' week, so here's version 0.1.78!

    Although I managed to fix quite a few bugs and implement some of your suggestions, I didn't get enough time to write in the harpy content, so I feel as though there isn't much new content to see in this version. I really feel like I'm coming to the end of the engine work now, and after I fix this annoying memory leak, I'll be free to add a lot of new content each week!

    The one major thing I changed in this full release is the way fetishes are unlocked. Now, instead of sharing a resource pool with the 'perk points', you spend 'arcane essences' in order to unlock fetishes (earned from being in the presence of an orgasm).

    Speaking of essences, I'm going to focus a lot of effort on improving the enchanting system for this next version. I need to add a 'repeat craft' option, as well as some kind of recipe system, so you won't have to click through 3 or 4 screens to craft each potion. I'll also be adding clothing enchantments, as well as giving you the option to use arcane essences in crafting. I'll go into more detail about these things when I make the 'Targets for v0.1.8' post early next week.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game, and if you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, you can either leave a comment here on the blog, or jump into the Lilith's Throne discord and message me there! ^^

    EDIT: I fixed the bug with fetish costs not being applied properly, and updated the links below!

    .jar version (requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer):

    Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    .exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    Please remember that Lilith's Throne is still in an early alpha state, so there will be bugs and half-finished content!

    Version 0.1.78 patch notes:

  • Engine:
    • Added support for NPC relationships. (Not used just yet though.)
  • Gameplay:
    • Altered: Fetish mechanics. You now earn fetishes by spending arcane essences (your first fetish is free). Arcane essences are earned by being in the presence of an orgasm.
      Added: Impregnation, switch, sadomasochist, and breeder fetishes.
      Altered: Split 'fertility' attribute up into 'fertility' (chance of getting pregnant), and 'virility' (chance of getting someone else pregnant).
      Added: Dark alleyways tile. I moved the chance of a succubus encounter out of normal alleyways, and put her into dark alleyways instead.
      Added: Item use in combat.
      Added: Nymphomaniac perk. (Has a pretty bad willpower resistance penalty, but doubles the amount of arcane essences gathered from sex.)
      Ladykiller and Minx perks no longer affect the encounter rate of male/female NPCs. (Use the new gender preferences screen in the options menu to alter gender encounter rates.)
      Slightly tweaked some fetish values.
      Observant perk now reveals an NPC's gender in their character description.
      Added a small (5%) chance for random attackers in Dominion (both in back alleys and during a storm) to be fully human.
      Added a 'frustrated' status effect for if you finish sex without orgasming.
  • Story/writing:
    • Added kitchen description.
      Added Lilaya's room description.
      Added introduction for Nyan in her shop.
      Slightly improved the 'bimbo friends' option at the Enforcer HQ. (I'll expand this a little more when I make Brax a repeatable encounter.)
  • Combat:
    • NPCs will now use fetish teases and special attacks in combat.
      NPCs now gain experience from defeating you in combat.
  • Sex:
    • Added a 'do nothing' action. (I'm aware that the actions are getting a bit cluttered in sex scenes, so I'm going to try and tidy them up for the next release.)
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Chemise. Feminine, chest slot.
      Added: Open cup bra. Feminine, chest slot.
      Added: Backless panties. Feminine, groin slot.
      Added: Crotchless panties. Feminine, groin slot.
  • UI:
    • Added timestamps for save game files in the save/load screen.
      Added confirmation for save file's load, overwrite, and delete options.
  • Other:
    • Added: Auto save. The game will now create/overwrite the save file 'AutoSave' whenever you transition between maps.
      Added: Detailed gender preferences screen in the options menu.
      Added: Detailed furry preferences screen in the options menu.
      Removed the option to obtain human essences in your room. (You can now earn them by finding and defeating a human.)
      Added 'orange' and 'ginger' feathers for harpies.
      Added 'brown' and 'ivory' skin colourings for demons.
      Ralph now stocks more dye-brushes.
      Changed debug menu's 'reveal map' to a 'debug mode' toggle. (Reveals map and unlocks enchanting. More effects will be added in the future.)
      Male NPCs will no longer spawn with the 'Bimbo' fetish.
      Slightly changed the 'remove character' mechanics again. (Removing a character is now done through a direct button press. This option also appears after sex, so you can have sex and then remove the character if you want.)
      Slightly increased the strength of potion and elixir effects (background values were altered from 2->3 and 3->6, respectively).
      NPC names should now change based on their femininity (e.g. wolf-girl will rename to wolf-boy if you feed her masculinity potions).
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed bug where Pix wouldn't remember that you had a lifetime gym membership.
      Fixed bug where Kate's introduction scene would repeat every time you entered her shop.
      Fixed some minor typos, grammatical errors, buggy parsing methods, and inconsistent dialogue.
      NPCs should no longer have a stretched status effect lasting one round the first time you meet them.
      'Skip Prologue' will now correctly start the game in an arcane storm.
      Fixed bug where character viewer wouldn't work in some sex scenes.
      Fixed game freeze when 'Stop sex' was selected. (This was being caused by a bad method call for human pregnancies.)
      Fixed bug where 'lubrication applied' text would sometimes display twice.
      Fixed some bugs with the 'appears as gender' detection.
      Re-added pink colours to several penetration-related actions in sex.
      Fixed bug where the 'lost virginity to' description in your selfie wouldn't give the partner's name.
      Fixed bug where unidentified clothing would display its true value, revealing if it was jinxed or not.
      Fixed bug where your hip size wouldn't change after drinking a hip size potion.
      Fixed bug where you could deny your partner in submissive sex.
      Fixed bug where restoration potions would only ever restore health.
      Attribute boosting potions now correctly affect NPCs.
      Fixed bug where 'Deep throat' option wasn't working.
      Fixed bug where getting having sex with an already-pregnant Lilaya would result in having her pregnant conversation when you entered her lab again.

    Saturday, 13 May 2017

    Version 0.1.78P Hotfix

    So, there were a couple of huge game-breaking bugs in yesterday's release. One, the save/load feature wasn't working, and two, a lot of sex scenes were bugged (Ralph's was especially bad). I've fixed both of these issues, as well as adding a couple of new clothing items, so here it is!

    .jar version (requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer):

    Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    .exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    This is a preview build! It will contain annoying bugs and half-finished content!

    Hotfix patch notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added wolf-morph penis transformation.
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Ribbed sweater. Unisex, torso slot.
      Added: Crotchless chaps. Unisex, leg slot.
      Very slightly improved 'yoga pants' and 'shorts' icons.
  • Other:
    • Added 'ginger' colouring to all fur and hair types.
      You should now know what an NPC's breasts and groin are like (in their body descriptions) if the NPC is naked and in the same tile as you.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed save/load game bug.
      Some minor typo fixes.
      Fixed the cause of a lot of bugs in sex scenes. (The one that was making Ralph's scenes completely unavailable.)
      Fixed some odd descriptions of parts being lubricated during sex.
      Wolf-morphs impregnations will now correctly cause human vaginas to give birth to wolf-morphs.

    Version 0.1.78 Preview

    Sorry that it's a little late, but here's the preview release for version 0.1.78!

    This week, I spent the entire of Thursday and Friday doing a huge refactor of how sex actions work in the engine. As a result, there's only really three days worth of work to see... However, on the bright side, I've completed all the engine work that I had planned for 0.1.78, so I'm completely free this next week to work on bug fixes and polishing the sex content!

    I won't type out any more, as I think several of you are waiting to see this. I'll be on discord for the next few hours (I try to log in most evenings now), so if you wanted to comment on the huge amount of bugs still in this release, that's a good place to do it! (Or in the comments section of this post.)

    Here are the download links for version 0.1.78P:

    Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega Hotfix post

    Full folder: Google Drive Hotfix post

    For those of you who were having difficulties running the game on windows 10, I've also packaged the game as an .exe for you to try:

    Pre-zipped .exe version: Mega Hotfix post

    Full folder .exe version: Google Drive Hotfix post

    Lilith's Throne requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer.

    This is a preview build! It will contain annoying bugs and half-finished content!

    Patch Notes:

  • Engine:
    • Applied correct location behaviour to all NPCs. (The game now properly tracks location for each NPC, instead of assuming where they are based on what dialogue is currently displayed.)
      Applied some changes to the way the game detects 'storm immunity' and 'characters present'.
      Did a huge refactor of how sex actions are handled in the engine, which should make it a lot easier for future contributors to add their own sex scenes. (This took me the entire of Thursday and Friday.)
  • Gameplay:
    • Reworked: Shopping Promenade.
      Renamed to Shopping Arcade.
      Added an internal map.
      Improved a lot of descriptions.
      Reworked: Enforcer HQ.
      Added an internal map.
      Expanded receptionist dialogue a little (to include warning about Brax's TF potion).
      Added: Storage. You can now store items in any tile in Lilaya's house without fear of them disappearing. (Rose getting annoyed at your littering to be added in a future version.)
      Ralph now stocks Mother's Milk in his shop.
      Potions that increase clit size or vagina capacity now grow a new vagina if the drinker doesn't have one already.
      Potions that increase penis size now grow a new penis if the drinker doesn't have one already.
  • Lilaya's House:
    • Moved Rose's bedroom to the first floor.
      Added kitchen where Rose's room used to be. (No actions in there yet though.)
      Added Lilaya's Room. (No actions here either.)
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Assless chaps.
      Slightly improved fishnet items to increase their icon's visibility.
      Fishnet top no longer conceals nipples.
  • Sex:
    • Added 'stop penetration' actions to doggy style position.
  • Combat:
    • Added a 'wait' action to combat, which skips your turn.
  • UI:
    • Phone now highlights when you discover a new race.
      Added unique icons for all fetishes.
      Player's map marker colour is now based on femininity.
  • Other:
    • Added 'bleach-blonde' hair and fur dye options in Kate's shop.
      Added 'brown' to a lot of clothing colours.
      Rose now always has black fur on her cat-like body parts (it used to be random).
      Added some fast-travel options to Lilaya's home.
      Added a little description from Lilaya describing how pregnancy works (in the dialogue where you talk to her about your pregnancy).
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed broken icon rendering for the the shops in Slaver Alley.
      Fixed some incorrect names in sex scenes.
      Fixed bug in parsing engine where incorrect character descriptions would be displayed in the character viewer.
      Fixed possible cause for 'pregnancy stats' screen not working for imported characters.
      Fixed white corners showing on some UI panels.
      Fixed incorrect nipple descriptions in some of Kate's and Lilaya's scenes.
      Fixed bug where you could drop items in an already-full tile.
      Fixed bug where horizontal scroll bar would appear when 'Game Saved!' text pops up.
      Fixed 'appears as gender' method bugs.
      Fixed bug where 'Penetrate her ass' would cause you to penetrate Kate's or Lilaya's vagina instead.
      Virginity tracking should work properly now. (I still need to test it.)
      Level up screen should now display the correct amount of perk points if you access it by clicking on the xp bar.

    P.S. It's a preview build!

    Wednesday, 10 May 2017

    Targets for 0.1.78

    So, as many of you have already noticed, there are a lot of bugs in the game at the moment. As a result, I'm going to heavily focus on bug fixing and polishing content for this next version.

    As a reminder, the full version of 0.1.78 will be released on May 19th, but there will also be a preview version released on May 12th.

    Goals for version 0.1.78:

    Fix all reported bugs.

    Implement as many of the minor suggestions I've agreed to include as I can.

    Polish and improve sex scenes and NPC interaction scenes. I'm going to add a very minor mechanic to sex scenes, but after I've done that, the sex system will be completely finished.

    Give Enforcer HQ and Shopping Promande internal maps.

    Revamp the fetish system. I'll separate fetishes from perks, so that they don't require the same point pool to unlock.

    Expand main quest dialogue. Add in descriptions to the Harpy Nests, as well as adding in the next stage of the main quest. (The part that deals with Scarlett.)

    Ongoing goals:

    Work on making the engine more writer friendly.

    Work on making save games compatible between versions.

    Fix the memory leak! This might actually be an underlying bug in JavaFX's WebViews... If it is, I'm going to have to start looking at alternative ways to render the UI.

    Saturday, 6 May 2017

    Version 0.1.75 release

    Sorry once again that this is a day late, I didn't get much time to work on the game this week...

    But anyway, here's version 0.1.75! I added internal map support (which took away all the time I set aside for fixing bugs, oops...) as well as adding a tiny new part of the main quest and changing pregnancy mechanics a little.

    This release is already a little late as it is, so I won't go on too much, and will simply say that for next week's release (v0.1.78) I'm going to be focusing on fixing bugs and polishing existing content.

    Thank you also to everyone for leaving your bug reports and suggestions in the blog's comments (as well as those of you who leave them on TFGamesSite or Fenoxo forums)! You've all been really super helpful!

    This version is still a very early release! (There will be bugs!)

    Here are the download links for version 0.1.75:

    Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    For those of you who were having difficulties running the game on windows 10, I've also packaged the game as an .exe for you to try:

    Pre-zipped .exe version: Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    Lilith's Throne requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer. (Unless you're using the .exe version.)

    Patch Notes:

  • Preview version:
  • Gameplay:
    • Added: More colours for hair, fur, and eye dying at Kate's shop.
      Added: The ability to use transformative potions on random NPCs. (I'll add some reactions to their transformations soon.)
      Improved: NPC randomisation:
      Attributes are now based on their race. (Combat may be a little harder now...)
      Body parts are randomised, based on their race's average.
      There's a chance for NPCs to have a fetish (with a small chance of having two). I'll add more fetish interaction content soon!
      They now drop a random amount of money, between 10 and 10 + NPCLevel*10.
      All clothing and piercings are now fully randomised. (There might be some strange clothing combinations; I'll improve this soon.)
      Added: A small chance for random NPCs to be a trap. (I'll add some control over gender ratios in the options for the next version.)
      Temporarily added: Innoxia's gift; A demon TF potion.
      Added: Vicky now sells random potions as well as weapons.
      Harpies now drop perfume or bubblegum lollipops.
      Increased the amount of essences enemies drop. (If you still feel like it's too much of a grind to earn essences, please let me know!)
  • Combat:
    • Increased base escape chance from 10% to 30%.
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Fishnet stockings.
      Added: Fishnet top.
      Added: Thigh high boots.
      Added: Open-front cardigan.
  • Items:
    • Added: Mother's Milk. A drink that speeds up pregnancy.
  • Misc:
    • Improved: Body descriptions. Both on the selfie page, and for NPCs.
      Changed 'save persistent character' mechanics. Now it's a toggle-able option, so you have the option to remove the character and still have sex with them.
      Added feedback message to game saves and overwrites.
      Spent a long time trying to figure out the memory leak issue, to no avail. (I shall carry on trying!)
      Very slightly tweaked chances for clothing to spawn as either jinxed or enchanted.
      Added clit size to body description.
      Slightly improved leg transformation descriptions.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed issue where asking for pullout in dominant sex would freeze the game.
      Fixed issue where Lilaya's non-sex content would be locked if she was pregnant.
      If Lilaya is already pregnant, she no longer gets angry if you don't pull out.
      Fixed Promiscuity pill not working.
      Fixed typos and instances of incorrect gender pronouns.
      Fixed some text not rendering in orgasm descriptions.
      Fixed inaccurate counts of submissive and dominant sex at the bottom of each NPC's description.
      Fixed incorrect gender names for offspring.
      Lilaya now no longer asks for you to cum in her.
      Minor fixes to some reported dialogue inconsistencies.
      Fixed eye recolouring in Kate's shop.
      Fixed bug in description when your partner takes their own virginity.
      Fixed demons not recognising you after the first encounter.
      Post-sex succubus scenes now have the 'explore' option enabled.
      Fixed bug where you'd be unable to pick up a stackable object if your inventory was full, even if you were already in possession of an instance of that stackable object.
      Fixed bug where selfie leg descriptions were based on arm race.
      Kate's inventory will now start sorted, and she will spawn with at least 1 of every piercing type for sale.
      Random NPC post-sex descriptions no longer say how exhausted they are if you didn't let them orgasm.
      Fixed bug with larger text sizes causing enchanting and inventory screens to not display correctly.
      Fixed bug where removing a jinx from an equipped item would leave you stuck with the negative attribute modifier.
      Fixed description of giving your partner a facial while wearing a condom (you now take it off as you pull back from their throat).
      Eye recolouring is no longer seen under Kate's 'skin recolouring' service menu.
  • Additions to preview version:
  • Engine:
    • Implemented support for loading in pre-designed maps.
      Implemented correct behaviour for transitioning between different maps.
  • Gameplay:
    • Added: A tiny part of the main quest. (I'll have a lot more added for the next version.)
      Expanded: Lilaya's Home, Harpy Nests, and Slaver Alley now all have interior maps. (The 'Harpy Nests' area has a lot of TODO dialogue at the moment.)
      Removed: Harpies from the random races that can attack you in Dominion. (Harpies are now solely found in the Harpy Nests.)
      Added: Vagina types for each race. (Added ones for dog-morphs, wolf-morphs, cat-morphs, and harpies).
      Changed: Pregnancy mechanics are now based on vagina type. (Vagina type now influences the type of female reproductive organs you have.)
      Human vagina types will give birth to offspring of whatever race impregnated them, while all other vagina types will give birth to whatever race they are.
      This is applicable for both the player and all NPCs.
      Added: Breast and ass types for each race. Breast types just alter what kind of milk you're producing, while ass types alter the shape of your asshole. (TF descriptions are very placeholder at the moment.)
      Added: Egg-laying pregnancy scenes for when you get Lilaya to resolve your pregnancy if you have a harpy vagina.
      Pregnancy stats now track how many children you've fathered, as well as how many you've mothered.
      Added weather status effect 'Arcane storm (protected)', for areas in which the arcane storm has no effect.
      Increased health, willpower, and stamina calculations from '5*level' to '10*level'. (In an attempt to reduce the amount of 1-shot attacks until I can do some work on the combat balance.)
  • Other:
    • Rewrote and improved a lot of vagina transformation descriptions.
      Can no longer remove or TF vagina if you're pregnant or possibly pregnant.
      Improved some racial encyclopedia entries.
      Expanded some pregnancy text to take into account if you have the pregnancy fetish, as well as if you're going to be giving birth to live young or eggs (if you have a harpy vagina).
      Added support for internal testicles. (At the moment, only harpies have internal testicles, but I'll add a TF for them soon.)
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed some incorrect gender pronouns being used in post-combat scenes.
      Fixed 'unbroken virgin' event firing on vagina loss even if you were a virgin.
      Fixed parsing bug in Pix's sex scene.
      You now have the arcane storm effect applied at the start of the game.
      Fixed bug with weather effects not updating correctly while sleeping.
      Fixed bug where partner wouldn't initiate anal sex in doggy position.
      Minor typo and grammar fixes here and there.
      Fixed harpy's random attributes being a little unbalanced.
      Fixed bug where loading a saved game wouldn't work.

    Friday, 5 May 2017

    One-day delay

    I really hate having to do this, but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to delay this evening's release by one day. I was a little ambitious with trying to add in a new map-based mechanic this week, and it took far more time than I anticipated.

    I need one extra day to finish the first half of this version's main story content, so as a result, version 0.1.75 will be released tomorrow at ~21:00 UTC.

    I'm very sorry for the delay...