Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Weekly goals

I almost forgot that I said I'd do one of these posts each Monday! (It still counts as Monday if I haven't gone to sleep yet!)

I still need to update the 'What I'm working on' page, but I'll do that tomorrow. I updated the page! For now, here's a short list of the things I'm working on for this week:

Core targets for this week:

Finish Brax's scenes. The sex scenes for when you dominate Brax are only half-done.

Finish re-writing and fixing the random encounters sex scenes. The oral options have been polished, but the intercourse ones are still really rough.

Add NPC pregnancies. This will probably be the thing that takes the most time this week (and will probably only affect Kate and the random attackers to begin with).

Fix as many of the reported bugs as possible. I've already added 13 fixes to the current patch notes! I'm really focusing on this a lot this week, as all the bug reports have been stacking up...

Balance combat.

Implement the character importer. (I've actually already done this today...)

Add demon attackers. If I get the time (I'll do my best)!

Add more minor features that are on my todo list.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Version 0.1.67 release

Well, here's version 0.1.67! (Obligatory mention that a lot of time was spent on fixing problems in the engine...) This update adds fetish mechanics and contains the first stage of bringing all sex scenes up to the same sort of standard as Kate's. I consider this version to be a bit of a buggy release, but version 0.1.68 should be considerably more polished!

Please note: I only consider Kate's, Brax's submissive, and the random oral sex scenes to be anywhere near finished. All the others are either buggy or haven't had fetish mechanics properly applied yet! By the next release, they will all be finished!

Also, please remember that this is still a *very* early alpha! I know that some of these latest releases have seemed a bit low on content/bug fixes, but I'm still doing a lot of work on the back-end engine, so once that's finished (by version 0.1.7), a lot more content will be rolling out!

Here are the download links for version 0.1.67:

Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

Lilith's Throne requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer.

Also, previous saved games are still not compatible with this version! The character exporter has, however, been added in this version, so any new characters should be able to be imported to future versions!

Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

Patch Notes:

  • Engine:
    • Added: 'Character Export' to the options menu. Although it doesn't have any use for this version, it will enable you to import your 0.1.67 characters into future versions.
  • Gameplay:
    • Added: Fetish perks. There are now several fetish perks available to spend your perk points on! (The icons are placeholders for now...)
      Added: Enforcer's uniform drop on Brax defeat.
      Improved: Re-wrote Brax's scenes to remove the bad end (and added alternate ways to defeat him).
      Added indication for when you discover your natural skin/hair/eye colour for different races.
  • Sex:
    • Added: Fetish mechanics.
      Improved: Random attacker's oral scenes have been refined, expanded, and re-written to cut down on verbosity. (Full-intercourse scenes will be similarly improved for the next release!)
      Improved: Re-wrote and refined Brax's sex scenes. (This is about 80% done, and the rest will be finished for the next version!)
      Refined all corruption values needed to perform sex options.
      Completely removed 'Arcane drain'. (It was just annoying and wasn't adding anything to the game...)
      Added more randomisation to penis and vagina names during sex scenes.
  • UI:
    • Improved save game notification.
  • Other:
    • Added: Gender names & pronoun customisation in the options menu. (Will be split into player and NPC specific names for the next release.)
      Fixed bug related to infinite looping of status effect updates.
      Horse tail is now the same colour as your hair/mane.
      Fixed a bug with the maximum corruption perk affecting your orifices.
      Fixed pregnancy protection descriptions showing for all melee and ranged attacks in combat.
      Minor typo fixes.
      If your reported bug hasn't been fixed yet, then I'm really sorry, I'll try and get them fixed for the next release!


    Tomorrow I'm going to update the list of things I'm working on (yet again), so that you know what's coming next! I still need to make that big post about my aims for the next few versions as well...

    Friday, 24 February 2017

    Estimated release time

    It's that time of the week again, where I desperately try to fix all the bugs and get the game in a state that's ready for release!

    Due to the fact that I've still got three major problems to get sorted, release time will be no earlier than 01:00 GMT!

    EDIT (01:00 GMT): I just need to finish up one last thing, then write the patch notes. Maybe another hour...

    EDIT (01:52 GMT): I'm packaging and testing it now. Not long!

    As I need a little ~10 minute break from programming, I'll quickly run over the biggest change in this version: the addition of fetishes.

    Sex Mechanics

    In this version, I've added the final of the 'big' sex mechanics. This takes the form of fetishes, and is a way to circumvent the corruption requirements of certain sex actions.

    Corruption requirements

    So, at the moment, sex actions have a certain level of corruption associated with them. The idea is that the more corrupted you are, the more willing you are to perform 'extreme' sex acts.

    Examples of things that are unlocked at each corruption level (not all of these examples are in the game just yet!):

    'Pure': All self-actions (masturbating, pinching nipples etc.), as well as trivial sexual actions on a partner (kissing/touching).
    'Vanilla': Basic, non-trivial sexual actions on a partner (sucking cock, eating out, penetrating/getting penetrated, etc.).
    'Horny': Kinky side of vanilla sex (anal, deepthroating, etc.).
    'Dirty': Rough sex, and acting like a complete slut.
    'Lustful': Forced cum-feeding, impregnation through used condoms, really dirty stuff, etc.
    'Corrupt': Mind-break, everything is unlocked at this level.


    You can bypass all the aforementioned corruption requirements for sex actions if you have their associated fetish. Fetishes cost a level-up perk point to obtain. The idea behind this is to give you a choice as to how you develop your character. You can either go for high corruption (and deal with negative corruption effects), or you can unlock fetishes (and not take as many combat perks). Then again, you can always do both, or neither!

    For example, where you might normally need 'Horny' corruption to deepthroat your partner, if you have the 'oral' fetish, you'll be able to use deepthroat even if you don't meet the corruption requirements.

    What's the point?

    I plan on adding bonuses and unique events related to certain sex actions, so you'll have to make the choice of whether you want corruption or fetishes if you want to access these events. An example of a unique event currently in the game is Ralph's discount. If you have high corruption, you can ask for a 'big discount', or, if you have the pregnancy or submissive fetishes, you can bypass the corruption requirement.

    The whole idea behind corruption and fetishes is to give your character different ways to develop. While I could have just made everything unlocked from the very start of the game, I wanted instead to make it so that a starting character (who will always start off relatively vanilla) evolves over the course of a playthrough. By the end of the game, I'd like it if you could look back at your character and see all the ways you developed them to make them your own.

    Monday, 20 February 2017

    Next update on Friday

    Hi, this is just a quick post to let you all know that there won't be a mini-update today after all...

    Once again, I didn't get much time over the weekend to work on the game, so I don't have enough content to justify doing a mini-release today. I think I need to stop saying that I'll get work done over the weekend, as I'm never able to get the time to actually do it.

    I also thought that each Monday I'd start putting up a post with a short list of the core things I want to get done each week. Although some of these things might be repeated on the 'What I'm Working On' page, I thought it might be nice to see a condensed version of the main things I'm focused on.

    Core targets for this week:

    Re-write Brax's bad end. This is the top priority for this week.

    Re-write and fix the random encounters sex scenes. These are still very buggy, and I wanted to cut down on some of the unnecessary verbosity in some sex scenes. In terms of description length for standard actions, I want all sex scenes to be more like Kate's.

    Balance out corruption requirements and add fetish mechanics for all sex scenes.

    Add NPC pregnancies.

    Fix as many of the reported bugs as possible.

    Edit: Also balance combat.

    Edit: And get the framework for the character importer set up.

    P.S. Sorry about not getting the mini-update done!

    Saturday, 18 February 2017

    Version 0.1.66 release

    Well, here's version 0.1.66! I know I say this for every release, but once again, a lot of time was spent on fixing problems in the engine. That being said, the major engine problems are close to being completely fixed now, so within the next few versions you should see a lot more content being added (as I start spending less time on engine stuff). I hope you enjoy this update, and I'm sorry that I haven't addressed some of the outstanding bugs and other problems in the game (such as the major lack of combat balance).

    I might be releasing a mini-version before next Friday's update. I really wanted to re-write Brax's bad end (as discussed on the blog), so if I get that done over the weekend, I'll probably release it on Monday.

    Here are the download links for version 0.1.66:

    Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    Lilith's Throne requires java to be installed on your computer.

    Also, previous saved games are still not compatible with this version! I have the framework laid out for implementing this feature, so expect it in the next version!

    Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

    Patch Notes:

  • Engine:
    • Changed 'properties.ltp' to 'properties.xml' to maintain keybinds between new versions (character saves will be done like this for the next version). I strongly discourage editing the new xml file directly.
      A lot of background stuff that you'll never notice... ;_;
  • Gameplay:
    • Added: 'Succubi's Secrets'; A beauty salon in the Shopping Promenade. (A lot of the text is still placeholder...)
      Added: Furry preference in the options screen. (Please note, I'm updating the sex scenes for the next version, so until that's done, you may still get some furry descriptions popping up...)
      Added: Promiscuity Pill. A preventative pill that massively decreases fertility for 24 hours.
      Added: Body piercing.
      Nyan now stocks enchanted clothing.
      Fixed appearances of all npcs. (Lilaya and others were being generated with wrong hair colours.)
      Altered penis size brackets to make them a bit more believable. Ralph having a 34 inch cock, while amusing, was straying quite far into the 'extreme proportion' content. Please note, this isn't a 'removal' of unrealistically-sized sexual parts, but encountering such sizes will be very unusual (this will be expanded upon later with 'extreme proportion' content).
      Did a lot of back-end changes to the way random npcs are handled. This means that they will now have random clothing and be at random stages of morph (partial, lesser or greater).
      Changed starting attribute values. You now start with 5 corruption (representing an average level of sexual deviancy), unless you take the 'innocent' background.
      Changed corruption values needed to unlock the next corruption level. (You can see them by hovering over the corruption bar in the attributes panel.)
  • Sex:
    • Added: Sex scene with Kate (you'll need a penis for this one).
      Added framework for getting NPCs pregnant, which will result in some new scenes in the next version!
      Fixed some sex scene descriptions referencing incorrect genitals.
      Fixed removed clothing being duplicated in inventory after finishing sex.
      Fixed creampie's effects from being permanent (the cause of permanent -2 intelligence and -5 willpower drains).
      Fixed bugs with detection of orifices that have been cummed in post-sex.
      Fixed bug with condoms not preventing creampies/pregnancies.
  • Inventory:
    • Completely re-wrote huge sections of the inventory code, which resulted in duplicate weapons, clothing and items all being stackable!
      Temporarily disabled 'remove jinx' option. This is going to be changed greatly when I re-do how clothing enchantments work.
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Basic earrings.
      Added: Nose ring.
      Added: Lip rings.
      Added: Tongue bar.
      Added: Nipple bars.
      Added: Navel gem barbell.
      Added: Ringed barbell.
      Added: Piercing ring.
      All new jewellery items can be bought from Kate. (I'll add more over the next few versions.)
  • UI:
    • A dialogue screen now pops up when important status effects apply their effect. (For example, when your creampied orifice dirties your clothing, or when your pregnancy stage advances.)
      Small updates to phone's menus. (Still a lot of improvements planned for this.)
      Slightly improved inventory's blocked slot visuals.
      Improved 'Characters present' screen.
      Moved spell and special attack icons out of the 'effects' section of the UI. They are now displayed instead in the combat effects section (so you only see them when in combat).
      Changed some places that said '[race]-morph' to '[stage] [race]-[gender]'. e.g. 'cat-morph' changed to 'lesser cat-girl'.
      Improved a lot of text and clothing colours. (To make the clothing a lot less garish.)
      Fixed bug where tooltips would stay stuck on the screen when quickly clicking through inventory.
      Added piercing and pregnancy descriptions to the character viewer.
  • Other:
    • Fixed bug where oral/intercourse options weren't working properly.
      Fixed layout bugs in level up screen.
      Fixed bug where if you spammed quickSave, you'd get healed.
      Fixed stats bugs in phone screen.
      Fixed display bugs with light theme (this still isn't finished... sorry it's taking so long...)
      Minor typo fixes.
      If your reported bug hasn't been fixed yet, then I'm really sorry, I'll prioritise fixing all outstanding bugs for the next release!


    Tomorrow I'm going to update the list of things I'm working on (yet again), so that you know what's coming next! I might also make a big post about my aims for the next few versions.

    Friday, 17 February 2017

    Estimated release time

    Hi, just a quick post to say that version 0.1.66 is on track to be released later today! It will be out in roughly 6 hours from now (at about midnight GMT).

    Once again, I ended up having to do a lot of back-end engine work this week, so I didn't manage to add all the new content that I wanted to...

    I think I'm going to work on Lilith's Throne over the weekend, as I didn't get the time to re-write Brax's bad end this week, and it's something I really want to do. If I get enough content written to warrant it, I'll put out another release on Monday.

    EDIT (0:00 GMT): Ok, I'm close to finishing up some last loose ends, then I'll get the patch notes sorted and stuff. It shouldn't take me much longer than 30 minutes.

    EDIT: (0:44 GMT): I'm just testing to make sure it works as a .jar, then I'll put up the release post!

    Sunday, 12 February 2017

    No hotfix this week

    I didn't have much free time this weekend, so I couldn't work on getting a hotfix out. Although there are some pretty bad bugs in this version, it's not quite as bad as last week's release (where pregnancy was just completely broken).

    If I were to try and put out a hotfix, it would most likely leave me with a lot less time to work on Friday's full release. I think it would be better for the quality of the game if I were to just roll all the hotfix content into the next version, meaning that the next update will come out on Friday. I hope you can put up with the bugs for a little while longer, and I'll try to make it up to you with some good new content in version 0.1.66!

    Thank you for all your bug reports and suggestions once again!

    I've updated the What I'm working on page with version 0.1.66's targets and known bugs.

    Saturday, 11 February 2017

    Version 0.1.65 release

    Here's version 0.1.65! (Possibility of a hotfix over the weekend: High)

    Ok, so version 0.1.65 may be the least polished release so far... I was far too ambitious about adding in new mechanics this week, and as a result, a lot of the content is half-implemented. I'm sorry that it's in such a rough state, but I thought that letting you see my current progress was better than delaying the release by another week. So, without further excuses, here's version 0.1.65!

    Please note: This version is still in a rough state. Version 0.1.66 is going to be focused on polishing what's already here, so all your bug reports will be addressed!

    Here are the download links for version 0.1.65:

    Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    Lilith's Throne requires java to be installed on your computer.

    Also, previous saved games are still not compatible with this version! This is 100% going to be addressed by version 0.1.67!

    Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

    Patch Notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added: Start of corruption mechanics. You'll now need certain levels of corruption to be able to perform certain actions.
      Added: Condoms. Pretty self-explanatory, you can use them during sex. (Currently only implemented in Ralph's sex scene.)
      Added: Vixen's Virility. A fertility-boosting pill that can be used both in sex and out. (Currently only implemented in Ralph's sex scene.)
      Added: Lilith's Gift. A consumable that always increases corruption. (All three of these new items can be bought from Ralph.)
      Changed: Capacity/Wetness/Elasticity items. They are now 'Going Big', 'Masochist's Heaven', and 'Wet Kiss'.
      Added: "Recovering Orifices" status effect, which appears when one (or more) of your orifices are returning to their normal size after being stretched.
      Added: "Creampie" status effects, which can be removed by taking a shower.
      Re-enabled quicksave/quickload in inventory. (The only places where save is meant to be disabled is in combat and sex.)
      Lactation now increases at each stage of pregnancy.
      Orifice plasticity has been changed to elasticity. The change in mechanics is described in the 'Orifice Elasticity' section at the end of these patch notes.
      Corruption no longer lowers your willpower resistance. It now only affects which corruption status effect you have (which in turn applied attribute modifiers and affects the availability of certain actions).
      Re-enabled Nyan's ability to identify clothing.
  • Sex:
    • Added: Ability to use items in sex. This is currently limited to condoms and Vixen's Vitality, but now that the framework has been put in place, expect to see TF item usage during sex soon!
      Added: Corruption mechanics to sex scenes. The change in mechanics is described in the 'Corruption Mechanics' section at the end of these patch notes.
      Added: A way for characters without a vagina to get a big discount from Ralph. (Not every sex scene in the game will be available to all characters, but this is one I felt really needed to be available to everyone, as the discount is a significant gameplay feature.)
      Altered the way orgasms work. Now, instead of instantly orgasming after/before your partner, if your arousal value is within "mutual orgasm" range, a special mutual orgasm scene will trigger. (Only written for Ralph at the moment.)
      Each sex scene now has one of three end conditions, displayed next to the arousal values. (Player must orgasm, partner must orgasm, or both must orgasm.)
      Brought sex-related clothing management more in line with the default inventory options to maintain consistency in button placement.
      Improved descriptions in Ralph's sex scene to incorporate the new mechanics (all the other sex scenes will be done for the next version!).
  • UI:
    • Added: A 'copy dialogue' button to the top-left of the game window, to restore functionality lost by removing ability to highlight elements. (It copies the current scene to your clipboard as pre-formatted html.)
      Added: 'New Game' button to option menu.
      Fixed some bugs with the options/phone screens reverting to an incorrect dialogue when closed.
      Removed ability to highlight elements (including text) in the game window, as this was the cause of some pretty bad lag.
      Altered & improved some icons.
      Improved inventory screens.
  • Phone:
    • Improved selfie description to make it clear when you have multiple breast rows.
  • Inventory (still quite broken in this version!):
    • Included the Quick-Trade feature in the standard inventory, and renamed it to 'Quick-Manage', allowing you to pick up and drop items with a single click.
      Increased inventory size to 24 (from 18).
      Fixed bug where you couldn't pick up an item into a stack if your inventory was full.
      Fixed bug where equipping a weapon from inventory would delete your old weapon if your inventory was full.
  • Clothing:
    • Fixed some values related to displacement access.
  • Other:
    • Fixed bug where after sex, the player would react as though they know they're pregnant, even though they shouldn't.
      Changed pregnancy probabilities slightly. If both the PC and partner have 10 fertility (average value), the chance of becoming pregnant is about 12%. At 100/10 it's ~24%, and at 100/100, it's ~50%.
      Although the values may seem low, when combined with the new "using items in sex" mechanic, it will be quite easy to force your partner to swallow a "Vixen's Virility", granting them boosted fertility.
      Minor typo fixes.
      Stopped exposed & exhibitionist status effects from being applied in sex (as it's pretty normal to have your private parts exposed in this situation...).
      Renamed gender 'shemale' to 'trap'.
      "Fixed" how the engine handles time progression, which should fix a bug where status effects were erroneously being applied twice. (I put "Fixed" in quotation marks, as this is only half-implemented.)
      Fixed bug with 'Well Rested' status effect not being refreshed when resting.
      Fixed bug with Ralph not giving you the bigger of the discounts that you've earned.
  • Orifice Elasticity:
    • Each of your orifices have an elasticity value, which, for a starting character, are in the middle of the scale.
      After being stretched, your orifice will tighten back up over time (the higher your elasticity, the quicker it recovers).
      At low elasticity, your orifice is resistant to being stretched, but when it is stretched out, it doesn't regain all of its original tightness, therefore increasing capacity permanently (can still be reversed with TF consumables).
      At high elasticity, your orifice very quickly stretches out, and regains all of its original tightness.
  • Corruption mechanics:
    • Please note that is is a first-iteration of this game feature, and not all sex scenes have been updated to the correct corruption values!
      Corruption is a measure of how dirty minded you are, and affects how willing you are to perform degrading sex acts, so as as result, you now require a certain level of corruption in order to perform some actions during sex.
      For example, if you're at corruption level 1, you're completely pure and innocent, and won't be able to take advantage of defeated enemies.
      At corruption level 2, you're a "vanilla" level of corruption (for the world of Lilith's Throne), meaning that while you're able to take advantage of defeated enemies, you're unable to use any extreme sex options.
      At corruption levels 3, 4, 5 and 6, more depraved options will become available in sex.
      Having higher levels of corruption will also block out some vanilla options that you were able to use at lower levels.
      If you meet all the other requirements for an option in sex, it will appear greyed-out, and the option's tooltip will inform you of the required corruption.


    Tomorrow I'm going to update the list of things I'm working on (yet again), so that you know what's coming next! I might also make a big post about my aims for the next few versions.

    Friday, 10 February 2017

    Update taking a while to finish...

    This is just a quick post to say that version 0.1.65 is currently in a very rough state. I'm trying to fix some of the more broken parts of it right now, so the release will most likely be delayed for another few hours. Realistically, I expect it to take at least another six hours before I've got it in a state ready for release...

    The reason for this is that I've ended up doing some quite significant engine changes this week, so a lot of the content (mostly sex scenes) requires a lot of fixing.

    EDIT (23:36 GMT): Although it's still going to be a bit rough, I'm close to getting the big bugs fixed. Maybe another hour or so...

    EDIT (00:39 GMT): Yet another hour or so...

    EDIT (01:13 GMT): Ok, I'm writing the patch notes and packaging it a a .jar now...

    Tuesday, 7 February 2017

    Why I'm removing bad ends

    I said I'd make a post about bad ends today, so here goes. If you haven't played Lilith's Throne yet, this post will contain minor spoilers.

    At the moment, as I'm sure most of you are aware, there's one bad end in Lilith's Throne. Namely, when you encounter Brax in the Enforcer HQ, if you lose combat against him, that's it. Game over.

    I recently saw someone talking about bad ends, and it made me realise that I'd only added a bad end into Lilith's Throne because "it's what other games do". Thinking about bad ends, I realised that they have the potential to be a very frustrating experience for the player, especially when there's little to no warning that they're coming.

    The current bad end works as follows: You fight through combat against Brax, lose, read a few screens of what happens next, play through the sex scene that follows, and only then do you find out that the game was effectively over a long time ago. Although some of you may have seen it coming, there's nothing that explicitly states that a bad end is incoming, so it must be pretty annoying to suddenly find out that you have to load a previous save (and what if you overwrote your previous save during the bad end?!).

    So, with that as my first point, here are the reasons why I think bad ends are, well, bad:

      1. They are frustrating for the player to encounter without a huge amount of warning text, which isn't always possible to fit into the story.
      2. They revert a sense of progression. For example, maybe some of you liked the idea of carrying on as Brax's slave, but instead, you're just hit with a "Game Over" screen.
      3. They make the story feel more linear. There's no "my character lost that fight a few times, but then eventually got their act together and won". It's just "my character won everything on their first try", which feels a little stale.
      4. They block a lot of cool ideas for content. If I remove Brax's bad end, I can fit in a character progression as a result of losing to Brax (which you'll discover when I re-write it ;D).

    And here are the reasons why I think bad ends can be good:

      1. They provide a serious, easily understandable consequence to failing an objective, which makes that objective feel more satisfying to accomplish.
      2. The idea of a bad end can be a big turn on. Seeing your character being made into a slave, and knowing that it's over for them, satisfies some people's fetish.

    I think I can counter the first point by saying that I'll introduce serious non-game-ending consequences to failing big objectives, so the sense of accomplishment at avoiding a significant penalty will still be there. As to the second point, I can't really do much about that. There will, inevitably, be a few bad ends towards the very end of the game (losing to the final boss will be one of them), so there will still be content for that specific fetish (although not for some time).

    With all that being said, I'm convinced that removing bad ends is a good idea. This might not happen for 0.1.65, but it's coming. To give you an idea of what Brax's bad end might evolve into, I'll be keeping the forced-transformation aspect, but Brax will let you go (with the slave-collar still in place) after he's had his fun...

    Just so that's clear, "Brax's bitch" content will remain largely un-changed, but you'll be able to continue playing afterwards!

    If you have any thoughts on the topic, or if you'd like to point out something that I've missed, please leave a comment!

    Sunday, 5 February 2017

    Version 0.1.64 Hotfix

    I couldn't wait until next week to fix that pregnancy bug, so I've done a little hotfix! I also ended up putting some more stuff in (I got carried away...). Thanks to everyone for reporting these bugs, it's really a great help!

    Previous saved games (even from version 0.1.64) are not compatible with this hotfix! Sorry!

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

    Hotfix Notes:

  • Sex:
    • In the generic assailant's player victory scene, if the player was being fingered by a male, and the assailant orgasmed, he would use his fingers to inseminate the player (resulting in a chance to get pregnant). This has now been moved to a separate action, which you can now choose after having the assailant orgasm over your pussy.
  • Combat:
    • Fixed bug where status effects would persist from one combat scene to another.
      When entering combat, the player's inventory is now the default inventory that is open.
  • Transformations:
    • Added extra breasts gain/loss to TF consumables. You'll grow or lose extra breasts depending on your gender and how many breasts that gender of the target race has.
      Refined all stat increase descriptions from TF items.
  • Other:
    • Pregnancy bug should now be fixed (the one that was preventing you from reaching stage 3 of your pregnancy).
      Improved detection of pregnancy. (The "Pregnancy Advances" dialogue will now always pop up at the appropriate time, instead of only triggering on a standard tile. For example, it will now pop up after resting at home, instead of having to move out into Dominion for it to trigger.)
      Switching inventory view now correctly updates the title above it.
      If Ralph's currently active discount is larger than one you earn, he instead refreshes your previous, larger discount.
      Fixed lactation increase text (the word "of" was repeated twice).
      Fixed "you feelyour" description in sex scene.
      Fixed description of the player having a horse-pussy when they don't.
      Fixed flickering in phone menu when levelling up.


    I still need to update the list of things I'm working on so that you know what's coming next! I'll do this some time tomorrow!

    I've updated the page for What I'm working on to show version 0.1.65's targets!

    Friday, 3 February 2017

    Version 0.1.64 release

    EDIT: There are a few bugs being reported in this version, so I might release a hotfix sometime over the weekend. I'll make a post about it tomorrow!

    Here's version 0.1.64!

    Version 0.1.64 is yet another update where I focused a lot of time on improving the back-end engine code. I'm still working on some of the bugs that have been reported, so please bear with me while I work my way through them! The only significant new content in this update (that isn't a back-end engine improvement) is Ralph's sex scene. The next update will be focusing mainly on content as opposed to engine improvements, so there will be more stuff coming soon!

    The combat is still wildly unbalanced, so if you're hitting/get hit for really high amounts, don't worry, I'm fixing this for the next update! I still have a long list (up to ~110 lines now) of things titled "DO THIS BEFORE RELEASE" which I didn't have time to get done, so there are quite a few rough edges to this release yet again. (Sorry again!)

    Here's the download links for version 0.1.64:

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

    Lilith's Throne requires java to be installed on your computer.

    Also, previous saved games are not compatible with this version! Sorry!

    Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

    Patch Notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Altered corruption-based perks so that their effects aren't completely negative.
      Slightly changed how perks and status effects work. Perks are now just the bonuses you get from levelling up, which are permanent. Status effects are for everything else, and can come and go depending on if their requirements are fulfilled.
      Maximum and minimum attribute status effects now take into consideration your bonus modifiers (so you don't need 100 core strength to get the maximum strength status effect for example).
      Removed 'extra experience' attribute (so that I can have finer control over how much experience is awarded from quests and combat).
      Streamlined alleyway random item encounter. (You no longer have to open inventory to pick up the item.)
  • Items:
    • Added: Angel's tears. A human TF consumable which can be bought from Ralph's shop.
      Added: Dye-brush. A 1-use item that can dye a piece of clothing to a different colour. (Can be bought from Ralph's shop for now. This will change in the future.)
  • Sex:
    • Added: Sex scene with Ralph in order to earn a discount at his shop. (If you have a vagina, you can earn an even bigger discount.)
      Added: 'elasticity/plasticity' to body's orifices. Your orifices start with quite a low plasticity, meaning that they won't stretch out very much after having sex. You can increase or decrease each orifice's plasticity value through consumable items. If your plasticity is at the lowest value, it will retain 0% of the size of the stretch after sex. If it's at the highest value, it will retain 100% of the stretch.
      Changed post-sex stretching descriptions.
  • UI:
    • Improved inventory and trader UI.
      Added: Quick-Trade option to trade window. When Quick-Trade is on, you can buy and sell items with a single click (to cut down on the huge amount of key presses when selling/buying items).
      Added: Buy-back feature. You can buy back the last 18 items you've sold for the same price you got for selling them.
      Altered text colours slightly to improve readability.
      Slightly re-styled buttons to make them appear more like buttons. (Not 100% sure I like it though...)
      Added and altered several icons.
      If an option leads to sex or combat, it is now coloured pink or red respectively.
      Stopped combat display from fading in and out. (Sorry if this gave anyone a headache, the flickering when in combat was really annoying!)
      You can now see your 'Fertility' attribute in places where 'extra experience' used to be.
      Improved weapon tooltips.
      Improved the light theme style. (Some text is still unreadable, I'll have this completely finished for the next update!)
      Did a quick-fix to scale down attributes panel for resolutions with a height less than 800px (you may need to perform an action to make the attribute panel refresh after you scale down the window). A more thorough fix to provide good UI scaling at all resolutions will come in a later version.
  • Combat:
    • Fixed combat tooltips. (They now show correct information about damage and hit chance.)
      Did some combat balancing. (Still a lot more to do on this front!)
      Fixed descriptions of special attacks applying status effects even when they missed.
      Post-victory loot drops now go straight into your inventory, so you don't have to open your inventory and pick it up off the floor any more.
  • Clothing:
    • Did a re-work of the engine to fix how clothing is handled. This should have resolved the problem with some clothing combinations not being displaced/removed correctly during sex.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Tooltips in shopkeeper menu should now work no matter how many items they have.
      Tooltips now work correctly again when hovering over empty inventory slots.
      Completely re-worked how status effects and perks are handled in the engine, which should have fixed the bugs related to clothing femininity status effects not working properly.
      Fixed the bug that was causing 100% chance to get pregnant. (Chance of pregnancy with average fertility values and cum volume is now about 20-30%.)
      Fixed bugs related to being able to pick up items even when inventory was full.
      Minor typo fixes here and there.


    Tomorrow I'm going to update the list of things I'm working on (yet again), so that you know what's coming next!

    Update on the way

    Version 0.1.64 is on the way! I'm just finishing off a few last little things. I expect to be done and have the update released within the next couple of hours.

    I'll edit this post with updates.

    19:43 GMT: Ok, I think everything is done now. I'm writing in the patch notes and packaging it as a .jar. Not long now!

    Thursday, 2 February 2017

    Update on Friday

    Hi, just a quick post to let you all know that this week's update will most likely be on Friday again. I've been doing a lot of engine work this week, but I wanted to get some new content in that you can actually see, so it'll take me an extra day to write some new stuff!

    Here's a sneak-peek of the inventory UI improvement that will be in version 0.1.64:



    The Quick-Trade option allows you to buy and sell items with a single click, so you don't have to keep pressing the "sell"/"buy" buttons over and over. (Also, Nyan has less clothing for sale in the new version as I split her shop up into Female, Male, and Unisex sections.)

    Edit: P.S. I'm adding a "buyback" screen as well, where you can buy back the last 16 items you've sold for the same price as what you sold them for. (So it doesn't really matter if you misclick when in Quick-Trade mode!)