Tuesday, 18 September 2018

No update

There will be no update this month. I've paused my Patreon page, and will have an update ready sometime at the start of October.

Everything just seems to be going wrong these past couple of weeks...

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Feeling Better

Hi everyone!

Thank you all for your kind words, and I'm happy to let you know that I'm (finally) feeling a lot better today, and will have completely recovered by Monday.

This week, I'll get to work on finishing off as many of last version's targets as possible, which will mainly be the imp content and sex action improvements. I'll also try to fit in as many of the secondary goals as possible, but I don't want to promise too much, and will just concentrate on trying to get as much done as I possibly can. ^^

As it would be a bit of a stretch to get a meaningful release out this week, I'll keep the targeted release date for 0.2.11 (which will be a full public release again) at the 19th September. After that, I'll move on to v0.2.11.5 -> v0.3, which I hope to have ready either by the end of this month, or at the very start of the next.

Thank you all again for your supportive comments, and for being so understanding. I'll make a progress post this next week to let you all know how it's going. ^^

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Version Release

Hello again!

I'm sorry for how rough this version is, but for the first time since publicly announcing Lilith's Throne back in January 2017, I've got sick, which has greatly affected my ability to get work done. I thought it was just tiredness at first (which started back on the 25th), which is why I delayed this release instead of postponing it until I got better. As this last week came to an end, however, I've started feeling faint and physically sick throughout the day, and even after sleeping for 10-12 hours each of these past four or five days, I feel absolutely exhausted.

As a result, I've barely been able to get anything done, and around 80% of the work that was done for this release was completed on the Thursday and Friday (23rd and 24th) before I started feeling ill. I should have told you all that I was feeling ill earlier, and delayed the release until I was better, but I didn't want to disappoint you all, which has just ended up making everything worse.

I'm going to have to push the next release back until after I'm better, which I'll say for now will be out on the 19th, but it may (hopefully) be ready sooner than that. I'll make a post later this week detailing what will be added in it, but it's likely to just be finishing off v0.2.11, before then moving on to v0.3.

This version is likely to be buggier than usual, and the imp gang encounters in the tunnels in Submission are extremely rough. Sorry about all this.

v0.2.10.8 Download Links

This is still an alpha, and contains bugs and half-finished content!


Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

.exe (For Windows if you haven't installed/updated java.):

Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

32-bit .exe (For 32-bit Windows if you haven't installed/updated java.):

Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

v0.2.10.8 patch notes

  • Gameplay:
    • You can now invite offspring home in the same way that you can with random NPCs. (They use the same dialogue for now, but that's just temporary.)
      Started rework of Submission to add imp gang attacks and imp fortress content, but it's very half-finished right now...
  • Other:
    • Added age preference settings in the options menu.
      Slaves now require the exhibitionist fetish to use you in Dominion's streets, and can now use you in the alleyways & canal areas as well (not requiring the exhibitionist fetish).
      Changed cat subspecies icons to fit in with the same style as all the others in the game.
      Changed racial status effects to be specific to subspecies, and changed their bonuses. Cheetah-morphs can now always escape from non-cheetah-morph enemies.
      Changed demons to have normal-shaped nipples by default.
      Added dye options for headband and headband with bow.
      Added 'SOLD_BY_RALPH' tag for clothing & weapon mods.
      Using the 'Grow cock' action in sex to get a demon to grow a cock will now set their girth to thick.
      Increased chance of rat-morphs, alligator-morphs, and slimes spawning in canal tiles.
      Changed slime icon to be based on what race they appear as, and changed racial colour from pink to light green, to help differentiate it from harpy/demon/imp/cat-morph icons.
      Improved debug menu and changed the body part TF system to use the same one you get from demon & slime TFs.
      Changed 'minor' category to include race's breasts and ass.
      Separated debug menu's 'Debug Mode' into three separate values (Debug Mode, Reveal Map, and Reveal Bodies), which are now saved in the properties.xml file.
      Hooded cloak no longer conceals the mouth slot.
      Modifying cum storage amount through potions now fills cum to maximum storage.
      You can now set a pet name for friendly occupants to call you by (under their 'Management' tab).
  • Contributors:
    • Changed Short Bow to be two-handed. (Rfpnj)
  • Artwork:
    • Added Jam's futa artwork variation for Kelly & Katherine.
  • Bugs:
    • Penis-Nipple tease sex action is now correctly disabled if you have nipple penetrations turned off.
      Nyan now correctly spawns into the game as a virgin. (If you haven't had sex with her, she will reset to a virgin when you load in.)
      Fixed body-part setting actions in the debug menu having identical names.
      Typo/parsing/grammar fixes.
      Slaves can no longer use you if you have someone in your party.
      Character creation no longer starts incorrectly displaying your character's age as '-3'.
      Friendly NPCs that move in with you will no longer find a job as a slave or unemployed...
      Fixed 'Request cum' action sometimes being incorrectly associated with the pregnancy fetish.
      Fixed bug where if you unequipped your main weapon first, then you wouldn't be able to unequip your offhand weapon.
      Fixed city map in the library not displaying.
      Fixed tooltip for the bottom-left cell in Dominion incorrectly showing a list of names of people who weren't there.
      Fixed weapon mods not being able to have more than one spell.
      Modded weapons attack actions in combat are now always capitalised.
      Transforming a slave and then returning to the Slavery Management screen will now correctly show the updated slave.
      Fixed footjob counter for tattoos not persisting across saves.
      NPCs will no longer magically be able to clean their clothes & dirty slots while having sex with you.
      Fixed issue where when navigating between pages with a different number of response tabs, sometimes you'd end up on a page with no options.
      Fixed being able to click past the 'Pregnancy Breast Growth Limit' maximum limit in the Content Options screen.
      Fixed offspring's body being randomised after being set by genetics.
      Fixed enslavement dialogue always saying you couldn't enslave the target due to them already being a slave.
      Fixed enslavement clothing not being able to be equipped on Scarlett.
      Fixed NPCs' speech sometimes being muffled or interspersed with moans even if they weren't involved in penetrative actions.
      Vicky now correctly says that she's denying your requests in sex, instead of accepting then ignoring your request.
      Tidied up throwing of errors in the engine when a character's id can no longer be found in the game.
      Fixed stored milk and milk regeneration values not being saved/loaded correctly.
      Fixed bugs where NPCs would incorrectly lose affection towards other NPCs in a sex scene.
      Fixed penile virginity being always described as being taken by yourself.