Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Ongoing Progress

Hello, I just wanted to make a short post to let you all know how work on is going.

I've almost finished adding all the framework for the imp fortresses quest, which will tie-in with gaining access to Lyssieth's palace. I've added several new items to go with this, and fixed quite a few bugs that were in the last version, as well as making other improvements and implementing some minor features.

I just need to get the dialogue framework for the final fortress finished off tonight, then I need to write in all the dialogue for the fortresses & Lyssieth. That will most likely take several days, but I will try my best to get it done in two...

As it's a preview release, I'll get the github/Patreon release of out by some time on the night of November 2nd, regardless of whether or not all the dialogue is finished. (I'll update this post and the sidebar if it looks like it will run over.)

Happy Halloween!

I didn't have time this year to get an event done for Halloween, but I made a couple of pieces of gothic-themed clothing for it (in the spirit of vampire-themed Halloween stuff). You can get them from here:

Download link: MEGA Halloween Clothing

Just drop the 'innoxia' folder into your 'res/mods' folder to get them in-game. After restarting your game, they should be sold by Nyan when she refreshes her shop at midnight. (They are counted as 'Specials', so you'll need to complete her quest first.)

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Version 0.2.11 Release

Hello again!

First of all, I'm so sorry again for the length of time that I was absent. Everything's back to normal now, so after this release, further releases will be back on track for once every 7-10 days.

The major addition in this version is the ability for NPCs to use large group sex positions. This is only implemented for the imps wandering through the imp tunnels in Submission at the moment, but I will make use of this for lots more encounters in the future!

Getting all the variations for this group sex implemented in the code was a little time consuming, and I also had to spend a lot of time on writing companion variations for the imp encounters. As a result of this, as well as the fact that I decided to expand the scope of their content at the last minute, the imp fortresses aren't quite ready yet. I'll be working on them over the next few days, and will push the framework to the dev github once it's done. After that, I'll write in all of their content, and then get Lyssieth's quest content added in time for I'll also go through the PRs that have been piling up, and merge as many as possible.

I'm hoping to have that next version, which will be a github/patreon version, out before the end of this month, and then the full version of 0.3 will be out a week or so after that.

Thank you all for your kind and supportive comments. I'll spend some time over the rest of this week responding to your messages on Discord and Patreon. (There are too many to respond to in the comments here on the blog, but I do read over them all.)

v0.2.11 Download Links

This is still an alpha, and contains bugs and half-finished content!


Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

.exe (For Windows if you haven't installed/updated java.):

Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

32-bit .exe (For 32-bit Windows if you haven't installed/updated java.):

Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

v0.2.11 patch notes

  • Gameplay:
    • Added all dialogue for imp encounters in submission, including variations for if you have a companion with you. Imps now TF your companion alongside you if you lose or submit.
      Added doggy-style and missionary group sex support, and made these positions available for imp gangs found in the tunnels, both for loss and victory scenes, with and without a companion. Includes a couple of new size-difference positions each position.
      Persistent NPCs that are in an imp tunnel will no longer be encountered while the associated fortress is active.
  • Items:
    • Added weapon 'metal pipe'. (Found in Submission's tunnels, and carried by some imp gang members.)
      Added weapon 'crude shield'. (Carried by some imp gang members.)
      Added weapon 'Imp arcanist's staff'. (Carried by imp witch/wizard.)
      Added clothing 'Foot wraps'. (Foot slot, only spawns on imp gang members.)
      Added clothing 'Loin cloth'. (Leg slot, only spawns on masculine imp gang members.)
      Added clothing 'Ragged chest wrap'. (Chest slot, only spawns on feminine imp gang members.)
      Added clothing 'Ragged skirt'. (Leg slot, only spawns on feminine imp gang members.)
      Added clothing 'Imp arcanist's hat'. (Head slot, only spawns on imp witch/wizard.)
  • Other:
    • Moved: Ongoing sex descriptions from the main body of text in sex, to an extra description in the body-part status effect tooltips. (As I felt that the generic ongoing descriptions were flooding the scene descriptions, especially with 3+ sex participants.)
      Added 'Spread legs' action in missionary (when on back).
      Added receiving penetration actions in missionary, when acting as the one kneeling between legs.
      When starting a new game as an imported character, your money will no longer reset to 500.
      Added footjob availability when performing doggy-style oral.
      Improved virility tease dialogue.
      Added a button to reset age preferences to their default values.
      Putting on a condom will now clear lubrications on the target's penis.
      You can now have sex with your companion in Dominion's alleys and Submission's tunnels even if there are attackers in that tile.
      Talking to an NPC after beating them in combat will now set their affection towards you to +10, instead of incrementing it by +10. (So you no longer need to beat them numerous times if their affection towards you was low.)
      Added threesome and 'offer companion' actions to friendly NPC encounters. (When you re-encounter generic NPCs after having talked to them.)
      NPCs will no longer spawn in disliking or hating the fetishes related to using their penis or vagina.
      Reduced imp's penis size, and randomised their heights (within the 'tiny' range). Also increased imps' wing size, so that they're all able to fly.
      Actions taken by NPCs during sex are now labelled, to help with quick identification of what's going on in large sex scenes.
      Improved sex AI's method for determining what actions to take in sex, so that they now prefer to choose actions related to penis or vagina use.
      Adjusted imp and alpha-imp starting attributes, so they no longer spawn in with the same stats as demons. (They are now a lot weaker, as they were in older versions.)
      Slightly reduced NPC's chance of using actions that correlate to their current preference to 66%. (Their preference being the pink text at the bottom of the 'Desires' tooltip.)
      Increased chance of NPCs targeting opposite partners in sex (i.e. doms targeting subs and vice versa), from a weighting of 2 to 5.
      Tidied up formatting of multiple items gained after combat.
      Added some more information to Claire's initial greeting dialogue, regarding the imp tunnels.
      Doubled the 'Demon's Dagger' base damage from 6 to 12.
      You can now click on sex status effects to select the character that's interacting with the associated area. (i.e. Clicking on your 'Pussy status' while someone is fingering you will now select that person.)
      Did some more work to improve the AI's targeting in sex, and to reduce the occurrences of repeatedly starting & stopping actions.
      NPCs will now try to expose genitals in foreplay, with a lesser priority than exposing breasts and mouth.
      Penis size change potions now transform in increments of 1/5/10 instead of 1/5/15.
      You can now start submissive penetrations in sex scenes in which you are the submissive, restricted partner. NPCs can still not do this. (i.e. You can get your partners to penetrate you in scenes where you couldn't before.)
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed issue with orgasm cum targets being illogical in multiple-partner sex scenes.
      Typo fixes.
      Fixed doggy-style group sex action 'Slap ass' being able to be used on incorrect targets.
      Fixed incorrect virginity loss descriptions from Rose taking your virginity in Lilaya's room.
      Fixed incorrect parsing in large cum quantity creampies.
      Fixed new game not starting if all age preferences were turned off in the content settings.
      Fixed age not appearing correctly in character creation screen.
      Fixed error in 'Spread ass' and 'Spread pussy' actions.
      Fixed NPCs generating more and more accessories and piercings each time you visited them.
      Fixed incorrect reaction to being impregnated by alleyway attackers.
      Illogical actions in missionary position should now correctly be disabled.
      Exported player characters will no longer be imported three years older than they should be.
      Corrected incorrect nightclub dialogue, where refusing to follow your partner home returned toilet sex refusal text.
      Fixed subspecies' status effect's attribute modifiers not being applied.
      Fixed demon alleyway attacker's dialogue being a little mixed up.
      Fixed some tooltip errors in inventory screen.
      Fixed parsing error in handjob resistance description.
      Enslaving your offspring should now work correctly.
      NPCs will no longer be able to move into guest rooms whose occupant is currently acting as your companion.
      Fixed bugs related to summoning elemental. You should now be able to summon your elemental without issue.
      Fixed condom drink parsing sometimes incorrectly referring to an incorrect character, and fixed broken inventory tooltip when condom is equipped.
      Friendly NPCs that you invite home will no longer get a job as a mugger or prostitute.
      Fixed issues with illogical sex actions being available during penetrative sex in the missionary position.
      Fixed characters in sex reacting to area reveals of characters that are watching.
      Fixed formatting in hips TF description.
      Fixed some incorrect vagina reveal dialogue.
      Fixed incorrect special attack targeting descriptions.
      Fixed the spell 'Arcane Arousal' not applying energy and aura damage once the target is at maximum lust.
      Fixed incorrect 'Protective gusts' status effect description.
      Fixed instances where NPCs orgasming in sex would present you with no actions to choose from, thereby soft-locking the game.
      Fixed incorrect character references in the orgasm preparation action descriptions.
      Fixed incorrect parsing of NPC's status at the end of sex.
      Fixed a lot of 'Resist' actions not displaying any description.
      Fixed instances where a resisting NPC would use inappropriate actions, such as starting a penetration, or getting their breasts groped.
      Fixed NPCs with the non-con fetish not being able to take any action in consensual sex scenes.
      Fixed issue where an NPC's orgasm might be skipped at the end of sex, if another NPC wanted to end sex and took a turn before them.
      Fixed several parsing errors in sex actions.
      When sex ends, the dialogue should no longer repeat ending statuses. (Things like essences gained, orifices stretched, and affection changes.)
      Fixed oddities with the colouring of the first penis or vagina your character grows.
      Fixed incorrect references during some orgasm reaction actions.
      Fixed incorrect essence gain text at the end of multi-partner sex.
      Fixed incorrect parsing in the 'Spread ass' and 'Spread pussy' actions.
      Fixed imps and alpha-imps sometimes incorrectly spawning in with their body size randomised to make them demons/alpha-imps/imps.
      Fixed issues with new imp fortress leaders spawning each time you loaded the game, which was slowly bloating save files.
      Fixed issue with some npcs not dressing themselves properly.
  • Additions after Sunday night's push to dev branch:
    • Tested the new group sex positions, and fixed quite a few bugs related to that.
      Fixed some bugs in the sex AI, and improved it for large group scenes. (This will still require some work.)
      Fixed several conflicting methods in the group sex missionary position that were causing actions to be incorrectly disabled.
      Remade imp fortress internal maps, and added gate guards and boss guards.
      Added all imp fortress dialogue framework, with support for peaceful resolutions in the non-demon fortress. (All have placeholder dialogue for now.)
      Fixed issue where you would end up fighting your own companion in the imp encounters.
      Fixed your companion joining in with the sex after offering just yourself to imps in order to avoid a fight.
      Added group oral sex position support.
      In sex, NPCs are now far less likely to target another NPC of same sub/dom type if that target isn't attracted to the targeter.
      Fixed issues where NPCs would not stop foreplay actions in order to perform real penetrations. (Such as stopping fingering in order to have penetrative sex.)
      Fixed cum counts not being saved/loaded properly, which was causing tattoo counters to not keep a proper track of cum received.
      Fixed issue with NPCs not calling you by the correct pet name.
      Enslaving characters that are in your party will now work correctly. (I think this was the offspring enslavement bug? Everything else was working fine on my end.)
      Typo and parsing fixes.

    Monday, 22 October 2018


    I'm so sorry for my sudden disappearance, and for not saying anything until now. I had to leave to help out a family member at very short notice, and have only this evening managed to return to work on Lilith's Throne.

    I've pushed the content that I had ready for v0.2.11 before my sudden leave to the github dev branch, and just need to get some framework for the imp fortresses added before packaging it as a full release. That should take me all day tomorrow, so the packaged version should be out on Tuesday evening.

    Once again, I really am sorry for not saying anything before I left, and I'm sure that it goes without saying, but please don't believe any rumours being spread in the last post's comment section.

    Monday, 1 October 2018

    Plan for October

    Hello once again!

    Sorry for the abrupt message in my previous post, and for keeping you all waiting for news of resumption of progress, but I'm (finally) back, and am working on 0.2.11 once more. I've done mostly bug fixing today, in order to get back into the swing of things, and after finishing off my 'urgent bugs' list tomorrow, I'll continue working on the content for 0.2.11.

    Some Changes

    I've decided to make a couple of changes from how I used to do things before this interruption, in order to address two problems with my release schedule: one, the over-promising of content, which kept on leading to disappointment when I didn't achieve all of my targets for each release; two, the delays, which ranged from a few hours to several days.

    So, in order to address the issue of over-promising content, I'm going to stop setting precise targets altogether, and will simply say 'I'm mainly working on X area', or 'I'm focusing on improving Y feature', for each release. I'll still be working on numerous things for each version, but I'd rather under-promise and over-deliver, rather than the other way around, which has been the norm.

    In order to address the issue of delays, I'm going to change the Wednesday release date to a more general '7-10 day release window'. This will allow for a little more flexibility and will enable me to get features and content properly finished between releases, instead of rushing to get them hastily implemented in time.

    Release Information

    So, with that being said, I'm going to continue working on Submission content for 0.2.11's public release, which will be out some time between 8th-10th October. After that, I will move on to, which will be a Patreon/github preview, and then finally the public version of 0.3. Those last two will be focused on main story content and the fields area, respectively.

    Thank you all for your patience and understanding regarding last month's problems, and if you have any comments or questions that you'd really like me to respond to or read, then please PM me on discord.