Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Progress News

Hello again,

Sorry about the lack of news since the preview update; I've had some stuff going on over the past week which has taken up all of my time, and as such I'm now a week behind where I should have been (including making this post). I'll be working on writing the Evelyx's Dairy Farm content over the next few days, and I hope to (finally) have the full public release of v0.4.2 out at the weekend or early next week.

I'll make another progress news post on Friday to let you all know how things are going, so I'll see you again then. Thank you all once again for your support, and sorry again for the silence over the past week.

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Version Progress Update (Preview Release)

Hello again,

I'm really sorry about how long it's taken me to get this preview build released, and that it's not a public update (as I didn't want to put out a public update with so much placeholder content still in it). As mentioned in a previous post, I got carried away while adding the first NPC to Elis's shopping precinct, and the implementation of what should have been a small, simple side quest ballooned out into a whole new area with several types of content.

If you decide to build this version, please be aware that there is a lot of placeholder dialogue in it! I'll get the writing finished for the next update, which will be the public release of v0.4.2.

I'm feeling quite exhausted right now, so I'll likely take the next couple of days off to try and rest and get some energy back. I'll get v0.4.2 out to you as soon as I can, which I'm hoping will be some time around a week from now.

Thank you all again for your patience, and I'll see you again in the next post, which will likely be early next week.

I package and release these in-between preview builds for backers over on my SubscribeStar, but anyone can play them at any time by building them directly from the public github (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
(There's a build tutorial here.)

IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

ALSO IMPORTANT: Make sure you build from 'dev' branch.

v0.4.1.9 Patch Notes


  • Fixed bug where the Aristocrat background would allow you to boost your corruption to 100 during character creation. (by Maxis)
  • Fixed bug where coatls, the feathered dragons, would fail the subspecies match if they got feathered dragon tails. (by DSG)


  • Added behaviour to externally defined encounters, where if you use a value of >100 for the encounter chance, then all other encounters with chances of <=100 will be discarded and only encounters with chances of >100 will be used.
  • Added clothing tag 'BLOCKS_SIGHT' for use with blindfolds or other sight-limiting clothing. When worn, clothing with this tag will put the 'blinded' status effect on the character (or 'Blinded (Echo location)' if the character has a body part which grants echo location).
  • Added item tag 'UNIQUE_NO_NPC_EQUIP' to prevent unique clothing or weapons from being equipped onto NPCs.
  • Added 'personalityChances' element support to subspecies files, which is defined in the same manner as the 'personalityChances' in 'RacialBody.xml'. Personality chances in subspecies files are rolled after RacialBody chances.
  • The 'effects' element for responses now works for trading and combat responses.


  • Added 5 images for Leotie, drawn by Jam (


  • Added 'Evelyx's Dairy' location and internal map. It is automatically discovered when entering its world map tile, which can be found by starting at Elis, then going 5 tiles East, 2 tiles North. (Warning: There is a lot of placeholder content in this area in this version!)
  • Added new unique NPC 'Monica', who runs the clothing shop in ELis's shopping precinct. (Warning: Almost all of her content is placeholders in this version!)
  • Added an extra row of inventory slots to each page of character's inventories, effectively increasing inventory size by 30.
  • Added 'donkey-morph' as a subspecies of horse-morph. To be identified as a donkey-morph, a character needs to be identified as being the 'horse-morph' race, and needs to have the new 'upright horse' ear type.
  • Added a content toggle for 'feral' content. (To turn it on or off, go to the main menu, then go to 'Content Options', then under the 'Bodies' option, set 'Feral' to on/off.)


  • Added 'thin bangles' clothing item (androgynous, wrist slot, sold by Nyan).
  • Added 'wrap ring' clothing item (androgynous, finger slot, sold by Nyan).
  • Added unique item 'Clothing Keys', which are added to your inventory at the start of the game (and retroactively added to your inventory when loading into this version). Examining these keys gives you a list of all the sealed clothing to which you have an unlock key.
  • Added 'blindfold' (androgynous, eye slot, BDSM set, blinds wearer, sold by Finch).
  • Added 'lips ring' clothing item (androgynous, finger slot, sold by Nyan).


  • NPCs who like or love the dominant fetish will no longer always accept a request to be rough (although NPCs who like/love the sadist fetish still will).
  • Added a 'Request facial' as a new sex action for when a character has the option to prepare for their partner's orgasm. (Requires penis-face interaction availability, for the orgasming character to have a real penis, and to be not wearing a condom. NPCs will be more/less likely to use based on their 'cum addict' fetish desire.)


  • Reduced Nizhoni's breast size from JJ-cup to G-cup.
  • Taking a 'Quick shower' in your room now applies the 'Recently showered' status effect for half the time that 'Thorough shower' does.
  • Quadrupedal cattle-morphs are now called 'cowtaur'/'bulltaur' instead of 'cattletaur'.
  • Altered default speech colours to reduce saturation and therefore (hopefully) make them easier to read on the dark background.
  • Zebra (and the new donkey) subspecies now have a higher detection priority than centaur subspecies, allowing you to become a zebrataur (and donkeytaur).
  • Slightly improved the description of Lilith's statue in the centre of Dominion, and there is a 20% chance of having a small dialogue variation displayed every time the tile's description is displayed.


  • Parsing and typo fixes.
  • Fixed issue where purchased slaves could not be impregnated.
  • Slaves being sold in slaver alley will now correctly have randomly-generated personality traits and fetishes.
  • Fixed issue where interacting with Felicia directly after completing Zaranix's section of the main quest would result in getting stuck with no available dialogue actions to choose from.
  • Fixed issue in sex scenes where you could swap position with characters who shouldn't have been able to get into the position you were in.
  • The 'Spawn attacker' option in the debug menu will now correctly assign the spawned NPC's personality traits, name, and perks corresponding to their subspecies.
  • Fixed some harmless(?) parsing error message spam in the error log when loading an old save.
  • Fixed issue where you could return to the Rat Warrens and enter it after Vengar had been dealt with (but before handing the quest in to Axel to complete it), which would cause several bugs within the area.
  • The tongue length TF limit on enchanted clothing will now show toe exact value instead of a vague descriptor.
  • Slimes which you've befriended from the bat caverns will no longer consume glowing mushrooms every hour.
  • Candi now correctly has the 'lewd' personality trait.

Friday, 10 September 2021

Progress News

Hello once again,

Over the past two days I've made progress on adding the side quest content for the new shopkeeper in Elis (who is linked to the content in the new area I've added), and I've just got a couple of small parts to finish off before all of the framework is finally complete.

I'm expecting that work (plus a bit of writing to remove the roughest of the placeholder content scenes) to take me another day or two, and so I should have the preview update out some time over the weekend. This will be the last progress news post before the preview update, so the next post I make here will be the preview update post (and then the public release should hopefully follow later in the week once all the writing is finished).

Apologies again for how long this has taken, and thank you so much for your patience and support. I'll see you again in a few days!

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Another Delay...

I'm really sorry about this, but getting this content finished has once again taken far longer than I expected. I've got all of the framework, placeholders, and mechanics completely done, but I haven't yet finished the associated content in Elis's Shopping Precinct. Getting that into a playable state is going to take at least another day, possibly more, so I'm not going to be able to get the preview release out tonight.

To show you that I've made progress on this new area, I've pushed my current build to github's dev branch, so if you wanted to read through the code I've been adding, you can see it here: (I'd advise against building it to play at the moment, as it likely contains several game-breaking bugs, which I'm going to be fixing for the preview update...)

For those of you who'd rather get the tl;dr version of what specifically I've been working on and what's been taking so much of my time, I'll put it at the end of this post (so those of you who want to avoid spoilers can skip over it).

So, anyway, I'm going to get this Elis content finished and linked to this new area over the next couple of days, and I'll get the preview out to you as soon as it's ready. I really am sorry for giving all these deadlines and then missing them. I just end up panicking a little and trying to rush when it's already taken me so long to get the next update released.

I'll make another post on Thursday night, hopefully with the preview release, but if not then at least with more information on what I've got done. Thank you all for your patience.

New Area Spoilers!

So for those of you who want to know what exactly it is I've been working on, I decided to add a side quest to the first Shopping Precinct NPC I started to add. This side quest involves retrieving a breast pump from the NPC's old workplace out in the Foloi Fields. This workplace is the new area which I've been adding, and takes the form of an industrial dairy farm.

Although I originally only intended this new area to be a quick stop where you'd retrieve the breast pump and then immediately head back to Elis, I started to feature creep it by adding an internal map and a unique NPC for the farm's owner. I then thought that players would want to see (and have sex with) the farm's employees, so I moved on to adding that. After that was done, I thought that it would be nice to work there as one of the cows being milked, so I added that, and then expanded the initial 'enter barn and get milked' into a promotional system which leads you through 3 barns. After that, I added a new (very easily avoidable) bad end at the end of this content. Then I felt like having just a generic receptionist being referred to but not existing as an interactable NPC was boring, so I went back and added a new NPC (and new 'donkey' subspecies), and then updated all of the references involving the nameless receptionist. Then I thought people would want multiple ways to have sex with this new NPC, so I went back and added support for that, and then after all of this was finally finished (tonight) I remembered that I hadn't yet finished the original Elis NPC quest content, so I couldn't get this preview released after all.

So, it was basically just a cascade of feature creeping, and now the farm which I've added has ended up with far more content than I originally intended (and a lot of writing to get done...). As mentioned above, I should be able to get the Elis content finished within a couple of days, and then I'll do some testing and get the preview out to you as soon as I can...

Monday, 6 September 2021

Almost There

Hello again,

I've almost got this next preview version ready, but there are still a few scenes left to add, so I'm not going to be able to get it released tonight. I'm really hoping to be able to have it out tomorrow, and then after that I should be able to get the fully polished public release out by Friday.

I'll make another post tomorrow at this same sort of time. Even if it's in a rough state, I'll do my absolute best to have the preview release ready by then. Thanks for bearing with me, and I'll see you again soon!

Saturday, 4 September 2021

Progress News

Hello again,

This is just a small progress post to let you know that I've (finally) got all of the dialogue framework, placeholders, and content mechanics added and working for this new area I've made. I've just got a few more things left to work on (such as linking this area to a quest from Elis) before it's in a state that's ready for a rough placeholder update, and so it'll take me just a few more days to get that done.

So, as of this post, I'm planning on getting those final parts finished and then releasing a placeholder preview update of v0.4.1.9 as soon as it's ready (sorry that it won't be a public release right away - I feel like it's best to keep these potentially rough updates as previews/github updates so as to avoid disappointing you all with a potentially buggy or unpolished release). After that, I'll fill in the writing and get the full public update of v0.4.2 released as soon as possible, which will likely be another couple of days.

My aim is to still have the v0.4.1.9 preview out by the end of this weekend, but if I don't make it, then there will at the very least be another progress post on Sunday evening to let you know how things are going. Thank you all once again for your patience and support, and I'll get the full public release out to you as soon as I can!

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Progress News

Hello again,

This is just a quick post to say that I've been making progress on v0.4.2 since the last post, and while it's taking a lot longer than I originally expected, this next release shouldn't take too much longer now. I'll hopefully have it ready by this weekend, and if it's still got placeholders by that time, then I'll be prepared to release it as v0.4.1.9, with v0.4.2 released within a few days after that.

Sorry again for how long this is taking. I really should have left this new area I'm adding for a later version, but I (incorrectly) thought that it wouldn't take too long to add. Anyway, I'll be making another post on Friday to let you know how things have gone, and how much longer it will be to v0.4.2's release.