Thursday, 24 September 2020

Progress News

Hello again,

This is just a small post to keep you all updated on how things are progressing and what's left for me to get done for v0.4's release.

As you most likely already know, I'm currently working on adding support for race modding. This isn't just so that modders will be able to add new races, however, as I'm using this time to completely finish off all of the remaining framework that I'll need for all future race support.

So far, I've managed to implement support for racial items (equine cider, bread roll, etc.) to be added via modding, and have moved all of the current racial food and drink items out into external xml files as part of this. I've also added tail length modifications, which is one of the last features which were missing from the game's transformation options (along with the ability to grow a second penis, but that might have to be added at a later date).

What I'm going to be focusing on over the next few days is adding full in-game support (mainly sex positioning, clothing detection, and status effects) for the other leg configurations: long tail (lamia); short tail (mermaid); arachnid (arachne); cephalopod (octopus). I'll then be adding support for modded combat moves (so modded races can have unique moves), and definitions for aquatic/nocturnal races (to automatically give relevant status effects when in water/on land and in light/dark areas). I'll then finally add support for ferals, although it's not likely that they'll be fully functional in v0.4.

After all of those final racial improvements have been implemented, I'll move on to adding support for xml-defined races, subspecies, and body parts. Over the last few months, I've been refactoring the way in which body parts are defined in the code, so it shouldn't take me too long to get this done.

Finally, I'll add a new modded race as an example (hyenas), and then I'll get v0.4 released. I really want to get this out to you as soon as possible, so I'll leave the planned Fields and main quest content for the version after v0.4.

I'll make another progress post at the end of the weekend to let you all know how things have gone. Thank you all once again for your feedback and bug reports in the comments!

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Version Release

Hello again,

I'm sorry about the lack of communication since the last update, and for the fact that I haven't managed to get more than these bugfixes done for this version. I've struggled a little over the past couple of weeks to get the promised content for v0.4 done (race modding and Fields content), but I'll do my best to get it finished off and released as an addition to this version as soon as possible (hopefully within the next week or so).

Thank you all for your feedback and bug reports in the comments, and sorry again for letting you down with this poor update.

As always, you can also build these releases yourself from the public github's dev branch (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
(There's a build tutorial here.)

IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

v0.3.9.9 Download Links

This is still an alpha, and contains bugs and half-finished content!


Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive


Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

32-bit .exe (For 32-bit Windows):

Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

v0.3.9.9 Patch Notes

  • Gameplay:
    • Starting Claire's teleportation side-quest now requires you to have first completed the 'Slime Queen' side quest. (As I felt as though it was a little out of character for the Enforcers to let a stranger see the teleportation pads.)
  • Items:
    • (For Clothing Modding) If multiple stickers in one sticker category are set to be the default sticker, one of these default stickers is now chosen at random to be used for an item of clothing, instead of always the last defined default sticker.
      Made the shoulder strap on the 'ragged chest wrap' a sticker option.
      'Impish Brew' now grants +25 corruption to potion effects, instead of +50.
      Added ability to enchant clothing with vagina and penis addition and removal effects.
  • Sex:
    • You can no longer 'Encourage creampie' or 'Encourage pullout' when spectating in a 'hidden' position (such as when you watch your slaves having sex in the alleyway or hallway encounters).
      You can now use level drain on orgasming characters while in a spectator slot.
      Added interactions in the 'Sitting' position between the 'Sitting in lap' slot and the 'Between legs' slot.
      Added interactions in the 'Over Desk' position between the 'Lying back' slot and the 'Bent over' slot.
      Added kissing and groping interactions between dominant and submissive standing characters in the 'Standing' sex position.
  • Other:
    • The output of all parsing commands embedded within speech should now be correctly modified by any speech-altering effects (such as a slovenly character pronouncing 'her' as ''er').
      Transformative potions which turn a character's lower body into a taur now correctly transform all of the body parts which are affected (all parts below the waist) into their default animal counterpart states.
      Added transformation actions to alleyway prostitutes' post-combat victory scene.
      Added pregnancy reactions to Murk's greeting dialogue while in Epona's tile.
      Standardised sorting of all racial transformation options by their race name.
      Half-demons no longer use the same outfit generation as dark alleyway demons, and dark alleyway demons now have a 5% chance to spawn with demon daggers instead of 50%.
      The 'Enforcer HQ' tile is no longer considered to be dangerous during an arcane storm.
      Increased the chance of the street encounter in which Wes's quest starts from 10% to 50%.
  • Bugs:
    • Typo and parsing fixes.
      Fixed issues with sex scenes at Epona's stall in the Gambling Den being treated as public sex.
      Fixed bug where the Rat Warrens content would break if rat-morph Subspecies preferences were set to 'human'.
      Fixed bug where accessing the positioning menu in the prologue sex scene would reset all of the previous sex dialogue.
      Fixed issue with there being two 'miss' parsing commands.
      New slaves will now correctly start with all default job settings and permissions selected.
      Fixed harpy attacker NPC descriptions not changing when you become friends with them or enslave them.
      Fixed issue with the 'slovenly' character speech modification sometimes breaking parsing commands.
      Fixed Murk's and Lyssieth's special dirty talk text not being parsed as speech.
      Choosing to dominantly fuck Murk in Epona's tile (after completing Axel's quest) should now start with both of you in the intended positions.
      Fixed bug where slave interaction scenes in alleyways or Lilaya's corridor would sometimes throw background errors and not initialise correctly.
      The Spa tile is now correctly immune to arcane storm effects.
      Fixed issue with enslavement of friendly NPCs describing them as though they'd just been defeated in combat.
      Exiting Lyssieth's palace now correctly places you in the cavern tile instead of the palace gate tile.
      Fixed existing Patrol Enforcers in Dominion wearing 'contractor' stab-proof vests instead of Enforcer ones.
      If foot, anal, lactation, or non-con settings are turned off, NPCs will no longer have the related fetishes or fetish desires.
      If non-con is disabled, the related fetishes are now correctly hidden from the fetish list and fetish altering potion effects.
      Fixed NPCs being described as being in the 'holding cell' in their contacts page tooltip.
      Fixed issue where attributes derived from clothing could sometimes be duplicated or persist after the clothing's removal.
      Fixed issue where equipping transformative clothing onto demons or half-demons would sometimes spam the event log with messages.
      Dominant partners in the Watering Hole will no longer spawn with the 'submissive' fetish, and likewise Submissive partners will no longer spawn with the 'dominant' fetish.
      Fixed background errors being thrown if you decided to spam-click the 'New Game' action.
      Added a 'no preference' option to Scarlett's sex scene (where you act as her servant in Helena's nest), so that if you have no areas available for her to fuck, you no longer get stuck in that scene.
      Added actions to exit Helena's apartment at the entrance tile (for if you somehow manage to get stuck in there).
      Elementals now have the correct arcane storm status effect applied to them.
      Fixed bug where you could swap position with Murk's milkers during sex with them.

    Sunday, 6 September 2020

    Version Progress Update

    Hello again,

    Sorry that this progress update took me a little longer to get finished than I'd originally planned; implementing the new clothing 'sticker' system ended up pushing the work on the new character/quest back a little, and then the writing for that character again took me longer than I expected.

    Anyway, this version is mainly focused on getting the aforementioned character and quest released, which was part of my original plan for the previous preview version. I don't want to spoil too much of that content, so I'll just say that it's related to the Enforcers, and by completing it, you'll gain the ability to legitimately purchase some Enforcer gear and weapons. The character(s)/quest was designed by DSG, and has been planned for inclusion for quite some time, which is why I was so keen on getting this done before v0.4. (The conditions for the quest starting are in the patch notes below.)

    As well as the new character/quest and the clothing sticker system support, there are a lot of contributor bug fixes and updates to DSG's Enforcer clothing in this version. I've fixed some bugs myself, but there are still a lot of reported bugs from the last couple of versions which I haven't yet had time to fix.

    After this release, I'm planning on fixing all of those bugs, implementing race modding support, and then adding some content to the Fields area. That will most likely include the next stage of the main quest, as well as some random encounters for the fields & river tiles.

    I will do my very best to have v0.4 out by the 18th of September. I know that that's 10 days later than my previous target, and I'm sorry for having to push it back so far, but I fear that the race modding support may end up being quite complex to implement, and so I really can't see v0.4 being ready sooner than the 18th.

    I'll do my very best to make v0.4 worth the wait, and thank you all once again for all of your feedback and bug reports in the comments. I'm aiming to make the next progress post some time around the middle of this next week, so I'll see you all again then!

    I package and release these in-between preview builds for backers over on my SubscribeStar, but anyone can play them at any time by building them directly from the public github (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
    (There's a build tutorial here.)

    IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

    ALSO IMPORTANT: Make sure you build from 'dev' branch.

    v0.3.9.8 Patch Notes

  • Contributors:
    • Fixed issue where changing content options at the start of new character creation would throw background errors, causing the UI to become unresponsive. (by AceXP)
      Fixed issue where fluid addiction status effect tooltip descriptions would display 'demonic horse fluid' instead of 'demonic fluid'. (by AceXP)
      Fixed bug where the defined horse-morph names in were never being used. (by Rydelfox)
      Several parsing and typo fixes. (by AceXP)
      Fixed issue where you would return to an incorrect dialogue scene when leaving inventory management in a friendly occupant's apartment. (PR#1394 by AceXP)
      Typo fixes in the Rat Warrens. (Pr#1400 by aDrunkLittleDerp)
      While carrying an arcane makeup set, characters will now reapply heavy lipstick if it was worn off during sex. (PR#1403 by CognitiveMist)
      Fixed parser errors in vagina reveal descriptions. (PR#1404 by AceXP)
      Enable loading of patterns from the res/mods folder. (PR#1405 by AceXP)
      Fixed bug where five minutes passed, instead of twenty-five, when selling yourself as a submissive partner in Angel's Kiss. (PR#1406 by void-weaver)
      Fixed bug where Sean's fight scene wouldn't initialise correctly. (PR#1407 by void-weaver)
      Fixed bug where if you used an item from an NPC's inventory it would be described as though the NPC was using the item. (PR#1408)
  • DSG's Enforcer Uniform Update:
    • Added sticker system support, consolidated all extant variants of the Enforcer stabvest, coat, waistcoat, beret, peaked cap, and bowler hat into their respective items.
      Added the following sticker assets that did not already exist in some form in the game: Combat Diver Badge, Commissioner Cap Badge, Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner Visor/Crown Oak Leaves, Commissioner Aiguillette, Elis Cap Badge, Thinis Cap Badge, Itza'aak Cap Badge, Lyonesse Cap Badge.
      Detailed buttons added to the Enforcer coat and waistcoat.
      Fixes and standardization of ribbon racks and name plates.
      Hand optimization of almost all vectorized text.
      Added the 'Contractor's' variant to the stab vest and plate carrier.
  • DSG's Enforcer outfit update:
    • Added sticker and pattern support.
      Renamed conditionals to be more reader friendly.
      Changed comments to be more clear.
      Removed berets from the Patrol Service Uniform.
      Possibly fixed bugs related to headgear spawning on Enforcers with the wrong colors and no headgear spawning on Enforcers entirely.
  • Engine:
    • Added ItemTags for defining items, clothing, and weapons as being restricted or illegal, causing them to be unable to be sold to merchants and confiscated by Enforcers.
      Added mod support for defining clothing 'stickers', which apply cosmetic changes to clothing items. (See 'res/mods/innoxia/items/clothing/rentalMommy/rental_mommy.xml' for a fully documented example of how to define them.)
  • Gameplay:
    • Added two new Enforcer characters and a new quest involving them, all of which has been designed by DSG. The start of this quest will randomly trigger in Dominion's street tiles under the following conditions: no arcane storm; main quest is past Brax's section; over 5 days have passed since completing the 'Angry Harpies' quest; time is 17:00-21:00.
      Enforcers in the 'alleyway Enforcer encounters' will now confiscate illegal items, and arrest you if they find that you're carrying highly illegal items.
  • Items:
    • Added sticker support to the 'rental mommy' and 'rental daddy' T-shirts.
      'Biojuice Canisters' and 'Glowing Mushrooms' are now tagged as restricted items.
      'Demon's Dagger' (no longer sold by Vicky) and all of the Enforcer weapons are now tagged as either illegal (Enforcers will confiscate them) or highly illegal (Enforcers will arrest you).
      All Enforcer clothing is now tagged as illegal (Enforcers will confiscate them).
  • Other:
    • Slightly altered description of 'cynical' personality trait to differentiate it from 'selfish'.
      Items and weapons will now correctly display ItemTag descriptions in their tooltips.
      Roxy now buys weapons as well as items and clothing. Her buy modifier has been reduced from 0.4 to 0.3 (meaning she will now only give you 30% of an item's value).
      Sean now correctly wears an Enforcer patrol uniform instead of a dress uniform.
  • Bugs:
    • Parsing fixes.
      Updated example links in xml modding files to point to the correct files.
      Fixed bug where you could get stuck in Brax's office after resolving the part of the main quest which involves him.
      Fixed issue with the cheat guns' 'mag dump' combat move being automatically removed after selecting it.
      Fixed descriptions of putting kitty panties on/off being inverted.
      Fixed bug where weapons could show incorrect image previews in the dye screen. (The 'Demon's Dagger' was suffering from this.)

    Monday, 31 August 2020

    Progress towards v0.3.9.5

    Hello once again,

    I just wanted to make this small post to keep you updated on how things are progressing on the preview patch of v0.3.9.5.

    I had hoped to have it ready by tonight, but implementing a new clothing feature (defining 'stickers' to alter their appearance) took me a little longer than I'd planned. I've got all of the framework for the new character finished, and have also completely added the support for the aforementioned clothing feature, so all that's left for me to do is to get the writing finished off. I expect to be done with that in a few days, at which point I'll push what I've got to github and make another progress post here.

    This small delay shouldn't affect the public release date of v0.4 too much, although it may be out just a few days later than my previous target of September 8th. I'll give you a better estimate on when it will be out when I make the v0.3.9.5 progress update post (in a few days' time).

    Wednesday, 26 August 2020

    Version Progress Update

    Hello again,

    As mentioned in the previous post, I've managed to get the vast majority of bugs reported in v0.3.9.1 fixed for this preview version, and have also (finally) finished off the last placeholders related to the Rat Warrens content. I feel as though there are still some parts of that which could do with some polish, but I think I'll leave that until a later version.

    I've also added support for (basic) item modding in this version, and I've got a lot of background work done for the character which I'm planning on adding as the last piece of Dominion content before v0.4. I haven't quite got that into a state that's ready for full inclusion into the game, so I've decided to call this release v0.3.9.4, and will release the content for this new character by the end of the week as part of an updated preview version of v0.3.9.5.

    I'm also planning on getting a few more small things finished off for that updated preview version, which will leave me with just Shadow/Silence content as the one thing that I haven't managed to get added in time. I'll most likely push that back to a later version instead of delaying the release any further, as I know that the vast majority of you are eager to finally move on to the Fields content.

    Anyway, this extra time I'm taking to get v0.3.9.5 finished off won't hold the public version of v0.4 back by much, as I'm still planning on getting that released within a couple of weeks from now (hopefully around the 8th September). I'll make another post here when I push the updated version of v0.3.9.5 to the github, which will definitely be done by Sunday.

    I package and release these in-between preview builds for backers over on my SubscribeStar, but anyone can play them at any time by building them directly from the public github (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
    (There's a build tutorial here.)

    IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

    ALSO IMPORTANT: Make sure you build from 'dev' branch.

    v0.3.9.4 Patch Notes

  • Contributors:
    • Added an encounter in Dominion's alleyways and Lilaya's home's corridors where you stumble upon two of your slaves having sex with one another. To trigger, you need your slaves to have the appropriate outside/house freedom and sex permissions, and the one initiating sex needs to have not had sex for at least 4 hours and to be attracted to the other. (by PoyntFury)
      Improved String-matching utility methods and dynamically generated ColorListPreset classes. (PR#1368 by CognitiveMist)
      Fixed bug where sometimes multiple-partner sex would break upon orgasm. (by CognitiveMist)
      Added 'broodmother pill', which doubles offspring conceived during its effect. (Usage dialogue written by PoyntFury)
      Fixed a bug where having multiple arm pairs allowed an all-out strike with a 2-handed weapons. (PR#1384 by AceXP)
      Added average penis girth in the Encyclopedia information on races. (PR#1385 by AceXP)
      Prevented any succubus/incubus alleyway attackers from spawning with the 'Prude' trait, as it doesn't fit them. (PR#1386 by AceXP)
      Fixed issue where 'Arcane impotence' was being applied when arcane was lower than 15, instead of lower than 10 as it should have been. (PR#1388 by AceXP)
      Standardized all encounters to override getDialogues() instead of accepting Util.newHashMapOfValues() as a parameter. (PR#1389 by DSG)
      Added a new 'limited' option for the bypass sex action content setting, which allows you to perform sex actions of one corruption level higher than your current corruption. (PR#1391 by AceXP)
      Added 'wet wipes' item, which cleans the target's dirty inventory slots when used. (by DSG)
      Added 'peach' as a silly-mode item, sold by Ralph. (Adapted from PR#339 by Rfpnj)
      Added variation of what your starter spell is based on your character's birth month (fireball, slam, ice shard, or poison cloud). (PR#966 by Rfpnj)
  • Engine:
    • Added modding support for items. You can find a fully-documented example in 'res/items/innoxia/pills/fertility.xml'. Item modding will be expanded at a later date to support enchantments, but for now, the modding framework should be enough for most uses.
      Converted Combat from an Enum to a class, which can now be accessed via the parser using the command 'combat'.
  • Rat Warrens:
    • Fixed bug where Murk would always use the 'normal' dom pace instead of being rough.
      Fixed several instances of Murk's sex scenes ending with an action named 'Milking room' with no tooltip description.
      Fixed bug where Murk would fuck you without first taking out your pussy pump.
      Fixed issue with missing dialogue node when having sex with Murk in the Gambling Den.
      THe 'Free captives' action in the milking room is now correctly disabled once you've discovered that the milkers cannot be freed.
      Filled in all placeholder dialogue for both Vengar's and Murk's post-quest-completion scenes in the Gambling Den.
      Murk's name now remains as 'Murk' after feminising him in the post-quest gambling den content.
  • Items:
    • Reduced rarity of crafted 'Fetish Endowment' potions from legendary to epic.
  • Sex:
    • NPCs will no longer feel the urgent need to expose masculine characters' nipples during sex.
      You can no longer deny your partner's orgasm in the 'glory hole' sex position.
      Fixed bug where your sealed clothing wouldn't be displaced at the start of the Enforcer's 'strip search' sex scene.
      Added positioning requests to the 'glory hole' sex position for when you're dominantly using it, so you can ask the person on the other side to push their pussy or ass up against the hole to be fucked.
      Blocked 'Offer X' and 'Request X' actions in the 'glory hole' sex position (as they didn't really work due to the position's limitations).
      NPCs will now only self-use an item type once in sex (so you no longer have to repeatedly use pills on an NPC who wants to use the opposite type of pill).
      Added an 'Automatic stripping' content option (in the 'sex' property category), which makes it so that all characters start naked in each sex scene. This is disabled by default.
      Sex scenes in which characters automatically start naked no longer remove their piercings.
      Fixed issue with NPCs self-using breeder pills in illogical situations.
      Lowered corruption requirements for most positioning actions.
  • Slavery:
    • Added 'Save Virginity' as a generic permission for slaves, which is enabled by default.
      Slightly improved wording of slave sex interactions in the log.
      Reduced the chance for slaves to have the 'bonding' event with one another.
      Added filtering options for the 'Occupancy ledger' in the Office room. You can filter events by their type and by slaves involved.
  • Other:
    • Enforcer encounters now have a cooldown of four hours before they can be randomly encountered again.
      Characters in the 'lying down' sex slot can now kiss/suckle a character's breasts if they are in the 'cowgirl' sex slot.
      The 'American tourist' occupation now only parses the main dialogue screen when converting spelling to American English (as it was causing some lag when trying to parse everything).
      Elementals are now always treated as having all their body parts pierced (due to their transformative abilities).
      Split up Elemental dialogue into 'Interactions' and 'Management' tabs, and added a management option 'Self-clean' to set whether or not your elemental automatically cleans dirty fluids from their body/clothes (enabled by default).
      Elementals now spawn at maximum affection towards their summoner (this will be retroactively applied to your Elemental when loading into this version).
      NPCs who do not have the martial artist perk and who have a main weapon equipped and no offhand weapon equipped will now be far less likely to use the 'offhand strike' attack.
      The SWORD Enforcers in the Enforcer Warehouse (in Claire's teleportation quest) now prefer to attack in combat rather than teasing.
      If you have anal content disabled, the 'buttslut' fetish is no longer a requirement for unlocking the 'lusty maiden' fetish.
      You can no longer encounter the same person in the nightclub more than once per night.
      Moved 'Post-sex clothing replacement' property category from 'gameplay' to 'sex'.
      You can no longer give Bunny or Loppy items during sex.
      Added pregnancy reactions for if you manage to impregnate Bunny and Loppy, and slightly improved the flow of dialogue when entering their rooms.
      Added two new upgrades to the 'Soothing Waters' spell, which cause it to clean the target's body & clothing and wash out fluids from their orifices.
      Added 'Head pat' action to Nyan's romance actions.
      Added 'naive' and 'cynical' personality traits. (They are like the other core traits in that they are mostly for roleplaying purposes and will have some limited dialogue variations throughout the game.)
      Updated 'Enforcer HQ' map.
  • Bugs:
    • Numerous parsing and typo fixes.
      Fixed issue with slaves not being correctly identified as being able to ambush you in Dominion even if you gave them the right permissions.
      Fixed issue where slaves would never jump you for sex in alleyways that already had a persistent character present in them.
      Slaves being held in Slavery Administration will no longer generate slave-interaction events with other slaves.
      Silly-mode items are no longer tracked by the Encyclopedia (so that players doing normal playthroughs will not be confused as to why some items are unobtainable).
      Fixed minor issue with the display of clothing and weapon Encyclopedia counts passing their totals.
      Fixed issue where characters with an unknown race would have their body overview tooltip show that they had crotch-boobs, even if they didn't have any.
      Fixed bug where characters' images wouldn't display in their character overview screen if you had the 'American tourist' occupation.
      Fixed issue where you couldn't change your Elemental's surname.
      Fixed bug where attempting to enslave gang members in the Rat Warrens would cause the game to break.
      Fixed issue with pregnancy roulette where sex would end after the character being bred had orgasmed, even if you hadn't orgasmed yet.
      You no longer lose affection with characters in the pregnancy roulette game when sex is automatically ended after orgasming.
      Newly-created characters are no longer considered to have lost their penile virginity if you give them 'handjobs received' experience.
      A character's oral virginity loss description will now correctly be displayed in their body overview screen.
      Fixed issue with Natalya's clothing not being displaced when starting sex with her.
      Fixed issue where sex scenes with pure virgins could sometimes cause the game to lock up and become unresponsive.
      Fixed bug where you could talk to your elemental via the phone action during combat, sex, or other non-neutral scenes.
      Fixed issue where Elementals could use arcane scrolls even though they could not use the upgrade points gained from them.
      Fixed bug where when Lyssieth self-transformed into her human form, her earrings would be unequipped and placed in her inventory.
      Fixed issue with background error being thrown when first entering the Enforcer Warehouse (in Claire's teleportation quest).
      Fixed bug where looking at your item Encyclopedia while trading with an NPC would not show any tooltips and throw numerous background errors.
      Removed ability to contact previous partners in the nightclub if they are no longer attracted to you (if, for example, you've changed your femininity), as it was causing issues with sex immediately ending.
      Fixed issue where maximum limits of testicle size and penis girth were swapped with one another when enchanting clothing with secondary and tertiary size effects.
      Clothing which should be discarded on unequip is no longer placed into the unequipping character's inventory as a result of having body parts transformed (such as unequipping a condom when a character's penis is removed).
      Fixed issue where milking slaves would sometimes not unequip their milking pumps after finishing their work hours in the milking room.
      Fixed issue where opening the 'characters present' screen while managing a slave would result in background errors being thrown and the UI becoming unresponsive.
      Fixed bug where if you ran out of items while enchanting during trading, you'd be able to take all of the shopkeeper's items for free.
      Fixed issue where enslaving your offspring without first beating them in combat would display the interaction interface after enslaving them.
      Fixed issue where slaves generating background sex interaction events would throw background errors if you were in a sex scene at the time they were generated.
      Fixed bug where exiting Dominion locations (such as the City Hall or Enforcer HQ) during an arcane storm would spawn persistent characters on your tile without offering you any interactions with them.
      Upgrading a room into the spa from the Office's 'Occupancy ledger' will no longer place the 'under construction' tile next to the office instead of next to the spa tile.
      Fixed bug where your elemental was being affected by the 'Blinded by Freedom' status effect (from the silly mode's 'American Tourist' background perk).
      Fixed bug where the 'Localised Storm' upgrade for the 'Arcane Cloud' spell would not apply lust damage to the character affected by it.
      Fixed strawberry and blueberry fluid flavour using plural descriptions where all other flavours were singular.
      In her sex scene in Lilaya's room, Rose should no longer have her orifices penetrated during 'quick sex' action generation.

    Saturday, 22 August 2020

    Progress News

    Hello again,

    I just wanted to make this small post to let you all know how things are going and what I've managed to get done this week.

    I've managed to get all of the reported bugs fixed, and have (finally!) finished off the last few placeholders left in the Rat Warrens. I've definitely learned a few lessons from that area (such as not trying to add so many characters and routes to one quest/area), and I won't put myself in the same sort of situation in the future.

    I've also managed to get support for item modding added, and while it doesn't support definitions of enchanting items into other items, the modding framework should be enough to make any sort of basic item. I'll come back and expand this framework in the future, but I didn't want to get bogged down in it when v0.4 is so close.

    So, to look back at the list I made in the previous post and cross off what's done:

    Progress towards v0.3.9.5
    - Fix all bugs reported in v0.3.9.1
    - Finish off last few placeholders for the Rat Warrens
    - Add (small amount of) Shadow/Silence content
    - Add some last few (very small) pieces of content that I had planned
    - Add item modding
    - Add one last character (which has been planned for a while)

    I should be able to get the 'last character' added over the weekend, and I'll try my best to get Shadow/Silence content added, but I might end up pushing that back into a later version (instead of delaying this release). I'm still aiming for the preview of v0.3.9.5 to be released on the night of the 25th, so I'll see you again then!

    P.S. Thank you all for your bug reports and feedback in the comments. While I don't respond in there often, I do try to read everyone's comments and take on board any constructive criticism and feedback.

    Sunday, 16 August 2020

    Plan for v0.4

    Hello again,

    I just wanted to make this small post to let you know what my plans are for the next few weeks ahead. As mentioned in my previous post, the next release will be the preview version of v0.3.9.5, and then after that I'll move on to getting things ready for the public release of v0.4.

    I took a few days off after releasing v0.3.9.1 to get some rest, so due to that, these next releases will be out a few days later than I'd originally planned.

    Plan for v0.3.9.5
    - Fix all bugs reported in v0.3.9.1
    - Finish off last few placeholders for the Rat Warrens
    - Add (small amount of) Shadow/Silence content
    - Add some last few (very small) pieces of content that I had planned
    - Add item modding
    - Add one last character (which has been planned for a while)

    I'm hoping to have all of this done by the 24th or 25th of August.

    Plan for v0.4
    - Fix bugs
    - Add race modding
    - Add Fields encounters
    - Add next stage of the main quest

    I'm planning on getting this done within the two weeks after v0.3.9.5's release, so it will likely be released in the first week of September or so.

    Thank you all for your feedback and bug reports in the comments. I'll make another post during this next week to let you know how things are progressing, so I'll see you again then!