Sunday, 29 March 2020

Version 0.3.7 Progress Update/Preview

Hello again,

As Helena's quest still isn't finished, I've decided to make this version a github/preview one. The next public release will be out when Helena's content is finished.

I'll make another post by Friday to let you know how things are going.

I package and release these in-between preview builds for backers over on my SubscribeStar, but anyone can play them at any time by building them directly from the public github (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
(There's a build tutorial here.)

IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

ALSO IMPORTANT: Make sure you build from 'dev' branch.

v0.3.7 Patch Notes

  • Engine:
    • Converted Colour Enum into a 'PresetColour' class, which contains static Colour classes.
      Added parsing commands for toy inserted into character's vagina.
  • Gameplay:
    • Added first section of Helena's romance quest.
      The alleyway tile immediately to the north of Slaver Alley is now a 'safe' alleyway tile. Any NPC which was present in this tile has been moved to one of two new back alley tiles to the south-west of Dominion.
      You can now enter the cafes in Slaver Alley, and the descriptions of the inaccessible slaver stores have been slightly altered.
  • Items:
    • Added: 'Velvet choker' (androgynous, neck slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added: 'Dangle chain earrings' (feminine, ear piercing slot, sold by Kate).
      Added: 'Plunge-neck clubbing dress' (feminine, torso slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added: 'Strapless bra' (feminine, chest slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added: 'Diamond necklace' (feminine, neck slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added item tag 'CHOKER_SNAP', which causes the item worn to snap when the wearer's throat bulges too much during sex. (Applied to the new 'velvet choker' item.)
      'Angel's Tears' now reduces the drinker's lust to their resting lust level.
  • Sex:
    • The capacity of the 'throat' orifice now behaves in the same manner as other orifices, and will stretch/recover based on its plasticity/elasticity. (The references to 'blowjob ability' in character's description screens will be restored later on once I add effects for fetish experience.)
      Characters can now receive paizuri from the character they are sitting on while in the 'cowgirl' position (provided that they aren't riding that person's cock).
      Characters performing oral in missionary position (with their face between their partner's legs) can now force their partner to cum inside them.
      NPCs who are fucking someone (using their penis) will no longer start fingering their own anus/vagina.
      'Orgasm cum lock' actions are no longer available if the sex manager is setting a special pullout condition for the other NPC. (This will only affect a few special sex scenes.)
      The character lying underneath in the 69 position can now perform anilingus on their partner who's on top.
  • Other:
    • Added 'grey-green' as a natural iris colour.
      Randomly-spawned fox-morphs should now correctly have orange-white, tan-white, grey-white, or black fur.
      Added penis diameter to characters' body overview tooltip.
      The 'dirty clothing' and 'dirty body' status effects now give +5 corruption each, instead of -2 arcane.
      Horse-morphs with anthro horse-morph faces now spawn in with 'natural' hair styles (representing a mane) if they are not feminine. If feminine, they have a 50% chance of having a mane.
      Randomly-selected hair styles are now additionally filtered by femininity. (This does not affect anything other than random NPC spawns.)
      Debug menu's '+50 essences' action is now '+1000 essences'.
      Slightly improved formatting of furry preferences screen.
      Reduced values of racial food items.
      Added button to randomise name in slave renaming management screen.
      Added throat capacity, depth, elasticity, and plasticity to self-transformation menu.
      Improved the UI for changing covering colours, as well as for the other options in Kate's shop.
  • Bugs:
    • Parsing fixes.
      Fixed incorrectly displaying 'dense crowds' as being present on Dominion's boulevard tiles during an arcane storm.
      Fixed incorrect name formatting for clothing which had a colour pattern.
      Performing/receiving paizuri will no longer output an error message to the error.log file.
      Fixed UI bug where the inventory overview panel's bottom border would grow when clicking on clothing during combat or sex.
      The ordering of the event log is no longer reversed when loading a game.
      Losing to Sean in his challenge now correctly moves you over to the public stocks tile.
      Fixed bug where knotting descriptions would sometimes incorrectly describe a character's tail as being the penetration type that had a knot instead of their penis.
      Fixed bug where you couldn't offer your ass to Scarlett when she was attracted to you, but you could if she wasn't attracted to you. Also fixed related bug where 'Offer ass' would be displayed in every response slot when it was available.
      Scarlett's sex scene in her nest is no longer treated as being 'public sex', and she will now correctly want to continue fucking your ass once started.
      Characters in unique sex scenes will no longer move into positions in which they can't satisfy their sex desires.
      Fixed minor bug where setting penis/vagina sex experience in character creation, then going back to remove your vagina/penis wouldn't reset the underlying sex experience.
      Fixed bug where some coloured words would not be capitalised as intended.

    Tuesday, 24 March 2020

    Release Estimate

    I'll get v0.3.7 out by the end of the week, no matter what state it's in.

    Friday, 20 March 2020

    Progress News

    Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to make this post to let you all know that I'm still working on v0.3.7, and while it's looking like it's nearing a state that's ready for release, I'll hold off on giving an exact date for the update until I know for sure that I'll be able to meet it.

    The main thing that's left for me to do is finish writing Helena's date content. I may need to fix a few bugs after that as well, but that really shouldn't take me long at all. I'll make another post either at the end of the weekend or on Monday to (hopefully) give you an exact date for the release.

    Thank you all so much for your patience, and sorry again for how long this is taking me...

    Sunday, 15 March 2020

    Delay again

    I really hate disappointing you all, but I'm going to have to delay v0.3.7 for a little while longer. I don't know why I always do this, but I've ended up expanding the planned content for Helena's romance quest to a point where it's now even further away from being finished than it was three days ago...

    I don't think I should give another date for the release, as I'll just let you down at the last minute again. I'll make another progress post mid-week next week to let you all know how it's going.

    A million apologies for yet another disappointment and delay...

    Thursday, 12 March 2020

    More Progress News

    Hello once again!

    As mentioned last time, I just wanted to make this small mid-week post to let you know how things are progressing.

    As I'd hoped, I've got Scarlett's scenes done, and I've added most of Helena's date content, but I'll need another day (or maybe two) to get all the written content completely finished for it. I'll probably eat into the time set aside for adding Axel's placeholders and fixing bugs in order to get this done, but even with doing that, I'll probably need to push the release date back by one day. So instead of Friday 13th, I'll probably now be able to get v0.3.7 out on the night of Saturday 14th.

    P.S. Sorry about the Korean spam messages that sometimes pop up in the comments. For whatever reason, they aren't caught by the filter, so I have to remove them manually as soon as I see them.

    Saturday, 7 March 2020

    Progress news

    Hello again!

    As mentioned in my previous post, this is just an update to let you know how things are progressing towards v0.3.7's release.

    Over the past several days I've managed to get most of Helena's romance quest finished, although I made some slight changes to my plans so as to include a few more scenes with Scarlett. I still need to get those scenes finished, and then I need to add some Helena dating content as well as get some more of Axel's quest placeholders filled in. I'd also like to take a day or two to get some more bugs fixed, so with all that in mind, I'm not going to be able to get v0.3.7 out by Monday, and it will instead likely be ready by Friday 13th.

    For the sake of clarity, I've made this short list of tasks that I need to complete before v0.3.7's release:
    - Finish adding a few scenes for Scarlett.
    - Add Helena dating content (which is unlocked after completing her quest).
    - Fill in some Axel placeholders.
    - Fix more bugs.

    I'll make another post around Tuesday or Wednesday to give you a further update on how things are progressing. I expect to have just the Axel placeholders and bug fixes left to do by that time, but we shall see...

    Monday, 2 March 2020

    Version Release


    Once again I'm really sorry about all the delays; I seem to have a problem with getting sidetracked by fixing/adjusting things which crop up while writing content. As a result of several more of these unexpected issues eating up my time, Helena's content still isn't finished, and so I've disabled the action which starts her quest until the next release (when it should all be completed).

    I've seen several people questioning my decision to add a romance quest for Helena over adding content for the main quest. The reason for the time I'm spending on this quest is that it was the winner of a content poll which I held on Patreon quite a while ago. Enforcer encounter content was also a poll winner, which is why I'll add that after Helena's quest (for v0.3.8). Once these two are done, I will spend a version fixing bugs and polishing things up as much as possible (v0.3.9), then I'll finally add more main quest content and encounters for the Foloi Fields area (v0.4 and onwards).

    I'll try to get Helena's content update (v0.3.7) out in about a week from this release, but although I will try my best, I suppose by now it should be expected that it will be delayed. In any case, I will make another post on Friday to let you know how things are progressing. Thank you all for your continued patience, and for putting up with my constant delays...

    P.S. Please consider this release to be somewhat of a 'preview'. While I have done some testing of each new feature, I haven't had time to fully test everything, and so there might be a couple of bugs here and there. If there is anything extremely game-breaking, I will try to release a hotfix some time within the next few days.

    As always, you can also build these releases yourself from the public github (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
    (There's a build tutorial here.)

    IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

    v0.3.6.9 Download Links

    This is still an alpha, and contains bugs and half-finished content!


    Pre-zipped: Mega

    Full folder: Google Drive


    Pre-zipped: Mega

    Full folder: Google Drive

    32-bit .exe (For 32-bit Windows):

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    Full folder: Google Drive

    v0.3.6.9 Patch Notes

  • Contributors:
    • Added sleeveless Enforcer over-torso clothing variations (intended for Enforcers who cannot wear regular jackets, due to having wing-arms). This includes 5 'waistcoat' and 2 'sweater vest' variations. (by DSG)
      Added 'Short-sleeved combat shirt' and 'Enforcer's short-sleeved combat shirt' as short-sleeved variations for the two combat shirts. (by DSG)
      Typo fix. (PR#1290 by TadUnlikely)
      Fixed bug where you couldn't orgasm when having sex with Amber when not wearing any neck clothing. (PR#1298 by triples941)
  • Engine/Code:
    • Converted the following Enums into classes: AntennaType, AnusType, EyeType, TongueType, MouthType, FaceType, and TailType.
      Body class now additionally saves the version it was created in.
      Reformatted all of the Orifice classes.
      Moved all piercing clothing items into external res files.
  • Gameplay:
    • Added 'Argus's DIY Depot' as a new location in Dominion (several tiles south of Slaver Alley, next to the canal). (I have plans for this location to be involved in property improvement content later on.)
      Added 'Warehouse District' as a new location in Dominion (several tiles north of Slaver Alley, next to the canal). (I also have plans for this area later on.)
      Added a repeat sex scene with Scarlett in Helena's nest (for if she's present up there after choosing to free her).
      Vaginal virginity can no longer ever be regained. Removing/regrowing a vagina now only restores your hymen, not the concept of virginity itself. Regrowing a hymen in this way (and also losing your hymen via using sex toys) applies modifiers to the 'pure virgin' status effect.
      Edited and updated all of Helena's and Scarlett's dialogue.
      Updated some of Helena's and Scarlett's stats, fetishes, and clothing.
  • Penetrative size-difference:
    • Fixed bug where diameters of tails and penises could be less than or equal to zero.
      Tails' diameter now tapers off from the base, depending on the tail type's tapering factor. Demonic tails have an exponential taper, alligator tails have linear tapering, and most furry tails have no tapering. You can see the diameter tapering in the body stats menu.
      The tapered diameter of tails is now factored into how much an orifice stretches (so it only stretches up to the diameter of the length of maximum tail insertion).
      The 'size queen' fetish now correctly applies positive arousal gains from 'stretching' and 'uncomfortably deep' penetrations in sex.
      Added indication in subspecies status effect tooltip for if your body material is allowing extra long penetrations (only slimes and elementals have this).
      Slimes and elementals now consider penises to be 'far too short' as if their orifices were a normal depth (to prevent them from considering pretty much every partner to be too small).
      Ongoing penetration tooltips now display how much of a penetration is inserted into the orifice, as well as its maximum length, and also the comfortable/uncomfortable depth of the orifice.
      Fixed issue with submissive partners in sex 'uncomfortably' penetrating a dominant partner who didn't want to be fully penetrated.
      Dominant characters (including the player) will now choose to get 'uncomfortably' penetrated if they have the size queen or masochist fetish.
      'Uncomfortable' penetrative length descriptions are now always described from the dominant's point of view (showing that they are the ones deciding whether to get 'uncomfortably' penetrated or not).
      Improved initial penetrative length descriptions, and added a small ongoing description for if an ongoing sex action is uncomfortable (similar to the ongoing ones describing whether an orifice is stretching or too loose).
      Arousal modifiers from being uncomfortably penetrated have been altered from +4/-6 to +2.5/-10. (The positive value is for masochists and size queens. The negative value is for everyone else.)
      Made some general improvements to the formatting and content of penetrative length descriptions.
      Increased base vagina depth from 8% of character's height to 10%.
      NPCs will no longer uncomfortably penetrate themselves if they are in the rough pace (unless they are also masochists or size queens).
      Depth is now a modifiable stat like elasticity and plasticity. Values go from 0 to 7, and apply a percentage modifier to the depth of the orifice. The average value of 2 represents 100% of the base depth, while the minimum of 0 applies a 50% modifier, and the maximum of 7 applies a 400% modifier.
      The 'Extra deep' orifice modifier has been removed, as it was made redundant from the newly-added depth stat. When loading into this version, any character with 'extra deep' orifice modifiers will instead be given +2 to their depth value.
      Instead of having hidden modifiers in the code, taurs now simply spawn with +2 depth to their base orifice depth values. Slimes and other non-flesh characters (such as elementals) have their orifice depths locked to 7. Their 'too short' sex modifier threshold acts as though their orifice is of an average depth (so while they have very deep orifices, they don't require gigantic penises to be satisfied).
      Updated body stats page and body description with new depth values.
      Resisting characters will no longer act as through they are eagerly taking big penetrations.
      Penetrations are now considered to be 'too short' if they are 33% or less the length of the orifice's depth (instead of 50%).
  • Items:
    • Added: 'Horseshoe necklace' (neck/wrist slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added: 'Thick-rimmed glasses' (eyes slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added: 'Ball stud earrings' (ear piercing slot, sold by Kate).
      Added: 'Ribbed dildo' (anus/vagina/mouth slot, sold by Finch).
      Added: 'Rejuvenation potion' (common item, sold by Ralph). Consuming it instantly recovers all of your stretched orifices to their natural capacity, as well as filling your cum & milk up to their maximum storage values.
      Renamed 'slut pill' to 'sterility pill'.
      The clothing items 'v-necked commando sweater', 'combat shirt', and 'commando sweater' are no longer counted as being part of the Enforcer set. Also, their rarities are now all set to 'Uncommon'.
      Added 'bronze' as a metallic colour for clothing & weapon dying.
      Increased value of the three crystal weapons.
      Slightly updated the available shades of red for clothing/weapon dying. Also added 'royal purple'.
      Slightly improved necklace and 'Mystery kink' icons.
      The debug-only item 'Innoxia's Gift' now works on the player character.
      Slightly improved earring, cattle tag, cattle nose ring, gemstone barbell, and ringed barbell icons.
      Increased value of all earrings.
      All of the 'sun' and 'snowflake' jewellery is now sold by Kate, not Nyan.
      Tongue barbell is now called 'basic barbell' and can now also be equipped into the ear piercing slot (representing an 'industrial' piercing).
      Nipple barbells are now called 'basic barbells' and can now also be equipped into the ear piercing slot (representing 'industrial' piercings).
      Gemstone and ringed barbells can now be fit into either the navel or vaginal piercing slots.
  • Sex toys:
    • Clothing which is able to be inserted into orifices no longer uses the old 'DILDO' tags to define their length. Instead, clothing xml files now have a couple of extra sections which are used to define length, girth, and modifiers of penetrative sex toys.
      For an example of how this works (if you are wanting to make a modded sex toy item), see either the 'mods/innoxia/item/clothing/template/socks.xml' or the 'res/clothing/innoxia/buttPLugs/butt_plug.xml' file.
      Sex toys now stretch the orifice they are inserted into, and if penetration length content is turned on, toys which are too long cause discomfort to the wearer.
      Sex toys inserted into the vagina now tear any hymen which is present.
      Non-slave NPCs will automatically remove clothing which is uncomfortable for them to be wearing.
  • Sex:
    • Fixed issue where random attackers would consider you to be an equal partner in sex where you 'offer body', meaning that they would never end sex if you didn't orgasm at least once.
      Fixed issue with character targeting during creampie action sometimes not working correctly.
      Fixed bug where a character with a large amount of lust would sometimes have it lowered at the start of sex.
      Ongoing penetration tooltips in sex now display the capacity of the orifice, as well as the diameter of the penetration type being inserted (i.e. penis or tail diameter).
      The 'Knotting' orgasm action is now a separate action from 'Creampie', so you can choose whether or not to insert your knot when orgasming.
      Using the 'Knotting' orgasm action now effectively doubles the diameter of the penis in that one turn in which the action is taking place (so the knot can stretch out the orifice).
      If 'Penetrative size-difference' is turned on, then knotting cannot be performed if the penis is too long to fit inside the orifice. Also, if long enough, the 'Knotting' action will push the penis into the 'uncomfortable' depth for that one turn.
      Improved NPC's penis reveal reactions. They will now comment on the size of a penis as it relates to the depth of their orifices, instead of just by the penis length. (So imps will be more impressed by a 'large' cock than a centaur.)
      Fixed issue where seemingly-happy submissive NPCs could enter resisting pace after orgasming, even if they had very high lust before the moment of orgasm. Now a character's lust will drop to a minimum of 15 upon orgasm.
      Updated the 'glory hole' sex position: taurs can no longer put their cocks through the glory hole; the character servicing the holes is now considered to be the submissive; improved starting descriptions if taurs are present; split the 'getting fucked' slot into anal/vaginal fucked slots (to give the sub control over which hole they want penetrated).
      Added paizuri as a possible action for the sub in glory hole sex.
      A character's asshole is now correctly revealed if they are presenting a cloaca to a glory hole.
      Fixed bug where the 'fondle balls' action would never be available.
      Added some minor variations to the penis masturbation sex action descriptions for if the cock is precumming.
  • Other:
    • Increased default length of most non-human tongues.
      Added Encyclopedia reset button to debug menu (in 'stats' tab). Also moved 'Unlock Encyclopedia' button to the 'Stats' tab.
      Added 'wide', 'flat', and 'strong' as available tongue modifiers. These new modifiers will be added to applicable characters (including the player) when loading into this version (such as 'flat' and 'wide' being added to characters who have dog-morph tongues).
      The 'interior' colour of nipples which cannot be penetrated is no longer displayed when referring to nipple colour.
      Split up the 'Content Options' screen into categories, to help with readability of options.
      Offspring race generation no longer factors in your 'furry stage' content preference (as it was messing with the generation and producing results that made no sense). Human + anthro offspring now have a chance to 'degrade' the furry race stage of the offspring (e.g. A greater dog-moprh + human has a chance to birth 'lesser' or 'partial' dog-morphs).
      Added a small colour icon next to each body element in the character view tooltip.
      Urethral enchantment modifiers are no longer displayed in the enchantement options if you have urethral content turned off.
      Added more orifice parsing commands (depth, capacity, elasticity, plasticity) to orifices which lacked them.
      Added clitoris transformations and orifice depths to the self-TF menu. Also slightly improved formatting.
      Slave permission settings are no longer saved unless the character is actually a slave, which cuts down on save file size.
      Made it slightly more likely for randomly-generated fox-morphs and unicorns to have an arcane background.
      Added more metallic colours to fur/hair/feathers coverings, added 'light green' as a demon/unnatural skin colour, added 'pale lilac' and 'indigo' as covering colours. Slime, horn, antler, and skin coverings now get all the same dye options. Fixed 'lilac' not actually being a lilac colour.
      Items in the debug spawn menus are now sorted by rarity.
      Added 'wash' action to the public toilets area in 'The Watering Hole'.
      Added a day of the week indication beneath the current date display.
      Reduced corruption gain from harpy subspecies status effect, as well as from the harpy flock member background perks.
      Defined names for demonic centaurs as 'demotaur', with 'incutaur/succutaur' being masculine/feminine versions.
      'Facial hair' and 'Pubic hair' are now on by default (only takes effect when resetting proprty values or starting a game when there is no properties.xml file present).
      'Virginity' fetish has been renamed to 'Vaginal virginity' fetish, to better reflect the fact that it is solely fetishising the character's vaginal virginity.
      Urethral virginities are no longer restored upon removing/regrowing a character's penis or vagina.
      Added 'demonic-horse' as an alternate leg type for demons. It is similar to the 'demonic-hoofed' leg type, except that they are covered in horse-like hair. Demonic taurs now have this leg type by default.
      Demonic horse tails are now separately coloured from the character's hair by using the 'demon horse hair' colour.
      Added weighting to covering pattern spawns (so there will be more consistently-coloured fur for horses, foxes, and a few other races), and also removed 'blonde', 'ginger', and 'jet black' from natural fur colours.
  • Bugs:
    • Parsing, formatting, and typo fixes.
      Fixed the 'Throat control' sex action not working.
      Fixed issue with crowds still being shown and described as being present on Dominion street tiles during an arcane storm.
      Fixed bug where trying to import a character created before v0.3.6.4 would throw an error and not work.
      Added catch for a potential error thrown by weapons being imported from old saves or character exports.
      Fixed bug where non-elemental spell books were erroneously describing one of the effects as being the unlocking of the associated elemental encyclopedia entry.
      Updated 'Double Size Bed' and 'Small Steel Bed' room upgrade descriptions to bring them more in line with the room's main description.
      Fixed issue with three horns per row being described as a 'pair' instead of a 'trio'.
      Fixed bug where a slime's crotch nipples may sometimes not have been the correct colour.
      Fixed bug where items in an NPCs inventory would be greyed out even if you were able to interact with them.
      Disabling lactation and/or incest now correctly hides the related fetishes from your phone's fetish menu screen, as well as from fetish potion enchanting.
      Fixed some minor parsing issues with NPC dialogue during sex.
      Fixed issue with a couple of 'resist' sex actions giving you corruption.
      Fixed bug where entering the last stage of pregnancy would reference your 'crotch boobs' even if you didn't have any.
      Fixed instances of descriptions of nipple sucking making mention of 'eating out' pussy-nipples, even if they were not able to be penetrated.
      Fixed offspring of a human + anthro sometimes being a full human (which was contradicting the lore).
      Fixed (harmless) background errors being thrown when there was an ongoing penetration with a non-internal orifice (such as breasts or thighs).
      NPCs will no longer react as though they are seeing your exposed sexual areas for the first time if your areas were already exposed before starting sex.
      Fixed some bugs with the gloryhole scenes accidentally revealing your partners' bodies.
      The brief body overview tooltip now displays known sexual areas for characters whose race is otherwise concealed (such as the characters in the gloryholes).
      Fixed bug where using the 'Quick sex' action would add entries for sex stat tracking three times instead of just once.
      Fixed another bug when using 'Quick sex', where orgasming characters wouldn't have their cum storage depleted from their orgasms.
      Fixed some formatting issues with player's anal and vaginal virginity loss scenes.
      Removed metallic silver as a natural fur colour.
      Fixed bug where using the milking machines in the milking room would not correctly drain your cum/milk.
      Fixed bug where reindeer overseers would not have their inventory correctly updated each day.
      Dialogue in Scarlett's shop now correctly passes time.
      Selling a slave now automatically returns all of their unique clothing/weapons/items to you.
      Fixed some issues with the flow of dialogue between slave management screens.
      You can no longer see the date in the time tooltip before having looked at the calendar in your room.
      Fixed tattoo tooltip's information being cut off at the bottom.
      Fixed bug where characters could spawn in with covering patterns of the same colour. (e.g. 'Brown, brown-striped fur' or 'Blue-and-blue heterochromatic irises'.)
      Fixed issue where orgasming in sex would apply any special orgasm effects multiple times in the background (potentially causing issues for Lyssieth's and Lilaya's sex scenes).