Thursday, 31 August 2017

Version Release (It's a hotfix)

It may have taken me a few days, but it's here! The hotfix! :3

I feel as though this is the 'real' release of 0.1.83, as it includes options for gaining/removing all the extra body parts I added in last week's work. Although Kate's shop is in a very rough state, and a lot of the new transformations don't do anything just yet (addictive fluids, large clits, multiple arms/tails/eyes etc.), I'll be adding in content for them over the next few weeks! ^^

So, I hope you enjoy this release! (And I really hope I caught all the big bugs.)

I've updated the download links with a version that has the major tail-penetration bugs fixed!

Download links for the .jar version:

Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

.exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

Pre-zipped: Mega

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

This is still an early alpha, and will most likely contain bugs and half-finished content!

Version patch notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added: New enchanting options for all the new body parts. (Removal of penis/vagina is now done by reducing size/capacity past the minimum value.)
      Re-added: Kate's options. (Very basic at the moment!)
      Improved and reworked enchanting system to add transformation potency.
      Added some more fluid flavours (vanilla and beer), and fluid modifier (alcholic).
  • Other:
    • Added toggle for furry tail penetration in the content preferences screen.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed some bugs in the inventory/shop interactions.
      Fixed incorrect breast size descriptors showing up.
      Fixed incorrect description of toenail colour (by Rfpnj).
      Fixed bugs related to incorrect adjectives being applied to vagina (by Pimgd).
      Fixed buy all game freeze bug (by Pimgd).
      Fixed the display size of jinxed equipped piercings (by Pimgd).
      Fixed the bug where you could repeatedly click the 'collect reward' action for the harpy sidequest to farm money.
      Fixed cum being described as 'woman cum' in selfie screen.
      Fixed bugs related to changing Penis type. (This fixed the bug that was causing Lilaya and Kate to grow microscopic cocks with no cum production.)
      Fixed some inconsistent skin and hair/body hair colourings on NPCs.
      Fixed some other very minor bugs, but I forgot to add them in here, and now I can't remember which ones they were.

    P.S. I'm going to stop using letters on the end of versions, and use .1, .5, etc. instead.

    Tuesday, 29 August 2017

    Weekly goals for v0.1.84P

    EDIT: The hotfix will be out at 03:00BST at the earliest!

    Hello again! ^^

    Version 0.1.83's release on Friday is in quite a buggy and unfinished state, so I'm going to spend the first half of this week making a hotfix, then the second half will be for finally implementing save-game compatibility. The goals that I failed to achieve from 0.1.83 will be pushed to next week.

    I'm trying to hold back from giving myself too many goals, as I don't want a repeat of last version's delay. If I complete these goals with time to spare, I'll move on to next week's goals early. ^^

    Once again, I'll try to keep this list updated during the week. A green X means that it's done.

    Hotfix goals (for Tuesday or Wednesday):

    X Fix the major bugs that have been reported so far.

    X Add all relevant transformations to enchanting.

    X Add all relevant transformations to Kate's shop.

    Preview version goals:

    Implement new saving system:
    X Body
    X Inventory
    X Map
    X NPCs
    X Finishing touches

    Next week's goals:

    X Implement slavery basics.

    X Finish Alexa's content.

    X Finish Incest and Transformation fetish content.

    X Add Paizuri, thigh sex, and hotdogging.

    Saturday, 26 August 2017

    Version 0.1.83 (very buggy) release

    Hello once again! ^^

    I'm so, so sorry that this version is so late! I'm also sorry once again about last Friday's delay. These new body parts have been a huge, huge amount of work to add in. :(

    Please note that a lot of the content in the patch notes is just implemented in the engine, and it will take me another week or two to get it all implemented into the game!

    A few major things you need to know about this version:
    1: Kate's shop hasn't been converted to the new body system yet, so it's currently locked!
    2: I haven't been able to add in the new enchantments yet to alter your new body parts!
    3: THIS VERSION IS VERY, VERY BUGGY! Please, please just use this version to check out the new stuff I've added, and don't expect it all to work just yet. It's going to take me another version to get everything implemented into the game. ;_;

    I normally like to say a bit more than this, but I've been working 12+ hour days every day this week, and I feel like I'm going to faint. I am very sorry that this version isn't really in a playable state, but the next full version (8th August September) will be far more polished!

    I'll do my best to get a hotfix out within the next few days, to include Kate's shop content, as well as enchantments for the new body part transformations!

    Download links for the .jar version:

    Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    .exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    This is still an early alpha, and will most likely contain bugs and half-finished content!

    Version 0.1.83 patch notes:

  • Engine:
    • Did a huge amount of tidying up of the GameCharacter class by moving transformation methods into their appropriate classes.
      Cleaned up a lot of the InventoryDialogue class (by Pimgd).
  • Gameplay:
    • Important change: I listened to a lot of your feedback on the way the 'Non-con', 'Incest', and 'Transformation' fetishes were being used as content gates, and, after thinking about it, I've decided to move those options back to a proper 'content preferences' screen.
      This will now enable your content preferences to be carried over to all of your games, so you don't have to worry about taking those fetishes on every new game.
      Changed: Split orifice elasticity into elasticity and plasticity. Elasticity determines how quickly you stretch out during sex, while plasticity determines how much your orifice recovers afterwards.
      Updated character creation screen. This is still not in the final form that I want it to be in, but it does now include more options than before.
  • Body:
    • Improved a huge amount of transformation text, and have moved it into a far more organised structure to make any future editing a lot easier.
      Improved body description (the selfie text) to take into account all of the additions to the new body system.
      Added more realistic colour groups for skin/fur/feather/eye combinations, instead of it being 100% random.
  • Antennae:
    • Added support for antennae. (Not yet implemented in-game.)
      Added multiple rows of antennae (up to three rows, so six antennae in total).
  • Arm:
    • Added nail polish for hands.
      Added support for multiple arms rows. (Not yet implemented in-game.)
      Added underarm hair. (Content-gated, and is off by default!)
  • Ass:
    • Skin/fur covering ass and hips is now separate from torso skin/fur.
      Added special transformation modifiers for asshole (ribbed, puffy, muscled, tentacled).
      Added anal bleaching.
      Added ass hair. (Content-gated, and is off by default!)
  • Body Material:
    • Added support for body material, for when I implement slimes. (Will also enable things like being made out of fire/ice/rubber/etc.)
  • Breasts & Milk:
    • Skin/fur covering breasts is now separate from torso skin/fur.
      Added nipple colourings (plus nipple interior colouring, for fuckable nipples).
      Added nipple size.
      Added nipple shape (normal, vagina-like, or lipples).
      Added areolae size.
      Added areolae shape (normal, hearts, or stars).
      Added nipples-per-breast count (up to four per breast).
      Added special transformation modifiers for nipples (internally-ribbed, puffy, internal-muscles, internal-tentacles).
      Added milk as a separate transformable fluid.
      Added flavours.
      Added modifiers (viscous, sticky, slimy, bubbling, addictive, hallucinogenic).
      Added support for transformations caused by milk ingestion.
  • Core:
    • Added 'muscle' and 'body size' values, which together determine a character's body type.
      Tweaked the availability of some colours.
      Added body-part colour patterns (normal, mottled, spotted, striped, hair highlights).
      Added glowing colours. (All colours can have the 'glowing' modifier applied to them.)
      Added pubic hair. (Not yet implemented fully.)
  • Eyes:
    • Added support for multiple pairs of eyes (up to four pairs, so eight eyes in total).
      Added shapes for iris and pupil (round, horizontal, vertical, hearts, stars).
      Added heterochromatic iris and pupil support.
      Added eye shadow and eye liner.
  • Face:
    • Added lip and tongue colours.
      Added lipstick and blusher.
      Added special transformation modifiers for throat (internally-ribbed, puffy, internal-muscles, internal-tentacles).
      Added beards. (Content-gated, and is off by default!)
  • Hair:
    • Added hair styles (natural, loose, curly, straight, wavy, ponytail, twintails, braided).
      Doubled maximum hair length from 40 to 80 inches.
  • Horn:
    • Added multiple rows of horns (up to three rows, so six horns in total).
  • Legs:
    • Added toenail polish.
  • Penis & cum:
    • Added fully customisable penis. You can now apply the following transformations to any penis: sheathed, ribbed, tentacled, knotted, tapered, flared, barbed, veiny, prehensile.
      Added special transformation modifiers for urethra (internally-ribbed, puffy, internal-muscles, internal-tentacles).
      Added cum as a separate transformable fluid.
      Added multiple testicle support (between 2 and 8).
      Added an internal testicle TF.
      Added support for second penis (may still take some time to implement fully into the game).
      Added cum flavours.
      Added cum modifiers (viscous, sticky, slimy, bubbling, addictive, hallucinogenic).
      Added support for transformations caused by cum ingestion.
  • Tail:
    • Added multiple tail support.
  • Tongue:
    • Added tongue length.
      Added tongue modifiers (ribbed, tentacled, bifurcated).
  • Vagina & girl-cum:
    • Added special transformation modifiers (ribbed, puffy, muscled, tentacled).
      Added gcum flavours.
      Added gcum modifiers (viscous, sticky, slimy, bubbling, addictive, hallucinogenic).
      Added support for transformations caused by gcum ingestion.
  • Sex:
    • Added: Cowgirl framework. The cowgirl position is now available, but I haven't had time to add in position-specific descriptions yet. I'll add those (as well as some for self-kneeling and self-doggystyle) within the next couple of weeks.
  • UI:
    • Added control customisation for actions 10-14, as well as for allowing control and shift keys as modifiers (by Pimgd).
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed a cause of a game freeze when passing out after second pregnancy.
      Nipple bars are now correctly treated as a plural item.
      Fixed some instances were Bree/Brandi were called Brax.
      Typo fixes.
      Fixed bug where dyeing stacked clothes would dye the entire stack (fixed by Pimgd).
      Fixed a lot of typos, both in content and in code (by Pimgd).
      Fixed formatting issues in the encyclopedia's item page (by Pimgd).
      Fixed special attack descriptions not showing when performing the attack (by Pimgd).
      Fixed a bug where the player inventory would stay on screen on new game start (by Pimgd).
      Clothing colours in encyclopedia should no longer overlap (by Pimgd).

    P.S. I'll be on the Lilith's Throne discord server over the weekend (while I'm awake), so feel free to join and ask questions, report bugs, or offer feedback! ^^

    Thursday, 24 August 2017

    Mid-week progress report

    Hello, here's the mid-week progress report that I said I'd make in Monday's post! ^^

    The expanded body work is *almost* done, I just need to finish off the new vagina components, which I'll do tomorrow morning. That will leave me with one and half days until release. My goals still have the same priority as in Monday's post, but I'll update them to show what I think I can realistically get done for Friday's release:

    Goals for Friday:

    X Finish the expanded body work. (Vagina, clit, and girl-cum left to do)

    X Once the game complies, integrate the merge requests from github.

    X Add all relevant transformations to enchanting.

    X Add all relevant transformations to Kate's shop.

    X Cowgirl position.

    Extra goals (most likely next version's goals):

    Implement character saving:
    X Body
    X Inventory

    X Finish new saving system.

    X Implement slavery basics.

    X Finally finish Alexa's content.

    X Finish Incest and Transformation fetish content.

    X Add Paizuri, thigh sex, and hotdogging.

    I know a lot of you are eager to see me move on to writing story content, and that will be coming very soon. This body-part expansion work was going to have to be done at some point, and it's a lot better to get it done now, when there's far less refactoring to do, rather than leaving it for another couple of months.

    There really is very little left to do in the engine after this. The last big tasks (after save compatibility) will be to add in support for multiple-partner sex scenes, and rework the stats/combat system. Both of these will only take a fraction of the time that this new body work has taken me, so this work that I'm doing now really will be the last potential cause of delays. ^^

    Thank you all for being so patient and understanding, and I'll do my very best to fit as much in as possible for Friday's release! :3

    Tuesday, 22 August 2017

    Weekly goals

    Hello everyone! ^^

    Due to reaching my fourth goal on Patreon, I'm going to start making at least three posts every week; A 'goals' post on Monday, a mid-week progress post, and a Friday progress/release post. So, here's Monday's goals post!

    I'm also going to start being more realistic with my goals. I keep on being overly-optimistic about how much I can achieve in a week, which leads to disappointments (like last week's delay). So, with that being said, I think it's realistic for me to set aside this week to purely focus on fixing all this expanded body work, and then at least implementing body and inventory saves for the new save system.

    I'll try to keep this list updated during the week. A green X means that it's done. ^^

    Weekly goals:

    Finish the expanded body work:
    X Design all framework for the expanded body parts work.
    X New colours
    X Antennae
    X Arms
    X Ass & Anus
    X Muscle & body size
    X Breasts, nipples, and milk
    X Ears
    X Eyes
    X Face
    X Hair
    X Horn
    X Legs
    X Penis, testicles, and cum
    X Second penis
    X Skin/fur
    X Tail
    X Tattoo support
    X Tongue
    X Vagina, clit, and girl-cum
    X Wings

    X Once the game complies, integrate the merge requests from github.

    X Add all relevant transformations to enchanting.

    X Add all relevant transformations to Kate's shop.

    Implement character saving:
    X Body
    X Inventory

    X Cowgirl position.

    Extra goals (most likely next week's goals):

    X Finish new saving system.

    X Implement slavery basics.

    X Finally finish Alexa's content.

    X Finish Incest and Transformation fetish content.

    X Add Paizuri, thigh sex, and hotdogging.

    Saturday, 19 August 2017

    Version 0.1.83 delayed until next Friday (25th)

    I'm so sorry to have to give you more bad news, but I'm going to have to delay the release until next Friday. ;_;

    The next release date is: Friday 25th August

    I'm sorry! ;_;

    I tried my absolute best to get this save-game compatibility work done in time, but I didn't manage it. I'm going to go into detail about what happened this week, to try and explain what led to the week-long delay.

    TL;DR The code won't compile, as I still have just under 300 errors to fix, and it will take me about 4 more days to fix.

    What happened

    The cause

    In three words; save game compatibility.

    In more words; the way I'm saving games at the moment is by utilising Java's 'Serializable' interface. Basically, I can save all of the game's data (NPCs, items, clothing, maps, etc.) by making each of those pieces of data implement this 'Serializable' interface. This allows Java to save those pieces of data, then reload them at a later time, thus allowing for games to be saved and loaded in their entirety.

    The problem with this is that if I introduce a new piece of data (like a new piece of clothing, a new map, a new NPC, etc.), then all previously saved games become incompatible. This is obviously far from ideal, so, as most of you are probably aware, I was trying to create a new way to save games for this version.

    As a solution, I've decided to try and make a framework that will enable me to save all of the game's data into an XML format. By using this framework, I'll then be able to put in checks and default values for any new piece of data I add in the future, therefore allowing me to make all games saved in that format compatible with any future additions I make.

    The start of the problem

    I started work on the save-game compatibility on Tuesday, optimistically thinking that it would take two full days to implement. While saving maps and items was simple enough, I ran into a problem when I was implementing saves for character's bodies.

    Put simply, only the basic transformations have been added into the game so far, and as I was writing the framework to save bodies, I realised that, once I added the planned transformations, I'd have to come back and rewrite a lot of the code later on. While this would be achievable, it would effectively make all the work I was planing on doing for body-saves to become obsolete in the very-near future.

    Realising this, and wanting to cut out the work of having to come back and rewrite everything later on, I then made the big mistake of deciding to 'quickly implement' the framework for all of the planned transformations.

    Things break, badly

    Optimistic, Tuesday-Innoxia went; "This will take all of today, but I'll still have three days in which to finish the save-compatibility work and add in the cowgirl position, along with some other minor things I have to finish".

    By the end of Wednesday, I'd realised what a huge mistake I'd made. The transformation and body part code turned out to be an ancient, forgotten mess that I'd written when I first started creating Liltih's Throne over a year ago (scroll through the GameCharacter class on github and you'll understand how bad it is). The amount of errors that I ended up creating while 'fixing' this code (to enable me to add the planned transformations) quickly climbed to over 400.

    At this point I was still (foolishly, and yet-again over-optimistically) convinced that I could fix things in time for Friday.


    I woke up on Thursday convinced that I could get the reworked transformation code finished by the end of the day.

    As midnight struck, and the amount of errors in the code was steadily hovering at about 300, I finally started to understand that I had a problem. I should have realised on Tuesday evening that this was a task that would take at least a week to implement, but instead I only started to realise this with less than 24 hours until the release.

    Panicking, I made the post that you see before this one; the 'one-day delay' post. Now, on Friday evening (as I'm writing this post), I realise that I should have stopped, taken some time to really think about how long this mess will take to fix, then made a more accurate post instead.

    The current state of the code

    Half of the transformation code has been reworked and fixed, but the other half is still all errors. I'm working as hard as I can to get this fixed, but it's not going to be ready for tomorrow. Realistically, it will take another 4 days to fix, so I'm going to have to delay tomorrow's release until next week.

    I'm really, really sorry that I'm not able to put out a release this week, but the game will not compile into a runnable version until I've fixed this mess. I promise that this won't happen again, and if I ever need to do a big rework (which I shouldn't, this was the last big thing I had left to fix in the engine), I'll start it in a separate fork on github so that I'm still able to put out a public release that week.

    So, as a result of all this, the release is delayed until: Friday 25th August

    I'm really sorry. ;_;

    Thursday, 17 August 2017

    One-day delay for v0.1.83 release

    Hello everyone! ^^

    This is just a quick post to say that Friday's release is being delayed by one day, so the new release date is:
    Saturday 22:00BST

    The reason for this is that I started implementing the save-game compatibility on Tuesday, but as I was doing it, I realised that I'd have to come back and refactor a lot of it for the planned 'expanded TF' options. So, in an attempt to reduce my future workload, I (perhaps foolishly) started to implement the framework for all the planned 'expanded TF' content.

    This is things like:
    - Skin/fur/eye shapes & patterns (stripes, spots, heart-shaped pupils, etc.)
    - Support for multiple arms.
    - Nail polish, lipstick, hair styles.
    - Customisable gentials and orifices (internal/external colours, adding knots, ribs, tentacles, flared heads, internal muscles, etc.)
    - Muscles and body fat.
    - And a few more things.

    All of that has ended up being a lot more work than I thought, so I'm going to have to push the release date back by one day in order to give me enough time to get this finished.

    It's very likely that several of this version's goals will be rolled over into the next version, but I'll try and get as much done as I possibly can for Saturday!

    Friday, 11 August 2017

    Version 0.1.83 Progress post

    Hello everyone! ^^

    This is a post to report on my current progress towards version 0.1.83, which will be released on August 18th. I've managed to get a lot of bugs fixed, added a lot of clothing, as well as getting the Alexa/Scarlett content mostly finished. I'm going to work on the rest of the goals over the coming week, and I'm optimistic that I'll be able to get them all finished in time for the release next Friday! ^^

    If you're supporting me on patreon, you can get a preview build of the game on there. If not, I update the public github at the same rate as preview releases, so you can build the preview from there if you'd like.

    There's a tutorial on how to build it in the repository, called '', so read that if you need help building the game! ^^

    These patch notes are what's included in the preview version that I build for Patreon. This is not the full release (which is released to everyone at the same time on 18th August)! You can build the game at any time from the public github!

    Version 0.1.83 current progress:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added: (Most of) Alexa & Scarlett main quest content.
      Added: Nikki, the manager of Slaver Alley's new 'Slave Administration' building. (Sells BDSM gear and slave collars once you get a slaver license.)
      Slightly changed Slaver Alley's map.
      Added 'Barren' perk.
      Locked Brax's forced transformation behind the 'Transformation' fetish.
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Bandana (no femininity requirements, mouth slot).
      Added: Tiara (feminine, head slot).
      Added: Arm wraps (no femininity requirements, hand slot).
      Added: Cowboy hat (no femininity requirements, head slot).
      Added: Mega Milk T-shirt (no femininity requirements, torso slot). Has a 1% chance to spawn in the 'Found clothing' event in alleyway tiles.
      Added: 'Virgin-killer' sweater (feminine, torso slot).
      Added: Ball gag (no femininity requirements, mouth slot, BDSM set).
      Added: Ring gag (no femininity requirements, mouth slot, BDSM set).
      Added: Tagged Choker (no femininity requirements, neck slot, BDSM set).
      Added: Wrist restraints (no femininity requirements, wrist slot, BDSM set).
      Added: Spreader bar (no femininity requirements, ankle slot, BDSM set).
      Added: Chastity belt (no femininity requirements, groin slot, BDSM set).
      Added: 'Grey' to available clothing colours.
      Improved: Circlet's icon.
      Changed: Basic earrings and ringed barbell no longer have a femininity requirement.
  • Other:
    • Changed: You can now only find bottled essences after starting the 'Enchantments & Essences' quest.
      Split up and changed the debug menu's money/essence gain option from +100 flames/+1 essence to +1000 flames/+10 essences.
      Reduced the arousal gain penalty while resisting from -75% to -50%.
      Added a 0.5% chance to find an Eggplant in the alleyways. (Why did I do this?)
  • AI:
    • NPCs with the pure virgin or lusty maiden status effects should no longer use sex actions that will cause them to lose their virginity.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed major bug where you could get stuck in your phone's menu if you opened the 'characters present' window during combat.
      Fixed some typos.
      Fixed the cause of the occasional game freeze when pressing 'Take all'. (Thanks sinstrudel.)
      Fixed 'broken maiden' status effect being applied even if you didn't have the 'lusty maiden' fetish.
      Cum addicts will no longer ask you to pull out when they're giving you a blowjob.
      Removed old reference to non-con in options menu.
      Dominant doggy-style orgasm should now correctly apply pregnancy chances.
      Sex stats should now correctly track how many loads of cum you've given in each sex type.
      If you have maximum attribute values (100 in strength, intelligence, and fitness), your phone will no longer highlight if you have attribute points to spend.
      Fixed some incorrect detection of body part values.
      Fixed bug where Kate's into scene would repeat every time you entered her store.
      Fixed duplicate virginity loss descriptions in selfie.
      Fixed bug where the Jinxed, Enchantments, and Pregnancy quests would sometimes not trigger correctly.
      Fixed some bugs related to incorrect fur descriptions in TFs. (Thanks Rfpnj.)
      Fixed bug in sex that would cause you to be unable to choose any action other than 'Use item'. (Thanks strudel.)
      Fixed bug where fetishes wouldn't reset correctly sometimes.

    Version 0.1.83PHF Hotfix:

  • Engine:
    • Improved quest handling methods.
  • Gameplay:
    • Changed: You can now obtain a slaver license at the very start of the game. Simply go to the Slaver Administration building (in Slaver Alley) and ask about it there. ^^
      Added: Squirrel-morphs. These are mostly going to be found in the Fields area, but there's a small chance of encountering them in Dominion's alleyways as well. (Added by rfpnj. Think you! :3)
      Added: Squirrel Java, Round Nuts, Chasing Squirrels, and Bottled Squirrel-morph Essence.
      Changed: Nikki's name to Finch.
  • Sex:
    • Added: Power-bottom doggy-style position. (Added by BelshazzarII. Thank you! :3)
      NPCs will now displace and remove mouth-concealing clothing during sex.
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Thigh-high socks (feminine, foot slot).
      Added two more metal colours (platinum and rose gold). (Added by rfpnj. :3)
      Ball gags can no longer be displaced by being 'pulled out'. They must be removed to gain access to the wearer's mouth.
  • Other:
    • Clothing which blocks multiple slots now have more powerful enchantments.
      Choosing to start as an androgynous male will now give you a flat chest instead of AA-cup breasts. (I'm going to give you a lot more control over this when I redo the character creation screen.)
      Combined the 'Explore' and 'Look for trouble' actions in the harpy nests (after you've completed the Angry Harpies quest).
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed: Bug where nipples and urethras were always being described as being fuckable.
      Fixed the more powerful version of the arcane storm debuff being applied to your character.
      Typo fixes.
      You should now be able to correctly remove harpies from their tiles.
      NPCs will now stop equipping more and more clothing after each sexual encounter.
      Fixed bug where NPCs who aren't attracted to you would always choose to have sex after combat. (This was only working correctly before if you had non-con enabled.)
      Ralph's discount is now unavailable if you're unable to access your mouth.
      Fixed bug where turning Brax into Bree would give you multi-breasts instead of her.
      Fixed a bug where the 'Buy all' option for clothing would freeze the game.
      Fixed bugs in the 'Buy all' option for clothing, items, and weapons.
      Added correct fetish associations for tail-in-anus actions.
  • Extra Bugs:
    • Fixed bug where you'd get stuck in Scarlett's shop at the end of the current main quest's content.
      Fixed bug where main quest couldn't be progressed when starting with an imported character.
      Day of birth stat should now be correctly working for birthed litters.
      Fixed some incorrect descriptions in the dominant doggy-style orgasm scene.
      Fixed some inaccurate descriptions in Lilaya's house.
      Hard-working Maid status effect now also has an NPC-perspective description.
      Fixed some incorrect NPC reactions to having your chest revealed during sex.

    Tuesday, 8 August 2017

    Targets for 0.1.83

    Hello again! I meant to get this posted yesterday, but I got carried away fixing bugs all day. ^^

    These are my targets for version 0.1.83! The full version will be released on August 18th, but there will also be a preview version for patrons released on August 11th. If you aren't a patron, just remember that you're able to build the game from its source from the public github. ^^

    Goals for version 0.1.83:

    Make save games compatible. This will probably not be completed for Friday, but should be done for the full release next Friday (18th).

    Finish the next stage of the main quest. Scarlett and Alexa's content.

    Implement generic NPC enslavement, romance, and moving into Lilaya's house.

    Finish Incest and Transformation fetish content.

    Add Paizuri, thigh sex, and hotdogging.

    Add a position that allows for dominantly receiving anal. Either adding 'Cowgirl' or adding anal actions to the 'Back-to-wall' position. (Or maybe both :3)

    Do a lot of bug fixing, add several minor suggestions, and add some more content here and there.

    Patreon goals:

    Get a proper wiki up and running.

    Find an artist to commission some Lilaya artwork from.

    P.S. Thank you again to everyone who's supporting me on Patreon! And thank you to everyone else as well for playing and enjoying Lilith's Throne! ^^

    Friday, 4 August 2017

    Version 0.1.82 release

    Hello once again! ^^

    Yet again I find myself wishing that there was more time in the week. Although I managed to achieve all of the sub-goals for this version, I didn't manage to get the main two done in time (Alexa content and save-game compatibility). I really, really wanted to get stuck in with writing content, but there were so many bugs and other minor things that I needed to get sorted out first. I think most things are now in a stable enough state, so I'll be able to spend the entire of next week solely focusing on writing Alexa, incest, and generic NPC romance content. (And work on the save-game compatibility.)

    I'm aiming to have Alexa, incest and generic NPC content done for next Friday!

    Oh, and also, I'm looking into website hosting in order to host a proper wiki for the game, and I'm hoping to get that done within the next couple of weeks! ^^

    A few notes on this version's content:

    The character export/import is still really buggy. I'm so sorry that this has been an issue for so long, and I'm going to get this fixed for next Friday as my number 1 priority.

    The incest content is still very very rough at the moment, but I've fully got the affection and slavery mechanics finished engine-side now, so it will all be written up for Friday!

    I've managed to shrink my bug list by a tiny amount, but there are still quite a few left to fix!

    Download links for the .jar version:

    Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    .exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    (Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

    This is still an early alpha, and will most likely contain bugs and half-finished content!

    Version 0.1.82P (Preview) patch notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added: 25% Chance for an attacker in dominion's alleyways to be one of your children. Requires having the incest fetish, as well as having had children (duh! ^^).
      Added: Framework for incest encounter affection progression mechanics. The current dialogue for incest encounters is heavily WIP, but will be a lot more polished for the full release next Friday!
      Changed: Children's race no longer depends on their mother's reproductive system. Instead, half of a mother's children will be of her race, the other half will be of the father's race.
      Added: Essence extraction ability in Lilaya's lab (unlocked after talking to her about essences). You can now extract your essences in the lab, then sell them to Vicky or Ralph!
      Added: Tail penetration action groups for vagina and anus. (PCTail-NPCvagina, PCTail-NPCAnus, NPCTail-PCvagina, NPCTail-PCAnus)
      Added: Non-consent fetish. I wanted to use the fetishes to gate content, rather than adding options for that in the main menu, so non-consensual sex is now unlocked when you take the non-consent fetish.
      Removed: Non-con option. The non-consent fetish is now the way to unlock non-consensual sex scenes!
      Reworked some of Lilaya's lab content to make it a little smoother.
      Added fingering and masturbation options to the 'standing' sex position.
  • Items:
    • Added: Vanilla water (Human attribute consumable, similar to the other attribute consumables.)
      Added: Bottled essences. You can now buy bottled essences from Vicky.
      Added: Crotchless briefs. (Masculine, groin slot.)
      Added: Work boots. (Masculine, foot slot.)
  • UI:
    • Added: A list of all your offspring to the pregnancy stats screen.
      Expanded: 'Characters present' and 'Phone contacts' screens to show NPC's status effects and a table of their stats.
  • Other:
    • Added a 'Buy all' action in the trader menu.
      Added a 'Use all' action for items in your inventory.
      Kate and Nyan will both now identify and purchase all clothing items (including jewellery).
      Buffed the completed Enforcer set's status effect, as well as buffing the individual pieces of clothing.
      Minor improvements to random harpy dialogue to take into account if she wants sex or not after combat.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed several incorrect names showing in Lexi's and Diana's nests.
      Fixed Lexi's post-fight-loss forced transformation (occurs if you have the TF fetish) turning you into a bimbo. It now correctly applies the 'Harpy Nymphomaniac' transformation.
      Fixed incorrect sell amounts being displayed when you chose to 'Sell all'.
      Minor typo fixes.
      Fixed instances of cock tease over pussy/ass generating incorrect speech.
      Fixed several major typos in partner's penis-vagina & penis-anus sex actions.
      Fixed some bugs in succubus attacker's sex scene.
      Fixed bug where random Harpies would not be able to be re-encountered after completing the 'Angry Harpies' quest.
      Disabled quicksave while in phone menus, as it was causing a save game file corruption.

    Version 0.1.82PHF (Hotfix) patch notes:

  • Clothing:
    • Added: Headband (No femininity requirements, head slot). Also added a 'headband with bow' variant (feminine, head slot).
      Added: Long-sleeved dress (feminine, torso slot).
      Added: Shin guards (No femininity requirements, ankle slot).
      Added: Stomach sarashi (No femininity requirements, stomach slot).
      Added: Chest sarashi (No femininity requirements, chest slot).
  • Other:
    • Removed harpy height limitation. (This was a left over from a very early version of the game.)
      Slightly increased the arousal reduction on 'Calm down' action.
      Humans now have a chance to drop Vanilla Water.
      There is now a chance for NPCs to have three fetishes. (20% chance for three, 20% chance for two, 40% chance for one, 20% chance for none)
      Added 'Permit/Forbid self clothing' actions in sex, to allow you to forbid your partner from managing any of their own clothes.
      Vicky now stocks a lot more essences.
      Rare clothing should now be spawning in correctly (10% chance for every random piece of clothing to have a rare enchantment).
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed bug where almost everyone would resist if you have the non-con fetish.
      Minor typo fixes.
      Fixed several old bugs from the sex system rework (could have been causing orifice stretching issues).
      Fixed bug where fathered daughters wouldn't count in the pregnancy stats screen.
      Fixed offspring description giving incorrect mother/father name.
      Fixed Harpy Perfume tooltip incorrect effect description.
      After meeting your offspring, their name should now correctly change from 'Unknown' in the pregnancy stats screen.
      Added NPC variants for consuming Mother's Milk, Promiscuity Pills, and Vixen's Virility.

    Version 0.1.82 patch notes:

  • Engine:
    • Finished implementing affection and obedience mechanics. (For romance and slavery content.)
  • Gameplay:
    • Changed: Split up anal, oral, and breast fetishes into giving and receiving variants, with associated tease attacks.
      Added: Lusty maiden fetish. Derived fetish from having virginity, buttslut, oral performer, and breasts fetishes.
      Added: A lore book for each of the game's races, which each have a chance to be randomly dropped as loot after combat.
      Added Lilaya's Library text, as well as entries for the new lore books (once they've been found).
      Added sexual orientation for the player (gynephilic, androphilic, ambiphilic). This can be changed in the fetishes screen at any time. (I'm going to do some more work on this for the next version.)
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Scarf (no femininity requirements, neck slot).
      Added: Cargo trousers (masculine, leg slot).
  • Sex:
    • Added: Dominant kneeling position (for both player and NPCs).
      Added: Nipple penetration sex groups. (Player-Penis in Partner-Nipple, and Partner-Penis in Player-Nipple). Can be used in kneeling and 69 positions.
      Slightly improved AI in sex so that they shouldn't keep stopping/starting penetrations.
      Slightly improved NPC's sex position selection.
      Added 'Request nipple-sex' as an action during sex.
  • UI:
    • Made perks slightly easier to distinguish between owned and unowned. (I'm going to do a big rework of this screen soon.)
      Slightly improved the fetishes screen.
      Added a 'Reset' action to the fetish screen, allowing you to reset your fetishes and receive a refund of half of their total arcane essence cost.
      Added an 'average stats' panel to the race screen in your encyclopedia.
      Added a credits screen, accessible from the main menu.
      Expanded NPC character view UI to show affection and obedience.
  • Other:
    • Fetishes have been slightly reworked. Instead of the first fetish being free, you now start the game with 5 arcane essences. Fetishes that unlock content (Transformation and Non-con fetishes) are free.
      Renamed 'City gym' to 'Pix's Playground'.
      Improved dialogue flow in all of the shops in the Shopping Arcane. (They now all have an 'exterior' scene.)
      Split encyclopedia entries for race into 'basic' and 'advanced' knowledge. You gain basic knowledge upon encountering a race, and advanced knowledge upon reading a book about that race.
      Changed kissing dirty talk.
      Exposed breasts status effect is now applied if your chest is exposed while having a feminine body, even if your breasts are flat.
      Unique NPC's clothing is no longer able to be stolen.
      Balls size now affects how strangers assume your gender. (If you have huge or larger balls, the bulge makes it obvious that you have a cock.)
      If an NPC has the non-con fetish, they will no longer have reduced arousal gains when they resist in sex. (I'm treating the non-con fetish for NPCs as them loving it either way.)
      Potion effects status effect can now be increased by drinking successive potions (+30 minutes for each effect), up to a maximum of 6 hours. (I'll rework this a little more for the next version.)
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed quite a few typos and parsing errors.
      Fixed some incorrect penis descriptions in doggy-style orgasm scenes.
      You now correctly start with 40 flames if you skip prologue.
      Exhibitionists will now wear revealing clothing in their groin/chest slots.
      Fixed actions being duplicated in Brax's dominant sex scene.
      Fixed Arcane essence bottle icon.
      Fixed incorrect descriptions in gentle self-fucking in the back-to-wall position.
      Fixed incorrect options after defeating a harpy in combat.
      Fixed some actions not being greyed-out when they're unavailable. (Such as the 'Stroke Pussy' action.)
      Fixed bug that was causing your partner to struggle with removing underwear in sex.
      Fixed bugs related to not knowing what an NPC's nipples look like.
      You should now be able to permanently increase your oral sex skills (by sucking large cocks :3).
      You should now start sex with your orifices already wet, where applicable (e.g. if you have a drooling vagina, you'll now be wet on the first turn of sex).
      Succubi should now re-dress themselves after having their clothing stolen.
      Fixed a lot of incorrect clothing removal descriptions.
      Fixed bug where virginity loss by succubus tail would return a virginity loss by penis description.
      Fixed NPC giving eager descriptions when genitalia was revealed in sex.

    P.S. I'll be on the Lilith's Throne discord server over the entire weekend (while I'm awake), so feel free to join and ask questions, report bugs, or offer feedback! ^^