Friday, 23 December 2016

Rolling into Version 0.1.6

I've decided to just roll version 0.1.53 into 0.1.6, so release is going to be delayed for a little while longer. The reason for this is that I wanted to combine a lot of the bug fixes I've done into a release that contains some new content.

Version 0.1.6 will be the release that's announced on TFGamesSite, and I've decided to delay this release until the start of the new year for several reasons:

  • If I release version 0.1.6 now, I wouldn't have much time over the holidays to respond to feedback.
  • Version 0.1.6 will be the first impression of the game for everyone, so I want it to be as polished and well-tested as possible (within a reasonable time-frame).
  • I want to add some more content before the first announcement. I'd like to have pregnancy mechanics, the nightlife district, Pix's sex scene, Lilaya's romance quest, and the next stage of the main quest in the game before announcement. (As well as a few other things.)
  • As such, there's no release today, and the next release will be Version 0.1.6 on Tuesday 3rd January 2017!

    Happy Christmas to anyone reading this (and to all you web-crawlers)!

    Tuesday, 20 December 2016

    Version 0.1.53 update

    I'll still be releasing version 0.1.53 today, but it will be a little later than usual. EDIT: It's getting late, and I still have a lot to do. I'm going to have to delay the release until tomorrow (or Thursday). I still need to proof-read a lot of version 0.1.52's content, and fix a long list of bugs.

    I don't think there will be any new content in this version, but if I finish the list of things I need to do quickly, then I might have time to add in some stuff.

    Friday, 16 December 2016

    Version 0.1.52 release

    After a little delay (sorry!), version 0.1.52 is ready! The bug with games not being able to be loaded was present in a few earlier versions as well (oops), but it's fixed now.

    Even though I was only meant to be polishing content for this release, I ended up adding a bit more to the game... I'm going to need to wait until I can get all the new content proof-read before I announce the game on TFGamesSite. I also need to refine a lot of the sex descriptions (a lot of the descriptions are too repetitive at the moment).

    Here's the download link for version 0.1.52:

    Download link: Google Drive

    Lilith's Throne requires java to be installed on your computer.

    Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

    Patch Notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Fixed bug with health, willpower and stamina increasing when bonus attributes changed.
      Added fire crystal as starting weapon.
      Added content for contacts and races pages in phone menu.
      Fixed bug with removing jinx while in trader menu.
      Time now passes after sex and combat.
      Secondary attributes are now capped at 75.
      Re-wrote race descriptions.
  • Story:
    • Improved Brax's combat descriptions.
      Added non-racial transformative consumables to Julie's Snacks.
      Added more dialogue related to encounter with Brax.
      Minor improvements to character creation.
      Proof-read prologue and made some minor changes here and there.
      Added content for the three books in the player's room.
  • Combat:
    • Improved generic descriptions in combat.
      Improved all spell's descriptions and status effects.
      Positive status effects now tick down after opponent's turn, and negative status effects tick down after player's turn.
  • UI:
    • Attributes values should turn red or green depending on if they've been decreased or increased that turn (may still be buggy in some places, will fix in next version).
      Fixed unavailable combat choices refreshing the combat page when chosen.
      Changed main menu buttons (so that they finally work).
      Fixed rendering bug with effects panel.
      Fixed bug with dialogue sometimes not automatically scrolling to the correct position when selecting a choice.
      Minor changes to phone dialogue.
      Minor fixes to trader dialogue.
  • Transformations:
    • Ass and breasts are now covered in the skin type that covers the rest of your body. (For example, they are covered in human skin if you're human, and covered in fur if you're a greater dog-morph.)
      Can now revert greater morph transformation by consuming a TF item of a different race.
      Refined stat increases from each TF item.
  • Perks:
    • Fixed perks being available in level up screen when they shouldn't have been.
      Added: Several new perks. (With some temporary icons...)
      Changed the Masochist, Exhibitionist and Submissive perks.
  • Sex:
    • Changed arousal gain values slightly.
      Fixed some minor bugs with flow of sex descriptions.
      Added: Defeated by Brax sex scene.
      Added: Victory over Brax doggy-style and cowgirl-style sex scenes.
  • Items:
    • Added: Slave collar.
      Added: Temporary icons for transformative consumables.
  • Misc:
    • Fixed several typos here and there.
      Fixed loading game bug.

    Version 0.1.53

    Version 0.1.53 will be released on December 20th (next Tuesday). It will be focused on polishing and proof-reading the content that's currently in the game:

  • Polishing and re-writing all sex scene descriptions.
  • Possibly creating a sex scene for Pix.
  • Proof-reading all other content and fixing the most game-breaking bugs.
  • Wednesday, 14 December 2016

    Version 0.1.52 slight delay

    After compiling the latest version (0.1.52), I found out that I've somehow broken the load game functionality. I really need to get this fixed before releasing this version, so I'm pushing the release back to Thursday.

    That will also give me some time to finish off the content I'd like to get done before announcing the game. If everything goes according to plan, I'll release version 0.1.52 and put it up on TFGamesSite on Thursday.

    Thursday, 8 December 2016

    Update on Tuesday

    Just to let you know, version 0.1.52 will be released on Tuesday, like normal. I had hoped to get it done by today, but I wanted to get the beginnings of pregnancy mechanics done for this version, and that will take me another day at least.

    So, just to be clear, the next update (version 0.1.52), will be released on Tuesday 13th December.

    Wednesday, 7 December 2016

    Version 0.1.51 release

    So, here's version 0.1.51! This version was mainly focused on polishing content released in version 0.1.5, but also adds some new scenes (such as a lot of new content for the Shopping Promenade). There's still some more polishing I need to do before announcing the game on TFGamesSite, but, if everything goes well, that should happen either this Thursday or next Tuesday.

    Anyway, here's the download link for version 0.1.51:

    Download link: Google Drive

    Lilith's Throne requires java to be installed on your computer.

    Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

    Patch Notes:

  • Gameplay
    • Added immunity to magic storms in certain areas (such as inside buildings).
      Adjusted race's starting core attributes.
  • Combat
    • Added more information to opponent's attributes tooltip (can now see their 4 core attributes).
      Added shielding spells to epic-quality weapons.
      Changed physical-powered weapon's offensive spell from 'stun' to 'slam'.
  • Sex
    • Minor fixes to Lilaya's sex scene descriptions.
      Minor fixes to Alleyway Assailant's Victory sex scene descriptions.
      Added sex scene for Alleyway Assailant's Defeat.
  • Places
    • Renamed 'Mega Mall' to 'Shopping Promenade'.
      Added the start of the City gym's content (can currently train there to increase strength and fitness).
      Added minor content for the three shops in the shopping promenade.
  • Misc
    • Fixed descriptions and attribute bonuses for the four main race's status effects.
      Minor fixes to dialogue here and there.

    Version 0.1.52

    Version 0.1.52 will be released on either December 9th (this Thursday) or December 13th (next Tuesday). It will be focused on polishing and finishing the things that I wasn't able to complete for version 0.1.51:

  • Finishing the first major plot point for the main story (i.e. finishing Brax's scenes).
  • Possibly creating a sex scene for Pix.
  • Adding correct perks.
  • Polishing any other content that I've forgotten about and fixing the most game-breaking bugs!

  • A little word on sex descriptions

    While writing the sex scenes for Lilaya and Dominion's alleyway encounter, I realised that there's a lot of work to be done for each scene. I have to take into account a lot of player transformations, and I've decided to remove one of them so that I can focus on creating better quality descriptions for all the others.

    The transformation that I'm going to remove for now is the ability for the player to grow two cocks. There are just too many variations created from this, and I'd rather spend the time describing the player's cock type (human, dog, horse etc.) than having to work out where a second cock would go in each scene. Maybe at some point in the future I'll re-introduce the second cock transformation, but for now, everyone's just going to be having a single cock, a vagina, a cock and vagina, or no genitalia at all.

    Friday, 2 December 2016

    Version 0.1.5 release

    After a slight delay, I'm now able to put up version 0.1.5. It isn't quite the polished release that I feel comfortable announcing, so, due to this, I'm going to hold off on the announcement until after next Tuesday's release (which will be version 0.1.51).

    Here is the download link for version 0.1.5:

    Download link: Google Drive

    Lilith's Throne requires java to be installed on your computer.

    Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while judging it...

    Patch Notes:

  • Story
    • Random assailant encounter improved.
      Demon Home and Arthur's apartment written.
      Enforcer HQ and Brax encounter partially written.
      Refined 'alleyway find item' encounter.
      Rewrote Dominion streets & alleyways descriptions.
      Updated other place's descriptions.
      Changed the place 'Demon Cathedral' to 'City Hall'.
  • Sex
    • Lots of back-end refinements and bug fixes to the Sex engine.
      First draft of Lilaya's sex scene is finished (still more to add, but functional for now).
      Clothing is now automatically replaced after sex.
      Slightly improved formatting of sex scenes.
      Added player defeat sex scene to random alleyway assailant.
  • Combat
    • Refined text formatting.
      Combatants will now lose combat if their health, willpower or stamina drop to 0.
  • Gameplay
    • Jinxed items no longer lock themselves onto you.
      Removing a jinx from an item now simply removes it's bad enchantment.
      Improved transformation methods and transformation item's descriptions.
      Added sexual transformation items for the four transformable races currently in the game (dog, cat, horse and wolf morphs)
  • Misc
    • Minor fixes to text formatting here and there.

    Version 0.1.51

    Version 0.1.51 will be released on December 6th. It will be focused on polishing and finishing the things that I wasn't able to complete for version 0.1.5:

  • Finishing the first major plot point for the main story.
  • Creating and polishing sex scenes for: Lilaya, random alleyway encounter, and Brax.
  • Finishing the combat engine (this is already pretty much 90% done).
  • Finishing content for the Mega Mall (to be re-named), Enforcer HQ, and Demon Home.
  • Polishing all current content and fixing bugs I've identified.

  • P.S. I'm holding off announcing the game on TFGamesSite until I've finished polishing all content currently in the game. The announcement will either be after 0.1.51's release, or, if I feel like I need more time, until after version 0.1.52.