Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Continued goals for 0.2.0 (and 0.2.1)

Hello again everyone! :3

Version 0.2.0 will be released tomorrow evening, but as I still have a few things left to do, it will most likely run over into the early hours of the morning (GMT). If anything major crops up at the last minute, I'll push the release back to the early evening of March 1st. If that happens, I'll make another post before I go to sleep tonight to let you know.

I'll be busy working on finishing off the fluids work tonight, and will then move on to fixing as many bugs as I possibly can in relation to combat and sex. While I should be able to finish most of the stats and combat update, I anticipate that the final balancing tweaks and changes will run over into 0.2.1. :(

As I've been saying for some time now, 0.2.0 will mark the point where I can finally start focusing on adding content, rather than doing any more significant engine work. There are still a few mechanical changes that I need to implement (such as clothing damage, adding proper second penis/cloaca support, etc.), but they're all very small-scale things, and shouldn't take too much time away from content additions. ^^

Goals for 0.2.0:

- Add clothing enchanting.

- Add in missing content & mechanics related to addictive/psychoactive/alcoholic fluids.

- Finish combat & stats improvements.

- Fix as many bugs as possible. (Especially in combat & multiple-partner sex.)

Goals for 0.2.1:

- Add lactation content (winner of Patreon content poll).

- Finish the game's introduction content.

- Add in Angel's Kiss content (the brothel in Slaver Alley).

- Add Submission, along with rat-morphs, imps, and slimes.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Version Update Progress

Update (02:17): I pushed a hotfix to address the import and face/hair modification bugs that were reported.

Hello everyone! :3

Sorry again that this update progress was delayed a little, but now that I'm releasing on Wednesdays, I should be able to get a hotfix out for the weekend (if one is needed). ^^

So, anyway, this version mainly adds a few background engine implementations that were needed to get Nyan's quest working (mainly multiple-partner combat, subspecies support -thanks to Tukaima for the foundation of this-, and reading content from .xml files). Nyan's content is 95% complete, but still needs a little bit of polish before it's completely finished (I haven't had time to thoroughly play-test it yet).

There are some big issues with balance in the combat system, but please remember that it isn't completely finished yet! There are also some issues with multiple-partner sex, and some bugs floating around in the sex AI. I am going to get all of this sorted for the full version 0.2.0 release next Wednesday (along with the fluid mechanics - I'm so sorry that this is taking me so long to get done). ^^

As always, I build these previews for backers on Patreon, but if you're not a patron, you can also build these previews yourself from the public github (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public (There's a build tutorial here.)

IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

The artwork of Brax in this post was done again by Jam. :3
You can find them over on their SFW blog, and their NSFW blog.

They have also done artwork of Bree and Brandi, but it felt like there were too many images to put them all in this post, so here are the links to the image galleries on Jam's blog (I'll embed the images of Bree & Brandi in next Wednesday's post):

Version patch notes:

  • Engine:
    • Added support to read .xml files for parsing game content.
      Added 'subspecies' as a more refined way to track a character's race.
      Added support for clothing to conceal slots (I'll fill in the data for all clothing items as soon as I can).
      Reworked the way Quest data is handled in the engine (to allow branching quests).
  • Gameplay:
    • Maximum Energy and Aura now take level into account (+2 per level).
      Added: Ashley's shop ('Dream Lover'). This is a gift shop, and the items bought from here can be used as a way to boost affection with NPCs (only Nyan for now). (This shop, and the character 'Ashley', were both written by Kumiko.)
      Added: Gifts for Ashley to sell; Chocolates, Rose Bouquet, Rose Perfume, and Teddy Bear. Also moved feather duster from Vicky's shop to Ashley's.
      Nyan no longer stocks enchanted or 'special' clothing by default (her shop's contents will refresh to the correct stock at midnight).
      Nyan now has a quest 'Supplier Issues', through which you can unlock enchanted clothing (she now also stocks one +5/+5 rare piece of clothing in each category after completing this quest).
      Nyan now has several romance actions. (Unlocked after completing 'Supplier Issues'.)
  • Transformations/Body Parts:
    • Improved race detection for the 'greater/lesser/minor/partial' system (it now uses weighting of all body parts).
      Added 'dobermann-morph' as a dog-morph subspecies (for use in Nyan's quest).
      The transformation to 'increase antenna/tail/horn count' will now grow a new pair of antennae/tail/pair of horns if you have none.
      Added 'marked' to possible covering patterns (naturally occurs on dog, wolf, cat, horse, and cow morphs, as well as harpies).
      Standardised the availability of covering patterns for all skin/fur/hair coverings.
      Added 'pointed' dog-morph ear variation TF. (Standard dog-morph ears are now described as 'floppy'.)
      Added 'stubby' dog-morph tail variation TF.
      Dog-morph penis transformation now sets penis colour to red, and dog-morph penises will now spawn with red skin.
      Penis transformation when growing a new penis now sets size to 1 inch (if the underlying size was 0).
      Added 'modifier' for coverings (such as 'smooth' and 'fluffy' for cat fur), which can be changed in Kate's shop. (I needed this for the Dobermann addition.)
      Added 'tan' as a covering colour for fur.
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Cloak (Gender neutral, over-torso slot).
      Remade the 'ankle boots' and 'platform boots' icons.
      Added: Chelsea boots (feminine, foot slot).
  • Combat:
    • Added support for multiple combatants, both as allies and enemies.
  • Other:
    • Improved price calculations for all clothing, weapons, and items. Also increased loot drop money, Pix's gym costs to match new amounts.
      Removed 'pure' damage and resistance as attributes. (Pure damage will be a damage type for certain spells and attacks later on, but will function as expected - to bypass all resistances.)
      Renamed 'strength' attribute to 'physique'.
      Added 'Muscle Definition', 'Body Size', and 'Body Shape' to the 'Body Stats' page in your phone.
      The 'Cardio' and 'Weights' options in Pix's Playground now reduce your Body Size and increase your Muscle, respectively, while Pix's special workout will apply both effects.
      Added physical resist to 'Masochist' fetish. (Also tweaked Sadist and Sadomasochist fetish attribute buffs.)
      Added money and essences back to the main UI.
      Added unique icons for wolf-morph status effect and items.
      Doubled the quantity of items that Ralph stocks.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed poor formatting for covering colours (such as 'brown, hair,').
      Active traits should now be correctly restored when loading a game.
      Fixed bug where tiles in the bottom-left of maps would be hidden on loading a game.
      Fixed some instances of incorrect dirty talk lines.
      Fixed issue where NPCs would generate a huge amount of fetish desires, as well as the bug where NPCs would re-generate desires on a game load. (I think - please let me know if this is still happening!)
      Fixed UI bug where horizontal scroll bar would sometimes appear in the left panel.
      Added ability to get anally penetrated while lying down in the missionary position.

    Version patch notes:

  • Bugs:
    • Fixed Nyan's 'Small Talk' action incrementing arousal by 100 instead of 1...
      Fixed bug where character imports wouldn't work.
      Fixed bug where the 'Face' modification screen in character creation would cause a major background bug to occur.
      Fixed game-breaking bug where if you clicked on an item in the right-panel during the prologue, it would freeze the game.

    Friday, 16 February 2018

    Next updates on Wednesday 21st & Wednesday 28th

    Hello everyone! ^^

    As I mentioned in the previous post, I wanted to move my release date to a Wednesday, so the next update will be on Wednesday 21st February. From that point on, updates will continue to be released on the same weekly schedule as before, but with the release date shifted to Wednesday instead of Friday.

    The reasons that I wanted to move the release date to a Wednesday/Thursday (as opposed to the current Friday/Saturday) window are:

    1. Each release will be finished & hotfixed in time for you to enjoy it over the full weekend.
    2. Any hotfixes will be made on Thursday & Friday, which will give me more time to rest at the weekend.
    3. Having my break in the middle of the release cycle will hopefully be less stressful than having it immediately after release.

    I did try to get a mini-release finished for yesterday, so that you wouldn't have so long to wait until the next release, but there was (and still is) far too much that's in a half-finished or broken state. If I wasn't moving the release date to a Wednesday, this update would most likely have been delayed by a day or two anyway. :(

    Wednesday, 14 February 2018

    Goals for 0.2.0

    Hello again! :3

    My goals for 0.2.0 are mainly just to finish off all the multiple-partner sex and combat mechanics that I've been working on for the last few versions. I want to get the game as bug-free as possible for this next version, as it's going to be the one which marks the end of major engine work. I'm also going to get Nyan's content added, as well as the final fluid mechanics. ^^

    I also want to try moving my release day from Friday to a looser Wednesday/Thursday window, as lately I've been finding that the release times have been rolling over into the weekend, leaving me with almost no time for a rest. This means that the updates for and 0.2.0 will be pushed to the 21st and 28th, respectively. I feel as though having a release date in the middle of the week will be a lot less stressful, and will give me time to push out a hotfix for Friday, if one is needed, instead of having to work over the weekend to get one done.

    I can't make any promises that there will be a release this Wednesday/Thursday (i.e. tomorrow or the day after), but I will see what I can do. ^^

    Goals for 0.2.0:

    - Fix the final bugs in multiple-partner sex scenes and improve the AI to properly take into account desires.

    - Add in missing content related to addictive/psychoactive/alcoholic fluids.

    - Finish implementing combat & stats improvements.

    - Add quest & content for Nyan.

    - Fix as many bugs as possible.

    Sunday, 11 February 2018

    Version 0.1.99 (Buggy) Release

    Hello again everyone!

    I'm sorry about the delay this week, but some significant bugs cropped up late on Wednesday evening, and it took me until today to get them fully sorted out. As a result of this, I lost all of the time I'd set aside for getting both the fluids and Nyan's content into the code. I really am sorry that this hasn't been added yet, but this week really was quite a hard one. ;_;

    That being said, the bulk of the stats rework is all done now (although I do still need to finish integrating it properly into combat), so the final things I have left to do engine-wise are adding multiple combatants and reworking the attacks & spells for combat. This will all be done for 0.2.0 (along with Nyan's content), at which point I'll finally be able to stop making huge changes to the engine, and focus instead on polishing existing mechanics and *adding content*! ^^

    This release is in a rather rough state. You are likely to run into quite a few instances of unfinished mechanics, and for that I really do apologise. I considered pushing this release back another week to get it all finished, but I know that would have been extremely disappointing, so I opted to release this as-is, and warn you here that it's in a rough state. :(

    The artwork of Dianna (the dominant harpy matriarch from the quest 'Angry harpies') in this post was done again by Jam. ^^
    You can find them over on their SFW blog, and their NSFW blog.

    v0.1.99 Download Links

    This is still an early alpha, and will most likely contain bugs and half-finished content!

    .jar version:

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    Full folder: Google Drive

    .exe version (Please use this if you are on Windows and have not installed/updated java!):

    Pre-zipped: Mega

    Full folder: Google Drive

    v0.1.99 patch notes

  • Gameplay:
    • Increased level cap to 50.
      Changed core stats from Strength, Intelligence, Fitness, Corruption + Health, Willpower, Stamina to Strength, Arcane, Lust, Corruption + Energy, Aura. (Removed fitness and stamina stats.) This is still a work-in-progress.
      Reworked all attribute-related status effects. (The bonuses you get from raising strength/arcane/corruption.)
      Removed level-up points (the points that you'd spend on strength, intelligence, and fitness).
      Updated: Perk tree mechanics. (I didn't intend for this to be part of the combat update just yet, but it turned out to be necessary in order for other parts of the game to continue to function properly.)
  • Sex AI:
    • NPCs that either love or like the Submissive or Dominant fetishes will now start sex in Eager or Rough paces.
      NPCs will no longer perform actions that they dislike or hate.
      Dominant NPCs will no longer end sex due to having 0 lust. Only submissive NPCs who have equal control (such as in consensual scenes, like Lilaya's), will end sex when they fall into the resisting pace.
      NPCs should no longer refrain from performing penetration actions (this was a bug where all NPC preferences were accidentally being removed, leaving them only wanting to perform self-actions).
      Fixed a cause of incorrect fetish associations for sex actions (such as your partner being affected by your masturbation actions as though they were the one masturbating), which should help the AI's decision-making process a little.
      NPC's anal action preference is now treated the same as all the others. (The fetish desire system has replaced the old method I was using to weigh NPC action preferences.)
      NPCs have been told to reign in their obsession with self-actions.
  • Other:
    • Removed: All references to slimes in the code (as they will be implemented a little differently to how I originally planned). If you've become a slime through the debug menu, you should switch back before loading your character into this version.
      Tweaked base height and breast sizes for several races.
      Halved the lust drop from performing hated sex actions from -50 to -25.
      Succubus attackers and Cultists now have fetishes & desires generated like other NPCs (although they will never dislike or hate performing non-con).
      You are now always able to remove NPCs' clothing during sex (although they will still default to not being able to remove yours if they are the sub in non-equal-control sex).
  • Contributors:
    • Use correct character for special penetration descriptions. (MissyDirection)
      Allow player to stop getting tail-pegged during chair sex. (MissyDirection)
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed a cause of some UI lag (caused by some poor flexbox performance).
      Fixed Vicky's sex scene causing a game-breaking bug to occur.
      Minor fix to Brax's TF description.
      Minor formatting fix to event log to prevent horizontal overflow.
      Several typo fixes.
      Fixed displacement text for an NPC's nursing bra being pulled down.
      Fixed bug with t-shirt displacement causing a major crash to occur.
      'Cummy meal' status effect no longer continuously makes your mouth dirty.
      Fixed resisting NPCs casually commenting on your cock size.
      Fixed 'Anal tease' sex action applying incorrect lubrication transfers.
      NPCs who hate/dislike non-con should now never use you after combat.
      Fixed incorrect inflation descriptions.
      You can no longer set your skin to be glowing in the character creation.
      Fixed incorrect virginity loss descriptions for succubus attacker.
      Fixed incorrect breast-related dirty talk.
      Fixed self-penetrative dirty talk referencing your partner.
      You can no longer help yourself to Ralph's condoms in his sex scene.
      Extra piercings will no longer spawn in the character creation's inventory when repeatedly going to check clothing and back.
      Fixed potions displaying '+X Attribute' twice when drunk.

    (You can find the patch notes for in this blog post.)

    P.S. I'm going to be sleeping through most of the day tomorrow, so I'll catch up with bug reports & comments late in the evening & on Monday morning. ^^

    Friday, 9 February 2018

    One-day Delay

    Hello everyone!

    I'm sorry about this, but I'm going to have to push tomorrow's release back by one day. The combat and stats rework ended up causing several large unforeseen issues with the UI, and it's taken me an entire day to get it all fixed. As a result, I need an extra day to get everything into a playable state. :(

    Version 0.1.99 will now be released on Saturday 10th. I'm aiming for a release time of ~23:30GMT, but it's likely to run quite late (up to ~05:00GMT in the early hours of Sunday).

    Sorry again! :(

    Update (22:35 GMT): The release time is looking as though it's going to be more around the 05:00GMT mark... I'll get it released before I go to bed, but it's going to be in the early hours, so don't stay up. x_x

    Wednesday, 7 February 2018

    Continued goals for 0.1.99

    Hello! :3

    Sorry that this post is a day late again... I keep on forgetting to make it on Monday. :s

    Anyway, what I'm working on this week is mainly finishing off the stuff from last week. That means that I need to get the AI in sex to actually take their preferences into consideration, fix the final bugs in multiple-partner sex, and add in fluid stuff. ^^

    Once that's done, I'll move on to the combat rework and Nyan writing. This work may run over into the next version (0.2.0), but I will get as much done as I possibly can! :3

    Goals for 0.1.99:

    - Fix the multiple-partner sex scene bugs and improve the AI.

    - Add in missing content related to addictive/psychoactive/alcoholic fluids.

    - Implement combat & stats improvements.

    - Add quest & content for Nyan (which was the winner of a poll I did on Patreon).

    - Fix as many bugs as possible.

    Saturday, 3 February 2018

    Version 0.1.99 Update Progress

    Hello everyone! :3

    Here's my current progress towards version 0.1.99! I still have a lot left to do, but I've managed to get all the final mechanics for lust implemented into the engine. This was a little more involved that I originally anticipated, as I had to revamp the fetish system a little in order to add in 'desire' levels for each fetish.

    I still have some bugs to iron out in the multiple-partner sex, but now that all the mechanics are finally finished (apart from making stamina drains have an effect), that won't take me long to finish. ^^

    If you're building from github to test this out, please be aware that there are most likely going to be some bugs in this version. Please remember that this is just a preview of my current progress, and it will be in a much cleaner state for the full release next Friday! :3

    As always, I build these previews for backers on Patreon, but if you're not a patron, you can also build these previews yourself from the public github (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
    https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public (There's a build tutorial here.)

    Important github info: I updated my Java to 9.0.4, so if you're building the game from github, you may need to update your Java to that version too (although it might still work with older versions). If you are building it in eclipse using Java 9, please be aware that you'll need to export as a 'JAR file', *not* a 'Runnable JAR file'. For some reason eclipse is having trouble exporting runnable jars with Java 9. When exporting as just a 'JAR file', make sure you select LilithsThrone as the source file, then keep clicking next until you get to the part where it says 'Select the class of the application entry point:'. It's very important that you choose the 'Main' class in this box, as otherwise the exported JAR will not run. ^^

    The artwork of Brittany (the bimbo harpy matriarch from the quest 'Angry harpies') in this post was done again by Jam. :3
    You can find them over on their SFW blog, and their NSFW blog.

    Update (Sunday, 18:05 GMT):
    I've updated the github with a fix for the game-breaking bug with Vicky's sex scene. I think that this was the only major bug, so the next update will now be next Friday. :3

    Version patch notes:

  • Engine:
    • Updated to Java 9.0.4. If you're using the .jar version of the game, and are encountering UI bugs, please update your Java to 9.0.4 (.exe versions are unaffected, as they are packaged with 9.0.4).
      Save files now only keep track of the last 50 events in the event log. (As only the last 50 are ever displayed within the game, it was pointless to be saving more than this.)
  • Gameplay:
    • Expanded fetish mechanics to tie-in with the lust mechanic in sex. You can now select your 'desire' for each fetish, which affects your lust gains in sex. (Lust affects NPC pace, and when in consensual sex, dominant NPCs stop sex if their lust gets to 0, and submissive NPCs stop it when they drop below 20.)
      All NPCs now have their own desires. You can see these by hovering over their 'desires' status effect. (I chose to display these in a easy manner, rather than having you find them out 1-by-1, as I thought 'desire discovery' mechanics would get very tedious.)
      Added voyeurist, vaginal, pussy slut, leg lover, and strutter fetishes.
      Added new fetishes and desire increases/decreases to the 'mystery kink' item's enchantments. Also organised the fetish order in that menu.
      You now earn experience for each fetish-related action both in and out of sex. Higher fetish levels increase arousal gains from those actions in sex, and for the next version I'll make them level the fetish up to provide larger bonuses.
      Added the start of stamina drains in sex (although I haven't added exhaustion for when the character reaches 0 yet).
      Added the start of alcoholic effects (the rest & psychoactive effects will be finished for the full version).
  • Other:
    • Improved the save/load icons. (I'm sorry they were so poorly thought-out before!)
      Added more antler and horn colours.
      If you are the dom in a sex scene in which your partner does not have equal control (i.e. a non-con scene), then your partner will not be allowed to remove your clothing by default. (You can still permit them to.)
      Taking a shower now cleans 500ml of cum from all orifices, except your mouth (representing cum in stomach), which isn't affected.
      Sightly improved formatting of all tooltips.
      Added associated fetishes to orgasms.
      Added save/load entries to event log.
      Added correct fetishes to Lilaya & Rose (I still need to go through all unique NPCs and give them proper likes/dislikes).
      Ralph now stocks 25 dye brushes instead of 5. (Wait for his shop to refresh at midnight for him to start stocking 25.)
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed ongoing penetration status effect's incorrect tooltip descriptions.
      Typos and parsing fixes (including fixing knotting descriptions).
      Fixed incorrect naming for breast shape and horn TF potions.
      Loading a game no longer overwrites the activity log.
      Your discoveries of NPC genitals are now correctly saved/loaded.
      Cumming inside a partner multiple times should no longer result in multiple pregnancy possibilities in the pregnancy stats screen.
      The description of losing your penile virginity should now always be appended correctly in sex.
      Body parts being exposed in sex should now have the correct descriptions appended.
      Fixed bug where the action 'Pull out (chest)' sometimes wouldn't work.
      Fixed grey horns and antlers text colour being red.
      Fixed Kate's intro referencing three pairs of breasts (she now just has a single pair of breasts).
      Fixed clothing remaining dirty after taking a shower.
      Fixed some sex actions randomly not being available.
      Fixed bug where 'stop X' actions would show up in sex actions for when your partner was using themselves. (e.g. 'Stop fingering' would show up when your partner was fingering themselves.)
      Fixed bug where the status message informing you that your clothing was getting dirty would lock up sex scenes.
      Fixed penile virginity being reset on every game load (old characters will still incorrectly be penile virgins, but after losing it their non-virgin state will be saved).
      NPCs will no longer listen to your pullout/creampie requests if they're the dom in non-con sex.