Monday, 24 February 2020

Yet another delay

Once again I've ended up getting sidetracked by feature creep, and so the content for Helena's romance quest is now significantly larger than it was in my original plan for it. As a result, it's going to take me a little while longer to get it all finished off, and so I'll have to delay the release.

As soon as I've got it into a state that's just awaiting placeholder dialogue, I'll push to github, and then I'll release v0.3.7 once all the placeholders have been filled in. I will aim to have it released by this time next week.

I'm sorry once again for both the delay and the late hour of its announcement. I promise that I will do my very best to make Helena's content worth the wait.

P.S. I also just realised that I never re-enabled anonymous comments here on the blog, so at least those should be working again now.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Further delay...

I'm so sorry once again, but I still haven't managed to get v0.3.7 into a state that's ready for release. When writing the content for Helena's romance quest, I realised that all of her currently-existing scenes in the game (as well as those for Scarlett) needed to be updated to better fit the personality she's supposed to have. Due to having to go back and edit all this dialogue, I'm a lot further behind on progress than where I expected to be...

I'll try to get things into a state that's at least suitable for pushing to github tomorrow (so that you can see the progress that's been made), and I'll then do my best to have this version fully released by the weekend.

I'm really sorry about there always being a delay like this. I'll really try my best to make sure that it's not so bad for the next few versions after this one...

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Minor delay on v0.3.7's release

Sorry to once again be announcing a delay, but I just need a few more days in which to get Helena's romance quest added into the game. Finishing the work on the penetrative size-difference content took longer than I expected, and so I'm currently in a state where the framework of Helena's quest is almost finished, but will then still require a couple of days of writing and testing.

I'll do my best to get v0.3.7 out by the end of the weekend, but it's highly likely that it'll take more time than I except, so instead I'll say that v0.3.7's release will now be on the night of Tuesday, 18th.

I'm really sorry once again for delaying it like this at the last moment. I thought I'd be able to get it done by tonight, but then I kept on running into minor issues that ate up all my time...

Friday, 7 February 2020

Version Further Progress Update

Hello again,

Sorry that this updated preview was a little delayed, but I've got it pushed to the github's dev branch now. As I mentioned in the previous post, the addition of the penetrative size-difference mechanics ended up taking longer than expected, but the basics of it are all added now.

To give a brief overview of what this new mechanic entails:
- I've added more accurate measurements to penis and tail sizes, so they now have both a length and diameter.
- Orifices now get stretched out from the diameter of penetrative objects entering them.
- Orifices have a depth value, which is split into 'comfortable' and 'uncomfortable' depths.
- Characters whose penis/tail is too long for the orifice will push into the 'uncomfortable' depth when in the 'rough' pace. Otherwise, they will stop at the limit of 'comfortable' depth (if their penis/tail is long enough to get there).

This mechanic still requires a day or two of polish and the addition of descriptions during sex, but it should be technically working in this release. I'll make sure that it's completely polished and finished off for the full release of v0.3.7.

I'll also get Helena's romance quest added for v0.3.7, as well as getting more bugs fixed and more of Vengar's placeholders added. I'll have to push the Enforcer encounter content back to v0.3.8, as if I were to aim to get it added for v0.3.7, I think it would end up delaying the public release by an unacceptable amount of time. I'm aiming to get that release out around the 12th, but it's probably going to end up being delayed by a day or two, so it would probably be better to expect it on Friday 14th.

P.S. If there are any major bugs in this version, I'll push a fix to github by the end of the weekend.

I package and release these in-between preview builds for backers over on my SubscribeStar, but anyone can play them at any time by building them directly from the public github (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
(There's a build tutorial here.)

IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

ALSO IMPORTANT: Make sure you build from 'dev' branch, as 'master' won't be updated until the v0.3.7 release.

v0.3.6.8 Patch Notes

  • Contributors:
    • Added FaceTypeTag enum for improved handling of face features. The 'Bite' special attack is now available to any face type which has a muzzle, fangs, beak, or shark teeth. (PR#1286 by Stadler)
      Added graceful error handling for if an invalid ItemTag is detected when loading Clothing/Weapons from xml files. (PR#1278 by Stadler)
      Fixed bug: Restocking of items sold by Vicky (Arcane Arts) produces wrong prices after buying all items of a single type. (PR#1276)
      Fixed the issue where the NPC in the prologue knows about the player's penis when this shouldn't be the case. (PR#1274 by AxeXP)
      Improved interaction between wing-arms (as seen on harpies and bat-morphs) and clothing. (PR#1249 by Stadler)
      Fixed the phone menu sex stats display for blowjobs performed and received being the wrong way around. (PR#1270 by AceXP)
      Fixed bug where CoverableArea.MOUTH could never be discovered, blocking knowledge of NPCs' oral skills. (PR#1260 by AceXP)
      Altered race tooltip to better reflect knowledge from 'observant', and improved some of the related text in the full appearance description page. (PR#1236 by NoStepOnSneks)
      Fixed bug where you could become an angel by self-transforming into the appearance of one while being a slime, and then solidifying into flesh via a TF potion. (PR#1292 by NoStepOnSneks)
  • Engine/Code:
    • Tidied up the default enslavement dialogue node and moved related text out into external txt files (into the txt/characters and txt/characters/offspring files).
      Moved fluid modifier ingestion effects out of GameCharacter's ingestFluid method and into the corresponding FluidModifier Enum values.
      Added methods in Game class for detection of metric sizes, weights, and fluids, so that these values can easily be found out when using the parsing engine.
      Added hooks to item, weapon, and clothing types in the parser, under ITEM_id, WEAPON_id, and CLOTHING_id, where 'id' is the id of the item you want to reference.
      Added functionality for NPCs to use items during sex.
  • Gameplay:
    • Added 'construction worker' as a background that can be chosen during character creation. It offers some physical attribute buffs, as well as halving all room upgrade costs.
      Slightly altered friendly occupant job search mechanics. You can now prevent friendly occupants who don't have their own apartment from getting a job, and suggest to them that they quit their current job if they've already found one.
      'Orgasmic level drain' is now an equippable trait.
      The 'Hypno watch' which you get from Arthur can now be enchanted to add or remove lisp, stutter, and slovenely speech. (Only works on random NPCs and yourself.)
  • Penetrative size-difference:
    • Changed orifice capacity (and therefore related stretch mechanics) to be based on penetrative objects' diameter, not length.
      Added calculation for penis diameter, based on a character's penis length, girth, and modifiers (flared gives +5% diameter, tapered gives -5%).
      Added calculation for tail length, based on a character's height and tail type.
      Added calculation for tail diameter, based on a character's tail length and girth.
      Tails now stretch orifices in the same way that penises do.
      All of the following changes can be toggled off via the content option 'Penetration Limitations' (which is on by default):
      Internal orifices now have depth values, which are based on the character's height, if they are a taur, and if they have a non-flesh body material. Depth values be seen in the character description page (and in your phone menu's 'body stats' page).
      Depth values have 'comfortable' and 'uncomfortable' components. Taking an insertion past the 'comfortable' limit will cause severe arousal losses per turn for any non-masochistic character being penetrated.
      Characters in the 'rough' pace in sex will penetrate past the 'comfortable' depth limit, but all other paces will stop before passing into the 'uncomfortable' depth.
      Added a 'size-queen' fetish, which makes all depth values for that character's orifices considered to be 'comfortable'.
      Added 'extra-deep' orifice TF modifier, which doubles the depth of the orifice. This can be applied via the self-TF menu or by crafting TF potions.
  • Sex:
    • NPCs will now use pills during sex, depending on their fetishes, ongoing actions, mouth access, and whether or not they actually have any pills in their inventory.
      When performing oral on any orifice, the performing character will now swallow fluids previously deposited in that orifice, at a rate of 25ml per turn.
      NPCs who have the 'orgasmic level drain' perk will no longer choose to drain their slaves or companions.
      Elementals are now immune to the 'orgasmic level drain' effect.
      Added intercrural action availability to 'cowgirl' and 'reverse cowgirl' positions.
      Added 'throat control' sex action for if a character is performing a blowjob and has the 'internal muscles' orifice modifier for their throat.
      Characters now get +0.5 arousal/turn from an orifice they're penetrating being very tight, instead of -1/turn.
      Masochists now gain arousal per turn, instead of losing it, while their orifices are being stretched or penetrated too deeply.
  • Other:
    • Added quicksave and quickload buttons in the bottom-right of the game window, which grey-out when unavailable.
      Humans are no longer listed in the 'Races Present' tooltip for Enforcers present in tiles.
      In the inventory screen, added a colour indication to the 'Equip' action whenever enslavement-enchanted clothing to be equipped on an NPC will either succeed or fail to enslave them.
      You can no longer enslave NPCs before you have obtained a slaver license.
      Slightly tidied up the action titles for using & equipping items/clothing/weapons on NPCs in the inventory dialogue.
      Added fluid modifiers to the self-transformation menu for milk, crotch-milk, girlcum, and cum.
      Doubled the amount of essences which Sean has (to make sure that he doesn't run out of them during a fight).
      The 'scratch' and 'squirrel scratch' special attacks now have a 1-turn cooldown.
      You can no longer force the harpy matriarchs to drink fetish-altering potions (as that has the potential to alter their personalities in such a way so as to make future interactions with them completely nonsensical).
      Renamed 'Vixen's Virility' to 'Breeder pill', and 'Promiscuity pill' to 'Slut pill'. Improved effects tooltip for both of these items.
      Random NPCs who have a positive or negative desire towards either the pregnancy or impregnation fetish will now spawn in with slut pills or breeder pill in their inventory.
      Randomly-generated non-slave NPCs will now refresh their inventories every day.
      'Slut pills' are now far more expensive to buy from shopkeepers than 'breeder pills', due to a tax on their sale.
      Added an action in the debug menu to unlock all encyclopedia entries (under the 'Misc.' tab).
      Added two toggles in content options for allowing/disallowing furry or scaly characters to spawn in with hair. By default, furry hair is on, but scaly hair is off.
      Alligator 'hair' has been changed from 'head-scales' to 'hair', due to their default state of lacking hair now being correctly handled.
      NPCs who you invite to come and live with you now have their occupation reset to 'unemployed' when they move in, instead of remaining as a 'mugger' or 'prostitute' until finding a new job. (This is also retroactively applied to friendly occupants with no job when loading in.)
      Added some missing colours to slimes (including metallic colours as unnatural slime dye choices).
      Added basic tooltips to the buttons in the bottom-left of the game window (to make it a little more obvious that there are hotkey shortcuts for them).
      Improved formatting of the prices overlaid on item icons when trading in shops.
      The 'milk maid' clothing set bonus now has a far more powerful alternative version for if your background occupation is that of a maid. (In the same way that the basic 'maid' set bonus is buffed.)
      Slightly improved formatting of body description screen.
      Removed '+10 aura' effect from the crossdresser fetish.
  • Bugs:
    • Parsing and typo fixes.
      Fixed issue of the debug menu's self-TF function treating you as though you're a slime even if you weren't one.
      Fixed bug where a significant amount of unique NPCs would have their core corruption stat reset every time you loaded the game. (This appeared to be most noticeable with Brax.)
      Fixed issue with defining itemTags in clothing. If an itemTags element without a defined slot was present in the xml file, then itemTags with defined slots would accidentally override its tags (instead of being added on top of what was meant to be slot-independent tags).
      Defeating the rats after attempting to beat Murk up now correctly sets that area of the Rat Warrens as being cleared, which resolves the issue of Murk being incorrectly treated as still being present in the Milking Room.
      Fixed issue where enslaving the first of the defeated gang members in the post-combat scenes in the Rat Warrens would immediately return you to the tile's default dialogue, while leaving the other 5 rats on the tile.
      Fixed bug where there would be no dialogue displayed in the left and right corridors of the Rat Warrens after clearing them out.
      Fixed bug where you could choose the 'Leave' action in the Rat Warrens' Milking Room even after clearing that area of rats, which would cause Murk to reappear on the Milking Storage tile.
      You can now enslave the imps found in gangs in the tunnels in Submission.
      Fixed issue with slovenly speech not parsing correctly in some instances.
      Fixed issue with feathers and scales being incorrectly referred to in their singular form in standard parsing.
      Companions are no longer able to give birth while in your party.
      The occupancy ledger now keeps track of when a slave has given birth.
      Fixed issue where upon loading a saved game, all crotch-milk modifiers, including flavour, would be reset to the same modifiers of the character's main breast milk.
      After defeating them and driving them off, the demon leaders in the three Submission Fortresses will now correctly re-equip their clothing in time for your next encounter with them.
      Fixed Rose having the 'prude' personality trait. She now has the 'cowardly' and 'selfish' traits instead.
      Fixed a reference to the world map being 150 square kilometers, instead of correctly being described as 150km*150km.
      Fixed bug where Cultists would swallow promiscuity pills which you offered them, even though the text implied that they knocked it out of your hand.
      Fixed minor parsing issue with item tooltips having a greater height than was needed to fit the displayed information.
      Fixed bug with light theme tooltips not displaying correctly, and also fixed some other minor bugs related to light theme's formatting and appearance.
      Fixed minor issue with random German-shepherd-morph NPCs not having correct determiners appended in front of their name (such as 'a' or 'the').
      Fixed issue where demons in dark alleyway tiles would incorrectly reference pregnancies as having imps as the resulting offspring.
      The 'Double creampie' action now correctly applies penetrative effects to the second character (i.e. taking their virginity, starting to stretch them them out, etc.).
      Fixed issues with the availability of the 'slap ass' sex action.
      Bike shorts no longer block intercrural sex actions.
      Fixed bug where if you had the 'Servant of fire' spell upgrade (or any of the other elemental school equivalents), your elemental would refuse to have dominant sex with you, instead of refusing to have submissive sex.
      Fixed issue with slimes' subspecies detection not being based on the slime colour, but the character's underlying (hidden) subspecies colour. (e.g. A blue harpy-slime was being incorrectly identified as a phoenix-harpy-slime if the characters' 'feather colour' was glowing red, even though these feathers cannot be seen.)
      Menu buttons in the bottom-left of the game window now correctly refresh when loading a game.
      Fixed bug where the hypno watch could disappear from your inventory upon loading your game.
      Fixed bug where random characters who used you in the stocks would not disappear after the scene had ended.
      Fixed issue with incorrect Enforcer races being displayed as being present in Submission's safe path tiles.
      Fixed potential issue with Brax not being found at the Enforcer HQ's reception desk after completing his part of the main quest.
      Fixed issue with the debug menu's 'race resets' not working correctly for 'half-demon' and 'demon' options. Resetting your race to something other than a demon will now also correctly remove your underlying demon identification.
      Fixed characters being able to use 'muscle control' sex actions while in the 'resisting' pace.
      Urethra and nipple internal orifice modifiers (ribbed, muscled, tentacled), are now only applied if the orifice is able to be penetrated.
      Fixed incorrect name parsing for all orifice modifier addition/removal descriptions, and incorrect references to a character's breasts when modifying crotch-boobs.
      If you have the related content options turned off, then anal and foot fetishes will no longer show up in your fetish menu, nor in the fetish enchantment options.
      Fixed several instances where ingesting fluids could throw a background error and potentially cause the game to become unresponsive.

    Wednesday, 5 February 2020

    Minor delay on v0.3.6.8

    Hello again!

    I just wanted to make this small post to apologise for how the updated preview of v0.3.6.8 is being delayed, and to let you know that it will probably be pushed to github on Thursday evening now. The reason for this delay is that the expansion of penetrative size-difference content is taking longer to get implemented than I expected. It should be done in time for Thursday, however, and so I'll get the updated preview out then.

    I'll then most likely get the full release of v0.3.7 out around Wednesday 12th. Sorry again for this delay!