Monday, 24 July 2017

Targets for 0.1.82

Hello again! ^^

These are my targets for version 0.1.82! The full version will be released on August 4th, but there will also be a preview version for patrons released on July 28th. If you aren't a patron, just remember that you'll be able to build the game from its source when I put up the public github. ^^

Goals for version 0.1.82:

Make the public github repository. This wil be done before Friday!

Make save games compatible. This is going to be a lot of work, and may end up running into the next version as well, but I'll do my best to get it done for this version!

Finish the next stage of the main quest. Scarlett and Alexa's content.

Implement the start of slavery & NPC romance.

Add tail-on-partner actions in sex scenes, and at least one more sex position. 'Dominant kneeling', 'Back-to-wall (anal)' and 'Cowgirl' are on the list.

Add more items of male clothing.

Do a lot of bug fixing, add several minor suggestions, and add some more content here and there.

Patreon goals:

Publish a work schedule.

Start work on getting a website up and running. I want to move away from wikia and host a proper wiki.

P.S. Thank you so, so much to everyone who's supporting me on Patreon! And thank you to everyone for playing and enjoying Lilith's Throne! ^^


  1. Amazing, do you have any plan for:
    1. Tentacles, insect, monster/beast(we have beast-man already so i am refering to actual beast) and machine sex
    2. I think you can add Infertile Perk for people who don't want to get pregnant, adding Risk Day warning feature so people can prepare
    3. I hope you add more outfit/clothes

    1. Thanks! ^^

      1. Tentacles, feral creatures, and machine sex are all planned. Insects will be added as wasp and bee-morphs, but actual insects are probably not going to be added.

      2. I'll add the 'infertile' perk to my list, good suggestion! I don't think I'll model pregnancy mechanics to take into account 'risk days' though, at least not for the foreseeable future.

      3. There will be more (male) clothes coming soon!

    2. 1. It's disappointed that you add male clothes for the near future, i hope you add more stylish clothes for female(tight miniskirt, office blouse,....), thighs accessories and rings for female, and earings to buy(a simple Piercings is poor). And garter-belt will be amazing
      2. Do you have plan to remake character customize, a character customize like the game Newlife of Splendidostrich will be great
      3. I think you can add a Suprise Capture/Catch Rate, cause the stalker in game is too "good" to the point that they will face-to-face the MC. Adding Struggle(like Escape option) and Submit option
      4. I recently thinking about Untransformable Perk, or a Perk that make you revert back to Human for "a certain time"
      Adding Rapist Fetish(want to rape the others) and Being Raped Fetish(want to be raped)
      5. Sexual Harrass Event, Matrubate Option outside H-scene(matrubate in Alley will have a chance being catch, have Fight or Submit)

    3. 1. There currently are more feminine clothes than masculine. It wouldn't hurt to balance out a bit. With that said the feminine clothes will prolly remain the more flashy and colorful ones.
      2. Yes, the char creator will be redone in the future
      3. Not sure what you mean too good. Do you mean giving the PC the chance to avoid the encounter entirely? Sure, why not add a chance of escape.
      4. Sure an Immutable perk would be good. A TF perk was recently added so that'd be like the Yui to the Yang. I believe "temp TF pots" were suggested
      Rapist fetish/partner's equivalent would be an interesting add. I don't know what fetish would be called for the person wanting to be raped those ><.
      5. There will be plenty of events or quests added some time in the future and the out-of-combat masturbation idea had already been proposed.

    4. 1. There's a big imbalance at the moment between the number of feminine and masculine clothing. I need to fix this for all the players who like playing as a male character.
      2. Yes, definitely, the character creation screen is going to get completely revamped within the next few versions.
      3. That's a good point, I'll add some more options for the start of the 'ambush' event. ^^
      4. I'mm adding a 'non-consent fetish' in this next version! I'll also see about adding temporary TFs and an anti-TF perk.
      5. I'll be adding events and scenes like those soon! ^^

    5. 1. Actually my idea is you make higher-grade version of outfits look more stylish, ore more sexy, attactive(like epic version of blouse is office blouse,.....). Beside do you plan for crafting, enchanting clothes
      2. I advise you add 4 perk:
      +Tight Pussy Perk: have higher chance pussy being stretch, but sex pantner Orgasm faster
      +Tight Anal Perk: same like Tight Pussy Perk but apply for Anal
      +Wide Pussy Perk: being stretch getting more difficult but sex pantner Orgams
      +Wide Anal Perk: same like Wide Pussy Perk but apply for Anal
      3. I think you can separate Lust Bar into:
      +Orgasm Bar: indicate how close the MC to orgasm
      +Lust Bar: indicate current biological/sexual need of character(along with related perk), matrubation out-of-combat and sexual activity will reduce it
      *Remember Corruption is psychological state, not biological state, it is not the same as Lust, Orgasm is collective of sexual excitement in sexual activity and release as a response from body, it different from Lust
      4. Add Gangbang Event/Scene, Gangbang Fetish, Monsters/Beast Fetish, Tentacles Fetish(its already in your lish), Machines Fetish,....
      5. I think Nympho Perk(Nympho is psychological state rather than biological state) is equal to the highest corruption level, make its unlockable in full corruption state is make more sense than let it open in the beginning. You can add Sex Experienced and Sex Master Perk for replacement
      5. Habits Diary is a good feature(about MC habit in doing "thing", the frequency, current state of MC like virgin lost, sex experience...). And more Stats(like Charms, Lewdness,.....)
      6. , you can play this game, i admit it have an amazing character creation system(especially body visual)

    6. Orifice tightness is already in, you can play around with it in the transformation menu, probably better to bake any gameplay effects into that than adding a perk system on top, though I guess there could be a chargen option to make you tighter and more elastic from the get go, etc.
      Not too interested in a lust bar since it's kinda redundant with the more interesting weather system and they're mostly just in games like this to be a pain (haven't jerked off in the last three minutes? Enjoy instantly losing to a tease attack!)

  2. The easiest way to handle save compatibility is to appended a stat to the save file that marks the save version of said save.
    From there, you have a systematic approach to adapting those saves to new versions, with each version updating via a different method call(or switch statement, or whatnot). Things like extra stats, adjustments, etc- all those things that need changing to allow for compatibility.
    Then, you update said field (governing version) to the next compatible version. By wrapping a loop around the update with a granular approach to different versions, the save is gradually adapted towards working in the current version.
    it's also an indirect version history, as the game changes relate to the save file.

    1. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep it in mind when working on the save game compatibility stuff! ^^

  3. Regarding current demon TF: I know it's temporary, and I guess you wanted to make it rarer than the others (hence the price of the enchantable pots at Ralph Shop), but the Arcane Shop can sell a lot of ready to use demon tf for only 60€. Which is cheap.

    Also, when i started to tf, i was a partial incubus, which is logical.
    Then i got a demon face and suddenly i was a proper incubus (despite still having 80% of my body still humain).

    1. I also have quite a lot of feedback regarding the combat system, but I think I'll post that on discord this evening.

      Btw my walls of text do not mean I'm not interested by the post: I actually think all of that new is really promising

    2. Thanks for the feedback! ^^

      I'll remove the demon transformation consumables when I add the lore-friendly way to become a demon, but I'll see if I can tweak the prices of those potions a little before then.

      I'm going to change the 'greater/lesser/minor/partial' morph titles into something else, as it's not really working very well at the moment. ^^

  4. Ohh, the possibilities! Our bodies are ready!

    1. Also, don't forget about being allowed to give head and being bottom when you are the winner.

    2. I'll be adding that for this next version! ^^

  5. Will the website also have a forum?

    1. I'd like to work towards that, yes, but to begin with I'll concentrate more on getting a wiki up and running. ^^

  6. Congratulation with your lunch on Patreon! It's great to see, that such interesting project have a lot of followers.

    I love Lilith's Throne: it's rare game that, for example, let males have milky breats, without developing female breasts. It's nice to induldge into muscleman milk kink =)

    Can nipple piercing be changed into gender neutral type? I would love to use it in my Leather Daddy fantasies without taking Cross dressing fetish. And jockstraps would be great addition, too =P

    1. Thank you for all the kind words! ^^

      I will change the piercings to 'neutral femininity', good call. I'll also add 'jockstrap' to the list of clothing to add in the future!

  7. hello
    my english is very bad so i use google translate

    Is the current breast milk useful?

    Read some games when pregnant will be breast milk

    But this game seems to be pregnant and will not be breast milk

    Will the future be added?

    Feeling breastfeeding though this function seems to be useless

    It is possible to make tentacles
    Is it possible to remove the equipment like this parasitic equipment?

    I quite like to parasite this theme

    1. I don't think any of those are in the game yet. I say yet because Innoxia probably has a list of suggested features a mile long by this point and if by some chance she didn't have those on that list, she likely does now.

    2. Hello! ^^

      Breast milk does not do anything currently. I'll be expanding that content soon! Pregnancy will also increase lactation soon. ^^

      Tentacles will be added soon as well. The jinxed (parasitic) equipment is currently bugged, so sometimes the quest that leads to its removal doesn't trigger. I'll be fixing that for the next version!

      Thanks for the feedback! ^^