Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Version Release

Edit (January 1st): Happy New Year! I ended up being busier than expected over the Christmas period, so the update isn't ready just yet. I'll see if I can get it out within the next few days!

Hello again!

First of all, a thousand apologies for the horrendously-long delay between this version and the last public release. Throughout November I really struggled to get the framework for Axel's quest into a format that I was happy with, and so progress ended up being stalled a lot by that.

Due to the size of his quest (mainly caused by the extra loss routes), I still haven't managed to fill in the placeholder text for it, so I'd advise waiting to do a proper playthrough of the quest until the next release. Speaking of which, I'll try to get an updated public version out by the end of the year, and even if it doesn't end up filling in all of the placeholders, it will definitely be a lot more fleshed out than in this current state.

Anyway, I hope that you find at least some things in this update interesting, and I promise that I'll go back to having a far more frequent release schedule in the new year.

I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

The artwork of Lyssieth in this post was done by 'FriendlyAlienFriend'. There are also naked/underwear/pregnant/futa variations found within the game (drawn from Lyssieth's artwork folders within the res folder), making 16 images in total.
You can find FriendlyAlienFriend over on their (NSFW) twitter account here:

As always, you can also build these releases yourself from the public github (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
(There's a build tutorial here.)

IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

v0.3.5.8 Download Links

This is still an alpha, and contains bugs and half-finished content!


Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

.exe (For Windows if you haven't installed/updated java.):

Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

32-bit .exe (For 32-bit Windows if you haven't installed/updated java.):

Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

v0.3.5.7 Patch Notes

  • Contributions:
    • Fixed some stores in the Shopping Arcade causing a softlock. (PR#1227 by triples941)
      Fixed several issues with random attacker dialogue not displaying correctly. (PR#1231 by triples941)
      Made some slight adjustments to Maven configuration. (PR#1235 by Zsar)
      Fixed issue with NPC sex positioning sometimes causing a game-breaking bug in sex. (by Rist)
  • Gameplay:
    • Added a new quest for Axel. (There is a lot of placeholder dialogue for now, and is still very rough around the edges. It will be improved for the next update!)
      Added a 'Quick Sex' action to sex, under the 'Misc. Actions' tab. Selecting this will immediately end sex, but apply all effects as though (some basic) sex had taken place. A short description of the sex actions performed will be displayed.
      Added a 'Gape content' preference, which by default is turned on (keeping the game's behaviour as it always has been). When turned off, 'gaping' descriptions of orifices are replaced with less extreme descriptions (such as just 'loose'), and any special gape-related content will be hidden.
  • Artwork:
    • Added: 16 images for Lyssieth drawn by FriendlyAlienFriend. These include variations for human/lilin forms, pregnancy, and futa.
  • Other:
    • Demons no longer spawn with tentacles in their anus and vagina. (I'll add those for different demon varieties in the jungle and some other places later on.)
      Improved generic sex effects (such as when slaves are having sex when you are not present) to take into account girlcum and milk being drunk, condoms being used, orifices being stretched, and body parts being dirtied by cum.
      Moved dice poker and some more of Slaver Alley's dialogue text into external .txt files.
      Added 'Bounty Hunter Lodge' location in Slaver Alley.
      Renamed 'Alexa' to 'Helena'. (For three reasons: I felt there were a disproportionate amount of 'A'-named unique NPCs; I wanted her name to be similar to a beautiful character from mythology; I didn't want her to share a name with a popular intrusive electronic device.)
      NPCs will now prefer to move out of the 'standing' position if they want to have penetrative sex.
      Added day incrementing to debug menu's 'Misc.' actions.
      In combat, NPCs should now only cast status-effect-application spells on suitable targets (i.e. they should no longer continuously use spells such as 'poison vapours' on a target which already has has associated status effect).
      In combat, NPCs will now use a wider range of moves available to them, and will be a lot more willing to cast defensive spells on themselves or their allies.
      You can now transform vaginas of pregnant characters (but cannot remove them). The unborn offspring are unaffected by this.
      Added 'Mute' personality trait, which at the moment is unavailable to the player, and has a 0.01% of being given to a random NPC.
      Added options to have repeat sex with Lyssieth in her lilin form after you've been transformed into a demon.
      Improved Lyssieth's sex preferences when having repeat sex with her in her office.
  • Items:
    • Added: 'Pistol crossbow' (common, one-handed, ranged, sold by Vicky).
      Updated: Chaos feather (rare) to 'rough arcane feather', and Chaos feather (Epic) to 'arcane feather'. Updated icons for each, and increased their value.
      Added: 'Pristine arcane feather' (legendary, one-handed, ranged, sold by Vicky).
      Added support for tertiary colouring of weapons.
      Added a 'self-transformation inhibition' enchantment, which can be added to clothing and tattoos by selecting the primary modifier 'Special effects' and then the secondary modifier 'Self-Transformation inhibition'. While worn/tattooed onto someone, this enchantment prevents demons and slimes from accessing the self-transformation menu.
      Moved slave collar into res folder, improved icon and description, and added more recolouring options. Default enchantments for slave collar are now -15 arcane, -15 lust resist, sealing, enslavement, and self-transformation inhibition.
      Added 'removal' as a secondary modifier for breast transformation potions, which completely flattens breasts when used.
      Moved all leg clothing into external res folder, and slightly improved several leg clothing icons (skirt, miniskirt, pleated microskirt, belted microskirt, bike shorts, hotpants, tight jeans, jeans).
      Added a requirements element to tattoo xml files, so you can limit tattoo availability based on the target who is receiving it. (See the 'heart womb' tattoo xml file for an example.)
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed background error sometimes being thrown when generating half-demons, which was blocking randomly-spawned characters from being half-demons.
      Quite a few typo, parsing, and formatting fixes.
      Fixed some background errors when in non-companion dialogue for the random harpy attackers, Submission tunnel attackers, and Bat cavern attackers.
      Fixed incorrect descriptions when an enemy forces a transformation potion onto your companion (after being defeated in combat).
      Asymmetrical skirt now correctly blocks the anus slot when not pulled up.
      NPCs spawning with randomly generated weapons will now have enough essences to use their weapons (if any of them have an essence cost).
      Fixed incorrect public sex descriptions from being displayed while you were watching sex in public places.
      Fixed 'Offer body' dialogue not working in random attacker scenes when you didn't have a companion with you.
      Fixed bug where bat cavern random bat-morph attackers would not initialise correctly (and therefore no bat-morph enemies would spawn when you were travelling through or exploring the tunnels of the bat caverns).
      Fixed issue where randomly spawned clients in Angel's Kiss might sometimes not be cleared up correctly.
      Fixed formatting bug where expanding a character's 'Stats' information box would conceal the 'Perks' information box beneath it.
      Fixed some cases where menu navigation could get slightly broken when sending companions home or dismissing elementals.
      Fixed issue where characters would not be recognised as half-siblings if one or more of the three relevant parents were removed from the game.
      Corrected Slime Queen's job perk icon.
      Companion's elementals should no longer do increased damage if the difficulty setting is meant to be boosting enemy damage.
      Fixed application of lisp and stutter in speech causing style tags to break.
      Fixed player's gender identity not being correctly set (this shouldn't affect anything, and if it's used in future content, I'll provide a way to define it).
      Breast feeding and other oral+nipple actions are no loner blocked when nipple penetration content is turned off.
      Fixed issue where the UI could sometimes freeze on the 1st of every month.
      Fixed bug where half-demon offspring would not initialise correctly and cause game-breaking freezes. This was being encountered at the moment of impregnation if generated offspring were half-demons.
      Fixed mouth orifice always being referred to as 'a mouth'.
      Fixed issues with Roxy sometimes being happy to switch to anilingus or other sex types.
      Random NPCs will no longer spawn wearing Enforcer's tactical combat boots.
      'Impregnations' tattoo counter should now function correctly.
      Helena will no longer return to her nest after taking over Scarlet's shop in slaver alley.
      Fixed bug where clothing unequipped as a result of a body part transformation (such as unequipping a tail ribbon when losing your tail) would not revert attribute modifications from that clothing item.
      Clothing which requires a penis to be equipped (condoms & chastity cages) can no longer be equipped onto strapons or dildos. (This change was made due to an underlying conflict in the code, but I will try to refactor it at some point to re-enable this behaviour.)
      Meraxis (The Dark Siren) will now correctly use all of the spells at her disposal.
      Fixed minor issue where NPCs' home locations were not cleared correctly upon being removed from the game.
      Fixed issue with NPCs' combat move selection not working correctly.
      Fixed some incorrect skin colours on Axel.
      Fixed 'Offer body' in the post-loss dice poker scene being available even if the gambler is not attracted to you.

    v0.3.5.8 Patch Notes

  • Axel's quest:
    • Tidied up fetish gain text in captive TF routes.
      Fixed issues with NPC targeting in the post-combat-loss stocks sex scene.
      Fixed numerous bugs and issues with dialogue flow in the Murk captive loss route.
      Added and altered some scenes in Murk's captive loss route.
      Locked several of the transformation administered by Murk behind the new 'gape' content toggle.
      Murk now wields a metal bat.
      If involuntary NTR is off, you now get the option to have your companion escape at the end of combat losses.
      You can now save the game when Murk's captive (at night, when you can move around).
  • Items:
    • Added: 'Wooden bat' and 'Metal bat' melee weapons. One-handed, sold by Vicky. Muggers can sometimes be found using them.
  • Sex:
    • Orifice elasticity is now factored into the calculation of whether a penetration is too big to fit comfortably into an orifice. The stretch calculation also now more accurately takes into consideration the penetrating object's size.
      At lower elasticity values, orifices now stretch out slower and stretch out to sizes closer to the penetrating object's size (due to the change above).
      Penis girth is now factored in when calculating if a penis is too large for an orifice.
      NPCs will no longer start sucking their own tail during sex unless they have an oral fetish.
      Crotch-nipples now have stretch effects when being penetrated in sex like all other orifices.
  • Other:
    • The 'locked in bondage' clothing set is now activated when wearing at least 3 set items instead of at least 4.
      Zebra, leopard, and lion morphs now have 5 Fire shielding. Snow leopard morphs now have 5 Cold shielding.
      Added 'arctic-fox' subspecies, which is detected by being a fox-morph with white fox-fur.
      Added 'dark blue' and 'blue' to eye colours. The old value of 'blue' eyes is now classified as 'light blue'.
      Slightly reduced save file size.
      Swapped 'thin' and 'slender' penis girth decriptors (so 'thin' is now the thinnest).
      Character view's capacity descriptors for anus and vagina are now coloured according to their capacity.
      Added inverted nipples as a new nipple shape. There's a 2.5% chance for characters with breasts to spawn in with inverted nipples. Added a transformation for inverted nipple shape.
  • Bugs:
    • Parsing fixes.
      Fixes issue with 'Anal control' action being unlocked by having an internally-muscled vagina, instead of internally-muscled anus.
      Fixed some (harmless) background errors being thrown when half-demon characters were generated.


    1. Awesome to see an update! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Inno!

    2. What what, in the butt.

      Perfect Christmas gift for the people who can afford everything they want... which is meaningless since they are broke as shit.

    3. How i can start Alex quest ?

      1. talk to him in the gamboling den, I think you have to talk to the ratgirl merchant before you can start in on quest talk because she figures in

    4. Oh cool, it's released now, nice.

    5. Yes!! More FriendlyAlien art! I like the other two, but LOVE Alien's artwork!

    6. Good to see more art commissions. :)
      I personally prefer bodies with normal/smaller "assets" but other than that the Aunt looks good, the skin shading in particular looks pretty nice. Keep up the good work, FriendlyAlien!

    7. When innoxia finally posts another updated version of lilith's throne

    8. I look forward to seeing the mute option in action once it is able to be used by player characters.

      Merry Christmas and thank you for updating, Innoxia.

      Remember to take care of yourselves people and have a good continuing December and then a Happy New Year.

    9. I haven't been able to do anything other than oral with Kruger in a few updates, anyone else have that problem?

    10. (Un)Holy MILF. I love this "Lyssieth" character.

    11. Don't know if it's just me but I'm unable to properly enter Lyssieth's office. Mousing over buttons where the options would normally be displays the tool-tip and I am still able to initiate dominant or submissive sex but none of the talk options work and the option to transform into a demon appears to be missing (can't remember if that was gated behind talk options).

      1. Having the same issue here as well.
        The demon transformation was gated behind the talk options. You needed to go through each of the talk options with her and the transform option would appear.
        On a funny note, I have a save where I had already transformed and all of the buttons were working just fine.

      2. This comment has been removed by the author.

      3. And same there ...
        The bug seems to be fixed in the dev branch in the github, but I can't build it, no matter what, every generated jar crash at startup with error
        Caused by: java.lang.VerifyError: Inconsistent stackmap frames at branch target 70
        Exception Details:
        com/lilithsthrone/game/character/effects/StatusEffect$220.extraRemovalEffects(Lcom/lilithsthrone/game/character/GameCharacter;)Ljava/lang/String; @70: ldc
        Type uninitialized 57 (current frame, stack[5]) is not assignable to uninitialized 50 (stack map, stack[5])
        Supposedly an error with my jdk, tried different version of 1.8, nothing work, guess we'll have wait a new version then ...

        (ps : if anyone has an idea on why I can't build a working .jar I would really like to know.)

    12. Games bust for me, store do not update stock i have a never ending storm date changes and and slaves sold just clog up in the market as they do not get cleared out with the start of the new day

    13. I really want to be enslaved in this game but i guess i just have to do with amber

    14. Why is it that dark alleyway demons lack the talk option and don't stick around anymore?

    15. I understand that adding new content comes at the cost of newfound bugs, so I'll just put this here for the time being and maybe it can be picked up on later.

      Personal slave routes?
      Wearing a collar or any other item that adds the enslavement enchantment to yourself, or implementing some enemies to spawn with the ability to enslave you after defeating you in battle. If you are defeated, then you get taken to their home or sold in Slaver Alley until you find an escape route. I don't mean taken to Slaver Alley and then getting fucked once or twice, I mean actually bought by someone, or being taken by the enemy that defeated you, with a fully fledged path.

      1. I agree with you! I thought about that too, however as you said, it seems to be very complicated, buggy, to implement it in the game now.

        so +1!

    16. Hooray, she did it! Best Christmas gift ever! But seriously, thank you for your hard work. Merry Christmas!

    17. Solid, looking forward to what comes next. Happy Winter Solstice!

    18. Why does it literally seem like 12-year-olds are playing this game and not actual adults?
      "Hooray! Best Xmas gift evar!"

    19. is foot fetish fixed?
      Last version had just one position with it available

    20. All I can think to say is never give up Innoxia!

    21. There's no mention from what I read of the enforcer content, you know the one where if you're out late at night or something. Is that included in this update?

      1. Doesn't seem so, at least from reading the patch notes and my experience playing, but I didn't really expect it when I heard Inno was struggling with the direction of the Axel quest since that was a major chunk of what was supposed to be in the update. At least the background work for enforcer encounters was set by their most recent content additions (equipment and such) so we can hope to see it in the update after the next (I highly doubt we'll see it in the next update as there appears to be a lot of dialogue and description still to be added in the Axel quest).

    22. O M G I need that mute option for my character. Also still waiting for my in depth birthing scenes and a taur variant of it.

    23. fingers crossed for size difference content

    24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    25. Also as a suggestion have a slave path/or forced TF path for each lets say kink e.g. Sissification,Bimboification,Sluttification,MTF.....etc normal hentai things. But just a event caused by submiting to a random person in the alley where they just capture the PC and go down one of these paths and they only release the PC once the full transformation is complete they all could have the same structure of "bit of transforming then some dialog then a bit more then some sexual teasing all building up to the final fucking" just to add to the slave kink but also cover alot of stuff easily or this could be used as a failure scene when loosing a boss battle like the demons of the Dark Siren quest or like the ending of teleportation quest have the PC turned into a breeder for the stocks for getting defeated at the last fight.

      This is a thing that i liked from Trials in Tainted space so just hoping for it make its way here.

      Also could you add sissy as a gender preference ik its technically shemale but you still have those nuances but i digress. Idk if you see this but keep up the great work m8

      1. ... Dr... Badger? ;)

        Cool thing is that one path to the Axel quest is kind of along these lines. As for random npcs going into very specific paths, there's definitely a lot more to that list than the four you mentioned and it seems like it would be too much work (particularly at this stage in development I think it would just be another system that would be a hassle to keep stable - it's more viable for after the main quest line is complete).

        But I like the way you think. A good compromise could be a certain percentage chance that the PC be kept around for another dose of the potion that the random npc is already using on them (little specific dialogue needs to be added if it's added onto the existing system and not running through a specific kink like the ones you mentioned - and any issues that crop up with this SHOULD be tied to the code that triggers the chance of it happening). Or that the PC is captured and, in between rounds of transformation and sex, there is an option to remain another round or attempt to escape (with a chance of failure).

        As for the gender preference, you are able to change the name by going into options then gender pronouns.

      2. Problem is that for shemale there is no restriction of bust size with lets say the sissy archetype usually has a small cock and small breasts where as shemale there is no real limit to those changes so you'd end up with large arse breasts and you cant use the trap gender as it has no breasts basically just the shemale gender but with lower values for height,bust and penis length and maybe more feminine that the shemale gender but eh.

        But one simple to add is a way to like you suggest have multiple rounds as you can pretty much do that already but its tedious as you have spam explore then press submit then swallow then do the sex and then repeat, the addition of quick sex helps but still tedious.

      3. This comment has been removed by the author.

      4. @A Simple Fapper

        The male harpies in this game are what you would consider "sissies". They are basically feminine males with small breasts and tiny dicks, which is easily achievable on your own (even without the harpy transformation).

        The only thing that may not be to your liking is that there is no official slot or label for sissy males (as there is for shemale, herm, cuntboy, etc), but you can still make one using the appropriate TF potions and tweaking the values to match what you want. The rest, you need some imagination to go along with it... but that's half the point of playing a text-game. ;)

      5. Instead of trying to make 'Sissy' a gender detection type, why not make it something akin to the Lusty Maiden fetish and replace the virgin fetish with something like submissive.

        The derived fetish could have effects such as cock shrinking or breast shrinking and add bonuses to things like teasing or bypassing the gender preferences of NPCs and you retain the fetish as long as you don't have a vagina.

    26. Helena wasn't shown to be in Slaver's Alley until after buying Scarlett, and there ended up being two of her, one of which is still called "Alexa" in her character page.

    27. When time passing to the next month, day-night circle breaks, and eternal dark night comes.

    28. I really like about some NPC can have a portrait. So, I have a question: Can I put a portrait on my character?

      1. Yes, when you go into your character's "selfie", you should see a plus sign in the top right corner, that's the button for adding artwork.

    29. How do you get rid of the status (I forgot its name) that you get from ingesting too much cum/milk?

    30. Also I can transform my slaves' nipples into nipplecunts but I can't figure out how or what position I have to be in to actually, ya know, put my dick in em

      1. Literally any position where you would thrust said dick between them.

      2. Receiving Oral or 69 (top or bottom) will allow you to nipple fuck your slave.
        Caveat: Said titties need to be a certain size before you can actually pump some meat into said nipple cunts (C or D cup, can't remember which).

      3. D, because that's the threshold when tiity-humping is allowed.

    31. Thanks for the update, a lot of good progress in there!

      I was wondering about a few additions to your todo list somewhere down the line. The public areas could have some flavor text in the form of comments from, for example the crowds in dominion.

      Comments would be on the PC's appearance, such as nudity, body parts and their sizes, visible orifices and gaping, cum splatter and inflation and eventually these could have variations based on things like PC fetishes e.g. a submissive PC might receive more abusive comments.

      Finally the areas could affect comments as well, for example harpies would comment more based on what harpies preferred and in turn disparage what they don't like. Imo it would bring some life to areas that you usually just breeze through on your way to somewhere else.

      Another couple of additional random suggestions,

      - "honeyed" or "syrupy", might be a good additional descriptor for the honey flavored liquids, and possibly "candied" for cherry flavored ones.

      -It came to mind that there is drool wetness, but no flavors!

      -Finally, if your body parts get too big or heavy or you are too filled with liquids (yours or someone's) the PC shouldn't be able to move at all - I imagine fun times for whoever happens to come across such an unlucky burdened PC. Perhaps a helpful auntie might eventually come along to fix you back to more feasible proportions - to rescue you conveniently late after the fun's been had. Just a little something to stop the PC from ballooning into wholly impossible sizes.

      Cheers for the hard work!

      1. The Body parts I know are planned, but the rest sound interesting.

    32. Had a bug a couple times where I'd enslave an alleyway mugger, head back to the manor to set up a room for them, and after leaving one of the management screens (setting up their job?) I was faced with the post-battle scene, complete with victory text and buttons (continue, sex, inventory, etc.). If I chose continue the slave would vanish from the room as if I had left them alone back in the alley.

      1. This happens when you wear enslavement item without sex.

    33. Why does this game always start chugging and lagging so hard? I don't understand.

      1. Try upping computer resource priority to the task with Task Manager.

      2. I think the longer you run the game the worse it gets when it comes to lagging. A memory leak or some kind of code/save bloat... I'm not really sure, but I've heard other people say something along those lines.

    34. tick tock tick tock to the new year

      1. "Edit (January 1st): Happy New Year! I ended up being busier than expected over the Christmas period, so the update isn't ready just yet. I'll see if I can get it out within the next few days!"

    35. is the Perk irresistible appeals not suppose to work? just wondering cause i had it had sex with vicky did jack shit unless thats not how the perk works in which case how does it work

    36. For some reason since this update my player characters can no longer use submissive whine or look small interaction and their equivalents as they for some reason are suddenly required to have an unblocked mouth despite them only showing up when the mouth is blocked, has anyone else experienced this particular issue?

      1. Protesting cry doesn't work either as it also suddenly requires an unblocked mouth.

    37. This comment has been removed by the author.

    38. Excuse me i'm still new here but i'd like to ask a quick question
      Where is the KKP that spawned in version 3.5.1?
      I'd have pass every almost unwinnable battle through trickery not overpowered attack
      I'd also like to check the dominating route of every character through sheer force please
      If you could bring back the KKP that'd be awesome
      Thank you.

    39. Where is that something? Weekend is over, just push the half finished stuff so we can be sure you are actually doing something.

      The long pauses really make it seem you are just taking long breaks all the time.

      1. it says on the GitHub that the game was last edited 7 days ago which I honestly find extremely stange because isn't the dev branch meant to mean the edition of the game the dev is CURRENTLY working on?

      2. First, thank you Inno for pushing an update.

        Yes, but I understand that they are only pushing larger chunks that are actually buildable and not totally bugged/broken.
        Lots of people build from the source while understanding nothing, and they would come complaining in comments and issues, not respecting that some things are WIP.

        From what I have observer 'dev' is the smaller patches and updates until a larger, more stable version is achieved.

    40. So a few things: The day/night cycle is super broken, it stays the same no matter what time it is (i.e. Astronomical Twilight at 12:00). Also, I have partners with blocked mouths doing a "rough growl" though the description is that of either "submissive whine" or "protesting cry".

    41. could anyone write down all side missions? I would like to know if I missed any.