Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Progress News

Hello again!

This is just a small post to let you know how development is going towards version 0.4. I've been mainly working on getting bugs fixed and other minor things implemented since the last release, as well as getting started on the fields content. I tried to rework the way the main map works (to see if I could implement a different sort of encounter/location system), but unfortunately it didn't really work out in the end, so I had to revert to where I was before, losing a couple of days in the process...

Due in part to that setback, as well as needing to take a couple of days off to have a break, I'm still about a week or two away from getting the next update out. As it's been so long since a public release, I think I'm going to try to get a few small things implemented and get it out as quickly as possible, rather than trying to get a whole load of content added (which would probably take me longer than two weeks...).

So, in conclusion, I'm going to aim for getting the public update of 0.4 out by the end of this weekend, although it might not have as much content as you'd hoped for. After releasing that version, I'll move on to making a quick update to it to try and get some more content added.

Sorry about my lack of communication, and I'll do my best to make another update post at the end of this week (and hopefully the release a couple of days later)!