Sunday, 14 March 2021

Version 0.3.20 Release

Hello again,

I'm really sorry both for how long this version has taken to be released, as well as the lack of fields content in it. I've been feeling increasingly fatigued and stressed over the past few weeks, and I'm now at the point where my progress on LT has become but a shadow of what it once was. After this release, I'm going to have to take a couple of weeks off to try and rest and recover my energy. I'll let you know in another post when I'm back to working on v0.4.

Sorry again for the disappointment, and I'll really try to make v0.4 a version worth playing.

As always, you can also build these releases yourself from the public github's dev branch (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
(There's a build tutorial here.)

IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

v0.3.20 Download Links

This is still an alpha, and contains bugs and half-finished content!


Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive


Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

32-bit .exe (For 32-bit Windows):

Pre-zipped: Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

v0.3.20 Patch Notes

  • Contributions:
    • Fixed issue where some subspecies would spawn in canal tiles, even when their spawn rate is supposed to be zero. (by AceXP)
      Fixed bug where Natalya would be a regular succubus in new games, and not a demonic centaur - the fix will apply when loading into this version for if she's affected by this in your game. (by AceXP)
      Prevented Enforcers from inadvertently spawning as slimes. (by AceXP)
      Updated dragon lore entries. (by DSG)
      Fixed parsing error in spinneret webbing special attack. (by Stadler76)
  • C4M's clothing contributions:
    • (Note that these can only be spawned via the debug menu for the time being.)
      Added 'Trickster's Mask' (eyes slot, unisex).
      Added 'Trickster's Cloak' (over-torso & neck slots, unisex).
      Added 'Trickster's Tunic' (torso slot, feminine).
      Added 'Muramasa' weapon (melee, lust damage, one-handed).
      Added 'trickster' clothing set bonus for the above items.
  • TonyJC (creator) & NeverLucky (editor) clothing contributions:
    • Added 'cropped tank-top' (feminine, torso slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added 'cropped sweater' (feminine, over-torso slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added 'cropped T-shirt' (androgynous, torso slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added 'daisy dukes' (androgynous, leg slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added 'denim overalls' (androgynous, leg slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added 'one-strap crop top' (feminine, torso slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added 'shoulderless sweater' (feminine, over-torso slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added 'sleeveless shirt' (androgynous, torso slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added 'spaghetti crop tank-top' (feminine, torso slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added 'tank-top' (androgynous, torso slot, sold by Nyan).
      Added 'tied-up croptop' (feminine, torso slot, sold by Nyan).
  • Engine/Modding:
    • Added 'spreadsHerLegs' parsing command for handling the possibility of characters with no legs when describing 'spreads her legs'.
      Added ability to set 'additionalFootStructure' elements in modded 'leg' xml files, so you can set which foot structure is used by default for that leg type based on different leg configurations.
      Added 'TAIL_ATTACK' BodyPartTag for setting whether a tail is suitable for being used for the 'tail swipe' attack.
      Added 'HARPY_NESTS' as a world region, which prevents all Dominion races from showing up in the 'characters present' tooltip in the Harpy Nests.
      Defining a horn length of '0' in RacialBody.xml files will now force that femininity to spawn with no horns (updated hyena's RacialBody.xml file with comments on how this works).
      Added an optional 'nameTransformation' field to coveringType files so that you can set a name for the covering to be used in transformation menus (see 'race/innoxia/sheep/coveringTypes/wool_face.xml' for an example).
  • Races:
    • Added orange skin colour.
      Changed covering type of harpy legs from being feathers to bird skin.
      Added 'swan-harpy' as a subspecies of harpy, requiring white feathers and either grey or ebony leg skin to be identified as one. Helena is now a swan-harpy.
      Added 'sheep-morph' race.
      Added 'Ewe's Brew' (dandelion tea) consumable drink for the sheep-morph's attribute item.
      Added 'Wooly Goodness' (candy floss) consumable food for the sheep-morph transformative item.
      Added 'goat-morph' race.
      Added 'Pan's Flute' (champagne) consumable drink for the goat-morph's attribute item.
      Added 'Billy's Best' (goat cheese) consumable food for the goat-morph transformative item.
      Added 'pig-morph' race.
      Added 'Porcine Pop' (cola) consumable drink for the pig-morph's attribute item.
      Added 'Oinkers Fries' (curly fries) consumable food for the pig-morph transformative item.
  • Other:
    • You can now additionally apply the vibration enchantment to clothing which fits into the nipple, chest, penis, vagina, nipple-piercing, vagina-piercing, or cock-piercing slots.
      Added a few more items of clothing to the choices in character creation.
      You now require a bipedal leg configuration to be transformed into a demon.
      Added ability to set spider eyes as heterochromatic.
      Updated Angel's clothing.
      NPCs with a cloaca will no longer spawn with an equipped buttplug or chastity cage.
      Greater spider-morphs now have a 50% chance to spawn with 6 arms.
      Prevented rabbit and harpy tails from ever being suitable for penetration.
      The 'tail swipe' attack is now only available to alligators, sharks, and dragons who have a tail length greater than 1 metre.
      Safety goggles no longer spawn on the floor in Lilaya's lab (although they won't be removed if they're already spawned in your game). Instead, you can ask her for a spare lab coat (which gives you safety goggles as well).
      Cow-eyes now correctly have horizontal pupils by default.
      Made the 'furry hair' content option disabled by default (this won't affect your current settings).
      Wolf-morphs and border-collie-morphs now have +25% sheep-morph damage as part of their subspecies status effect.
      Added body size increase as an effect of the brown rat's burger.
  • Bugs:
    • Parsing fixes.
      Fixed issue in sex scenes where background errors would be thrown and potentially softlock the game when an anal fetishist orgasmed while receiving anal and having an empty vagina.
      Fixed issue where Helena's old slaves could get stuck on her shop tile and never despawn.
      Fixed bug where trying to open your inventory during character creation would throw background errors.
      Fixed issue where Dominion muggers were not using outfit files and so were spawning with completely random clothing.
      Added catch to handle error if actions for partners in sex were not being generated properly.
      Removed all references to 'legs' for characters who don't have legs (i.e. if they have a snake's tail instead of legs). If you find any references to your 'legs' while playing as a lamia or other similar race, please let me know.
      Fixed references to your character laying multiple eggs in Lilaya's birthing scenes if you only had one egg to lay.
      Fixed issue with arachnid leg configurations describing their feet as plantigrade.
      Characters being bred in the pregnancy roulette game can no longer stroke their own cock.
      Fixed issue with the 'unlikely whammer' burger spawning when silly mode was turned off.
      Fixed incorrect tooltip for the friendly occupant petting action.
      Fixed issue where the Enforcer bowler hat commissioner badge was using the same icon as the commissioner oak leaves.
      Fixed issue with taur sapwn rate not working as intended.
      Fixed bug where all taurs would spawn with horns, even if their race shouldn't have horns by default.
      The 'cocoon'/'constrict'/'tentacle restraint' sex actions now correctly become greyed-out when unavailable.
      Spinnerets are no longer incorrectly blocked by clothing which conceals a character's ass.
      Fixed issue where some items of clothing would spawn with incorrect colours (such as the feminine and masculine watches).
      Fixed bug where spider-morphs were sometimes spawning as tarantula-morphs.
      Fixed bug where Rose would have her home tile set to Lilaya's lab instead of her room.
      Fixed Youko race status effect displaying '0 corruption'.
      Fixed bug where you could encounter half-demons of non-Dominion races on canal tiles.
      Fixed bug where unarmed damage attribute was being applied as a damage modifier three times, making unarmed attacks far more powerful than intended.
      Fixed issue in combat where if your AP fell to 0, you could never win or lose combat due to being permanently stunned.
      Fixed some issues with importing characters which were exported in earlier versions.