Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Goals for 0.1.85

EDIT: I'll push the update to github/patreon before I go to sleep (some time before 06:00BST).

Hello! :3

I forgot to post this yesterday... Oops...

This week, I'm focusing on getting the basics of slavery content finished (for an update late on Wednesday evening), and then for the remaining two days, I'll focus on writing incest, orgasm, and new TF content. ^^

It's very likely that the next version (0.1.86) will be focused on polishing up whatever I don't get finished this week, as well as fixing bugs, writing in new content, and getting save compatibility work done.

Sorry that I didn't keep the list updated last week, but I'll try my best to update it properly this week! A green X means that it's done.

For Wednesday

Slave Accommodation
X Add a couple more upgrades.

Slave Acquisition
X Buying slaves from Slaver Alley.
X Transfer slaves from Slavery Administration to Lilaya's home.

Slave Management
X Fetishes.
X Jobs.
X Room assignment.
X Permissions & rules.

Slave Interactions
X Talk.
X Give gift.
X Punish.
X Sex.

Slave Removal
X Free.
X Sell.

Bug fixes
X Fix at least 10 bugs.

For Friday (running into next week)

Incest Dialogue
X Add in dialogue for all placeholders.

X Add in more dialogue options.

X Improve orgasm dialogue.

X Add in position-specific orgasm scenes.

X Add in body-part recognition for orgasm scenes (such as knotting, orifice modifiers, fluid modifiers, etc.).

New TFs
X Add in missing content related to the new transformations. (Addictive fluids, part modifiers referenced during sex, etc.)

X Add in (very basic!) personality types and backgrounds, to help make randomly generated NPCs feel a little more alive.

Ongoing projects:

Implement new saving system:
X Try and get all Serializable objects to work between versions. (This didn't work.)
X Decide on using XML or JSON. (JSON turned out to be a lot faster - thanks Pimgd!)

JSON conversion for:
X Body
X Inventory
X Map
X Finishing touches


  1. Great game, though new position of map and inventory screens is rather troublesome in sex scenes... Before, i took off one article of clothing, then selected another and removed it as well... Now i have to reopen inventory window after each interaction with it. Also, about eqwipping toys. Does that mean PC would be able to walk around city, while "stuffed" with toys? If that's the case, will there be penalties/benefits with appropriate fetish, as it is with exhibitionism fetish / "exposed" status? And, when will PC be able to masturbate solo?

    1. As written in last update post ( which you didnt read:) ) map location change is temporary, pending revert to old location.

    2. Surprisingly enough, with the exception of how the text isn't really formatted to wrap around it properly, I really like the new map location.

      It's far more convenient to be able to focused purely on the central section of the screen while moving around, instead of having to constantly shift your attention between the bottom left corner where the map is then returning your attention back to the top central portion of the screen whenever you want to see what happened after your character actually moved.

    3. ^^ that is something i did notice as well.

      Perhaps there is merit in having a map near the center of the screen? Maybe if the map was were the character stats are right now, and the character stats moved to where map originally was?

      I dunno, would have to actually see it to make proper judgment.

    4. Yeah, you should really take a look at it's current location to see just how much easier it is to use. ^^

      I'd honestly make a request to have an option to keep the current UI setup even with the text wrapping issues, as annoying as it is to have the last word or even the entire last line basically cut off from a paragraph and having it start at the far left hand of the text box underneath the map, the ease of access is a pretty good trade off.

    5. I sort of liked the map position the central section as well, but the text-wrapping looked too messy, and I couldn't find an elegant solution to that. :(

      I will be adding toys and masturbation scenes as soon as I can, and I will be adding related status effects where it makes sense to do so. ^^

  2. I'm glad to see NPCs are going to be given some personality.

    1. It will be a gradual process of converting the NPC's dialogue to factor in their personalities, but yeah, hopefully it will make each of the generic NPCs feel a little more unique. ^^

  3. Thanks for Your hard work Innoxia! Great news for all the stuff planned for the next release. After reading last few updates on the blog as well as getting an account and lurking around Discord, following questions and ideas came up:

    -Will i be able to enslave a Succubus on the street? That would be awesome.

    -Will we be getting essences from interacting with slaves? Since You mentioned lowering the amout gained from fights and changing them overall.

    -Will it be possible to bring your slave to Kates Salon to give them a piercing or make other changes to them like how the player can make changes to themselves?

    -When are You planning to add Affection to the game?

    -I saw Urethra penetration and Anilingulus in Sex Stats - I'm assuming these are not yet implemented? Or did I just miss it? Will everyone in Dominion carry Urethral sounds with them for to play when implemented?

    -Are You planning on adding footjobs? If these weren't on the sex list then it's my suggestion. Footfetisches for giver (?) and receiver ("Footlover" seems simple and clear) aswell.

    -I'm almost certain i saw fisting somewhere beeing mentioned and planned - if yes, i need to tell you a foot can be used the same way ;)

    -Since I already mention feet i might mention shoes, socks and stockings aswell- some of the most common fetsiches. No idea if these are even worth mentioning but i imagine these could be updates of the footfetisch if it gets implemented? And a heel can be used for Urethra penetration.

    -I saw group content i.e. group sex is planned: it's just a thought, but i imagine this could be similar to the harpy nests side quest when the player needs to fight another harpy before facing the matriarh - and after beating all opponents the player chooses to have "fun" with either one of them or both (or more). This could be represented by buttons with choice "fuck name 1" or "blowjob name 2" or "double paizuri" and so on in a threesome. Another option could be "change to name" button where the player can switch between partners.

    -And if the player looses to just one of them he/she gets dominated by all of them (robably one after another, seems easier to make) but having all of the opponents in the scene would allow for DP from more than one partner or even turn into an orgy.

    Guess thats it for now;) Take care.

    1. You're very welcome Anon, and thank you for all of your feedback and suggestions! ^^

      - You are able to enslave the succubi, yes. :3

      - I'm going to be reworking the essence system very soon, and I will be adding ways to gain essences from slaves.

      - You definitely will be able to send slaves to Kate's salon to change their appearance and give them piercings and tattoos.

      - I'm going to be adding affection-based content in for the upcoming incest content, and then I'll be factoring it in to all future content after that. ^^

      - Urethra penetration and anilingus aren't in yet, but I will be adding them as soon as I can. I'll add a urethral sounding item later on as well.

      - Footjobs and foot worship content are 100% going to be in the game.

      - Fisting will be added. (And that's a good idea for using feet the same way. :3)

      - I'll add content related to clothing later on, definitely. ^^

      - Group sex is planned, yes. I'll add some special positions for group sex (such as 'side-by-side') as well as adding basic options to simply switch between them.

      - There will also definitely be multiple-opponent 'being used' sex scenes. ^^

      Thanks again for the feedback and questions! ^^

  4. Just wondering as I can not seem to get it to work but is the Urethral content working in the game or do you need a specific setting I have missed to activate it

    1. It hasn't been added yet, but I'll get it implemented as soon as I can! ^^

  5. Thanks for great game and great effort you put in it's development, so far it's one of my favorit games of all time!
    I have a few questions and a couple suggestions. Fistly, as someone eles have asked, when MainChar will be able to masturbate solo? And, will it be done in same manner as a regular intercourse? Will internal/external tentacles be usable?
    With suggestions, could you make some "lore" explanation for protagonist's ability to use arcane energy for chosing fetishes? I think it wold be another fun part for story. And would be fine if "exhibitionism" fetish gave some penalty for being covered.

    P.S. Sorry for my (most likely) bad english, it's not my native

    1. I'll add masturbation scenes as soon as I can. I think I'll try and do ti at the same time as implementing support for multiple-partner sex, and yes, it would use the same turn-based system as sex. ^^

      I will add actions for all relevant body parts, so tentacle descriptions and actions will be added.

      Good idea for the lore behind choosing fetishes, I'll write that in for an upcoming update. ^^

      Perhaps exhibitionist fetish should give some penalties for being covered up, good idea. :3

      Thank you for the feedback and suggestions! ^^

  6. I was wondering if we can upgrade our demons wings to a proper giant pair rather then vestigial? Just don't feel like a proper succubus without them.

    1. I did hear Innoxia might be intent on giving more mechanical benefits to having wings in the future. Rest assured many of us, myself included, want those cute little flapping things to do more than just look cute and...eh, flappy?

      Having said that, the thought of snugly hugging someone with my wings sounds like a neat idea for more sex scenes, too.

    2. I will add a 'proper' wings TF for demons soon. ^^

  7. Here's a couple of kind-of-questions-I-guess in order of me un-forgetting them:
    Will combat be expanded? Different weapons? Actual danger? Adventuring? Odd jobs (like barmaid, for example) for player and/or slaves? Non-humanoid (sentient) NPCs? Why can't I remember anything? Other stuff? Whatever?

    1. +1 Would love to see more in terms of combat/after combat decisions, and ACTUAL consequences/danger beside forced sex(possible transformation).

    2. I will be adding all of that Tyler. ^^

      I'm planning on reworking the attributes and combat a little before 0.2.0, and will add far more weapons, spells, and abilities then. ^^

      I'll also be adding small side-quests and jobs here and there (such as working as a barmaid), for both the PC and slaves.

      As to non-humanoid NPCs, I'm planning on adding taurs later on, as well as ferals. ^^