Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Final Progress Report Before 0.4

Hello again,

As I thought might be the case, I'm going to need a few extra days before I can get this next version ready for release. Adding maps and writing place descriptions has taken me a lot longer than I expected, and so with some of the main quest and encounter content still needing to be written, I'll try and wrap things up into placeholders and get at least something released to you by either Friday or (more likely) Saturday night.

Sorry again for the slight delay, but there won't be any more delays before 0.4 is released. Even if I'm not totally happy with some of the content still being placeholders, I figure that it's better at this stage to get at least something released to you and then focus on fleshing it out in 0.4.1.

Anyway, I'll see you again in three or four days!

(Edit: It will be late on Saturday night!)