Saturday, 24 April 2021

Not quite ready...

Hello again,

Once again I underestimated how long it takes to write content, and as a result I don't quite have version 0.4 ready for release tonight. I've got all of the dialogue for the places in Elis done, and I've got the framework and some of the writing for the Meraxis & demonic centaur content pretty much ready, but I'm going to need a little longer in which to get that finished off.

I'll make another post on Tuesday night, by which time I'll either have the release ready or be in a state where I can spend an extra day or two getting placeholders roughly filled out. No matter if it ends up having placeholder content in it or not, I'll definitely have this version released by this time next week (hopefully before).

Although I've tried my best not to apologise in the recent progress report posts, I am sorry for how long this is taking me to get to released!