Sunday, 4 April 2021

Progress So Far

Hello again,

As mentioned in my previous post, I've so far been mainly focused on getting PRs merged from github and getting some other small things fixed and implemented. I've got a few more PRs which I'm planning on merging tomorrow, and then starting on Monday I'm going to be testing some changes to the world map (to try and get it into a state that's a little less tedious to explore). After that, I'll be making the map for Elis, adding the initial encounter which will really start off the Fields' main quest content, and adding a couple more pieces of content for that area.

I'll most likely be making another post to give you a progress update some time towards the end of next week. I'll hopefully also have a rough release date ready for you then, but I'm trying not to commit to giving release dates which might not be met, so I can't guarantee that I'll have one for you.

See you again soon!

The next update is still a work in progress, with the patch notes below simply being what I've got done so far. These are not the final patch notes for v0.4!

Current v0.4 Patch Notes

  • DSG's HLF Quest (PR#1398):
    • Added a new side quest which adds some details of the background lore of the Human Liberation Front (HLF), which was previously explored in Wes's quest.
      Quest can be triggered when exploring the dark tiles in the Bat Caverns.
      Added 8 new items of clothing (all of which can be obtained during this quest, and all of which are unisex), and 2 new clothing sets ('HLF Regular' and 'HLF Insurgent'):
      Skull-patterned bandana (mouth slot).
      Boonie hat (head slot).
      Canvas webbing (over-torso slot, HLF Regular set).
      Vintage fatigue trousers (leg slot, HLF Regular set).
      Vintage fatigue tunic (torso slot, HLF Regular set).
      Vintage combat boots (foot slot, HLF Regular set).
      Canvas brassard (wrist slot, HLF Insurgent set).
      Canvas bandolier (over-torso slot, HLF Insurgent set).
      Added 5 new weapons (again, all of which can be obtained during this quest):
      Arcane firebomb (fire damage, ranged, 2-handed, destroyed after 1 use) - these have an additional associated side quest, the completion of which allows you to get more made. (Innoxia: 'I'll make them 1-handed once I've added throwable weapon framework.')
      Pepperball submachine gun (fire damage, ranged, 2-handed, requires 2 essences to fire, grants 'Spray 'n Pray' special attack).
      Pepperball revolver (fire damage, ranged, 2-handed, requires 1 essence to fire, grants 'Fan the Hammer' special attack).
      Teargas shotgun (poison damage, ranged, 2-handed, requires 4 essences to fire).
      Pepperball bolt-action rifle (fire damage, ranged, 2-handed, requires 3 essences to fire).
  • Contributors:
    • Fixed issue where Enforcer patrols wouldn't spawn correctly. (by AceXP)
      Fixed bug where non-human coverings wouldn't appear as recolouring options in Helena's slave creator. (by AceXP)
      Fixed minor parsing issue with Enforcer Patrol description during arcane storms. (by AceXP)
      Fixed issue where a background error would something be thrown in sex, softlocking the scene. This was being encountered most frequently in Frysia's sex scene. (by AceXP)
      Fixed bug where arachnid leg descriptions had a parsing error in them. (by Stadler76)
      Added feature where if an offspring's father and/or mother has generic wings (feathered, leathery or insect) or horns (curled, curved, straight, etc.), the offspring can inherit them. (PR#1370 by Stadler76)
      Suppressed descriptions of nipples as orifices and transformation options for nipple penetration when that content was turned off in user settings. (PR#1421 by AceXP)
      Added 'Elasticity depth effects' mechanic: If an orifice's elasticity is at least 'limber', its maximum uncomfortable depth is increased, with greater elasticity values increasing it further. This is off by default, but can be turned on in content settings. (PR#1413 by LightCanadian)
      Modified to properly handle a few inaccurate British to American translations. (PR#1447 by TadUnlikely)
      Added offspring inheritance of ferality. Feral mothers now always birth feral offspring. Offspring which take after the father born to a non-feral mother and feral father will always be fully furry. (PR#1451 by Stadler76, modified by Innoxia)
      Prevented strap-ons from being equipped when there is one already equipped (in another slot). Also fixed issue where covering colour for an equipped dildo was potentially being incorrectly referenced. (PR#1453 by AceXP)
      Reduced the minimum wing size for allowing flight for feral quadrupeds to 'THREE_LARGE'. (PR#1454 by Stadler76)
      The 'Cum Stud' fetish now gives the same affection bonus from the milking slave job as the 'Lactating' fetish. (PR#1460 by Eliria)
      Added a new 'Winged biped' LegConfiguration for use for feral bats and wyverns. (PR#1486 by Stadler76)
      Made Enforcer disguises more difficult to pull off and added flavour text for when impersonating (or failing to impersonate) specific Enforcers. (PR#1501 by DSG)
      Fixed bug where if the game was installed in any folder with 'res' in the name, then viewing book entries for external/modded races in the encyclopedia would throw errors. (by Stadler & AceXP)
      Fixed issue where place tiles were not being populated with regional subspecies in the world map. (by AceXP)
      Fixed some issues with hard-coded values for NPC spawning in the Bat Caverns, allowing spiders to spawn down there too. (PR#1514 by Stadler)
      Fixed issue with spider-morphs sometimes incorrectly spawning as the tarantula subspecies. (included in PR#1514 by Stadler, fix by Charisma)
      Added correct self-transformation options for youko (and any other applicable races with self-TF powers). Added special youko tail perks to track youko tail counts. Also enabled changing secondary coverings colours for Elementals, and changed ice description to glittering instead of shimmering. (PR#1506 by AceXP)
  • Engine/Modding:
    • Added BodyPartTag 'HAIR_IGNORE_PLAYER_SETTINGS', which tags hair types as always being present on furry heads, even if the player has 'furry hair' turned off. This is applied to hyenas.
      Added 'genericType' fields for Wing and Horn xml files, so that you can define those types as being generic (not associated with any parent race) or not.
  • Other:
    • Zaranix is now still called 'Zaranix' when in his feminine form, instead of 'Zoelix' (as the name change wasn't being mentioned anywhere or referenced at all, and didn't make much sense).
      Tidied up Zaranix's post-combat dialogue and added variations for if non-con is turned off, as well as for the player to request Zaranix to transform into succubus form after swallowing his TF potion.
      Made it so that Zaranix's oral sex scenes now start without you already sucking his cock, instead of having to wait for him to deal with clothing displacements first.
      The 'flared' and 'tapered' penetration modifiers are now mutually exclusive with one another.
      Added 'Set spawns' action in debug menu, so that you can easily spawn in all items of any clothing set.
  • Sex:
    • Added 'tentacle-squeeze' and 'tail-squeeze' as miscellaneous sex actions which can be performed once a character is restricting their partner via their tentacles or serpent-tail. (These sex actions have sadist/masochist fetishes associated with them.)
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed actions to play dice poker at tables in the gambling den not being greyed out if you didn't have enough money to play.
      Pate and crackers will now correctly restore 20% health/aura instead of 5%.
      Fixed issue where Zaranix (and maids) would sometimes not revert to their default bodies after you'd left his home.
      You will now exit onto the correct tile when leaving Zaranix's home post-combat, instead of exiting onto a random demon home tile.
      Fixed bug where you could escape from combat with Zaranix.
      After resolving Zaranix's quest peacefully, Amber will no longer be so angry on your first repeat visit.
      Fixed bug where you couldn't go upstairs in Zaranix's house before going to encounter Katherine.
      The starting action for Arthur's hypno-watch quest is now correctly coloured as a side quest.
      Fixed oral foot worship sex types having no descriptions in quick sex scenes.
      Fixed bug where maximum penis girth TF from clothing was capped at value 6 instead of 7.
      Fixed issue where the kitty clothing set bonus wasn't being applied.