Saturday, 24 June 2017

Version 0.1.79 Release

Finally, version 0.1.79 has a full release! (The versions ending in '9' seem to be cursed, and take forever to finish...)

That being said, I didn't manage to get everything done that I would have liked, so it's highly likely that there will be a hotfix released by the end of the weekend. I know it seems like there isn't too much in the patch notes, but the sex pace conversion in the engine was a lot of work (the 69 position alone was over 4000 lines of code to go through and rewrite/convert). The hard work is done now, and the new sex pace mechanic is pretty much finished, but I still need to add tail actions, sex-pace variants for orgasms, and do more work on the sex AI (and a few other things, like pace-variants for losing your virginity).

I just want to go over some points concerning this release:

1. I am aware that a lot of the descriptions are very generic. This is something that will be continually expanded as the game is developed.

2. If this is your first time playing a version of 0.1.79, there is now non-con content in the game that's disabled by default, so if you want to see non-con scenes, you'll have to enable it at character creation, or in the options menu.

3. Unique NPC sex scenes should now be bug free, but they still need rewriting/updating to fully utilise the new sex pace mechanic.

4. There is still a lot of work to be done on improving the descriptions, please remember that this is an early alpha!

EDIT: I applied a little hotfix on Sunday (link to post). The download links below have been updated to the new hotfix release.

Download links for the .jar version:

Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

Full folder: Google Drive

.exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

Pre-zipped: Mega

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

This is still an early alpha, and will most likely contain bugs and half-finished content!

Version 0.1.79 patch notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added options (after combat finishes) for what pace you want to start sex in.
  • Sex:
    • Added: Sex pace variations for all cunnilingus actions.
      Added: Sex pace variations for all blowjob actions.
      Updated to use sex pace: Kneeling (partner submissively performing oral).
      Updated to use sex pace: Kneeling (player submissively performing oral).
      Updated to use sex pace: 69 (player on top).
      Updated to use sex pace: 69 (partner on top).
      Added 'Fondle balls' action in scenes where you're able to touch your partner's cock.
      Improved generic 'Do nothing' and 'Calm down' descriptions.
      Added a generic 'resist' action (for player and partner) for non-con scenes.
  • Other:
    • Added generic female, male, and androgynous characters for parser use.
      You will no longer receive the 'Frustrated' status effect if you are resisting when sex ends.
      Resisting version of dirty talk now has a corruption requirement of pure instead of vanilla.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed several typos.
      Kissing should no longer count as oral penetration.
      Fixed NPC descriptions not taking into account whether they want to have sex with you or not.
      Minor fixes to other descriptions to take into account sex pace.
      NPCs will no longer request creampies if they're resisting.
      Fixed bug where asking for a big discount in Ralph's sex scene wouldn't work if your vagina/ass wasn't already exposed.
      NPC descriptions should now refer to their new name after having their femininity transformed.
      Fixed positive partner reactions to clothing being stripped off while they're resisting.

    P.S. I'll be on the Lilith's Throne discord server over the entire weekend (well, while I'm not sleeping, that is), so feel free to join and ask questions, report bugs, or offer feedback! ^^


    1. Been waiting all day for this

    2. I don't think the AI can make up it's mind. I got defeated by one and it want to do a blowjob but then it decided to go back and then blowjob and it did that 5 times until it was over.

      1. I didn't manage to get the AI fixed for this release, but it will be sorted for Friday. Thanks for the report! ^^

    3. The deflowering perk doesn't activate for anal virginity not sure if that is purposeful or not.

      1. Deflowering usually refers to losing your vaginal virginity, not anal virginity. That does make the question on if theres a anal variant of a deflowering perk.

      2. Yeah, that is how the game works. You can't get the pure virgin perk without having a vagina, so the game only takes vaginal virginity into account for those perks.

      3. The deflowering fetish was made with just vaginal virginities in mind, but I think I'll probably apply the xp effects (although maybe reduced) to taking anal/mouth/nipple virginities as well. Thanks for pointing this out! ^^

    4. I see that you've done some big progress to the game's mechanics. Cant wait for the virgin variants.

      Keep up the good work!

      1. Thank you! ^^

        I have a huge list of things to fix/add, and the virginity loss variants are just one item on the list, so, while I'm hoping to get them added sooner rather than later, it may take me a little while to get them added.

    5. "Fixed NPC descriptions not taking into account whether they want to have sex with you or not". This is still an issue, after encountering many, I found 2 who had the Pure virgin perks, but they where all eager to have sex, I tried beating them by force or by seducing, tried to do the rough path or gentle path, still they act like they need it.

      What I did notice too is that the vagina's of the Pure virgins are always "Slightly loose" even though they haven't had any penetration ever.

      Also I found some Male encounters to have the Pure virgin perk even though they aren't females and also some even had the Incest perk even though it isn't implemented yet.

      1. For the first part, perhaps they are closed pervs with a hidden nympho fetish? With that said they may want you do fuck them in the ass?

        For the second, maybe they've been stretching themselves while jilling? Haha I am certain this too will be addresses, as uber tight is the norm for virgins.

        And finally, please check the character screen of the NPC. They may be herms or cuntboys. Verify your NPC spawns types.

      2. 1. They didn't want me to fuck them in their ass, they told me to fuck them when I won the battle and when I chose to take their vaginal virginity, they didn't have anything to say about it. Only when I did it, they enjoyed it?

        2. Yeah, I kept exploring and the only virgins I found was "Slightly loose". None where tight or more.

        Also, none of the 2 where resisting or had any reactions when I took their clothes off, like no text at all.

        3. I tried having sex with a male with Pure virgin and he where just a male, no vagina.

      3. Also a possibility, if there's an arcane storm going, "pure virgin" is ignored because they're off their tits on the airborne lust dust.

      4. Thanks for the bug reports!

        I'll investigate that first one, but as Gads says, if it's during an arcane storm, then all NPCs are eager no matter what. I'll also give NPCs reactions to you taking their virginities in the near future.

        I'll also make sure virgins are tight, thanks for that bug report.

        I'll add clothing removal descriptions soon as well (but they should have reactions they're not resisting, I'll investigate this).

        I'll also get that pure virgin fetish on males bug fixed.

      5. I always try to not be in an arcade storm when exploring, means I can travel on safe land without getting attacked every time.

        So it was on a normal alleyway and they sure wanted it.

        And yeah there wasn't any reactions to cloth removal only the Red text saying you removed that particular clothing.

        They would give reactions of you though if you took of your own clothes, but not if it was their own.

    6. Yes! Full release! :D

      Noticed that when I try to import a (fully) female character, I end up as a doll :(

      1. Oh so you are suffering from the ye old vaginicus disappearicus import bug as well? Were you pregnant in your file? Well at this point one solution is to drink a vanishing vagina pot (i know you don't have one but it seems to still be tracked) and then grow a new one.

      2. Thanks for that bug report!

        That bug has been around in the importer for a few versions, I'll try to finally get it fixed for this next version! ^^

    7. Really enjoy the game, though fetishes work a bit weird for me...
      Would be better fetishes were obtained by what the character does rather than choosing them from a perk three (even if its optional).

      Example: you are defeated by an enemy with a dick, the enemy anally penetrates you resulting in the anal fetish perk.

      Example2: Being dominated a few times results in the Submissive perk, dominating results in the dominant perk.

      1. The current system is fine I think. I want to choose what I like, not let the game choose that for me.

      2. A fetish is something that you enjoy, having your ass ripped apart doesn't necessarily means you gonna enjoy it.
        That said, if you keep going anal on your own that's a pretty big hint that you like the stuff.
        The current system however relies on you getting essences to unlock new perks, which is not hard, just slow; is a way to keep player from unlocking everything on the first encounters, it also keeps them in character as their will gain corruption for stuff otherwise the would not have tried.

      3. Or a hybrid sort. Basically fetishes normally are developed over time so gaining the anal fetish after fucking a few times is to be expected. What could be added is a small dialogue display asking if the player is interested in gaining this fetish.

      4. Thanks for the suggestion Logen! ^^

        I might expand the way fetishes work at some point in the future, but for now I thought it would be easier to have it so you could just choose which fetishes you like.

        By 'expand', I mean that I might (a lot later in development) make it so that performing fetish-related actions would 'level up' your fetishes into more powerful versions. e.g. Performing anal actions while having the anal fetish would 'level up' your anal fetish.

        Other than that, I'm more of the same sort of mindset as Reffie2 and Deimacos. Thank you very much for the suggestion though! ^^

      5. vmpireassassin28 June 2017 at 18:18

        If you do allow level up, would you gain more options/actions in that particular fetish? That would be awesome.

      6. Possibly, yes. ^^

        I haven't really thought it out in too much detail yet, but that's something that could be added.

    8. Few things I saw in this release:

      1# When you are in 69 bottom position, and the character who is forcing you gives you a blowjob. The description says: "You slide your shaft into the woman's mouth." While it should be something like: "The woman forces your shaft into her mouth."

      2# Where is the cowgirl position? (Hint hint. Please add)
      Or threesomes, if it's worth the headache programming all that. :p

      3# Would be nice if we can edit our character at the start a bit more. Heigth, hips, ass etc.
      Those stats do anything in this game? Or not right now?

      4# My character said he had never had anal before, even though he had.
      This happened while trying to resist during sex scenes.
      Maybe it had something to do with me importing/editing characters multiple times.

      5# The AI doesn't use tails on my character.

      They seem to penetrate and pull out regularly. Wish they would continue going on. Maybe they use some foreplay first, but when they are dominant they might just penetrate right away.

      They never use their vagina when my character has a penis, when they are the victors.

      The game is looking pretty good. Thanks for keeping the updates. Most game developers either hide all their content behind patreon, so I don't know exactly what I'm getting if I support them. Or they just leave and you never hear from them again.

      1. #1 Is the NPC the one doing it or did you select to thrust your dick in?

        #2 Cowgirl, in addition to the 'dominant kneeling' position (where you're kneeling and performing oral on the submissive partner), and and 'Back to wall (anal)' will be coming soon.

        #3. I believe she said current char creation is basically placeholder and it will be adjusted later on. Most likely what you are suggesting will be added at that time.

        #4 Most likely a bug.

        #5 Tail sex stuff is currently being looked at.

        There is some oddities with doms atm. Innoxia is still working on the system.

      2. Hello, thanks for the feedback! ^^

        1. I'll get this fixed as soon as I can!

        2. As koolgam3r says, 'cowgirl', 'dominant kneeling', and 'Back to wall (anal)' will be the next positions to be added. I'll also definitely be adding multiple-partner sex to the game, so threesomes (and more) will certainly be a thing! ^^

        3. Again, as koolgam3r says, the whole character creation screen is just a placeholder at the moment, and will be greatly expanded upon soon.

        4. I'll try and track down that bug, thanks for reporting it.

        5. Tail actions are going to be the next things added to sex scenes. Expect them to be added within the next couple of versions. ^^

        And as to the AI pulling out/penetrating over and over, that's definitely unintended behaviour. I'll be improving the AI for Friday, so that issue should be fixed by then.

        The same goes for the NPCs not using their vagina on your penis. I'll get that fixed as well. ^^

        You're welcome for the updates, and thanks for the kind words! ^^

    9. During sixty-nine and kneeling the game sometimes switches the dom and sub, resulting in such things as Sub: Rough or Dom: Resisting. This happens without any message so I assume it's a bug. This happened to me as a woman with a man. The switch happens regardless whether I start from from dom or sub position. I have no idea what's the trigger, although I think it's something to do with Dom: Gentle and Sub: Eager. Will do some more tests. On another note, the sub taking control would make for a kicker feature.

      1. Update: the switch happens with cunningulus on the receiving end. Regardless of femininity and the partner's gender- as long as your pussy gets licked the switch happens.

      2. Thank you very much for the bug report!

        This is quite a major bug, so I'll probably put out a hotfix tomorrow evening to correct it. Thanks for finding out exactly what was causing it, that will make it a lot easier for me to fix! ^^

    10. Innoxia, you have my gratitude! I have always been a fan of Fenoxo's work (and the likes), therefore, I am glad to see a new developer around. Moreover, I think you have potential; Lilith's Throne is great. Honestly, it can definitely surpass CoC and TiTS.

      New fan