Thursday, 19 April 2018

Version Update Progress

Hello again everyone! ^^

For the progress this week, I finally finished the companion system (with help from Irbynx), which I'd originally indented to add alongside the Karl and Wolfgang encounter. I decided to add this companion system before doing the spell work, as I have plans for a few of the spells to summon elemental allies (which requires a companion system). It's lacking proper post-sex options to get your companion involved, as I need to add NPC-on-NPC variants for sex actions (I'm planning on doing this in 0.2.5), but all the basic functionality should work.

I also added the framework for modding in clothing, which is my first proper step in adding mod support. Please bear with me as I continue to build up the size and scope of modding support over the versions ahead. ^^

As the last major thing, I've added the map and basic content for the bat caverns, although the bat-morph and slime encounters haven't been filled in properly yet. With this now added, all of Submission's basic framework is complete. There will be small internal maps for both the gambling den and the rat warren, but they will be of similar sizes to the Shopping Arcade's Supplier Depot.

Over the next two days, and then over the start of next week before Wednesday's full release, I'll be adding the new spell system, writing in content for Submission, Nightlife, and Slavery, and fixing bugs/other minor things. The full release will most likely be around this same time (in the early hours of Thursday 26th). ^^. ^^

As always, I build these previews for backers on Patreon, but if you're not a patron, you can also build these previews yourself from the public github (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version): (There's a build tutorial here.)

If you do build the game through github, please remember that these are preview releases, and there is a lot of half-finished content (and most likely bugs)!

IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

Version patch notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added: Companion system. You can just take one slave around with you for now, and the interaction options are a little limited (post-combat sex options haven't been implemented yet), but this adds functionality for adding unique followers later on. (Contribution from Irbynx.)
      Added: Clothing mod support. (Look in the mod folder for details.)
      Updated personality types from being a set one-in-four, to having weights on five personality traits (Adventurousness, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, and Neuroticism).
      Added personality selection to the new character screen. (If you want to set it on your current character, just save the game in this new version, then open the save file and search for 'personality' under your character's entry. You can edit the values there.)
      Added map of the Bat Caverns, along with bat-morph and slime encounters.
  • Clothing:
    • Updated all clothing to have correct concealments, and added appropriate tooltip information to let you know what clothing is responsible. (e.g. Panties being worn beneath a skirt will be hidden to you until you unequip or pull up the skirt.)
      Added: Enforcer's miniskirt (Feminine, Leg slot). Candi now wears this instead of shorts.
      Updated Enforcer clothing to use a third colour for buttons, and the frontal-zip dress to use a customisable colour for the zip.
  • Contributors:
    • Added: Groundwork for the new companion system. (Irbynx)
      Fixed harpy nest entrance background colour. (Master of Puppets)
      Typo fix. (Master of Puppets)
      Fixed strange behaviour when having sex with NPCs in stocks, where if it was banned for them to receive a certain type of sex, you would be banned from performing related sex actions as well. (Master of Puppets)
      Changed sex actions so the only ones that reduce arousal are now ones related to denial. Resisting pace/actions no longer cause arousal to drop, and instead, arousal increases are zero on non-erogenous zone actions, and low on others. Having the non-con fetish sets these arousal increases to high. (Master of Puppets)
      Restricted use of 'calm down' action to only be available when you're the dom, or when you have the same amount of control as the dom. (Master of Puppets)
      Added tooltips to the phone's map page. (Master of Puppets)
      Changed the code so that the 'new addiction' dialog only shows if the ingesting character isn't already addicted to the fluid, and otherwise shows the 'satisfied craving' dialog if the ingesting character is addicted. (AlacoGit)
      Tidied up the game's version checking method. (lehardo)
      Fixed some instances of incorrect cum parsing. (ltpatch)
      Fixed issue with harpies not respecting your gender preferences. (Master of Puppets)
      Added folder checking on startup. (Bukkyo256)
      Fixed Lilaya's Submissive Geisha scene immediately ending. (TadUnlikely)
      Fixed Vixen's Virility returning incorrect descriptions. (ltpatch)
  • Other:
    • Added ChattyNeko's artwork for Nyan.
      Moved the 'Explore' action from button 6 to 1. (I originally put it on 6 so that when you were spamming it to explore, you wouldn't accidentally skip the encounter dialogue. Now that 'Explore' always results in an encounter on the first press, there's no need for it to be so out of place.)
      Added throat wetness, capacity, elasticity, and plasticity to the 'Body Stats' phone dialogue page, and added more throat descriptions to the selfie/character view page, as well as improving the coloured parts of all body description text.
      Added formatting to essence counter, and made the formatting specific to locale. (So now it really should use a comma, period, or space depending on your computer's locale.)
      Fixed gloves blocking you from wearing rings.
      Non-slave NPCs which do not have the exhibitionist fetish should now properly replace their clothing after you leave them alone.
      Removed hard-coded sealing effects from all BDSM set gear, and made them have the 'sealing' enchantment by default instead.
      The 'cattle' clothing set is now sold by Finch, instead of Nyan.
      Reorganised Nyan's trading menus.
      Added support in the code for adding custom artwork for the PlayerCharacter (follow the instructions in 'res -> images -> characters -> modding.txt' to add artwork).
      Changed Dobermann subspecies name from the clunky 'Dobermann-morph' to just 'Dobermann'.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed (that annoying) bug where the game's tooltips could get stuck on your screen when alt-tabbing/changing window focus.
      Typo fixes.
      Fixed bug in vixen's virility pill effect description.
      Fixed incorrect Katherine and Kelly descriptions.
      Fixed Zaranix getting stuck in his lounge.
      Fixed enchanting UI not showing correct cost reduction from 'Arcane Weaver' perk.
      Fixed some bugs in the way clothing concealment was working.
      Fixed several clothing displacements being erroneously available through other clothing.
      Fixed bug where looking for trouble in the harpy nests would never return a harpy fight encounter.
      (Hopefully) fixed that annoying bug where slave's stats would get stuck to the right of your screen.
      Fixed bug where public sex would stop being counted as public as soon as you switched position.

    P.S. I will catch up with comments over the next two days! :3


    1. Woot! sounds good innoxia, thanks for your hard work! Cant wait to see what happens to shields (i suggested a change a couple posts back, dont know how feasible it is) and magic in general! So excited for everything XD

      1. oh yah, and thanks to MoP for all teh stuff he finds. good work man/woman/internet entity. we salute you

    2. Great work!

      Just a small suggestion; Magic is very overpowered right now, even at higher difficulties. I believe however that the problem lies not in the strength of the spells themselves, but rather with the magic defence of the enemies. It doesn't seem to go up with their level at all.

    3. Bug with game clock and slaves:
      The game is acting like your slaves do nothing from 0901 to 1659. No income is generated, no changes to obedience/affection from their jobs and nothing is displayed in slavery overview after 0900 until 1700.

      While the above is occurring resting or sleeping til evening doesn't update the clock until you move a tile.

      After playing around with it some more I realized that having 8 slaves assigned to milking at the same time blocks (day shift) caused the problem. Splitting them up half day half night solved the problem.

      Flavor text for rooms with milking stalls says it supports 8 slaves, but the dairy cow job displays X/5. But the game will let you assign up to 8 dairy cows for every stall built, so you can assign 8/5 cows. Dunno if it's related to above issues but throwing it out there.

      1. Scratch that about fixing the problem, think I just missed reassigning a slave to cow duty. Bug occurs at 8 dairy cows (didn't bother testing more stalls and more cows), less than 8 though EVERYTHING works fine.

      2. Also just noticed that my naked slaves got clothes generated when I moved my save over to new version.

    4. A few bugs: A slave I imported kept gaining new sets of her clothing whenever I removed them. This was a new save.

      Encounters don't seem to work when you have a partner. NPCs and items will spawn on the tiles but you don't get the encounter text or a fight. Also, the screen appears to get stuck while moving through the alleyways. It returns to normal after leaving the alley. This was on an imported save, so I don't know if it still happens on a new save.

    5. The news centre mentions that humans out at night will be subject to a full body inspection by the enforcers, will this be a scene at some point?
      Also, it would be cool if something happened if you unjinxed Brax's collar and removed it

      1. I think it'd be cool if something happened if you unjinxed any slave's collars. I personally like to unjinx my slaves' collars after they reach maximum affection and loyalty even though I know it doesn't do anything.

    6. Bug report:
      Newly added personality traits don't load when loading a save.

      1. Starting a new game with an imported character (with personality traits) doesn't load them as well.

        Randomly generated npcs have them randomized every time you load the save.

    7. Arthur Penhaligon19 April 2018 at 14:29

      A minor, but annoying bug I found with the inventory screen. The UI scaling seems to be having issues. It will start off very small and each time I interact with an item, it will change, getting bigger and then shrinking again. It's still usable, so it isn't game-breaking, but it is rather annoying.

    8. I don't know if you thought about it, but it might be a good idea to have a forum or a section on the blog dedicated to mods, where people can post their custom clothing and whatever else will have mod support in the future. Better to take care of this now and put all mods in one place than letting them disperse all over the Internet.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

      1. typo correction edit: man without the guide for the github build i'd be SCREWED thanks for it btw

        and is that supost to happen when you remove clothes from your slave they get new ones...? i'd keep that to encountered npcs but at least add disable option to this... may be a bug didnt notice it in the uptade so i don't know.

    10. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if Innoxia is trying to fix the gender labeling system, but being called a "feminine woman female" or a "masculine man male" just sounds weird.

      Maybe if the characters were described as "masculinity/femininity/androgyny, male/female/other, man/woman/other". Ex:

      "feminine transgender woman"

      "masculine male man"

      "feminine trap woman"

      "androgynous intersex woman"

      These at least sound a little less strange.

      1. I think the problem lies in the fact that humans are referred to as "man" and "woman" respectively. A simple fix would just be to replace man and woman with "Human". Ex:

        feminine human female

        masculine human male

        androgynous human trap

        I think this would be a really simple fix that could solve the problem with human names.

    11. Noticed a bug in the NPC details UI in the top-right (v2.3.1, but I didn't see it mentioned in your fixed bugs section) - always seems to show the LAST NPC I encountered (rather than the one I am currently interacting with) until you do something to force an update. This wasn't particular to slaves, so I am not sure if this has anything to do with slave information 'getting stuck'.

      Minor suggestion, if I may - Perhaps there could be some kind of effect on some jinxed items (or a potion enchantment) that prevents one from putting clothes back on? Seems a waste to expose NPCs you defeat only for them to have their clothes back the next time they come at you even if they are in chained cuffs.

    12. can we just remove my anus with a potion so the enemies stop putting shit up my ass? Also why am I furiously masterbating during climax when I'm resisting in non-con sex? Shouldn't it be the NPC that chooses? Also why can't we just enchant a potion for lust gain so I can climax more than once per sex session?

      1. I, too, would like a way to stop NPCs from putting things up anuses. It's fine when I'm playing a slutty demon, but If I'm trying to play the role of a straight male character it doesn't fit well with the role

      2. Haha! You're not gay~ Straighty!


    13. If you're planning on adding in post-combat sex scenes involving companions, does that mean an NPC that defeats you could potentially rape a companion? If so, please include an option to disable that. My slaves are for me alone

      1. Or you could you know...not lose the fight?

      2. Your slaves were most likely muggers trying to rob and rape any passerby. A bit late to worry about their purity.

      3. With the exception of the upcoming multi-combatant update, I don't think that'll be a problem since your partners usually don't last more than one round anyway. :P

        And if anything, your companion could always run away (or hide if they have the voyeur fetish).

    14. Does this mean we'll be able to level up and train a slave and have them act as your bodyguard?

      1. that seems to be the case in this build i was abble to lvl up my slave by winning in combat...

    15. So a question about NPCs fathering or mothering children with another NPC
      I know the player's offspring are tracked in-game but is there a way to find offspring from between 2 NPCs?
      Mainly for more Incest fetish related stuff.

      Like I guess if you have a male slave knock up a female slave and after she gives birth you can take one of them as a companion and if you run into their offspring they'll realize it similar to the player for their offspring?
      Ditto if your female slave gets knocked up at the brothel or in the stocks by a random NPC

      And then enslave them in front of their parent because I fully admit to being a horrible person at the core. XD
      And like if the parent hates you their affection goes down, but if they like you and are obedient they aren't fazed and maybe encourage their offspring about how they'll love serving their new master. >:D

      Mainly I just would like to get a family of slaves to have loads of incestuous sex with each other, and not have them all be my offspring.

      on that note, once the NPC on NPC stuff is added, how far reaching will the game be able to track family relation for the Incest fetish?
      Like if one of my character's daughters were to be knocked up by another NPC, would the game track that her offspring are my grandchildren and would trigger Incest related stuff? Or is that jumping off the slippery slope of being way to complicated and incest stuff will only trigger for immediate relations like siblings or parent/offspring?

    16. Silly question of the day: do you plan on implementing the possibility for the player to be put in the stocks (for a limited time, of course), voluntarily and/or as a punishment ?

      1. I feel like, once it's been implemented, complaining about the stocks is going to get you shoved into one... especially if you complain to Finch.

        This means I will probably be keeping my trap shut.

    17. Innoxia, first, congrats on passing 1,000 patrons! Second, have you considered adding more to the house/room customization than just stuff directly related to slavery? Maybe moving the current ground floor slave quarters to a basement map, and having the ground floor be things like ballrooms, BDSM dungeons, "Private Rooms", or other rooms for the stuff that the upper crust of Dominion get up to? It could be a fun way to expand on the lore, add some mid-late game money sinks, and just make the house a little more personalized.

    18. So let me get this straight.

      You've begun implementing the scientific Five Factor Model into this pornographic game. Like, actual scientific stuff.

      Honestly, I'm not even mad, in fact, I'm elated! It's so decadent and immersive and I love everything about it. Innoxia, my dear sweet genius, you've made history and a science nerd happy. I have a brain boner right now. By our lord Cthulhu's name do I swear that I love your beautiful creative mind.

    19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    20. A bug? But the inventory screen is tiny and the only thing I can think of that could've caused it is that I updated java and I think it happened after it? Not sure.

    21. There appears to currently be a bug with viewing art for characters whose art is not entirely unlocked; moving to unavailable art appears to crash the game.

    22. So apparently, with this update all my slaves decided to change their outfits and get rid of the ones I put on them, as in completely deleting the previous outfit. I don't know if it's a bug or not but it's really annoying to see this happening, specially when I dressed all of them in specific ways. If it isn't a bug, then make it a permission (default unchecked) that allows slaves to choose their own clothing or something.

    23. Will characters that get debuffs to slots due to racial characteristics such as wing arms or hooves get gear to make up for this loss? Additionally... bats don't have wings (you've made them like harpies but not demons... whatever) but failed to strip them of those equipment slots which seems like a bit of an oversight.

    24. Am I allowed to offer easier build instructions?

      1. What do you mean?
        It's...pretty simple as is.

      2. Some people may need a bit more... "hand-holding" in this regard. Not everyone can understand the instructions, and may need something like images and direct links to what to download, as well as images pointing out which downloads to click.

        Admittedly, I was stumped for a while about what to download before I finally winged it and got lucky.

      3. Ah, I understand. I can build it for others if they ask, but looking at it, yeah, I can see how it might be a wee bit confusing. I dabble in Java already, so this was ez-pz for ME. Thanks for clarifying that.

    25. I've been thinking about Fox items (transformative and non), and so I searched for "Foxtail Plants" which are all grasses whose seeds release at once and have that "tail" at the end, including a wild barley.

      However, the game already references kitsunes, so perhaps the transformative item could be a bowl of high quality rice, and the non-transformative a plate of wild grains, mostly wild "foxtail" barley.

      This would also play into what little I know of ancient Japanese culture where the high class could afford/eat rice and the lower classes had to make do with more common or wild grains.

      1. In my mind Kitsunes would be a subspecies of fox-morph that has 9 tails, and maybe a specific fur color, like limiting it to silver and gold to qualify as a Kitsune over a 9 tailed fox-morph

      2. From my limited knowledge of Kitsunes, the number of tails they have comes with age and experience, like the rings of a tree. I feel transformatives giving multiple tails to someone kind of... undermines the importance of a 9-tailed Kitsune.

        Not only that, but I feel Kitsunes should be mostly human with fox tails/ears, maybe with the older ones keeping to a fox-morph appearance. Maybe they can switch between human and fox-morph appearances?

      3. Roleplaying Anon24 April 2018 at 00:29

        It would be a bit of a neat feature if the number of tails on a Kitsune basically represented how strong they were and was tied into some combat stat like a characters level.

    26. Am I the only one that wishes they could enslave Wolfgang and/or Karl the criminal dobies?

      1. you can (kinda). when you select their desription button (the one where you click their name) if you look in the upper right of the UI (kinda in the middle part) there is an "export character" button. click it and a copy of the char is whisked away o the "characters" folder. then you go to the auction block located in the salvers alley and click "import" and BOOM! you can enslave them (or a copy). Note that this works for EVERYONE. want a harem of Lilaya? Boom, doable. want to break Finch into little slutty pieces? Check. Want a slave that looks exactly like yourself in every possible shape and form? you can do that to. For science of course. =3

      2. Ty so much! It might sound kinda lame, but I didn't really "get" that feature. I thought it was more about being able to play as any character model, not acquire them at the auction. I'm super excited now though! Since I prefer the male characters and most of the awesome story ones are a little limited at the moment, this will give me some room to explore lol :D.

    27. So there are some things that i noticed when i re-read the intro a bit. Most obvious of all is the fact that some characters seem to be telephatic and have a instant inclination as to your true sex (ie: if your a trap or butch girl)despite insisting on calling you by the opposite visual sex. To explain;

      Durring the intro a catgirl and two horseboys (i think)capture you and constantly refer to you as female (if your say a male with andronegeous features and the biggest breast available, which is A-cup i guess) despite having apparent pre-knowlidge of you being male.

      I say this cause i find it weird that they would choose to threaten you with the horseboys being "up in your ass" soon, ignoring a potential (but in reality not present) pussy to use. Now it could be they are just anal lovers, or that the catgirl found it more threatning, but in the context of your character it can be a bit weird.

      Now i did see if i could check the npc's involved, but i coudnt see if perhaps they had a anal fetish.

      Now one more thing and i will end this long post.
      This is more a question/request, but here it is annyway.

      Are there anny plans to ever find those 3 NPC's in the game somewhere, cause it would be funny if you could meet the catgirl and her horse friends and turn the table on her someday.

      Thats all for today. Thx for reading this thrue if you did.

    28. So now a bug report. When you start your character and set your personality, it shows up correctly. But the moment you save and reload, they are all reset to average. Messing with it in the save file has now effect, it stays on average.

      It apears it takes the info for these personalities from somewhere, maybe the basic settings, but does not read them from the save file like it should.

    29. don't know if this is a bug or not, but you can't give slaves more arcane with potions, and i mean the permanent arcane.

      1. did you set it to +1 permanent or +1 as long as potion effect(affect?) is in affect?(effect?)

      2. Use Major Boost when enchanting a potion with Arcane boost.

      3. I did, but it didn't increase. In fact I set it to the maximum. It didn't even increase. Is everyone else able to increase the arcane of they're slaves?

      4. uh fuck
        I'm waiting until 0.2.4 so I can package it gg ez and convert to other platforms

    30. Ok im playing
      What I did was I got a bio juice container, sold it, and became a whore, the thing that I wanted to see was how long it would take get impregnated if I gave 0 input at all.

      That was the result 180 encounters, 5 loads that could get me pregnant, and 4 that couldn't

      I ran into someone with an impregnation fetish who had a promiscuity pill
      Also a good chunk of the people who came in on it, didn't bother dumping anything inside

      I think there Is a bit of an issue here.
      Being able to dicate fetish % would probably get the cunnalingus numbers down, in favor of penetrative sex, however I think there needs to be a new parameter entirely, a characters willingness/want to cum inside.

      I think fetishes like that deal with pregnancy no matter the method should increase the reluctance to pull out. along with modifiers tied to what you are able to do with your holes.
      a bar like the lust meter to how willing someone is to pull out would probably help with some issues, or a fetish/want to cum inside that is at least neutral unless you have a like or disdain for it, this would at least see the rate of staying in and pulling out be closer to 50/50 rather then a near 9:1 ratio

      I think a bar for them either staying in or pulling out you can actively modify by what you are doing would be the most fun way to do it if only so you have a bit more to do/manage when submissive.

    31. Hey, uh.
      I've just got a couple things to say.
      First off, this game kinda blows the others outta the water. Like, MY GOD DUDE. IT'S SO FLESHED OUT AND IT'S NOT EVEN HALFWAY?!
      Secondly, this is the only NSFW game I am willing to post on without being anonymous.

      So, yeah, thanks for this my guy.

      1. OH SHIT YEAH
        And I'll also be a little bit more active too.
        that's it I think

      2. For me, a huge appeal for Lilith's Throne compare to other slave management sim (like Slave Maker, Whoremaster, or Strive for Power) is how the game maps out its gaming world with a grid based travel system, and have detailed description of the area the player is occupying. This gives the world a much vibrant feel and sense of realism even with the lack of graphic. Honestly, this game reminds me more of Eternal League of Nefia (A Rogue-Like sandbox game that's completely free, suggest you try it out if you haven't already) than Strive for Power.

      3. I would argue that the game is ahead and behind other games at the same time.
        Ahead in the way that its systems are more or less random so you dont see the exact same thing over and over again (with time this has lots of potential) but I honestly think most other games, at least the first time you play, are better then this at the moment if only because encounters are pre scripted so there is no variance, but at the same time, they are fleshed out encounters. given how the game was when I first found it, and is now, it will get there it's just a matter of time and how much modders are able/willing to contribute if it happens sooner than later.

      4. Yeah, but the potential is there even at 0.2.3. So this could very easily destroy stuff like TiTS or CoC, when it's complete. It's already on par with those for me as is. But as much I love this game, I'm too broke to support Innoxia on Patreon.

      5. Already better than tits, but that may because I bad end for reasons I dont understand or am able to avoid, that game is kind of like playing one of those only text based games where agency besides which way to go is stripped. CoC you can easily understand the results of an encounter before you ever try, this at least for me makes it FAR better of the two. Now compareing CoC to this game, mechanicly this game is better, but encounter wise CoC beats this game out hard for now.

      6. So you're bad at TiTs and because you're bad at TiTs it's a bad game? LOL okay, pal. If you can't grasp the combat mechanics of TiTs I don't see how you can possibly hope to play LT without losing every battle.

      7. lets just head this off before we windup like a youtube comment section. anon, that was rude and uncaleed for, just because you disagree with someones opinion does not make it ok to act like that. "Different strokes for different folks" after all. and personally i like LT more than TiTs too, simply because the content is more "balanced" towards things i like or am able to change others to my personal preferences (which is FUN AS HELL) and its nice to see Innoxia change the map from random to static, really fleshes things out imo.

      8. You know, I never thought to compare LT to CoC or TiTs. Though they may share similarity in common features each game feels completely different from each other. Does TiTs lack options for player agency? In some cases yes, but that depends on the author of the content. However, at this point in time, the combat system in LT is severely lacking. Both games have strengths and weaknesses (LT has a killer slave management system and I HATE slave management games, that's how good it is!) and TiTs has a satisfying (at least to me) combat system.

        Chill out, relax and calm down. Btw <3 Innoxia :3

      9. With tits, you start off not capable of pretty much anything, and walking around can bad end you with no real way to avoid it, with this game pretty much everything you need to know is presented to you and you know why something didn't work. with tits and coc you need a wiki open till you know what everything does, with this game everything tells you want it does, no random dicking you over

        Now I just started a new game with it, so lets see whats good.
        it has forced direction keys and the maps confusing,
        so I had an encounter that I won, with most of my stats still maxed, and the next encounter, apparently I was to tired to do anything so I lost.
        the mechanics of moving around are tedious, weapons are meh as they are hard to figure out whats better or worse unless there is a huge shift in quality, pretty much I prefer Lilith mechanically over tits partially because tits reminds me of every rouge like/lite mechanic I don't like.

        tits still beats out Lilith for encounters, but this is something that will get better given time.

      10. You claim moving around in TiTs is tedious meanwhile LT is written in JavaFX and has a noticeable latency in input while TiTs has zero latency. I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt but now it just seems you're being obtuse for the sake of being obtuse. We're done here.

      11. as far as moving around goes, I cant input fast enough in LT to hit lag, however in LT every square you can move to so long as its adjacent.
        Tits you have to follow a line, which yes, is tedious
        The menus are tedious
        leveling up is tedious
        figuring out what weapon is better when they are similar quality is tedious
        oh no, something bad ended me and i'm not sure what, is tedious
        after the first few times you see the encounter text, its tedious
        being somewhat randomly stopped for progress reports you may or may not care about, is tedious,

        you want to talk about lag, yea, its bullshit and annoying, but the only reason I encounter lag at all is because I have already done the encounters and just want to be done or I just want to as +100 to an enchantment faster, and I gladly deal with them as they remove the roguelike element I don't like from tits and coc

      12. Woah, just an opinion. Didn't think we'd reach this level.

      13. Just tried TiTS myself... and honestly I'm a bit disappointed with it. The idea of a grid based text adventure using Sci-Fi setting has endless potential, but TiTS doesn't really capitalize the setting well since it only tries to be an erotic text game.

        Maybe I'm just missing a lots of features since I just started playing, but for a game set on the time period of exploring new part of the galaxies where are options of discovering new things to climb tech trees, upgrade player's spaceship (especially the game start player out with a purposely outdated ship), setting up player's own base in foreign planets, or even the ability to take crew member together with the player on exploration?

    32. Love the work so far, I think that game mechanics wise you're doing an excellent job! It's definitely got a lot of potential and fleshing the game out with more content is really going to make this an outstanding game.

      If I had to point something that I would personally like some focus on, at some point - that isn't perhaps directly related to adding content - is ensuring more variety and flag specific content to sex descriptions. Sex scenes will otherwise get repetitive and given that the sex is kind of the meat of the game, that might be something to concentrate on - just a note if you've not already planned to do so!

      Keep it up!

    33. Have you thought about implementing forced transformation limits for transformations other than morphism?

      Like for example limiting femininity to androgynous and above or limiting breast size to D cup and also limits to prevent you from gaining/losing sexual organs you don't want.

      I like a bit of randomness in the game but obviously having controls gives more possibilites to tailor the forced transformations around personal likes.

    34. are there ever going to be jackal morphs? or are doberman close enough?

      1. Would be great if we'll get bear morphs, and have panda being a subspecies. Also tigers, lion, and leopard either as a subspecies for cat or their own race.

        Come to think of it... would be pretty interesting if the game eventually allows custom race mod.

    35. Hey I'd like to vomit out a bunch of idea-guy words. Whichever most recent blog post you've yet to reply to comments on would be the best place for that, yeah?

      Just asking in the interest of maintaining some level of etiquette before forcing others to either read or navigate around a amorphous blob of text.

      1. evryone has ideas, just spit it out and we'll verbally (written-ly?) tear it apart in an impromptu meeting-of-the-perverted-minds.

        Im like 70% sure i was supposed to hyphenate that

    36. After quite some time playing this game I can say that this is quickly rocketing up towards my top five of favorite smut games to play. I do, however, have a few gripes with it and a couple of suggestions as to how to fix them but no one has to read further if they don't want to.

      1. Cum to ball size and time passed ratio. Not much of a gripe but if you want it to be a tad more realistic then perhaps make the cum of the player work in the same manner as the milk of breasts. As in, you have your cum capacity, your regeneration, and the size of the organ that stores your fluids. Basically speaking, you can't cum five liters and then another five mere minutes later, unless of course you have some crazy cum regen. Also the balls could more or less have a multiplicative effect on the amount you regen and the amount you can store, meaning that size one balls could naturally store 100ml at max and regen your cum at 1ml/minute while size two balls could stores 200ml and regen at 2ml/minute. Just something to think about.

      2. Size of penetrative object vs size of penetrated person. Simply put, you can't shove a cock of 3 feet into a cat girl of 5 feet and not expect no discomfort or at the very least some anatomical bulging. If something going into a person is large enough relative to their size then it would be neat if some bulging descriptions and indicators of resistance from the large object stretching out their orifices to the point of being visually distinct from outside their body.

      3. Lack of toys or self pleasure method. I get it, in a world where everyone is ready to fuck at a moments notice you don't need anything but yourself and another person but what of those that would like to pleasure themselves without a partner or not need a cock to penetrate someone? Some sort of way to initiate a solo(masturbative) sex scene along with stuff like dildos and beads and strap-ons would be greatly appreciated.

      4. And finally, while this isn't really a problem, quite a lot of people may have this on their mind and might want to see it in the game at some point. I'm going to list off what this game might benefit from. Fisting, orgasming into the urethra of an npc or yourself(and possible bloating of bladder or ball sack), capability for multiple vaginas or penises, genital tails(tails with genitals at their tips), a possibility for a penetrative object to go right through a person if it goes through the mouth or ass and is long enough, fluids to spurt out of the mouth or ass if enough cum is blasted into either orifice from the other side or if they're too full and any more simply spurts out, watersports, and finally some light unbirth or vore(no permanent stuff, npc or you are ejected after sex sort of thing).

      1. Toys(and thus masturbation, I'd imagine) and inflation following urethral stuff have both been stated to be coming shortly, though the latter before the former.

    37. Hey Innoxia,
      If you want to shorten 'Dobermann-morph' - might I suggest a portmanteau of 'Dobermorph' as an alternative to simply 'Dobermann'?