Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Plan for 0.4.1

Hello again,

This is just a relatively small post to let you all know what I'll be working on this week, and what my plan is for 0.4.1.

Preview Plan (v0.4.0.5)
As you might have guessed already, what I'm going to be focused on first of all is getting the placeholder content for Elis and the Foloi Fields into a state that's suitable for the preview release. This is going to include:
- Initial main quest content up to meeting Minotallys
- Basic dialogue and all unique NPCs added for the main places in Elis
- Demonic centaur encounters in fields
- Centaur transport between Dominion and Elis
- Bug fixes and PR merges

Full Release Plan (v0.4.1)
After the preview is released, I'll move on to fleshing out Elis some more, and I want to have the following done (in addition to the points above) for the full release of 0.4.1:
- Interactions with all unique NPCs in Elis
- Generic Foloi Forest & Fields attack encounters

While that doesn't look like much as just a couple of bullet points, adding all of the Elis unique NPC interactions will probably take me longer than I expect, so I won't be too ambitious with targets for 0.4.1. At this current stage I also won't give any time estimates for how long this version will take me to get ready, but I will give you the definite date of this Saturday (8th) for the next progress update post.

Thank you all again for your continued interest in Lilith's Throne, and I'll see you in the next post!

P.S. I will likely enable comments again soon, probably after is done.