Friday, 27 January 2017

Version 0.1.63 release

Here's version 0.1.63!

Version 0.1.63 was mainly an update where I improved a lot of back-end engine code. I didn't manage to do all the things I wanted to get done in this update, especially concerning the bug reports you've all been so helpful in giving me. The next update is definitely going to be focused on fixing the bugs that are still in the game, so if a bug is still around that you've reported, don't worry, I'm working on it!

The combat may be a little broken in this update, as I didn't get the time to balance it after the engine changes I made. Everything in this update that feels a little broken or out of place will be fixed in version 0.1.64! I actually have a ~60 line long list of things titled "DO THIS BEFORE RELEASE", so there are quite a few rough edges to this release. (Sorry!)

I have a better idea now of the amount of work I can get done each week, so I'll try and get next week's update out on time!

Here's the download links for version 0.1.63:

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

Download link: Mega

Lilith's Throne requires java to be installed on your computer.

Also, previous saved games are not compatible with this version! Sorry!

Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

Patch Notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added: "Observant" perk which reveals your opponent's detailed stats in combat.
      Added: A couple of perks that increase the chances of getting a male or female encounter.
      Slowed down rate of stamina, health, and willpower passive regeneration.
      Altered price and rarity of TF consumables.
      Removed the horrendously crippling "On display" status effect from the game, which was gained from having the exhibitionist perk. (This was actually an unintended left-over from some testing I did a while ago.)
  • Story:
    • Changed the consumables shop owner (Julie) to a lesser horse-boy called Ralph.
  • Sex:
    • Added: Victory sex scene with generic assailants.
      Fixed some typos and bugs in the generic assailant's victory intercourse scene.
      Fixed some other minor typos and bugs in several sex scenes.
  • Combat:
    • Added: A "repeat last action" button in combat.
      Added: Special attacks. These can be gained from having certain body parts. At the moment, there's one special attack available for each of the four common races.
      Detailed combat stats about the enemy are now hidden unless you have the Observant perk.
      Did a lot of background combat engine improvements.
      Spells can now miss (they have the same hit chance as ranged attacks) to help balance out how powerful they are.
  • Clothing:
    • Certain body parts can now block you from wearing clothing. (For now, the only one in the game is Horse-morph's legs blocking you from equipping footwear.)
  • UI:
    • First iteration of map display improvements. (Also cleaned up a lot of engine code and made some changes to try and fix the not-rendering bug.)
      Improved combat display. (Subject to further changes.)
      Inventory, Options menu, and phone access has been improved. (Opening one of these menus doesn't block the opening of the others.)
      Switched phone and inventory button locations.
      Improved content for all tooltips.
      Slightly altered some text colours.
      Improved some icons.
      Did a lot of engine improvements related to tooltips.
  • Transformations:
    • Added: Transformation descriptions for eye and ear transformations.
      Polished and re-formatted all of the transformation descriptions. (This took a lot longer than I thought it would...)
      Removed old descriptions of a second penis. (I mentioned it in an old post, but I had to remove the ability to grow two cocks as it created too many variations of sex scenes.)
      Changed transformation items. TF food items are now a weaker version of TF drink items. TF food will transform you up to a lesser morph, one transformation at a time. TF drinks will transform you up to a greater morph, two transformations at a time.
      Fixed colours of horse hair.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed bug where you'd be able to train at the gym indefinitely without losing stamina.
      Fixed a possible cause for the "grey screen" bug that sometimes occurs when starting a new game.
      Changed file extension names from ".LTSave" to ".lts" and ".LTProperties" to ".ltp" in an attempt to fix a bug related to file detection on older operating systems.
      Fixed bug with the spell "Ice shard" giving the description of "Slam".
      Fixed bug with watches not rendering properly in phone's item viewer.
      Corrected a few typos here and there.


    Tomorrow (or later today) I'm going to update the list of things I'm working on, so that you know what's coming next.


    1. Awesome! Can't wait to get home to test things out. I see you adjusted some tf stuff. I am assuming the rare human-fication item will come later on?

      1. The human TF consumable will be in the next update (I wrote it in today)!

    2. This is amazing, I just came across this today. It's like CoC but it gives you much more control it feels like. My only complaint is I tend to find myself wondering because the map buttons seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to how they are laid out. I see some errors with other displays so it might just be my display. With such a large map, maybe include a total map layout? Keep up the amazing work though, I love it!

      1. Thanks for the feedback! I'm still working on improving the map UI, and I'll implement a map overview window at some point in the future for sure.

    3. New update, bug report time !

      - There's a wierd combat screen flicker everytime an action is performed. While it does not trigger anything bad during the fight, but it's probably something you want to fix next time.
      - Changing how you look from male to androgynous does not seem to get you rid of the "clothes too feminine" status effect. Going from androgynous to feminine does not fix that either, as well as resting. You can however fix this is losing a fight or unequiping one of your too feminine cloth and put it back.

      That's all I could find so far.

      By the way, to answer what you told me about "developping the game by yourself" in an older post, would you like a helping hand ? I am kinda familiar with how to code in Java, and I have just way too much time to waste. I'm not saying that I will fix every single bug in the game in a fingersnap though, but I could be helpful.

      1. I've fixed both of those bugs you reported earlier today, thanks for the feedback!

        Also, thanks for the offer of help, but I find it easier for the time being to keep it as a solo project (so I don't have to worry about project management or stuff like that). I plan on releasing the source code at some point in the future, so when that happens, and if you're still interested, there'll be plenty of opportunity to tinker with the code!

    4. Have stumbled across this recently and it has certainly re-kindled my interest in making my own game again, time to dust off the old coding skills.

      One thing I have noticed, when I open up the game, on the right next to the new game, load game options, there is a blank this meant to be blank, or do I have something missing?

      1. The box displays your last save game's information. I'll put some text there saying "No save game found" or something to make that more clear.