Monday, 26 September 2022

Version 0.4.6 Release

Hello again!

Thank you once again for your patience leading up to this release. Sorry that it took a little longer than expected; the main reason for that was that there were quite a few bugs to fix, and it took me longer than expected to work my way through them.

Anyway, as for what's in this version, it's mainly focused on fixing bugs and adding some other minor features, such as tail ovipositor support and importing characters in the nightclub. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get started on merging pull requests from github or adding the third party content I was looking at, but that will be the focus of the next preview version.

Speaking of which, I'll aim to get the next preview update of v0.4.6.5 out within two weeks' time. I'm aiming for a release date of Friday, 7th October for it at the moment, but there will be several 'progress news' posts before then (with the first likely being later this week). For that version I'm going to be focusing on merging PRs from github and adding the third party content which didn't make it into this release. I'll give more details in the next post, so I'll see you again then!

Thank you all so much once again for your support and continued interest in Lilith's Throne!

As always, you can also build these releases yourself from the public github's dev branch (which is always kept up to date with the very latest version):
(There's a build tutorial here.)

IMPORTANT: If you're building through github, you'll now need to place the 'liliths-throne-public/res' folder in the same directory as the exported .jar!

v0.4.6 Download Links

This is still an alpha, and contains bugs and half-finished content!


Pre-zipped: Mega

Pre-zipped: Google Drive


Pre-zipped: Mega

Pre-zipped: Google Drive

32-bit .exe (For 32-bit Windows):

Pre-zipped: Mega

Pre-zipped: Google Drive

v0.4.6 Patch Notes


  • Several typo and grammatical fixes. (by AceXP)
  • Fixed issue where demon x human half-demon offspring would incorrectly be generated as imps instead of human half-demons. (by Maxis010)
  • Fixed bug where keybind hints with pound or euro keys would not render correctly. (by Cognitive Mist)
  • Fixed some parsing issues in the body overview page. (by CognitiveMist)
  • Fixed bug where slaves with a newly-assigned job would not leave Slaver Alley immediately, and a UI bug where slaves' affection would not immediately account for changes in overworked status effects. (by Maxis010)
  • Milking bug fix where if you didn't auto-sell the fluids, the milking room added the value to your slave profits and then you could the sell the fluids for a 2nd payout. (by Maxis010 - This bug was fixed in the last release but not mentioned in patch notes.)
  • Fixed bug where random encounters could only ever trigger on the first tile travelled through when using the 'walk' fast travel options. (by Maxis010 and Lis)


  • Added support for modded subspecies to define a pool of names for random characters of the associated subspecies to use. (See 'res/mods/innoxia/race/hyena/names.xml' for a commented example.)
  • Made a very tiny optimisation so that combat status effects are not checked during the update loop if the game is not in combat.
  • Added more 'SubspeciesSpawnRarity' values, allowing for a little finer control over how often modded subspecies spawn. (I also renamed the existing values, but the old names are all compatible with the new system, so no refactoring is necessary.)
  • Added a new 'unique' attribute to the 'availabilityRequirements' element in tattoo mod files, allowing you to define tattoos as being unique (thereby preventing them from being given to randomly-spawned NPCs).
  • If debug mode is on, you can now see the contents of the 'Empty' map region in the phone's map pages.
  • Added an 'elementalsAreAllies' attribute to combat responses in modded dialogue nodes, allowing you to set whether or not the player's elemental joins in on a fight.


  • Added ability to import characters as either dominant or submissive partners in Dominion's nightclub, 'The Watering Hole'.
  • Added a small amount of content to the cafes in Slaver Alley to make them a little more interesting.
  • Added the final bad end content for Lunexis in the Amazons' camp.


  • The 'Horn headbutt' and 'Antler headbutt' combat moves now critically strike if the attacker is at least 50% taller than the target, and have had their 'dazed' status effect application reduced from 3 to 2 turns.
  • The 'Tail swipe' combat move now critically strikes when the attacker's tail has a girth of at least 'thick', and has had its 'dazed' status effect application reduced from 3 to 2 turns.
  • All combat moves derived from body parts (such as 'tail swipe', 'horn headbutt', 'savage attack', etc.) now apply critical damage in the same way that normal attacks do when critically hitting their target.


  • The ovipositor ability for appropriately-transformed penises and clits is no longer tied to an orgasm action, and instead a 'Lay eggs' action is now always available whenever the conditions for laying eggs in an orifice are met.
  • Added support for tails to act as ovipositors, and added a 'demonic ovipositor' tail type which can use this new functionality. (Tail ovipositors additionally now enable you to lay eggs in yourself.)
  • You no longer need an egg-laying vagina type to lay eggs via an ovipositor in sex. (While you do still need to be pregnant to use this ability for now, I am planning on adding functionality for laying unfertilised eggs in a future update.)
  • Characters now prioritise unequipping their clothing into their inventory instead of onto the floor, which should help to prevent the issue of clothing being lost into the void when unequipped onto the floor of a cell that already had a full inventory.


  • Enabled the use of the 'Stop watching' action in the 'Spy on them' Lilaya x Rose voyeurism scene.
  • Randomly-generated NPCs now have a chance to spawn with tattoos.
  • Improved the visibility of the player icon on the minimap by giving it a slightly darker border.
  • The 'Controlled Aggression' perk (from choosing the soldier background) now applies a 1-turn status effect at the start of combat to make it more obvious that the double damage effect is only lasting for the first turn of combat.
  • Improved the way that bimbo talk is applied to characters' dialogue; repeat phrases are no longer generated (such as 'like, like'), sentences ending in '?!' are handled correctly, and odd word replacement at comma locations has been fixed.
  • You can now teleport out of the Amazons' camp, but still cannot teleport into it.
  • Slightly reduced the min/max diameter comfort range of orifice capacities so as to better align them with the recent reductions to penetration girth values.
  • Renamed the 'drill hair' style to 'ojou ringlets'.
  • The player's elemental is no longer involved in the 'Meraxis duel' and 'Aurokaris sparring' fights.
  • Added 'broodmother pill' as a new slave permission setting, and renamed the pills category from 'pregnancy' to 'pills'.
  • Added a new 'pregnancy' slave permission category, which has settings for allowing birth, allowing egg laying, and consuming mother's milk (to speed up pregnancy).


  • Typo & grammatical fixes.
  • Ursa no longer hates the 'penis receiving' fetish, to fix issues where she'd react with disgust towards the player during sex even though she initiated sex with you.
  • Fixed issue where you could change positions in Ursa's sex scene.
  • Fixed 'honey bread', 'popcorn', and 'berry soda' items not restoring the correct amount of health/mana that was stated in their descriptions.
  • When starting a new game with an imported character who already has a weapon equipped, the demonstone that you gain at the start is now added to your inventory instead of being equipped.
  • The 'Clit attention' sex action can now correctly be used while receiving cunnilingus.
  • Fixed issue where permanent combat status effects would get a negative turn count at the bottom of their tooltip.
  • Fixed background error sometimes being thrown when no encounter could be found for a tile.
  • Fixed issue where skin colour preferences would not be applied to some randomly-generated characters, such as those spawned via the debug menu's 'spawn attacker' action.
  • Fixed bug in sex scenes where NPCs who hate the masturbating fetish would get stuck at 100 arousal and never orgasm if they were in a spectator slot.
  • After characters have had their clothing placed in the 'holding inventory' and then restored (such as after bathing in the spa), the 'holdingClothing' element in their save files will now be cleared.
  • Using the debug menu to obtain a slaver license now correctly completes all stages of the associated side quest, granting you the slaver license item in the process.
  • Using the debug menu to skip Dominion quests now correctly also completes the slaver license side quest (the completion of which is required to be able to obtain Scarlett from Helena).
  • Characters on all fours in the 'all fours' sex position can no longer use 'hand to upper-torso' interaction with characters kneeling behind them, and also can no longer cum onto the groin of the person behind them.
  • Fixed bug where if a character had a fetish via wearing enchanted clothing, they'd be permanently granted that fetish if they gained a fetish experience level while wearing the clothing.
  • Removed incorrect reference to Brax having bleach-blonde hair during his Brandi transformation scene.
  • In the stats screen, the 'Physical shielding' stat now correctly takes into account how much physical shielding has been gained via clothing and weapons.
  • In sex scenes, immobilised characters who have their orgasms denied now correctly have access to the 'Denied!' action, allowing them to be repeatedly denied without having to release and then re-immobilise them.
  • Fixed incorrect health restoration values for Raptor energy bar, Vodka, Two-Tone Slushie, Fish and Chips, and Ink Vodka.
  • The 'Power of Suggestion' upgrade to the 'Telepathic Communication' spell now correctly lists the affected combat move as 'Tease', and also correctly applies the negative status effect for 2 turns on the target as stated, instead of 3.
  • Fixed bug where after having sex with Oglix, you could teleport into her room and as such explore the VIP area.
  • Fixed issue where the option to decline sex with Oglix after flirting with her was not being displayed, effectively forcing you to always have sex with her after flirting.
  • Fixed bug where if you'd completed the 'Angry Harpies' quest (to pacify the harpy nests), harpies would no longer attack you in the nests during a storm.
  • Fixed issue where threesome sex after beating Enforcer patrols would put one of the Enforcers in a spectator slot instead of an active sex slot.
  • Fixed issue where Lunexis and Aurokaris would remain in Minotallys' office after the Themiscyra quest was completed (if Aurokaris and Lunexis are stuck in the town hall in your save, it will be fixed when loading into this version).
  • Corrected numerous instances of sex scenes wich start with you choosing to 'Submit' being tagged as being non-consensual.
  • Fixed several instances of measurement descriptions not taking into account your imperial/metric preferences.
  • Fixed issue where critically-hitting combat moves would not apply their status effects.
  • Fixed the description at the start of slave sex where slaves were described as being forced to crawl everywhere when they didn't have that permission set and vice-versa.
  • Fixed bug where if you tried to move a slave to a new room before an hour had passed since loading your game, the slave wouldn't be moved to the room.
  • Attribute values are no longer rounded up for display in the UI, which should fix some incorrect readings, such as when in sex arousal could display as 100 even if the character was not yet ready for orgasm.
  • The racial book for the deer race is now called 'Harts and Hinds' instead of sharing 'Bleating Headbutters' with the goat race.
  • The offspring map can now only be used in empty tiles, thereby preventing you from spaning an offspring on a tile that's aleady taken by a randomly-generated NPC.
  • The offspring map now works during daytime in Elis's alleyways.
  • Aurokaris's 'breasts' and 'ass' ambrosia tasting scenes now use the correct sex positions.
  • Dog-morphs will no longer spawn with 'fluffy' fur (although they can still transform their fur to be 'fluffy' afterwards) to prevent them from accidentally spawning as samoyed-morphs.
  • Fixed bug where arcane storm effects would not be applied correctly, resulting in NPCs from Elis never being vulnerable to arcane storms, even if they were brought over to Dominion.
  • Fixed issue where you could still choose to be vaginally trained as a cock-sleeve in Lunexis's bad end if you didn't have a vagina.