Saturday, 6 May 2017

Version 0.1.75 release

Sorry once again that this is a day late, I didn't get much time to work on the game this week...

But anyway, here's version 0.1.75! I added internal map support (which took away all the time I set aside for fixing bugs, oops...) as well as adding a tiny new part of the main quest and changing pregnancy mechanics a little.

This release is already a little late as it is, so I won't go on too much, and will simply say that for next week's release (v0.1.78) I'm going to be focusing on fixing bugs and polishing existing content.

Thank you also to everyone for leaving your bug reports and suggestions in the blog's comments (as well as those of you who leave them on TFGamesSite or Fenoxo forums)! You've all been really super helpful!

This version is still a very early release! (There will be bugs!)

Here are the download links for version 0.1.75:

Pre-zipped (use this one!): Mega

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

For those of you who were having difficulties running the game on windows 10, I've also packaged the game as an .exe for you to try:

Pre-zipped .exe version: Mega

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

Lilith's Throne requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer. (Unless you're using the .exe version.)

Patch Notes:

  • Preview version:
  • Gameplay:
    • Added: More colours for hair, fur, and eye dying at Kate's shop.
      Added: The ability to use transformative potions on random NPCs. (I'll add some reactions to their transformations soon.)
      Improved: NPC randomisation:
      Attributes are now based on their race. (Combat may be a little harder now...)
      Body parts are randomised, based on their race's average.
      There's a chance for NPCs to have a fetish (with a small chance of having two). I'll add more fetish interaction content soon!
      They now drop a random amount of money, between 10 and 10 + NPCLevel*10.
      All clothing and piercings are now fully randomised. (There might be some strange clothing combinations; I'll improve this soon.)
      Added: A small chance for random NPCs to be a trap. (I'll add some control over gender ratios in the options for the next version.)
      Temporarily added: Innoxia's gift; A demon TF potion.
      Added: Vicky now sells random potions as well as weapons.
      Harpies now drop perfume or bubblegum lollipops.
      Increased the amount of essences enemies drop. (If you still feel like it's too much of a grind to earn essences, please let me know!)
  • Combat:
    • Increased base escape chance from 10% to 30%.
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Fishnet stockings.
      Added: Fishnet top.
      Added: Thigh high boots.
      Added: Open-front cardigan.
  • Items:
    • Added: Mother's Milk. A drink that speeds up pregnancy.
  • Misc:
    • Improved: Body descriptions. Both on the selfie page, and for NPCs.
      Changed 'save persistent character' mechanics. Now it's a toggle-able option, so you have the option to remove the character and still have sex with them.
      Added feedback message to game saves and overwrites.
      Spent a long time trying to figure out the memory leak issue, to no avail. (I shall carry on trying!)
      Very slightly tweaked chances for clothing to spawn as either jinxed or enchanted.
      Added clit size to body description.
      Slightly improved leg transformation descriptions.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed issue where asking for pullout in dominant sex would freeze the game.
      Fixed issue where Lilaya's non-sex content would be locked if she was pregnant.
      If Lilaya is already pregnant, she no longer gets angry if you don't pull out.
      Fixed Promiscuity pill not working.
      Fixed typos and instances of incorrect gender pronouns.
      Fixed some text not rendering in orgasm descriptions.
      Fixed inaccurate counts of submissive and dominant sex at the bottom of each NPC's description.
      Fixed incorrect gender names for offspring.
      Lilaya now no longer asks for you to cum in her.
      Minor fixes to some reported dialogue inconsistencies.
      Fixed eye recolouring in Kate's shop.
      Fixed bug in description when your partner takes their own virginity.
      Fixed demons not recognising you after the first encounter.
      Post-sex succubus scenes now have the 'explore' option enabled.
      Fixed bug where you'd be unable to pick up a stackable object if your inventory was full, even if you were already in possession of an instance of that stackable object.
      Fixed bug where selfie leg descriptions were based on arm race.
      Kate's inventory will now start sorted, and she will spawn with at least 1 of every piercing type for sale.
      Random NPC post-sex descriptions no longer say how exhausted they are if you didn't let them orgasm.
      Fixed bug with larger text sizes causing enchanting and inventory screens to not display correctly.
      Fixed bug where removing a jinx from an equipped item would leave you stuck with the negative attribute modifier.
      Fixed description of giving your partner a facial while wearing a condom (you now take it off as you pull back from their throat).
      Eye recolouring is no longer seen under Kate's 'skin recolouring' service menu.
  • Additions to preview version:
  • Engine:
    • Implemented support for loading in pre-designed maps.
      Implemented correct behaviour for transitioning between different maps.
  • Gameplay:
    • Added: A tiny part of the main quest. (I'll have a lot more added for the next version.)
      Expanded: Lilaya's Home, Harpy Nests, and Slaver Alley now all have interior maps. (The 'Harpy Nests' area has a lot of TODO dialogue at the moment.)
      Removed: Harpies from the random races that can attack you in Dominion. (Harpies are now solely found in the Harpy Nests.)
      Added: Vagina types for each race. (Added ones for dog-morphs, wolf-morphs, cat-morphs, and harpies).
      Changed: Pregnancy mechanics are now based on vagina type. (Vagina type now influences the type of female reproductive organs you have.)
      Human vagina types will give birth to offspring of whatever race impregnated them, while all other vagina types will give birth to whatever race they are.
      This is applicable for both the player and all NPCs.
      Added: Breast and ass types for each race. Breast types just alter what kind of milk you're producing, while ass types alter the shape of your asshole. (TF descriptions are very placeholder at the moment.)
      Added: Egg-laying pregnancy scenes for when you get Lilaya to resolve your pregnancy if you have a harpy vagina.
      Pregnancy stats now track how many children you've fathered, as well as how many you've mothered.
      Added weather status effect 'Arcane storm (protected)', for areas in which the arcane storm has no effect.
      Increased health, willpower, and stamina calculations from '5*level' to '10*level'. (In an attempt to reduce the amount of 1-shot attacks until I can do some work on the combat balance.)
  • Other:
    • Rewrote and improved a lot of vagina transformation descriptions.
      Can no longer remove or TF vagina if you're pregnant or possibly pregnant.
      Improved some racial encyclopedia entries.
      Expanded some pregnancy text to take into account if you have the pregnancy fetish, as well as if you're going to be giving birth to live young or eggs (if you have a harpy vagina).
      Added support for internal testicles. (At the moment, only harpies have internal testicles, but I'll add a TF for them soon.)
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed some incorrect gender pronouns being used in post-combat scenes.
      Fixed 'unbroken virgin' event firing on vagina loss even if you were a virgin.
      Fixed parsing bug in Pix's sex scene.
      You now have the arcane storm effect applied at the start of the game.
      Fixed bug with weather effects not updating correctly while sleeping.
      Fixed bug where partner wouldn't initiate anal sex in doggy position.
      Minor typo and grammar fixes here and there.
      Fixed harpy's random attributes being a little unbalanced.
      Fixed bug where loading a saved game wouldn't work.


    1. are you still going to separate fertility from cum potent(virility) so we can lower fertility(the chance to get pregnate) without lowering our chance of impregnating NPCs

      1. Yes, I'm still planning on doing that, and I'll get it into the game as soon as I can! ^^

    2. I don't know if this is a bug or not but a npc is called a wolf girl she has a penis and breast but has no vagina so the would make her a he or shemale an not a girl. So I is this a bug or what?

      1. The gender pronouns are based on a character's femininity, not the state of their genitalia. So if they're feminine, they will be referred to using 'girl', 'she', 'her', etc.

        That being said, the game doesn't react to femininity transformations properly at the moment. If you transform an NPC from being feminine into being masculine, they'll still be called, for example, 'wolf-girl', and not 'wolf-boy'. This will be fixed for the next version. ^^

    3. I badly need a map here. I got lost inside the house .-.

      1. It would be nice if we could make our own map.

      2. Okay... My java was out of date. >< bit easier to find my way around, but some sort of a key or legend to say what's what, or a complete comprehensive map to say "You are here, this is where X location is" is would be nice.

      3. A few people have been asking for an "overview map" of each area, so that's something that I'll try to add sooner rather than later! ^^

        Thanks for the feedback!

    4. when I try to store stuff in my room it said if I leave it will disappear, is this a bug or did you change where we can store items?

      1. Oh dear, thank you for reminding me of that!

        That's an unintended bug that I didn't have time to resolve before release. I'll make sure that there's a proper "item storage" feature in your room for the next version!

    5. Hello. First things first, thanks for developing and sharing this game, glad my girlfriend suggested it to me.
      I don't know if I did something wrong, but I find myself unable to load my save file from the previous stable release (v0.1.7, I think): I tried to copy over the whole "data" folder and on the main screen I get a message stating "Incompatible save version!"

      Here's a compressed archive of it, in case you might want to have a look -

      I also tried to export my character, but no dice. At any rate, it's not a hassle for me, I'm just reporting something I found weird.
      Thanks again for taking the time to develop this. Have a nice day and don't let any naysayer bring you down.

      1. Forgot to add that "Start (Import)" isn't showing my character, either.
        I'll try to re-download and re-install Java later, because now I must leave for work. Will update you, sorry for the trouble.

      2. Saves don't work between versions yet. And in order to import a character into a new version, you have to have exported that character in the old one.
        This can be done from the options menu. Then just make sure to transfer the exported character from the data file for the old version into the data file for the new one.

      3. Tried to do that this morning, as I've later said/replied, but the "Start (Import)" menu wasn't showing my exported character, either.
        Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I'll be home in three-four hours. Will try to re-download the game+re-install Java.

      4. Hello, thanks for your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear that the export/import feature isn't working for you. :(

        I'm going to be trying to implement save-game compatibility in this next version, in order to remove the need for the export/import process. (Although I'll still keep that functionality in the game.)

        I'm not sure what could be going wrong at the moment, but if you'd like an easy way to boost a new character back up to where your old one was, you can type "buggy" (without quotation marks) into the game at any time to bring up the debug menu. Just be warned that it interrupts any dialogue that you're in the middle of, so it's best to use it when standing on a neutral tile. ^^

        I'll try and find the cause for this import/export problem, thank you for reporting the issue!

      5. Extremely sorry to reply this late (got kept at work longer than expected), but I'm happy to report that I was able to fix the problem, sadly I don't know what has been the cause of it: I've re-downloaded the game and re-installed Java, my character showed up in the Import menu; going to blame my Internet connection, something most likely went wrong with the original download.
        Sorry for the trouble. :(

        Also, I'm probably not going to be much of a "statistic", but I want to say that I played v0.1.7 (and am now playing v.0.1.75) on a computer having the OS Windows Vista Home Basic+Service Pack 2 without compatibility issues of any kind (that I can see, at least).

        I have one small fight-related question: is it possible to not take any action at all (spending the turn waiting/simply watching what the opponent will do)? Noticed a few of the "enemies" have a special kind of seduction/tease move, but I don't get to see it before I win by damage/arousal, curiosity killed the cat… And me, too. >.<

      6. Don't be sorry, it's no trouble at all! ^^

        I'll still take a look over the import/export code, as I have the suspicion that there are a few other bugs in it, so thanks for reporting this issue (even if you managed to resolve it)! ^^

        I'll add a 'skip turn'/'wait' action to combat, good suggestion!

    6. found a bug so far,when having sex with Kate when she sucks on the players breasts it says the player has nipple cunts when the player has normal human nipples

      1. Thanks for the report, I'll get it fixed for the next version! ^^

      2. think i found one more in the selfie screen it says "You lost your virginity to ." which sounds like the npc's name is suppose to be there

      3. turns out its like that for all the first time stuff

      4. found another one unless pregnancy works different than i thought,my character was a full wolf anthro when she got knocked up by Brax and giving birth she has a horse kid

      5. So your pussy is wolf, not horse correct?

      6. huh,looking at my appearance turns out it is,didnt think thats how it picked the race

      7. Thanks for the bug reports!

        I changed the way the pregnancy system works in this version, so now children's race is dependent on their mother's reproductive system (which is tied into vagina transformations). There are a couple of bugs in this new system at the moment, however, so I'll try to get those fixed for this next version.

      8. what about demon kids? my character had Lilith's kids and they were imps and not my characters race

      9. If you have a human vagina, you'll give birth to the same race as that of whoever impregnated you. I'll try and include a "pregnancy mechanics" page in this next release, to make it a bit clearer as to how pregnancy works.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. which forms have multiple breasts? last time i played the wolf tf gave multiple but now it doesnt,so is there a tf item for it?

      1. alright save scumming on the random tf items there are some thing that say "The amount of milk that you're producing doesn't change..." and it says things like that for other things too

      2. Wolf girls, dog girls, and succubi have multiple breast rows.
        You can make specific TF potions that target a chosen body part (

      3. well fuck me i feel dumb i knew about making the potions but i keep forgetting the secondary effects part of potion making

      4. The secondary effects of enchanting aren't very intuitive at the moment, so I'll try to make them a little more obvious in the UI.

        I'm also going to add 'batch crafting' soon, as well as a 'recipe list', in order to make enchanting a little easier for the player. This may get into the next version, but if not, it will be added in the version after that! ^^

    9. First of all, amazing game. You're doing an awesome job, keep it up. c:

      Now my question. Is there any way right now to change vagina looseness/capacity? Basically, I started the game with the Slut trait and I want to make my pc's vagina tighter.

      Thanks in advance.

      1. Start a TF potion, click vagina for the primary element, and click shrink/expand for capacity or rigidity/elasticity for looseness for the secondary element.

      2. Thank you for the kind words Hawksley! ^^

        As Desu described above, you can change your vagina capacity (as well as many other things) through TF potion crafting.

        I'm going to be changing the slut trait, as well as all the others, when I revisit the character creation screen. I'm hoping to get that area of the game completely re-vamped within the next couple of versions. (I'm planning on allowing the player to be very specific when choosing their sexual history.)

    10. when I hit the fuck ass button for Lilaya it fucks her pussy instead.

      1. It seen to happen with Kate too.

      2. Thank you for the bug report!

        I'm focusing on fixing bugs this week, as well as improving some of the sex scenes, so I'll make sure to get this bug fixed while I work on that!

    11. Possible bug with the character loader in this new version. My character "appears to others to be a trap", as far as I'm aware traps are men who look feminine, my character is a futanari with a high femininity stat and has a JJ cup size, I don't see how others would assume my character to be a trap on first appearances.

      1. Just found bug that made the "stop sex" button not do anything when dominating a cat girl, don't know what caused it, haven't been able to recreate it, but it forced me to reload my save to get out of it.

      2. After a bit of testing, it seems this bug happens when you creampie the partner you are dominating in any position.

      3. Thank you for the bug reports, I've added them to my list of things to get fixed for this next version! ^^

        I'm sorry that you encountered such a game-breaking bug (the 'stop sex' button not working), I'll get that one fixed as a priority!

    12. This is the first build I tried out the new crafting system, I was wondering if the genital changing potions are going to work on the persisting NPCs in a future build.

      1. Really? I tried giving a dog boy a "Canine Elixer of Growing Pussies" but it said "he has no vagina so there was no effect"

      2. Ok I got it to work, but with a human potion with no second attribute.

      3. Well that's annoying, I get it to work and that same "stop sex" bug I mentioned above kicked in, twice.

      4. I'm planning on making the "Growing Pussies" potion give the drinker a new vagina if they don't already have one. The same problem is also present in penis-related TF potions.

        I'll get that 'stop sex' bug fixed as soon as possible as well!

    13. XD, Ok last bug report from me for tonight, I got a random harpy girl pregnant and it said this:

      "TODO: Harpy is pregnant encounter.
      You ended up getting Ralph pregnant, and now she wants revenge!"

      That was a good chuckle before bed.

      1. I'll get that one fixed too, thanks for the report! ^^

    14. I love seeing some progress, the game is great so far and it can only get better. I'd like to leave a few sex gameplay suggestions:

      - There should be a 100% dominant sex: Currently, if you choose the dominant sex option, the NPC will strip you off your clothes. I'd love to see some way to prevent that: Either have it baked into the "dominant" perk, or perhaps a new "Have some dominant fun" sex option.
      -On a similar vein, it could be cool if, either by having the "sadist" perk or that new "dominant sex", you had some kind of "Punish" sex option, similar to "Deny", but not quite the same. Perhaps you could use it just like how the Succubus treats you when you try to choose sex position, or when the NPC tries to strip you off your clothes.

      -Is there any chance of switching between dominant and submissive sex mid scene? Or, at least, adding the "Kneel" position to dominant sex.

      -Are there any plans for group sex? I have two ideas about how it could work: one could be a simple random chance of another NPC (not necessarily a unique NPC for stats tracking/purposes, it could just be a copy of the NPC you defeated) appearing in the sex scene. For example:

      You defeated catboy#Continue/Have some fun/Submit/Invite a bystander(perhaps you can only spot it if you have the observant perk?). Then the bystander could just be a copy of the catboy you just defeated (at least for testing and debugging, that should be easier to code I'm guessing) which would enable threesome sex scenes. Similarly, if you lose/submit, the NPC could "call a friend".

      The other option is a bit crazier: Perhaps, after battle end (and during the sex scene) the game could scan for NPCs around the neighbouring areas, and make the NPC living in that area come over and have fun with you. This could (in theory) allow for more than threesomes, all the way to 5 NPCs and the PC. For example, (using the current map for reference): The upper left corner (right next to jungle entrance) is surrounded by two other NPC areas. If you finish a battle (either win or lose) there, the NPCs living in those other 2 areas could (random chance/perk based) take a look and decide to join (or even just stay there looking, that's hot too)

      As for how the multiple sex scene could work in terms of stats (filling arousal bar and whatnot), I guess it should be easier and make more sense if the original NPC that lost/win the battle was the one's important for arousal conditions.

      All in all, great game, keep up the good work!

      1. Thank you for your detailed feedback, as well as your kind words! I'll respond to each of your suggestions in order:

        - I'll be adding an option to block NPC clothing management soon. I'm also going to be adding a 'sex pace' mechanic to the sex scenes soon, which will enable you, through selecting an associated action, to set the pace of sex to 'rough', for if you wanted to be really dominant.

        - I'll be expanding the sex-related fetish content soon. Having a 'punish' action sounds like a good idea!

        - I'll add the 'kneel' action for when you're the dom for sure. I'm not sure if I'll be able to add the ability to switch between sub and dom mid-sex any time soon, but perhaps at some point in the future I'll add that!

        - I'll definitely be adding group sex at some point! I like the sound of both of your suggestions, but your second suggestion sounds particularly fun; I'd definitely like to have a go at implementing that when I get around to adding multi-NPC sex! ^^

    15. - As far as I know, this is already planned. There will be an option or way of preventing your partner from stripping you in a later version

      - The being "subby" while dom option is also being currently looked at. Innoxia has plenty on her plate atm and will get to that later on.

      - Ditto on group sex. As far as I know there will be a 3-way option added later on. As for how it will work, we'll have to see.

      I'll leave Innoxia to add any further details but this is be bare bones version.

    16. Lilay's mansion is huge. Can you make it smaller? I can't get around it fast if you get what I mean.

      1. We don't want it to be smaller, because you will eventually be able to fill the empty rooms with NPCs you defeat. However, Innoxia will eventually add quick travel buttons for the major locations in Lilaya's house.

      2. I can confirm what James said, in that I'm planning on adding the functionality to move NPCs into those rooms (at some point in the future). Also, due to the fact that Lilaya's house is more of a mansion than a regular house, I wanted to make the in-game map reflect that.

        I'm also going to be adding fast-travel buttons to the entrance hall, so you'll be able to instantly teleport up to your room/Lilaya's lab/other rooms instead of having to walk up and down the stairs each time. ^^

    17. Little late for me to ask this but is the Angel-morph only accessible through save editing?

      1. Yes. Angels aren't officially in the game and everything about them is in heavy spoiler territory.

    18. I have been dicking around this game for few of hours and here is some critique.
      Controllable sex scenes are really neat only thing that i would add to them is reactions like horsemorphs liking and commenting horsemorph characters, partners being scared of too large dicks and generally more descriptions for exalple "Jim towered over woflboy" or when characters strength is high enough it would add different description to more force full interactions.
      Combat is well made and i really enjoy fetish based teasing moves, my only problem was that first few levels were awkward to get as i had to hunt for lv1 characters.
      Enchantment/essence system is also very nice though it could benefit from a bit more clear explanation and crafting multiple potions is currently tedious.
      Some form of control over what kind of benefits a clothing and jevelry gives would be nice.
      Pregnancy is if i understood correctly limited to one baby per pregnancy, it would be awesome fetish fuel if partners virility and fertility scores are high enough sex would lead to multiple babies at once.

      I have not seen any mentions of this game on my regular sites apart
      from 8ch, small marketing in future would possibly be beneficial.
      Here is the thread where i spotted this game, it maybe of interest to you
      If its not too much to ask could you enable anonymous posting here, due to the nature of this game i don't like using any of my account names.
      This project seem very promising, i will eagerly wait for future updates.

      1. Horse morphs usually only give birth to one baby at a time, but cat and dog-morphs and demons usually produce litters.

      2. Thanks for your detailed feedback! ^^

        I'll definitely add some more NPC reactions/interactions based on your (and their) race, body parts, perks, fetishes, attributes, etc. I have a lot of other things to get fixed in the engine before I can fully focus on writing and expanding content, but that's definitely something that I'll add.

        Depending on how much I manage to get done in this version, I'm hopefully going to address combat balance in the version after 0.1.78.

        I'm going to add 'bulk craft' and 'craft from recipe' options to the enchantment system. I know it can get very tedious having to click through the UI over and over again, so I'll try and get this addressed as soon as I can.

        I'm going to add 'clothing enchantments' to the enchantment system, which will give you complete control over what type of enchantments you want to put on your clothing.

        The number of children you give birth to should be determined by what race your children are. For example, horse-morphs give birth to one or two children, while demons give birth to a litter of four to eight imps.

        Thanks for bringing my attention to the 8ch thread, I'll try and respond to people's comments, suggestions, and bug reports on there as well as over here on the blog.

        I'll also turn on the ability to make anonymous posts here on the blog, thanks for the suggestion.

    19. Booted the game for the first time, got through the prologue and the first thing to strike me is that navigating is a huge pain in the ass.

      There doesn't seem to be a map (or if there is, it isn't obvious enough for me to find in five-minutes of tinkering) the WASD keys don't seem to map to north/west/south/east as would be standard, and the townhouse that you start the game in is (as far as i can tell) a 50-room maze where 47 of the rooms are identical corridors.

      Seriously, finding my way even back to the room where I started seems to be totally impossible.

      TLDR: switch the controls so pressing D keeps taking you east, instead of making it take you back the way you just came, and add a big map of all the rooms you've already been in so we can stop running around in circles.

      1. There is a map. You need to update Java. And WASD does map to NWSE respectively.

      2. Yeah, Java auto-updater apparently crapped out on me. Got advice from the 8chan thread, so I've got the map up now.

        My bad.

    20. You're a saint!! it works i can play it now!!!

      1. I'm happy to hear the .exe worked! ^^

        I hope you enjoy the game!

      2. i believe i've played it for 12 hours now. Super addicting game.

      3. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it! ^^