Saturday, 27 May 2017

Version 0.1.79 Preview

I'm sorry that this preview is a day late, but here it is!

Just be warned, this version is really rough. I've implemented the necessary framework for adding in the new 'sex pace' mechanic, but I haven't added any content for it yet (I'll be doing that over this next week). As a result, there isn't really much to see, so I'd strongly advise waiting for next week's release before playing.

If you do decide to try out this preview version, it would be helpful to know if you're still encountering the memory leak bug. I spent the entire of Monday and Tuesday trying to fix it, and it seemed to be mostly fixed when I tested it on my system, but I'd like to know if the problem is still persisting for any of you. (Leaving a comment in this post would be the best way to give me feedback. ^^)

Download links for the .jar version:

Pre-zipped (use this one!): Hotfix post

Full folder: Hotfix post

.exe version (use this if you are on windows and are having problems running the .jar):

Pre-zipped: Hotfix post

Full folder: Hotfix post

This is a preview release, and is just a snapshot of my current progress! It 100% contains a lot of bugs and half-finished content!!!

Version 0.1.79P patch notes:

  • Engine:
    • Altered: Method of setting content in an attempt to fix the memory leak issue. While I don't think it's totally worked, it may have helped a little...
  • Gameplay:
    • Added: Masturbation fetish.
      You can now use dye-brushes on your partner's clothing during sex. (Only in non-consensual sex when you're the dom.)
      You can now steal your partner's clothing during sex. (Only in non-consensual sex when you're the dom.)
      Random NPCs will now dress themselves in gender-appropriate clothing after sex. (e.g. If you TF a wolf-boy into a wolf-girl, the next time you see them, they'll be wearing feminine clothing.)
      Added library to Lilaya's house and moved the 'Books' action from your room into there. (It's on the ground floor, in the East wing.)
      Human opponents will now drop dye-brushes or Angel's tears.
      Added 'repeat craft' to enchantment screen. (I plan on adding a lot more functionality to the enchantment menu soon.)
  • Sex:
    • Added: Sex pace mechanics. Some sex actions now change the 'pace' of sex. This pace affects the descriptions of actions taken.
      Added: A lot more self-interaction options related to using your fingers or tail.
      Removed: 'Blocking fetishes' mechanic from sex actions (such as 'ask for pull out' being disabled if you have the pregnancy fetish).
      Improved: NPC's sex AI.
      Random NPCs now have preferred positions based on their race, fetishes, genitalia, and whether they're the dom or sub. NPCs now refuse your positional requests if it isn't one of their preferred positions.
      Added options to permit/forbid your partner from using any self-penetrative actions, as well as managing your clothing during sex. (Only in non-consensual sex when you're the dom.)
  • UI:
    • Options that are too long for response boxes should now automatically scale to fit.
      Removed the green tick and red cross icons from sex actions. (I felt as though they were cluttering up the response panel.)
      Improved sex action tooltip requirements text.
  • Other:
    • Added ginger and orange feathers for harpy's hair.
      Added body part setting options to the debug menu.
      Slight formatting improvements here and there.
      NPCs should now level up after gaining enough xp.
  • Bugs:
    • 'Frustrated' status effect is now properly removed when you orgasm.
      Fixed lubrication not being transferred correctly during penetration.
      Fixed some bugs related to attribute perk detection.
      Fixed some minor formatting errors.
      Fixed bug where submissive tease would be effective against submissive fetish (instead of dominant fetish).
      Fixed bug where intelligence gains from reading books could be triggered more than once.
      Fixed minor bugs in encyclopedia entry for humans.
      Fixed some clothing access bugs (related to the swimsuit incorrectly blocking some clothing removal).
      Fixed bug where loading an AutoSave would show incorrect responses and dialogue.
      Fixed bug where gaining multiple fetishes at once would cost an incorrect (and huge) amount of arcane essences.
      Fixed a formatting error in pregnancy stats screen.
      Fixed chemise displacement text returning 'null'.

    P.S. There is a lot of half-finished content in this version!


    1. I know you probably get these types of messages a lot, but I just wanted to let you know you're doing a great job with this game! Props to working on the framework before devoting yourself to most of the content, that's a very promising move.

      Whenever you set up a Patreon, I'd love to pitch in a bit as a thank-you for this awesome game! Keep on doing a great job, just don't push yourself TOO far!

      1. Thank you for the kind words and offer of support! ^^

        I'll make sure to take a big rest tomorrow, and I'll try not to push myself too hard while working on the game.

    2. Bug found: Brax scene on you being the dominating one doesn't end, the end sex button doesn't appear

      1. Thank you for the bug report! I'll get that fixed for Friday's release. ^^

    3. So far your so-called "buggy" preview builds have been pretty stable and free of any really problematic bugs. One thing I did notice is that you seem to only get exactly 10 bucks per victory, where as I remember a previous build was suppose to randomize the monetary reward from winning fights. Again, that's pretty minor, but just letting you know it's just always 10 for me. Checked it on another save just to make sure it wasn't some weird save bug, too...same thing.

      In any case, this game's turning out to be really neat. I've kind of burned myself out on playing TiTS, CoC's Revamp, and such. The interactivity in the sex scenes is a welcome diversion from the usual norm and has interesting possibilities for diversifying them. The only other game that I recall that did that was an Inform 7 game that has barely any content and is a pretty buggy mess and technically a mod for Night Games -- in that game both the fighting and the sex are often the same events.

      Just curious, but are there plans to make unique actions possible for certain TF's and body parts? By that I mean in the same manor that tails allow you to do certain actions that can only be done with a tail. Also, would it be possible to have encounters involving more than you and just one other? And by that I mean I'd love to see team-fights, though getting wound up in a threesome would be interesting too.

      Anyways, bottom line is, love the game so far and really excited to see where it goes from here out.

      1. Happy you like the game! And thanx for that report. I am certain it's a bug as iirc it's suppose to be random.

        I too am a CoC TiTS fan. What's that Inform game you're referring to?

        There will eventually be multiple partners at once. Currently Innoxia is working on the foundations of the game and once that's done more content would eventually start flowing in.

      2. the Inform game they refer to is a mod, who's name I forget, but it attempted to expand on the sex combat from "Night Games" a collage centered sex fighting game, where the first to orgasm or knock the other out wins using panties as trophies (or be a ninja and steal them :3 ). The original game is quite nice, but last I played wasn't done, but had some really nice and unique feeling characters to fight against as main opponents. But yes your games after combat sex and in combat teasing first reminded me of that game as well.

      3. The Inform game, the first one at least, I was referring to is not the Night Games mod, it was a game you needed an interpreter like WinGit or Gargoyle to run. It was more like CoC in that it was set in a fantasy world with goblins and other nefarious creatures. While it did support hyperlinks for quick commands, they would break so you had to type out the commands. The last I saw/played it, it was suppose to have werewolves but that was never fully implemented.

        NG mod, like its base game, is a Java based game. I've been following NG mod for a while now and it's more of a "who can cum first or make the other cum," sort of game rather than one with fighting and sex being two distinctly separate section of gameplay. Fun game, if a little repetitive.

        I don't remember the first game I spoke of much, not even the name. I do remember that I saw it on, though. NG Mod is currently hosted on Fenoxo's forum, the guy behind CoC and TiTS.

      4. Thanks for the bug report (concerning loot drops), I'll get that fixed as soon as I can!

        In answer to your questions, one, I'm planning on adding a lot more options during sex which will be unlocked by having specific body parts. Two, I'll be adding multiple-partner sex for sure, but multiple-opponent fights may or not be added (and if I do, they won't be for some time yet).

        I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the game! ^^

    4. Unless this is intended, NPC's gaining experience is working incorrectly. I noticed something was off so I decompiled that jar and found that npc's do not gain experience if player.level - enemy.level >= 3. I believe that this is intended to be enemy.level - player.level >= 3, as it wouldn't make much sense for enemies to not get experience for defeating a much stronger opponent.

      Also, great work on the game so far :-)

      1. Thanks for the bug report, I'll get it fixed as soon as possible! ^^

    5. I found a bug where after making a potion, the draught, potion, and elixir buttons continue to work, even if you no longer have any of the corresponding item.

      For example, if you use a Kitty's Reward to make a potion of some kind, the item remains active and the effects can be changed, allowing you to make any effect from it until you no longer have any cat essences left.

      1. Thank you for the bug report, I'll get this fixed for Friday! ^^

    6. i guess i have to ask now, when i saw it, how does one get debug menu?

    7. cant run and i dont know why (32bit windows 7 2013 lenovo g550) help me i was able to get 1.78 to work but now i cant get this one to ;-;

      1. Can you give a little more detail? Does it crash upon pressing the icon? Nothing happens? Have you updated your Java?

      2. One thing you can try is to download the EXE version. It has Java built in and doesn't rely on the version you have installed.

      3. I'm sorry to hear that the game isn't working for you. :(

        As the other posters above suggested, you could try updating your Java, or downloading the .exe version and using that instead.

        If you're still having problems after trying both of these, please let me know and I'll see if I can figure out what's going wrong. ^^

      4. i have everything up to date (that i can) but my graphics card is a piece of shit and i cant afford a new one

      5. I don't think the card is an issue since it's just text game java. Update your drivers. Update windows as well or w/e OS you are using.

      6. dont know where to go to update win 7 drives im not familiar with it i used to use win 10 and it had an automatic drives update for me so i dont how to update drivers manually

    8. I don't know if im the only one but the pace always remains normal for me. Have the other paces simply not been implemented yet?

      1. I believe currently just the bare-bones system has been added. Hence why it's a preview version. Please wait till this friday for the fully functional mechanic.

      2. As koolgam3r said, this preview version just added the background engine mechanics for supporting the sex pace feature. I'll be adding content for it for this Friday's release. ^^

    9. First of all, I want to say that this is a fun game (so far) and has the potential to be really entertaining. I came here from TiTS after that got repetitive and more about transformations than the sex and adventure part of the game. I really like how much more interactive the sex platform is. That said, I have a few critiques, which is apparently too long to post as one comment, so I'll break it up into two:

      1. I think combat should be more interactive as well. I like the ability to choose any of multiple attacks, but it would be nice to be able to like, "target weak spots" or to use multiple weapons or spells in the same combat, or something.

      2. I know this process is still in development, and I *really* like the fetish system, but I would like if there were more sex scenes available that reflected the character's applied fetishes. For example, I play a human female with submissive and oral fetishes. First of all, especially in a game with demons and the like, where they all have options to "grow" a cock, there should be something where if you choose to ask for cock or pussy (depending n your/character preferences/choices in game), the next time you have sex with that character, it automatically presents you with that option. Second, the sex scene options I would like to have more options reflective of the fetishes (and I know this is still in development, but giving some idea where I would like to see it go). For example, if you play as a submissive female with an oral fetish, you should have the option to give all NPCs -- including Liliana, Rose, etc -- head, and if you "request oral" as the submissive partner in the sex resulting from combat defeat, some kind of randomised number of requests should result in getting what you want, but at the "rough" pace (can't wait to see this differentiation developed further). A similar process of relating available sex options/scenes to the fetishes chosen by the character should be available for all fetishes and for both subs and doms.

      1. 3. I know that this is a TF game, but some of us like to remain playing as humans and just want to have virtual sex with demons and the like, not get transformed. Its really not nice/fair to be REQUIRED to transform if you lose to Brax, in a porn game. Or, if you want to keep that requirement, there should be a way to get it reversed (go to Liliana and beg, and she makes you do a weird sex act in exchange for turning you human again? A potion? etc). That was one of the things I liked about TiTS. If you ever got transformed in a way you didn't like, there was a way to reverse it. This should ESPECIALLY be the case if, in the prolouge, you selected teh "wtf furries?!" option. I just want to play as a slutty human female who regularly gets banged by demons and shit, and does other adventure/questy stuff as well. Is that too much to ask?

        4. I would like it if the NPCs parts of the sex scenes were more interactive/randomised. Especially when the player selects the "Dirty talk", "rough talk", "dom talk", "submissive talk" options. There should be some responses (appropriate to the type of talk selected, and the Player's selected fetishes), perhaps randomised, perhaps not, the NPC gives to the player. I would really like to see the "story" parts of the sex engine be more reflective of the interactive nature of the rest of the sex engine.

        5. Please, please, PLEASE expand the actual content, re: NPCs and adventures/quests. Right now all you can basically do is fight people on the back streets, fight Brax (and get turned into a wolfmorph), and fight/fuck the shopkeepers and fuck Liliana. I know that this is still a very new version, and that you are doing this yourself (maybe open up to guest writers for particular aspects?), etc, but the adventure aspects of the game seems very much "on rails", and it would be more fun if it were more open exploration with more side quests/romance quests, multiple ways of "winning", more areas to explore, etc.

        I know its asking a lot, especially of a sole developer in such an early stage, but this game is one of the few out there with a lot of potential. I really hope at least some of these options get taken into consideration.

      2. As an example of fetish-reflective dirty talk from NPCs (see point 4), it could be something like:

        IF character is Female, and IF character has selected submissive fetish and IF character has selected incest fetish and IF character has already had sex with Liliana-with-a-cock several times and IF Liliana has already fathered children of character, if character responds to more sex propositions positively and with "submissive talk", then Liliana could demand that player character call her "Daddy" during sex. Especially so if some of the other points mentioned above are applied and player is submissive with oral and incest fetishes and spends many sex encounters simply sucking off Liliana.

        This could of course be applied to many different characters, with many different options for "responses to dirty/dom/rough/submissive talk" depending on the NPCs involved and player character's selected fetishes, the given position, etc. (Likewise, if the character's player is submissive and enjoys penetration and is riding a character with a penis, "rough talk", for a submissive character, should result, imho, in a "power bottom" sort of situation, rather than a submissive character all of a sudden becoming dom -- unless they've selected the switch fetish in which case that makes sense)

        These are just examples, of course. I mean, I'd personally like to see these exact ones implemented, as well, but this is more to serve as an example for how I envision such changes could be made/what they could mean in terms of game play.

        I hope these are helpful, and are taken into considerations.

        (Also: I have no bugs to report that haven't been reported by others)

      3. I'm usually against the pòst i'm writing right now but I think you are being both mean and bossy, anonymous. In your walls of text i just see nothing but you beomg both wrong and spoiled.
        1.- this is a text game, not rimworld, x-com or jagged alliance. Instead of helping with that suggestion, you are just asking for more clicks and a bunch of work that will have absolutely no benefit in the long time. Plus this is being coded in java and poor inoxia just had fixed the memory leak. Adding such system will just damage the core game development.
        2.-You are missing completely the point of losing a match against a demon just for your cock sucking fantasies. Then you ask poor innoxia to risk spaggetti code in order to get tons of dialogues for each scene. Innoxia is a person, she needs to eat, sleep and all of these menial stuff living beings do. Stop being stubborn.
        3.- Who are you? A woman that develops at EA? You are LITERALLY asking the developer something that will just move away the targeted demographic of Lillith's Throne. Plus you said that you enjoyed Trials in Tainted Space, which actually is the Dragon Age 2 or sims 4 of erotic text based roguelikes. Brax is a boss (also it's the first one) so an unvoluntary transformation if you lose seems fitting. Otherwise, would be to have a bad end, which was the case in the versions i had not played.
        4.- this is actually the only thing that was neither bossy or spoiled brat crying solicitations so no complains here.
        5.- Innoxia already HAS a development road in mind, once again you had absolutely no idea or manners by requesting this with all your other game destruction "suggestions"

      4. This comment has been removed by the author.

      5. Blech. Let's have a look.
        1. "Target weak spots" is already a thing. Most fetishes give you a special attack and makes you weak to a special attack of a related fetish (usually the same one), and characters have different levels of resistance to different damage types. There's just not a lot of variety in the reistances yet, since the game is still in very early developer (which is very important to keep in mind). And I'm not really sure what you mean by "use multiple weapons or spells in the same combat", since dual attacks are already in the game and you can use whatever spells you have.
        2. Here's what you should have said: "I know this process is still in progress." Full stop.
        3. If you don't want to get transformed by Brax, don't lose to him. He's easy to beat to the point that it's become somewhat of an in-joke. Transformations are a pretty core part of the game, and losing to a boss should have some sort of consequence. That aside, if you do manage to get beaten by him, you already can revert the changes with human TF potions.
        4. "Please remember that Lilith's Throne is still in an early alpha state, so there will be bugs and half-finished content!"
        5. "Please remember that Lilith's Throne is still in an early alpha state, so there will be bugs and half-finished content!"

      6. Thanks for your feedback Anonymous, I'll answer each of your queries in turn:

        1. I'll be improving the combat system in one of the two versions after this one (v0.1.8 or 0.1.81).

        2. I'll be adding a 'perform oral' position in dominant sex soon (maybe in Friday's release if I get time). I'll also be working on adding more fetish-related actions in sex in the future, but for the next few versions I'll need to focus on engine work.

        3. I'm a little unsure about changing this one, as I wanted boss-fight losses to all involve some kind of forced transformation as a punishment for losing. A lot of the loss scene's content is written with the forced TF in mind, so changing it now would require a lot of time and effort (which I need to spend elsewhere at the moment).

        4. I do plan on adding a lot more content of that nature, but I'm still working on the engine for the most part at the moment (hence the Early Alpha tag). I'll take your suggestions into consideration when I write these scenes, thanks for those. ^^

        5. Again, this is a result of my decision to get the engine in a completely finished state before moving onto adding the bulk of the game's content. I plan on having all the engine work completed by v0.2.0, after which I'll be focusing completely on adding content to the game.

    10. Ok, first I want to congratulate Innoxia on fixing the memory leak bug and for the way she codes. Yesterday I played 4 hours 21 minutes straight and not a single crash or fps downfall appeared (so, unlike notch, you really know how to design in java).
      Secondly most of the bugs i had found (the infinite recipe one, enemies not leveling up and Brax hell) had been already reported.
      Finally, this is just a little complain about the new autoclothing system: it makes grinding easier than ever and kills the game's fun. Just find one single npc, and for pointing this even further i will use the lowest clothing denominator: the greater horseboy.
      Greater horseboy has just 3 clothes (shirt, pants and undies) stealing his clothes you get 21 gold, plus the item he drops (17G) plus the 10 G you get from defeating him makes a total of 48G. THIS IS A MINIMUM GOLD PER MATCH. Now imagine what happens when you find out a sucubus with sneakers, pantyhose, skirt, bra, panties, cap, glasses, ring, anklet and blouse which either drops lillith or inoxia gifts.
      In the current way they autodress themselves just after they orgasm, not to mention that men will start wearing tapes if you make them drink any breast growing potion.
      So my suggestion to avoid having a gaiaonline economy without any inflation is to prevent NPC's to get new clothes after you stole them for 2,1 days. This will prevent milking npc's for easy money by stealing all their clothes (which is too easy if you just don't hit that button that prevents NPC's from undressing you, they will always start by removing your tops, bra, and can even be push further if you wear pantyhoses, pants and panties.

      1. That makes me (super) happy to hear that the memory leak has been fixed on your system! I really hope that it's fixed for everyone now. ^^

        Thank you for highlighting those issues with the 'stealing clothing' system. At the moment, there isn't really much to spend your money on, but I'm planning on making essences a tradeable resource, as well as adding some very expensive options for slavery/romance quests in the future, so I'll take some time to balance out income/expenditure at that point.

        I'm definitely going to do more work on the current 'stealing clothing' mechanic, as some people have been requesting that the NPCs stay naked after being stripped. I'll probably do as you suggest, and add in a 1 or 2 day timer before NPCs get new clothes. (This might not make it into Friday's release, but I'll do my best!)

    11. Just a random cheering support post. :) Been having fun with the game, plugging away at it as a 'beta tester' looking for bugs. What ever you did to the game, it doesn't crash for me on Windows 10 when using the JAR file.
      The game seemed to get a bit sluggish after an hour or two, mouse moving slow and clicking on the action buttons would take a second or two to register. Not sure what would cause it, game wasn't using tons of memory. Saving and restarting cleared it up, the only thing I did was to save a game and restart a new one in the same game window. Not a major problem, it could be something on my machine.

      Keep up the good work, always waiting for MOAR! :)

      1. Same thing for me sort of. Thing is this only happens to me in inventory. Mouse gets real sluggish and I often have to wait a second or two between button presses for them to register. At first I thought it was how much I was carrying (hoarding), but this happens regardless of how much junk I have on me.

      2. Thank you for the support post, and I'm really pleased to hear that you aren't experiencing crashes! ^^

        I'll look into possible causes for the game/inventory being slow, thanks for the report you two!

    12. <3 for Innoxia. Keep up the fine work! :D

    13. I mean hell, if pure-support/non-bug-related posts are appreciated, I'll add one:

      As soon as I saw the main quest portion in the slave market where the very rude harpy was like "you need to go back to my boss and take whatever punishment she'll decide upon on my behalf.", my brain started making an inaudible high-pitched sound of joy because that lands pretty solidly onto one of my major kinks. And you know what? It's been delayed like two weeks or so, and I haven't even noticed enough to be impatient about it. I'm enjoying the game enough that I'm not anxious for new content (even if i really want it).

      Other thought:
      - The sheer amount of depth you've put into the options for the engine is a little mindboggling. Even if I'm not gonna really be using the furry-options too much, the fact that they're there at all is actually pretty crazy.

      So thank you for the effort you're putting into what I assume is a labour of love, with this. That it's a modular-esque system that can be used to hit all manner of kinks, even the relatively mundane ones, is incredibly appreciated.

    14. aside from earlier post i found a bug in the .jar version, when having sex with brax i went dominant and i cant leave the scene at all tried everything halp me

      1. tried reloading game and now i cant play wont load

      2. update nothing works nor does it work right inventory loads menu menu loads braxs gear and i cant do anything

      3. i had to move back to the previous version and i just lost all the data that was made i am NOT going though it again took hours of playing. peace LT

      4. This bug has been reported the same day of the Preview version was launched, it will be solved for the release of the version 0.1.79. Chill out

      5. i guess ill wait a bit but i dont see y when u update u loss everything except quest status, my issue is lossing my items i spent hours on

      6. Thanks for the bug report, I'll get that fixed for Friday. ^^

        I'm very sorry to hear that the game isn't working properly on your system. These preview releases are always buggy and half-finished, so it's always better to try the last 'full' release if you're having problems running it.

        As to the issue with save game files not being compatible, it's because the engine is still very much in a 'work-in-progress' state. Huge changes are being done behind the scenes from version to version, which causes major compatibility issues. I'll be trying to implement save game compatibility soon.

        P.S. If you wanted to give the game another go, you could get your old items back by spawning them in from the debug menu. (Type 'buggy' at any point while playing.)

      7. Ty for the debug menu and i will wait for next full release

    15. Really fun and well made game, it only ever crashed on me when I had 2 gig of memory. I would like to give some suggestions:
      -nerf the brawler perk(too good early) and the seduce attack(feels kinda op)
      -make the enemies scale up along with the player
      -make the enchanting require perks
      -maybe add the possibility of enchanting equipment

      Sorry for the poor english and thank you for this awesome game!

      1. Regarding the first two, I know Innoxia is going to look into balancing combat but I am not a supporter of nerfing. It's never the answer.

        For the third, what do you mean require perks? It should be available for free use with no restrictions. I am certain it's subject to change as to how it will be done in the future but placing restrictions seems silly.

        And for the last, this is already planned for the future.

      2. "Regarding the first two, I know Innoxia is going to look into balancing combat but I am not a supporter of nerfing. It's never the answer."
        You mean you don't support toning down anything ever? Doesn't make sense, its a simple method of balancing, if something feels too powerful, you make it less so. But I guess this could be just a matter of taste.

        "For the third, what do you mean require perks? It should be available for free use with no restrictions. I am certain it's subject to change as to how it will be done in the future but placing restrictions seems silly."
        Even the elixirs that modify core stats permanently? Bear in mind that is very easy to farm the specific items to make those even at low level.

        Regardless those minor balancing issues(nitpicks of mine really) this game is so cool and as the development goes on it only gets better.

      3. Thanks for the feedback!

        As koolgam3r said, I'll be balancing combat and adding clothing/weapon enchanting soon.

        I'm not sure if I'll make enchanting require any perks, but I will be expanding the 'element' system to make those permanent modifier potions a little harder to obtain.

    16. Just discovered this game and really enjoyed it, just one thing I noticed that may possible be a bug: after being transformed by Brax I tried transforming back to human (female) by making human transformation potions. I managed to get most things reversed, except the wolf breasts. Neither the breast nor the skin transformation potion seem to do the trick. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

      1. Hello, I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the game! ^^

        I added breast transformations into the game only a couple of versions ago, and I think that I might not have set up human breast transformations properly. I'll get that bug fixed for the next release, thank you for the report!

    17. My pc did a thing that reloadedthe entire pc and now my game is on a black screen is it still possible to save? (Running 1.78 on jar)

      1. If all you have is a black screen and no buttons to click, you can TRY to press F5 for the quick save, then exit and load the quick save. If it doesn't work, the game has an auto save function that saves the game when you change maps, such as entering or exiting Lilly's house or going upstairs to downstairs. Restart the game and load the auto save.
        Other than that there isn't much you can do.