Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Targets for 0.1.79

For this next version, I'm going to be focusing on improving and fixing the sex scenes and adding content for the harpy nests. There's also a huge list of bugs that I need to address (thanks for reporting them everyone)!

As a reminder, the full version of 0.1.79 will be released on June 2nd, but there will also be a preview version released on May 26th.

Goals for version 0.1.79:

Add main quest content. Finish all content in the Harpy Nests, as well as adding in the next stage of the main quest.

Polish and improve sex scenes. This will include fixing all of the reported bugs, such as the random succubus not behaving properly in sex. It will also introduce the new sex scene mechanic that I introduced into the engine a little while back.

Fix bugs and implement minor suggestions. This version's work is going to take a lot of my time, so adding suggestions may be pushed back a little.

Ongoing goals:

Fix the memory leak! I've never had a bug as frustrating as this one...

Work on making the engine more writer friendly.

Work on making save games compatible between versions.

P.S. I'm absolutely shattered and really need some sleep now, so I'll respond to all your comments in the previous post tomorrow.


  1. If you're working on the sex system this patch, I have a suggestion. There seems to be no rimjob option during oral sex. It's listed among your "potential fetishes" list, so it might be worth implementing.

    I'm not sure about other people's opinions on that particular act, but if it is a less popular fetish then you could only allow it as an option if the character or dominant npc possesses an anal fetish (just like how denying is also locked behind a fetish).

    It would probably be easier to implement as one of the options during oral sex (eg: focus on clit, deepthroat, rimjob, etc.).

    You could also have it as it's own thing, separate from oral sex on genitals with its own subtypes (eg: gentle, rough, etc.), but that's probably the more complicated option to design and might also complicate the system more.

    1. Maybe I'm not innoxia but I think that I had already received a rimjob from Brax. I think that just as the Rose's hand scene it will be implemented anyways regarding of your fetish choice.

      Now, talking about fetishes I thought in another unlockable one: Taster.
      Taster requires both foot and breast fetishes (i know feet are not yet implemented) It reduces willpower damage by 25% unless opponent uses either breast or foot tease. If it does, willpower damage is increased by 25%.

    2. I will add rimjobs soon, thanks for the suggestion!

      I'll probably add rimjobs to the doggy-style (as dom) and kneeling (as sub and dom) positions. I'll hopefully be adding the dominant kneeling position for this version (where you'll be able to perform oral as the dominant partner).

      Oh, and I'll consider that fetish when I add the foot fetish, thanks for the suggestion Deadman Walking.

  2. Hello Innoxia,
    I love your game (as cliched that comment is) because I see that there is a real game underneath, it just has a very erotic storyline.
    I was wondering if you would be willing to accept an idea for a fetish.
    If you like the idea, change any of the details that you want, it was just an idea I had.
    If you already have something like this planned, please ignore this - it was something that I really would like to see in the game.

    Fetish: Cross Dresser
    Function: Dimish the modifiers to Intelligence for wearing clothing not for your ?body type? i.e. Masculine/Feminine.
    - Wearing all of the ![body type] of clothing removes the Intelligence Modifier.
    - Wearing all of the [body type] of clothing does not activate the fetish.
    - Wearing a mixture of clothing types increases and decreases the Intelligence Modifier from between 0 and -5
    - A character with Androgyny is not effected by the fetish.

    Note: ![body type] means the opposite body type. Feminine character wearing masculine clothing and vice versa.

    Description for icon having some modifiers for Intelligence
    The mixture of ![body type] clothes and [body type] clothes leaves you feeling awkward and vulnerable. Worried that people will realise your secret makes it hard to concentrate.

    Description for having no modifiers to Intelligence
    Your outfit makes you feel very ![body type], enough to go out and have all the confidence you need to face this strange world.

    - Masculine/Very Masculine wearing all Female Clothing
    - Feminine/Very Feminine wearing all Male Clothing
    Fetish is activated, loss of no Intelligence

    - Masculine wearing some Female Clothing
    - Feminine wearing some Male Clothing
    Each article of ![body type] clothing after the first, decreases the Intelligence Modifier by 1 to a minimum of -1

    - Very Masculine wearing some Female Clothing
    - Very Feminine wearing some Male Clothing
    Each 2 articles of ![body type] clothing after the first, decreases the Intelligence Modifier by 1 to a minimum of -1

    I am aware that there are a lot of problems, e.g. a masculine character would only have to wear a single feminine article to neutralise the Intelligence Modifier, but I am hoping that the other modifiers would balance things out.

    Innoxia if you have read this far, thank you.

    1. Hello, I'm happy to hear you like the game so much! ^^

      I really like your Cross Dresser fetish idea. I'll try and get that included for this upcoming version (time permitting)!

  3. BuridansAsshole24 May 2017 at 17:49

    Hey, a couple of thoughts after playing a 'pure virgin' fetish playthrough:

    Corruption could do with some tweaking, I think. I used seduce every fight and also fucked everyone (just not in the vagina), managing to unlock all fetishes and do some incredibly slutty things like sucking off a shopkeeper semi-publicly for a discount, while still having 0 corruption.

    I think some actions (for example, dirty talk) should probably always increase corruption a bit, even if just up to a threshold. While some actions like kneeling maybe shouldn't?

    Also, being a pure virgin should probably decrease willpower damage unless the enemy has a deflowering fetish. Or, the "flirty" line of perks should not be available to pure virgins. (I'm actually a little torn about this, since it's interesting to play a virgin who's also a tease. I just think maybe the game should acknowledge the possibility of this combo in some way.)

    Random sidenote, 'pure virgin' + 'masochist' is really strong. And willpower damage in general feels quite strong in relation to spells or physical attacks.

    Other random questions:

    1. I might be wrong, but there currently doesn't seem to be a way as a female during dominant sex to suck your partner's cock, other than 69ing. Intentional?

    2. Is there any plan to add a point system to the traits pick at character creation? Outside of RP or additional challenge there doesn't seem to be any point in picking Weak or Bird Brain, but I could see it being a more interesting choice if picking Weak gave me enough points to pick up Intelligent, for example. Also, any chance for a Stud/Slut option for a male character?

    Not sure if these have been brought up before, just my two cents.

    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback!

      I'll try and balance out sex action corruption values for this next version. I might also do as you suggest, and give the 'pure virgin' fetish a minor willpower damage penalty.

      Willpower damage is a little overpowered at the moment, I still need to balance the combat...

      In response to your other two questions:

      1. I'll be adding a 'dominant kneeling' position soon, where you'll be able to perform oral on a defeated opponent.

      2. I'll be expanding the character creation screen a lot before version 0.2.0, but I have a lot of other things to get done first. I'll definitely be adding a male equivalent to the 'slut' starting history.

    2. Will it be possible to update an exported character with the new character creation. I have a character I put time into and would like to not have to start all over again.

    3. I'll make sure old characters are compatible, but the character creation improvements might not come for some time yet. :(

      (I have loads of other things to get done first.)

  4. Well here's another fluff and suggestion filled short report:

    When starting sex with Kate: “Breaking off the kiss for a moment, she slurs, Mmm... Now this's a good dream!” Should be "this is" or most likely what you meant "that's".

    Items colored with the brush keep their color if quick saved and loaded until one leaves the item screen and re-enters. Seems some sort of game refresh thing.

    Related to items, potions that remove a certain body part, ie vagina or wings, would offer all 3 types of potions giving the same effect at their increased costs.

    Suggestion: to allow to go into Doggy style position directly from Face-the-Wall instead of having to pull out and do it then. Also the reverse should be allowed as well.

    Typo: Succubus Doggy anal – “deep into herwet asshole.” Missing a space.
    Suggestion: Add “Buy All” of the selected item. Also, if there is multiple of an item and only one was purchased, the cursor should still keep on this item and highlight it. Currently on single purchases one has to reselect the item they want to buy.

    Suggestion: add Masculine and Feminine Furry preferences.
    When an item drops from beating an NPC, most of the time the color of the item does not show, and at others the item name is colored.
    Issues with gender tensing: “Due to her sadist fetish, she suffers 10% of dealt damage as willpower damage, causing her to take 0.5 willpower damage as she struggles to control her arousal!” The NPC I am fighting was a man. Probably review the tense triggers.

    As you may know there seems to be a math stat issue. Best to look over that. I am mostly referring to the Combat stats but best to also look at Attributes. This you already may be aware of.

    Will hopefully be more useful next patch. Please take care of yourself and don't over-stress/work! See you in the next report Innoxia!

    1. Thanks once again for the useful reports koolgam3r! ^^

  5. Does the game currently have a way to go from having multiple breast rows back to one? I thought they might disappear from shrinking breasts in general but they don't.

    1. There are enchantments for adding/removing breast rows. Instead of picking the growth/shrink enchantment, look for the add/remove breast row enchantment. They are at the bottom right part of the panel and are marked with + and - symbols.