Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Weekly goals

Hello everyone! ^^

Due to reaching my fourth goal on Patreon, I'm going to start making at least three posts every week; A 'goals' post on Monday, a mid-week progress post, and a Friday progress/release post. So, here's Monday's goals post!

I'm also going to start being more realistic with my goals. I keep on being overly-optimistic about how much I can achieve in a week, which leads to disappointments (like last week's delay). So, with that being said, I think it's realistic for me to set aside this week to purely focus on fixing all this expanded body work, and then at least implementing body and inventory saves for the new save system.

I'll try to keep this list updated during the week. A green X means that it's done. ^^

Weekly goals:

Finish the expanded body work:
X Design all framework for the expanded body parts work.
X New colours
X Antennae
X Arms
X Ass & Anus
X Muscle & body size
X Breasts, nipples, and milk
X Ears
X Eyes
X Face
X Hair
X Horn
X Legs
X Penis, testicles, and cum
X Second penis
X Skin/fur
X Tail
X Tattoo support
X Tongue
X Vagina, clit, and girl-cum
X Wings

X Once the game complies, integrate the merge requests from github.

X Add all relevant transformations to enchanting.

X Add all relevant transformations to Kate's shop.

Implement character saving:
X Body
X Inventory

X Cowgirl position.

Extra goals (most likely next week's goals):

X Finish new saving system.

X Implement slavery basics.

X Finally finish Alexa's content.

X Finish Incest and Transformation fetish content.

X Add Paizuri, thigh sex, and hotdogging.


  1. Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your game keep up the great work mate.

  2. Hello!

    How about cum on body effect? Cum stains on body; equipped clothes can get dirty, if partner pull out; dripping from orifices can make pants/socks/skirts cumstained; negative effects from dirty clothes can be neutralized by cum addict fetish? Don't begging, just suggesting

    Also, it will be good, if new bodyparts can integrate into funny business: ear-licking, antennae-teasing, grab horns while roughsexing etc.

    And maybe some frotting. Or sexless moundfrotting.

    Anyway, thank you for your game! It is a bright shine in my full of dullness world!

    1. Hello! ^^

      I am definitely going to be adding orgasm actions that will involve choosing where to cum on your partner. ^^

      I'll also be adding in special actions (like horn-holding, ear-licking, tail-pulling, etc.) as I develop the game. The system I have makes it easy to add little actions like those, so I'll definitely add them when I move on to focusing on adding content (as opposed to the mainly engine-focus at the moment). ^^

      Frotting and tribadism will also definitely be added. :3

      And you're welcome for the game, I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying it! ^^

  3. I really hate to sound like a broken record, but if your finishing the incest content next week, does that mean the finished incest mechanics won't be done for another two weeks for non-patrons? I don't have a way to make electronic payments and I was really looking forward to the incest content.

    1. According to the release target it'll be the full release on Friday, not a preview, so it should be available for everyone.
      Or you can compile it from github. It's quite easy and Innoxia was so helpful to write an easy to follow guide with common problems laid out and solved. (Here's the guide https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public/blob/master/lilithsThroneBuildTutorial.md)

    2. The release on Friday will be the public one, and then the next full release (which will have the incest stuff) will be on 8th September.

      I know that might seem like a long wait, but as the Anon posted above me, you'll be able to build the preview release from github on the 1st. ^^

  4. Praise be unto the great and just Green X, the holiest of the holy!

  5. At this point I would probably suggest giving some category tabs to other stores than just Nyan's.
    Vicky's for example is getting kinda cramped with the new additions, and will get even more so if things keep going at this rate.

    1. I'll add that to my list, and get that done as soon as I can! ^^

      Thanks for the suggestion!