Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Goals for 0.1.95

Hello again everyone! ^^

First of all, I just want to say that I am aware of a few semi-major bugs that have carried over into the latest hotfix (, and that I'll be working on getting them all fully fixed for 0.1.95. They've emerged as a result of the changes I had to make in the engine in order to get save compatibility working, so once I've got them all fixed, I'll fully replace the old .lts save system with the new .xml one. ^^


My goals for 0.1.95 consist of two major things; content and multiple-partner sex mechanics. I'll split these two things up, and devote this first week entirely to writing the main story, sex, slavery, and random-encounter content. That will leave the second week free to add in multiple-partner sex support. That might be a little ambitious, so this is an early warning that the multiple-partner sex may carry over into a third week. I promise that I'll do my absolute best to get it all done in time, but I won't get carried away and say that I'll definitely have it all finished for 1st December (although all the promised story/sex/slavery/other content will be done). :3

Thank you for all of your feedback and bug reports! I'll try and answer all of your comments in the previous post tomorrow! :3

Goals for 0.1.95:

Week 1:
- Add in main story content (winner of Patreon poll).
- Add in more content for random encounters & slaves (winner of Patreon poll).
- Add more slave jobs. Things like assisting Rose, working in a bar/brothel/milking shed, training, etc.
- Add more ways to influence a slave's affection and obedience.
- Improve orgasm dialogue.
- Add in position-specific orgasm scenes.
- Add in body-part recognition for orgasm scenes. Things such as knotting, orifice modifiers, fluid modifiers, etc.
- Improve anilingus and add it to more positions.
- Add thigh sex and hotdogging.
- Work on final improvements to the sex system.
- Add in missing content related to the new transformations. Addictive fluids, part modifiers referenced during sex, etc.

Week 2:
- Add in engine support for multiple-partner sex scenes.


  1. Since you are going to be working on slaves I think these changes would be nice:
    - A way to modify a target's gender preference (Perhaps via Mystery Kink?)
    - A way to change a target's makeup (Dye Brush? New makeup kit item?)
    - A way to change the hairstyle and hair color of a target
    - Slave Permission to ask for sex with player instead of them raping the player
    - Have a bodyguard slave job to protect the player

    Additionally, a bug I found was that my character lost their unspent skill points when I imported them from 1.89.1 to 1.89.2. I did keep my already unlocked skills though, just not unspent points.


    1. Thank you for your feedback and bug report! ^^

      I'll add all of those to my list of things to add to slaves, but the first that's likely to get into the game is the makeup/hair/other body mods. ^^

      I'll get that bug fixed asap! :3

  2. Well, I can confirm that my earlier issue with the slave-interaction only ever going back-to-wall has been fixed 100%.

    And while I'm excited for position-dependent stuff, and more story content, and blah blah blah

    oh my god multi-partner scenes. You are the best person.

    1. New comment! I'd like to stress that *this is not technically a bug*. This is just a fuckin' hilarious quirk of the current system. Currently you can request a position change multiple times, even after the dominant enemy in a scene tells you "Don't you dare do that again." This is fine.

      You can do that nonstop. Like, if say, you're not quite ready to lose the V-card and you get ambushed by one of your very irritated slaves, you can just beg them to swap to Kneeling(and get denied) over and over and over again... until their passive lust gain over time makes them hit 100. And then they orgasm.

      Because you kept nagging them to swap positions.

      This is funny as hell.

    2. Master of Puppets24 November 2017 at 03:21

      I would count that as a bug myself. It's an extreme version of an issue that I've been meaning to bring up for a while in how the sex system works, how "Arousal" is doing double duty for "Stimulation". I was thinking of how characters will cum from orally servicing another, which is pretty questionable for them to literally get off on it even if they have the Oral Performer fetish.

    3. I would also really like to see another variable added into the sex system such as "Stimulation", while it's good to keep things as simple as possible, I really do think you need at least two separate variables to basically do something along the lines of representing the difference between it being emotionally or physically pleasing.

    4. Thank you for your bug report and feedback regarding the sex system! ^^

      I'll add that "infinite position swapping" to my list of things to get resolved as soon as I can! ^^

      I'll also consider adding in a stimulation check of sorts for orgasms; I'll play around with the idea a little and see what I come up with. ^^

    5. Master of Puppets29 November 2017 at 07:35

      My first instinct would be to add in a separate variable for stimulation, which would decay over time rather than increase. I get wanting to avoid making things too complicated, certainly, but I think at the moment it's a little too simple. The sex scenes are the meat of the game, and they're currently quite literally one-dimensional.

    6. One solution I would suggest is having two arousal bars instead of one. The first arousal bar is basically used for orgasms and physical stimulation and works exactly like the current arousal bar does, while the second one would be used more for emotional stimulation and would basically represent how emotionally aroused they were separate from how close they were to an orgasm.

      Quite a few game mechanics would be better represented in game if you could link them to arousal without also having them tied at the same time to how close a character is to having an orgasm, so basically if you did select an action like dirty talk it could raise emotional arousal without also having to change physical arousal and causing them to orgasm.

  3. I love your work Innoxia, your game is solid on all points

    Seeing your dedication is so good and refreshing, compared to so many games, many ppl could get a good example following your work ethic but please don't overwork yourself, take the time you need to take it easy a bit ;P

    I have only 1 question related to the game: Will it be possible to develop a relation with a NPC outside of slavery? (or is it already implemented and i missed it)

    1. Thank you for your kind words Anon; I'll be careful not to overwork myself! ^^

      I will definitely be adding in non-slavery relationships later on for all generic NPCs! :3

  4. I'm playing around with slaves a lot, It would be nice if there was a 'set all slaves X' or the ability to feed multiple slaves potions at a time

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! I still have a lot of improvements to make to the slavery system (and especially the clunky UI), and I'll add "bulk application of slave effects" to my list! ^^

  5. It's an ongoing learning process to learn what your limits are as a creator. The limits are always changing and although the consumer wants consistency, people aren't always consistent and creators are still people.

  6. When can we expect to see docking/urethral penetration added to the game?
    Like before or after version 0.2.0?

    Anyways keep up the good work Innoxia!

    1. Most likely after 0.2.0. I'll do my best, but there's so much other stuff to do first. ;_;

      Thank you for the kind words! ^^

  7. Hmmm...
    So since the save compatibility system started being implemented, and the ability to import slaves together with our characters was removed, is there any way to take NPCs or slaves together with us from version before that change? (i.e. 0.188?) Or do we have to accept that those are gone?

    1. Slaves are not tracked by the character export anymore. That's all handled by the game export file. Exporting the game versus the simply your character allows one to carry over their slaves.

    2. As for pre-0.88.5 slaves, there's still a way to recover them, but it involves opening the export file from your old game and a new one from 0.88.5 and later and manually adding them in to that file. The main issue you'll encounter is that the formatting and structure of the data concerning NPC's, such as the player and slaves for instance, has also changed, meaning doing this will really mean it's a manual job. Possible, just not a simple or easy process. I did it for a few of my top slaves just to see it through, but gave up on more do to amount of tedious work needed. Trust me, Notepad++ isn't a must but it's ridiculously helpful.

      For most folks, it's probably much easier and less aggravating to simply remake your slaves from scratch in one of the newer versions. For one, you'll much less likely run into erroneous bugs or stat oddities assuming the exporter is working properly. In fact, having said just that, I'd personally wait until the next version to arrive as the latest variant has some annoying exporter issues.

    3. I'm sorry Anon, but I had to change a lot of the underlying data in order to get save compatibility working, so slaves from a previous version aren't able to be imported. ;_;

      I really am sorry about that. I should have focused on getting save compatibility implemented a long time ago... ;_;

    4. There's no reason to apologize so much, when a game is this early in development it's bound to have some inconsistencies between versions as new things are implemented and tested!

      I'll just keep that save and wait before starting a new one of a similarly themed character this time. There's always a chance similarly compatible random NPCs will appear.

      ... Except for Harpies. Dang harpy ambisexuality chances! T_T

  8. Thanks, Innoxia, the game is incredible and your diligence is admirable!

    A couple quick questions - do you think we'll ever see slow transformation (in and/or out of sex) in the game, and are the racial traits ever gonna be expanded beyond attribute modifiers (wolf-morphs being naturally more dominant, for example)?

    1. Thank you for your kind words! ^^

      I will add some slow TF items later on in the game, yes. :3

      I'll also be assigning fetishes and personalities based on race, such as making wolf-morphs more likely to be dominant.

  9. Master of Puppets22 November 2017 at 21:30

    Wait, 1.95? What happened to 90-94?

    1. Think nothing of version numbers like that. There's no general ruling anywhere on how that should all work and it always changes from developer to devloper. Some devs might up the number ever so slightly for massive changes or use a format involving several digits, while other times whole entire digits get skipped for just minor changes or even a hotfix and use a format with just two or three digits. It probably just means everything Innoxia planned for merely 0.1.90 is being rolled into what else she has in store for 0.1.95 release. It wouldn't surprise me if she has a list of things planned for subsequent versions down the road scribbled somewhere on some sticky stuck to her comp or something like that...

      ...assuming she's old enough to know what paper is these days, right? Lol

    2. Master of Puppets28 November 2017 at 07:41

      It's a bad idea to skip version numbers. There's nothing wrong with going straight from 1.7 to 2.0, there is something wrong with running out of numbers because you misjudged how long it would take to reach your milestone. Especially with a regular release schedule rather than an intermittent one. You may get the features done, you will go through numbers.

    3. I'm skipping to 0.1.95 as the multiple-sex-partners work is such a large task. That, together with the combat & stats rework, are the last two major engine additions, and I set "0.2.0" as the version where major additions are all done. So it will go 0.1.95 -> 0.1.99 -> (then polishing it up for) 0.2.0 ^^

  10. Hi, just lurking around for quite a while enjoying the game!

    Maybe someone already talked about this, but in m/m sex scenes I saw npcs getting fairly confused when they are on top and they decide to move you back to a wall. With no vagina to penetrate they often perform only generic actions like kissing or jerking off.

    If I can give a suggestion, in these situations they could perform some frotting or decide to change position.

    Just a minor issue in an amazingly versatile experience!

    1. Hello! I'm happy to hear that you like LT! ^^

      I'll add that as an "AI behaviour bug" to my list, and will get it fixed asap! Thank you for your feedback! :3

  11. Hi again :D
    I have a lot of questions/thoughts:

    -Could a "remove character" button be added for our kids?
    --On the same page, could it be possible to convince our kids to move on the mansion without being enslaved? Maybe at high affection/thrust? (at some point, the player could have their own house, maybe a quest or plotline?)
    ---The potential for in-breeding is there, is it planned? With the Arcane seeping into everything, it could be interesting to have side effects. For example, you have a kid, mate with him/her and have a son, and there's a % that is something else. If we mate with that son/grandson, then again a % for something-something else. Related to the races, of course, but could be some sort of "Arcane Beast" or creature instead of a mishap. Could lead to some quest from the Demographics building (concerning population) or even Lilith itself (as the player would be "building" an army or gaining power)

    -Since there are more jobs for slaves planned, will there be jobs for players too? Technically, we're just living of predating the streets :P Working at the brothel, the Bar or even the Enforcers, since we get a suit...

    -Are there more fetishes planned? I guess orgy/gangbang is probably planned (seeing the future content of group sex).
    Personally, I'd like to see a "talker" fetish, since the thing I enjoy most are the stuff that the player and the NPCs say while having sex. Unfortunately, the NPCs don't do it much, would it be possible to have a fetish that increase the amount of dialogs?

    Ok, I'll shut it now, enough wall text, sorry *blush*

    1. I like the idea that your kids could live with you without being enslaved, also more sex dialogue

    2. adding a fetish for talking to remove the corruption cost for it has already been suggested, but i do like your idea of having npcs with it talk more.
      though it might require adding a few more things for them to say. like, if you're having sex with your kids, have them specifically call you "mom" or "dad" or such(if that's not already added), or something based on their fetishes, or other circumstance-specific sex dialogue.

    3. Thank you for your feedback! ^^

      - I'll add a 'remove character' button for offspring. (At the moment, you can only remove them after beating them in combat, but I'll ad a non-violent way to do it too.) :3

      - I'll also definitely be adding the option to have offspring/other NPCs move into the mansion later on! ^^

      - I'm not sure about inbreeding mechanics... Your suggestion is very interesting, but it might be straying a little into feature creep at this stage. I'll revisit this idea once I'm further into development! :3

      - There will definitely be jobs for players around the city. :3

      - I will try to add content for pretty much any fetish, excluding those related to pain, death, scat, or underage. I'll add 'dirty talker' to my list of planned fetishes. :3

    4. Thanks to you for taking the time, you're awesome! :D

      -I guess the option to having others (kids, NPCs, etc) could be tied to romantic quests? It'll make it more interesting and rewarding.

      -Inbreeding could be interesting for content indeed, but of course is not an immediate a-must content. Tho it could cover several aspects, from players that like "army-building", incest-of-incest, experiment (seems like there's a lot, judging how many things player do with their slaves lol), questing (for example demographics troubles, or Lilaya's experiments, etc), to other type of fetishes like beastiality/ monster sex for those interested (sort of, if inbreeding is developed as a sort of arcane de-evolution or the like). Maybe (just maybe, thinking on a very future version of course!) you could have those "mishaps" on a sort of farm (considering theres' a future new zone that could fit the setting). VERY future maybe :D

      -About dirty talking... maybe it could be easier to take out the option of "dirty talk" from sex scenes, and make it a straight fetish to buy? Without it, regular dialogs, no button. With it, auto nasty-talking (alternate extras on dialogs, much easier to code-implement in brackets). This might be easier to code, would make sex scenes a bit simplier, and could work automatically for NPCs (since thay can have the fetish or not like any other).

      Damn, wall text again :/

    5. Sorry, with "I guess the option to having others (kids, NPCs, etc)" I meant to convince them to have them move in with you.
      This would also make the Incest fetish they might get more interesting (as they could start relationships between them, for example, or wanting to have kids with you or their brothers. -and this could lead to inbreeding again lol-)

    6. Master of Puppets29 November 2017 at 07:45

      When you say "No fetish content for pain", I take it you mean gore, right? I mean, you already have sado-masochism in the game, albeit not very developed so far.

    7. Yes, I mean no gore. ^^

      And thank you for the feedback WuzzFuzz; I'll try and get around to adding in offspring/NPCs moving in with you as soon as I can! :3

  12. Hi. This is not a bug(probably) but the command bar (where you choose your actions) is floating in the latest release. When there is a big text wall you have to scroll down to see the choices. This is very annoying & I'd much prefer if the command bar stayed fixed at the bottom all the time like in last version. Thanks.

    1. Are you using the latest hotfixed version? had a problem with the fetish screen doing that where the bar would hide until you scrolled all the way down. I'm not seeing it happen in, though.

    2. Yeah, sorry, seems like it was a java problem. I usually have the latest version, but I haven't worked using Java for quite some time & the earlier 1.88.x worked fine so didn't realise it. Got update 152 and now it works fine. Sorry again for the wrong report...

    3. Needed latest update 152 of java. Sorry for not realising as 1.88.x worked fine...

    4. Ah, it was an issue with an older version of Java? Thank you for letting me know M/Anonymous! ^^

  13. Master of Puppets24 November 2017 at 03:26

    Bug report: During sex, "Repeat Actions" tab contains entries to repeat shifting clothing and "Stay in position" when you cum.


    Allow player to pick their representative colour themselves, rather than basing it off of femininity.

    Make "Cum Addict" fetish replace "Creampie" and "Dirty Clothes" statuses with positive versions, like "Exhibitionist" does.

    1. Thank you for the bug report! I'll get that fixed asap! :3

      Thank you as well for your suggestions! I'll add them both to my list, and will try to get them added soon! ^^