Friday, 24 February 2017

Estimated release time

It's that time of the week again, where I desperately try to fix all the bugs and get the game in a state that's ready for release!

Due to the fact that I've still got three major problems to get sorted, release time will be no earlier than 01:00 GMT!

EDIT (01:00 GMT): I just need to finish up one last thing, then write the patch notes. Maybe another hour...

EDIT (01:52 GMT): I'm packaging and testing it now. Not long!

As I need a little ~10 minute break from programming, I'll quickly run over the biggest change in this version: the addition of fetishes.

Sex Mechanics

In this version, I've added the final of the 'big' sex mechanics. This takes the form of fetishes, and is a way to circumvent the corruption requirements of certain sex actions.

Corruption requirements

So, at the moment, sex actions have a certain level of corruption associated with them. The idea is that the more corrupted you are, the more willing you are to perform 'extreme' sex acts.

Examples of things that are unlocked at each corruption level (not all of these examples are in the game just yet!):

'Pure': All self-actions (masturbating, pinching nipples etc.), as well as trivial sexual actions on a partner (kissing/touching).
'Vanilla': Basic, non-trivial sexual actions on a partner (sucking cock, eating out, penetrating/getting penetrated, etc.).
'Horny': Kinky side of vanilla sex (anal, deepthroating, etc.).
'Dirty': Rough sex, and acting like a complete slut.
'Lustful': Forced cum-feeding, impregnation through used condoms, really dirty stuff, etc.
'Corrupt': Mind-break, everything is unlocked at this level.


You can bypass all the aforementioned corruption requirements for sex actions if you have their associated fetish. Fetishes cost a level-up perk point to obtain. The idea behind this is to give you a choice as to how you develop your character. You can either go for high corruption (and deal with negative corruption effects), or you can unlock fetishes (and not take as many combat perks). Then again, you can always do both, or neither!

For example, where you might normally need 'Horny' corruption to deepthroat your partner, if you have the 'oral' fetish, you'll be able to use deepthroat even if you don't meet the corruption requirements.

What's the point?

I plan on adding bonuses and unique events related to certain sex actions, so you'll have to make the choice of whether you want corruption or fetishes if you want to access these events. An example of a unique event currently in the game is Ralph's discount. If you have high corruption, you can ask for a 'big discount', or, if you have the pregnancy or submissive fetishes, you can bypass the corruption requirement.

The whole idea behind corruption and fetishes is to give your character different ways to develop. While I could have just made everything unlocked from the very start of the game, I wanted instead to make it so that a starting character (who will always start off relatively vanilla) evolves over the course of a playthrough. By the end of the game, I'd like it if you could look back at your character and see all the ways you developed them to make them your own.

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