Friday, 3 February 2017

Version 0.1.64 release

EDIT: There are a few bugs being reported in this version, so I might release a hotfix sometime over the weekend. I'll make a post about it tomorrow!

Here's version 0.1.64!

Version 0.1.64 is yet another update where I focused a lot of time on improving the back-end engine code. I'm still working on some of the bugs that have been reported, so please bear with me while I work my way through them! The only significant new content in this update (that isn't a back-end engine improvement) is Ralph's sex scene. The next update will be focusing mainly on content as opposed to engine improvements, so there will be more stuff coming soon!

The combat is still wildly unbalanced, so if you're hitting/get hit for really high amounts, don't worry, I'm fixing this for the next update! I still have a long list (up to ~110 lines now) of things titled "DO THIS BEFORE RELEASE" which I didn't have time to get done, so there are quite a few rough edges to this release yet again. (Sorry again!)

Here's the download links for version 0.1.64:

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

Lilith's Throne requires java to be installed on your computer.

Also, previous saved games are not compatible with this version! Sorry!

Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

Patch Notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Altered corruption-based perks so that their effects aren't completely negative.
      Slightly changed how perks and status effects work. Perks are now just the bonuses you get from levelling up, which are permanent. Status effects are for everything else, and can come and go depending on if their requirements are fulfilled.
      Maximum and minimum attribute status effects now take into consideration your bonus modifiers (so you don't need 100 core strength to get the maximum strength status effect for example).
      Removed 'extra experience' attribute (so that I can have finer control over how much experience is awarded from quests and combat).
      Streamlined alleyway random item encounter. (You no longer have to open inventory to pick up the item.)
  • Items:
    • Added: Angel's tears. A human TF consumable which can be bought from Ralph's shop.
      Added: Dye-brush. A 1-use item that can dye a piece of clothing to a different colour. (Can be bought from Ralph's shop for now. This will change in the future.)
  • Sex:
    • Added: Sex scene with Ralph in order to earn a discount at his shop. (If you have a vagina, you can earn an even bigger discount.)
      Added: 'elasticity/plasticity' to body's orifices. Your orifices start with quite a low plasticity, meaning that they won't stretch out very much after having sex. You can increase or decrease each orifice's plasticity value through consumable items. If your plasticity is at the lowest value, it will retain 0% of the size of the stretch after sex. If it's at the highest value, it will retain 100% of the stretch.
      Changed post-sex stretching descriptions.
  • UI:
    • Improved inventory and trader UI.
      Added: Quick-Trade option to trade window. When Quick-Trade is on, you can buy and sell items with a single click (to cut down on the huge amount of key presses when selling/buying items).
      Added: Buy-back feature. You can buy back the last 18 items you've sold for the same price you got for selling them.
      Altered text colours slightly to improve readability.
      Slightly re-styled buttons to make them appear more like buttons. (Not 100% sure I like it though...)
      Added and altered several icons.
      If an option leads to sex or combat, it is now coloured pink or red respectively.
      Stopped combat display from fading in and out. (Sorry if this gave anyone a headache, the flickering when in combat was really annoying!)
      You can now see your 'Fertility' attribute in places where 'extra experience' used to be.
      Improved weapon tooltips.
      Improved the light theme style. (Some text is still unreadable, I'll have this completely finished for the next update!)
      Did a quick-fix to scale down attributes panel for resolutions with a height less than 800px (you may need to perform an action to make the attribute panel refresh after you scale down the window). A more thorough fix to provide good UI scaling at all resolutions will come in a later version.
  • Combat:
    • Fixed combat tooltips. (They now show correct information about damage and hit chance.)
      Did some combat balancing. (Still a lot more to do on this front!)
      Fixed descriptions of special attacks applying status effects even when they missed.
      Post-victory loot drops now go straight into your inventory, so you don't have to open your inventory and pick it up off the floor any more.
  • Clothing:
    • Did a re-work of the engine to fix how clothing is handled. This should have resolved the problem with some clothing combinations not being displaced/removed correctly during sex.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Tooltips in shopkeeper menu should now work no matter how many items they have.
      Tooltips now work correctly again when hovering over empty inventory slots.
      Completely re-worked how status effects and perks are handled in the engine, which should have fixed the bugs related to clothing femininity status effects not working properly.
      Fixed the bug that was causing 100% chance to get pregnant. (Chance of pregnancy with average fertility values and cum volume is now about 20-30%.)
      Fixed bugs related to being able to pick up items even when inventory was full.
      Minor typo fixes here and there.


    Tomorrow I'm going to update the list of things I'm working on (yet again), so that you know what's coming next!


    1. Can't wait to get home! Don't worry about no actual content. Form good foundations and then build.

    2. I couldn't find any bug yet in this build. You did a pretty good work. :p

      Here's some suggestions :

      - How about making Brax drop an item that transforms you exactly the same way than in the "Brax's Bitch" bad end (but without the bad end of course) ?
      - How about implementing a hairdesser that could increase or decrease your character's hair lenght and change its color ?

      Also, while this is not something you should consider implementing right now in such an early phase of developpement, I think it would be absolutely awesome if you could implement a character viewer. Basically it would allow the player to have a visual representation of our character's body in a quick glance. As far as I remember, too few "CoC like" games does that.

      1. I absolutely second that idea! This aspect of these types of games is sorely missed. Yes, this is a text based game and the idea is to visualize your character from their description, but it would only enhance the game further. TiTS needs one, sadly prolly won't get one.

      2. Thanks!

        I'm adding a hairdresser/beauty salon in the next update, where you'll be able to change hair length & colour. I'm also polishing Brax's scene, so an opportunity to add a TF item like that might present itself!

        I really like the idea of a character viewer as well, but I'm afraid that it wouldn't happen for some time...

      3. I would also like to see that tf item, taunt him with what he could of had if he was actually managed to defeat you. Or he might offer it too you as a subtle way of payback towards the PC for being defeated, you can be 'naive' and drink it or wise up really quick and not drink it. Either way Enjoying your work.

    3. pregnancy doesn't seem to be working quite right, I can't get the give birth option after that third stage. In fact the third stage status effect disappears and nothing replaces it.

      1. Thanks for the bug report, I'm fixing that right now. I might put out a hotfix later today or tomorrow, as this is quite a significant bug...

      2. Your welcome! :D Keep up the good work, I love how you've got this set up.

    4. I found bubble cream a few times. It described growing an additional pair of breasts initially but then they don't update to your selfie or stats in any way. Other than that I probably wouldn't mind a way to identify items that you find without having to risk putting them on first. None of the shops give an option to id yet. I was wondering if that bubble cream was a sign of a future tf into perhaps a bovine form?

      1. Regarding the multi-boobs, it doesn't exactly say you have another pair of tits. Instead is says: "You have two pairs of nipples, which sit happily on your large tits...". The "two pairs" indicates the extra pair of boobs with their single nipple each.

      2. Thanks for the feedback! I'm improving TF consumables for this next update, and I'll make sure to add a way to identify them! A bovine TF is definitely coming at some point, but there are a couple of other races being added first.

        The multi-boob description will be improved as well!

    5. Replies
      1. Cow & bull TF will definitely be added at some point (currently planned for when the fields map is added to the game). I also plan to add extreme proportion content, which will undoubtedly include status effects related to the size of the PC's boobs/balls/cock. Although such content will be in the game, it won't be a normal occurrence within the game world to see characters with such extreme proportions.

        There will also be dragon-morphs added at some point, and possibly the ability to grow a second cock, but both of these things won't be in the game for some time.

        Thanks for the suggestions (although the all-caps made it a little difficult to read)!