Saturday, 11 February 2017

Version 0.1.65 release

Here's version 0.1.65! (Possibility of a hotfix over the weekend: High)

Ok, so version 0.1.65 may be the least polished release so far... I was far too ambitious about adding in new mechanics this week, and as a result, a lot of the content is half-implemented. I'm sorry that it's in such a rough state, but I thought that letting you see my current progress was better than delaying the release by another week. So, without further excuses, here's version 0.1.65!

Please note: This version is still in a rough state. Version 0.1.66 is going to be focused on polishing what's already here, so all your bug reports will be addressed!

Here are the download links for version 0.1.65:

Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

Lilith's Throne requires java to be installed on your computer.

Also, previous saved games are still not compatible with this version! This is 100% going to be addressed by version 0.1.67!

Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

Patch Notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added: Start of corruption mechanics. You'll now need certain levels of corruption to be able to perform certain actions.
      Added: Condoms. Pretty self-explanatory, you can use them during sex. (Currently only implemented in Ralph's sex scene.)
      Added: Vixen's Virility. A fertility-boosting pill that can be used both in sex and out. (Currently only implemented in Ralph's sex scene.)
      Added: Lilith's Gift. A consumable that always increases corruption. (All three of these new items can be bought from Ralph.)
      Changed: Capacity/Wetness/Elasticity items. They are now 'Going Big', 'Masochist's Heaven', and 'Wet Kiss'.
      Added: "Recovering Orifices" status effect, which appears when one (or more) of your orifices are returning to their normal size after being stretched.
      Added: "Creampie" status effects, which can be removed by taking a shower.
      Re-enabled quicksave/quickload in inventory. (The only places where save is meant to be disabled is in combat and sex.)
      Lactation now increases at each stage of pregnancy.
      Orifice plasticity has been changed to elasticity. The change in mechanics is described in the 'Orifice Elasticity' section at the end of these patch notes.
      Corruption no longer lowers your willpower resistance. It now only affects which corruption status effect you have (which in turn applied attribute modifiers and affects the availability of certain actions).
      Re-enabled Nyan's ability to identify clothing.
  • Sex:
    • Added: Ability to use items in sex. This is currently limited to condoms and Vixen's Vitality, but now that the framework has been put in place, expect to see TF item usage during sex soon!
      Added: Corruption mechanics to sex scenes. The change in mechanics is described in the 'Corruption Mechanics' section at the end of these patch notes.
      Added: A way for characters without a vagina to get a big discount from Ralph. (Not every sex scene in the game will be available to all characters, but this is one I felt really needed to be available to everyone, as the discount is a significant gameplay feature.)
      Altered the way orgasms work. Now, instead of instantly orgasming after/before your partner, if your arousal value is within "mutual orgasm" range, a special mutual orgasm scene will trigger. (Only written for Ralph at the moment.)
      Each sex scene now has one of three end conditions, displayed next to the arousal values. (Player must orgasm, partner must orgasm, or both must orgasm.)
      Brought sex-related clothing management more in line with the default inventory options to maintain consistency in button placement.
      Improved descriptions in Ralph's sex scene to incorporate the new mechanics (all the other sex scenes will be done for the next version!).
  • UI:
    • Added: A 'copy dialogue' button to the top-left of the game window, to restore functionality lost by removing ability to highlight elements. (It copies the current scene to your clipboard as pre-formatted html.)
      Added: 'New Game' button to option menu.
      Fixed some bugs with the options/phone screens reverting to an incorrect dialogue when closed.
      Removed ability to highlight elements (including text) in the game window, as this was the cause of some pretty bad lag.
      Altered & improved some icons.
      Improved inventory screens.
  • Phone:
    • Improved selfie description to make it clear when you have multiple breast rows.
  • Inventory (still quite broken in this version!):
    • Included the Quick-Trade feature in the standard inventory, and renamed it to 'Quick-Manage', allowing you to pick up and drop items with a single click.
      Increased inventory size to 24 (from 18).
      Fixed bug where you couldn't pick up an item into a stack if your inventory was full.
      Fixed bug where equipping a weapon from inventory would delete your old weapon if your inventory was full.
  • Clothing:
    • Fixed some values related to displacement access.
  • Other:
    • Fixed bug where after sex, the player would react as though they know they're pregnant, even though they shouldn't.
      Changed pregnancy probabilities slightly. If both the PC and partner have 10 fertility (average value), the chance of becoming pregnant is about 12%. At 100/10 it's ~24%, and at 100/100, it's ~50%.
      Although the values may seem low, when combined with the new "using items in sex" mechanic, it will be quite easy to force your partner to swallow a "Vixen's Virility", granting them boosted fertility.
      Minor typo fixes.
      Stopped exposed & exhibitionist status effects from being applied in sex (as it's pretty normal to have your private parts exposed in this situation...).
      Renamed gender 'shemale' to 'trap'.
      "Fixed" how the engine handles time progression, which should fix a bug where status effects were erroneously being applied twice. (I put "Fixed" in quotation marks, as this is only half-implemented.)
      Fixed bug with 'Well Rested' status effect not being refreshed when resting.
      Fixed bug with Ralph not giving you the bigger of the discounts that you've earned.
  • Orifice Elasticity:
    • Each of your orifices have an elasticity value, which, for a starting character, are in the middle of the scale.
      After being stretched, your orifice will tighten back up over time (the higher your elasticity, the quicker it recovers).
      At low elasticity, your orifice is resistant to being stretched, but when it is stretched out, it doesn't regain all of its original tightness, therefore increasing capacity permanently (can still be reversed with TF consumables).
      At high elasticity, your orifice very quickly stretches out, and regains all of its original tightness.
  • Corruption mechanics:
    • Please note that is is a first-iteration of this game feature, and not all sex scenes have been updated to the correct corruption values!
      Corruption is a measure of how dirty minded you are, and affects how willing you are to perform degrading sex acts, so as as result, you now require a certain level of corruption in order to perform some actions during sex.
      For example, if you're at corruption level 1, you're completely pure and innocent, and won't be able to take advantage of defeated enemies.
      At corruption level 2, you're a "vanilla" level of corruption (for the world of Lilith's Throne), meaning that while you're able to take advantage of defeated enemies, you're unable to use any extreme sex options.
      At corruption levels 3, 4, 5 and 6, more depraved options will become available in sex.
      Having higher levels of corruption will also block out some vanilla options that you were able to use at lower levels.
      If you meet all the other requirements for an option in sex, it will appear greyed-out, and the option's tooltip will inform you of the required corruption.


    Tomorrow I'm going to update the list of things I'm working on (yet again), so that you know what's coming next! I might also make a big post about my aims for the next few versions.


    1. So the way I understand it I can no longer rape my enemies unless I am corrupt?

      1. Yes, from what I've gathered. Easiest way to find out is to get in game and try!

      2. Yes, but you only need 5 corruption to be classed as "vanilla", allowing you to turn the tables on defeated enemies. Corruption is a measurement of how sexually deviant you are, so I thought it made sense to restrict "pure" corruption characters in this way.

    2. Found a bug, again related to horse-pussy, when my character doesn't have one: "You suddenly feel the horse-girl take hold of your ass with both hands. Before you have a chance to react to her daring action, she drives her face forwards, using her grip on your rear end to pull your black-lipped horse-pussy towards her eager mouth."

      1. I'll get that fixed, thanks for the report!

    3. I noticed that sex seems to perma drain your intelligence stat which would actually make the mechanical smart move to just click continue and abstain from sex entirely. There doesn't seem to be a method beyond leveling to increase your intelligence again nor is there an obvious method to try to repair some of the penalty you accumulate. It shows in your stats as a penalty to your core intelligence. I also still noticed that unidentified items cannot be identified without equipping them first.

      1. I haven't noticed the sex thing but the clothing NPC can ID your items for 10 bux.

      2. I'll look into the intelligence drain, it's not my intention to punish players for choosing to have sex in this game! (Although you may suffer penalties for being dominated after losing combat...)

        I'm going to be re-working a lot of the mechanics in these next few patches, so expect to see a lot of the post-sex effects modified significantly. I'll also add ways to train your core intelligence (for a price, like at the gym for strength/fitness).

      3. I discovered that you only take the perma 2 penalties by having vaginal sex with male partners. If they do the oral or if you have have a cock you can safely have sex with the defeated enemies and you'll take no penalty at all. But if you try to get pregnant you'll quickly accumulate perma 2 point penalties that accumulate and render your intelligence score abysmal in no time flat.

      4. I'm actually pondering running through the game with a bimbo character, I found out that was an actual trait after intentionally losing to Brax and getting my intelligence dropped.

      5. I fixed that bug today! I also wanted to mention that although there is a "bimbo" status effect (gained when you have 0 intelligence), I haven't added any content for it at the moment (although that will definitely be something that's expanded on in the future).

    4. I just did a quick bugtesting run to level three.

      I've noticed a slight difference in rounding between the "stats box" and the attack description. For example, vs a horse boy with 20 willpower, the first and only action of the fight was a critical seduction attempt that did 19 willpower damage. This was enough to take his willpower from 20 to 0 and thus win the fight.

      Not-sure-if-bug-or-feature, but despite starting with blonde hair, any cat transformations that involve hair (hair type, and gaining a tail) sets the colour of the new hair as brown (head-hair retains blonde colour when gaining tail).

      Unequipping clothing during sex leads to the unequipped clothing being cloned after the scene - you have one set in your inventory, and another equipped. Only tested during defeat sex.

      Hope it helps. The auto-pickup for loot is a godsend.

      1. Thanks for the bug reports, I'll add them to my list!

        The combat is still *really* unbalanced, but it's something that should be fixed for the next version. The hair/fur colour mechanics are also going to be addressed for when I add the beauty salon to the game. The inventory is also something that is still very broken, so I'll get that fixed as a high priority!

        I'm glad you like the auto-pickup! (I'm working on more ways to improve the inventory UI as well.)

      2. I figured the main reason that things become unbalanced is moreso the case that you only have a zone set up for the level 1 - 3 range. You can grind fights until you gain as many levels as you like. It just takes a lot of fights because the gains are 1 xp a fight. The strongest build seems to be the seduction builds. Although the manner with which the game starts off with levels kinda encourages you to dip in the basic lines of the 3 branches. By level 9 or 10 you can dish out around 500+ willpower damage on the low leveled enemies. Naturally you're going to steam roll them when you're over the intended level range though. I don't think this will be a problem once more content opens up though because people will not normally sit around the beginner area and power grind when they have the option to move on to more difficult areas that can yield better rewards and challenges.

        For a starter and a sampler of the gameplay it is incredibly insightful though. You have a bare bones setup that allows you to provide some of the initial story along with a traditional rpg startoff where players can get the feel for the game mechanics in short order.

        The only reason I played the latest update until I was level 10 was actually to obtain the rare item drops because I was curious about some of those item slots that are left as mysteries in the item database section. I still haven't discovered what the first weapon item slot is yet so I have 4/5 out of that one.

        One thing I did notice though, the bubble cream can add rows of breasts. I was kinda surprised that the additional breasts didn't cause a scaled increase in milk production just by the addition of additional sources of milk and milk storage. I would imagine that if you have two breasts outputting at a level and suddenly you grow a couple more below them that those breasts are also going to be outputting a quantity of milk so your production values would go up by having more room to produce and store it.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Will there ever be a mobile version?

      1. I want to get the game working on android at some point, but I can't really say when that'll happen.

        I need to get some other issues fixed, and finish implementing all the core mechanics, before I start working on an android version. Realistically, an android release is still another couple of months away... (sorry!)

    7. Replies
      1. The download links are near the top of this post, but they're getting quite hard to spot in amongst all the text. I'll add the download links to the sidebar, thanks for bringing this to my attention!