Sunday, 2 April 2017

Version Preview

Right, so as I explained in the previous post, this is a preview build, which means that it's just a snapshot of what the game currently looks like. I'm just releasing it for those of you who don't mind experiencing game-breaking bugs!

Preview builds, like this one, are likely to contain a lot of bugs and half-finished content, so if you don't want to deal with annoying bugs, please wait for next week's release!

Here are the download links for version

Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

Lilith's Throne requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer.

This is a preview build! It will contain annoying bugs and half-finished content!

Patch Notes:

  • Engine:
    • Attempted to fix the memory leak problems (I didn't manage to fix it yet, but I have a good idea of what's going wrong).
      Added: Parsing engine. You can access and try this out in the debug menu. (If you don't know the debug code, read the bottom of the readme!)
      Added: Clothing 'sealed' mechanics. The underlying system that detects clothing removal got quite complex with this addition, and took up a lot of time this week...
  • Gameplay:
    • Added: The start of NPC persistency. When you encounter an enemy, their home tile is marked on the map with a little mark. When you visit that tile, you will re-encounter that enemy there.
      Only applies to enemies encountered in alleyways at the moment, and there are no special scenes written for a repeat encounter just yet.)
      After defeating them in combat, you can choose 'remove character' to remove this character from the persistent character pool. (Thereby freeing up their home tile for someone else to move into.)
      Please note: You can't get random NPCs pregnant just yet. I have to write some special scenes/pregnant variants for that!
      Added: 'sealed clothing', with an associated side quest that triggers when you equip a piece of jinxed clothing.
      Removed the requirement of having the 'observant' perk in order to see enemy's combat stats. (I didn't want to lock critical gameplay information behind a perk.)
      Moved weather icon into related status effects.
      Slightly increased pregnancy chances.
      Removed the requirement of having a penis in order to have sex with Kate.
  • UI:
    • Added: Old java version warning to the main menu. Versions of java that are older than may cause some UI elements to not render correctly.
  • Sex:
    • Improved: Moved Kate's sex scene into an expanded 'chair-sex' position. (PLayer's actions for bottom position aren't written yet.)
      Added: A lot more 'self' options for both you and your partner. (Anal/Nipple fingering, Vagina/ass/nipple self-penetration with tail.)
      Added 'Stop sex' action, which is only available when you're the dom or are in consensual sex. (It may be a little buggy in some sex scenes at the moment.)
      Added mutual orgasms to generic positions.
      Added a lot of options to chair-sex positions (anal, tail-fucking, getting tail-fucked, riding cock, riding cock anally, fucking nipples).
  • Bugs:
    • Finally fixed the piercing bugs that have been present since I put Kate into the game. (It turns out it was bugging out due to some unfinished masochist descriptions.)
      Fixed incorrect race identification bug at lower transformation levels.
      Fixed a lot of bugs in the clothing system.
  • Other:
    • Minor typo fixes and small edits to some descriptions.

    P.S. It's a preview build! (Did I mention that?)


    1. Hoorayyyy Innoxia!
      Now take a break :p

      1. Well, I sort of collapsed and fell asleep after releasing this, so I guess that counts as a break? ^^

        (And also, replying to your other post, I'll definitely try to relax more!)

    2. I may be doing something wrong on my end, but it does not seem like any previous saves are compatible. When launching the game and I go to Load a save game, I click my save and nothing happens. Only New game or Load game. Let me know if I lied and tell me how to do it properly :P

      1. Tried clicking New Game and going to save/load. Load doesn't do anything. However, importing a character works so if you guys want until this is solved, on your 1.69.6, export your character. Leave the game and go to 1.69.9P, click new game and import your character.

      2. The save game files aren't compatible between versions just yet (but I'm working on it). I see in your other follow-up post that you've managed to get the character importer working, but for now that's the only thing that carries over from version-to-version. (And it resets all your gear/quest progress as though you've started a new game.)

    3. The 'April fools' content will come out next week I guess...^^

      1. Haha yeah, I had something planned for it and still want to get it into the game, so I'll put it in for Friday's release.

    4. For those who need a recap for exporting/importing. Here you go!

      1. Open up the old game version, and export your old character (menu -> options -> export).

      2. Copy the exported .xml file (in the old version's data/characters folder).

      3. Paste it into this version's data/characters folder.

      4. Press 'Refresh', and your old character file should show up in the list below!

      1. Warning. Everything may not transfer over. TF should be transfered as well as level, but stats may reset MAYBE, and your clothing may return back to, the yoga wear. Money may also be reset. Map Locations of where you have visted will reset possibly. Things regarding skills should be safe. Don't quote me on it.

      2. When you transfer all you are keeping is your level and your associated points from said level. Also, of course, all transformations should remain and your sex encounter and body stats should too. Things like money and clothes get wiped as it is a "New Game" after all.

    5. I found a bug and a typo for Ralph. After getting his discount, the game says you can get his discount again "anythime" you wanted it. And getting his discount automatically refills his inventory, so you can refill his inventory as many times as you want per day.

      1. Thanks for the report! I'll get that fixed for the next version.

    6. Will there be a way to turn pregnancy content off?
      A few should agree but pregnant characters are a bit of a turn off...
      If not I suppose I would just save-scum my game to all hell. xD

      1. There's an item in the game that stops your character from getting pregnant. It's the blue pill. You can also give NPCs items during sex, so I imagine the blue pill would work on them as well.

      2. Also condoms. I forgot about the obvious one. >.<

      3. I didn't know about the blue pill to tell the truth.
        But the condom is useless unless your character is the one using it.
        If you are a female character, they always refuse to use condoms if you present it to them.
        I tried 10-20 times with different situations to give a male/herm NPC a condom, but it never worked.

      4. I'm definitely going to make all NPCs put on condoms if you provide them with one (except NPCs that have a pregnancy or sadist fetish). At the moment, the default behaviour for NPCs is to refuse all items, but I'll hopefully have the time to change that before Friday's release.

        For now, just using the blue pill should be enough to prevent pregnancy. (If your fertility is 0, there's no chance of becoming pregnant.)

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. I don't know if this is a bug, or if I'm misunderstanding something. My character is described as having a very tight pussy that is "extremely elastic, and can comfortably stretched out before returning to its original size." However, after giving birth, her pussy becomes loose. Shouldn't it return to very tight if it's elastic, or am I misunderstanding how that works?

      1. Yes, that's a bug, I forgot to apply the elasticity effects to the code that stretches you out after giving birth. I'll get this fixed asap, thanks for the report!

    9. you probly should add, when u get licked by "wolf/horse/dog they have pretty long tongues, just wondering if possible add that will "chance" to pop ur cherry or when they finger your female character??

      1. Length doesn't pop cherries, bub.
        Girth does. A monstrous tongue, sure, but anything less is incredibly unlikely since it a very wet and very flexible appendage.
        They're have to try really hard to tear the hymen with tongue alone, and even then it may only be a very partial tear.

        So what that means is no random event will let the tongue tear the hymen. Maybe special scenes with special characters could involve that but ehh probs not, bro.

      2. First of all, thanks for the feedback! Second, I'm planning on just keeping tails and (obviously) cocks as being the only two things that will break a hymen in Lilith's Throne.

        I've taken a bit of an artistic liberty by directly linking virginity to hymens (as do most of the other erotic games I've played). Basically, it's a pretty complicated topic in real life, but for the sake of gameplay, and so that I don't have to create a detailed anatomy simulation, I've just said "hymen = virginity".

        As IxFa said, it's not very likely that a (still somewhat-regular) tongue would break a hymen, so I'm going to treat all tongues in the game as being unable to break hymens. I'm also going to keep it so that fingering won't break a hymen, as it might get too confusing for the player if some fingering actions break a hymen while others don't.

        Basically, just to fit the whole aspect of virginity into an easily-understood gameplay mechanic, I'll keep it so that the player always knows that 'tail or cock = virginity loss' and 'tongue or fingers = safe'. (Obviously, special NPCs with monstrous tongues might be an exception, but I'll make it pretty clear when that's the case.)