Friday, 21 April 2017

Version 0.1.7 Release

Edit: I did a hotfix to deal with the bug that was causing crafted potions to be un-drinkable. I've updated the download links with the hotfixed version.

So, it actually did turn out to be a bit ambitious to do the TF rework in version 0.1.7, but at least it's done now! That was the last major addition to core gameplay mechanics, so from now all, almost all of the time I'm putting into Lilith's Throne will be focused on adding content! (There are still a lot of things to do in the engine, but nothing super major.)

Implementing the new enchanting mechanics took far longer that I thought it would (I'm sure you're not surprised to hear that by now), so I didn't have time to write the new sex scene for the next part of the main quest. As a result, I'm choosing to leave the new content for the main story out of this version, as it's going to be really heavily tied-in with the new sex scene.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this for the last release, but I just wanted to say a public thanks to IxFa for providing me with some useful information on parsing systems. It's going to make it a lot easier for contributors to write content for the game (when I open it up for submissions at version 0.2.0). A Lilith's Throne discord server has also been set up, which you can join here: discord link

Thank you also to everyone for leaving your bug reports and suggestions in the blog's comments (as well as those of you who leave them on TFGamesSite or Fenoxo forums)! You've all been really super helpful!

Also: I'm going to have to go pretty much immediately after posting this, but I'll be back on to respond to any bugs in a few hours! (I'll also have time then to respond to the unanswered comments some of you have left in other posts.)
I won't have the time to update TFGamesSite or Fenoxo forums until I get back, so I guess you people on the blog are getting it a few hours earlier! ^^

Here are the download links for version 0.1.7:

Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

Full folder download link (as a backup): Google Drive

Lilith's Throne requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer.

This version is still a very early release! (There will be bugs!)

Patch Notes:

  • Preview version:
  • Gameplay:
    • Improved: TF mechanics. It's a complete rework of how consumable items work, so there's too much to write about here! (Basically, just gather ingredients/essences from enemies and then go to Lilaya's lab to craft potions.)
      Added: Enchanting table. There's an enchanting table in Lilaya's lab where you can craft the new TF potions. (I'll add clothing and weapon enchanting soon, but I wanted to hear your feedback on the item crafting first.)
      Changed: All consumable items. They all now use the new TF mechanics system.
      Removed: Demon TF consumable. (I'll be adding a lore-correct way to get a Demon TF in the next version!)
      Improved a lot of transformation descriptions.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed bug where there was always a 100% chance of getting pregnant.
  • Parser:
    • Added some new style commands, to easily format bold and italic text.
  • Other:
    • Slightly improved appearance descriptions.
  • Hotfix:
    • Fixed Meat and Marrow giving avian transformations. (It now correctly provides wolf transformations when refined.)
      Fixed some unusual descriptions for harpy eyes in Kate's salon.
      Added 'Angel's Tears'; a human TF consumable.
      Added more body stats. (All these phone menus are still just temporary, I'm going to polish them all up soon!)
      Fixed race identification method. (So now you shouldn't become a 'partial angel' or something crazy like that...)
  • Additions to preview version:
  • Crafting:
    • Added: Enchanting items quest.
      Slightly changed crafting cost mechanics. You now need an appropriate racial essence instead of just 'common', 'rare', or 'epic'.
      Moved enchanting table from Lilaya's lab to your room.
      Disabled crafting of duplicate potions (so if all 3 potions have the same effect, now two of them are disabled, depending on the TF's rarity).
  • Engine:
    • Added support in the engine for using templating.
  • Gameplay:
    • Added: You can now get Lilaya and Kate pregnant. (Their sex scenes, along with the pregnancy reactions, will be expanded in future versions!)
      Added (temporarily): Random attackers can now be harpies. (This isn't in keeping with the lore, but I've put them in here until I can add the next section of the story.)
      Slightly tweaked the way pregnancy chances are calculated. (It should be easier to get pregnant now if you have high fertility.)
  • UI:
    • Added: Another row for response buttons. There were far too many options during sex for just 10 response buttons, so I increased it to 15.
      Added: The ability to move around between responses with the movement keys, and also to select a highlighted response with the enter key. If travel is active, you can hold down control and use the movement keys to move the pointer instead of moving around the map. I'll improve this some more for the next version.
  • Sex:
    • Added a chance for you partner to request a creampie or for you to pull out.
  • Inventory:
    • Fixed item sorting, so now items should always stay in the same order when picking up/dropping them.
      Added 'take all', 'drop all', and 'sell all' options for dealing with stacks of items, weapons, and clothing.
  • Bugs:
    • Succubi should no longer have nipple virginity.
      Fixed a lot of bugs related to the new response selection cursor.
      Pullout & creampie requests now reset after orgasm. (So if your partner is going for multiple orgasms, you can request creampie/pullout each time.)
      Fixed a lot of reported typos and 'command_unknown' errors.
      Fixed 'do nothing' sex action erroneously referencing the denial fetish.
      Phone menu's highlighting should now show which type of quest got updated.
      Fixed some incorrectly available action bugs in the kneeling position sex scene.
      Fixed bug related to continuing penetration when switching between positions.
      Fixed 'herm fun' option in 69 availability.
      Fixed being able to find empty potions in alleyways.
      Fixed item encyclopedia not working.


    1. For some reason when I drink a crafted Item I can't drink anymore of them

    2. Crafted Potions cannot be used

    3. Bug Report:

      Every potion I make cannot drink it, the option did even show up. YEP

    4. Ok, I'm back now, and I'll be around for the next few hours. Thanks for reporting that bug, I'm going to fix it right now and put out a hotfix.

      It shouldn't take me long!

      1. Don't forget to check Discord for more bug reports, Inno!
        ps I love you (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

      2. Thanks, I'm on the discord now!

        Oh, and I fixed the potion bug and pushed a hotfix. I updated the download links with it.

        ps I love you too (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    5. The game stop working, as I put the game on the tray, even if it's for a secound, or more. Like: If I hover the mouse over something, it will show the details, but nothing happen if I try to click. Same goes with the Succubui, if you are dominant, and request for pull out. (English isn't my first language, sorry if I mistake the spelling)

      1. Thanks for the bug report, I've managed to track this one down and get it fixed!

        I'll probably put out a hotfix either late today or tomorrow.

    6. Hurrah! Congratulations on the new release! Unfortunately, I won't have time to play it for the moment, as much as I want to. >.<
      I will try my best to continue testing and providing help where possible, though. ^-^

    7. I asked a harpy to pull out during 69 (dominant), and suddenly all the action buttons stopped working.

      1. Thank you for the bug report, I've managed to get this fixed and will be putting out another hotfix either late today or tomorrow!

    8. I discovered that if you knock up Lilaya you will lock yourself out from being able to deliver because it auto forces sex on you whenever you go to her lab from that point on. You're either going to have to change that auto sex behavior or make it so the player can opt to deliver elsewhere too. It might even make a bit more sense if the delivery has a chance of happening wherever you are too. At least that way the player won't be locked out from delivering a baby.

      1. Thank you for the bug report! I fixed this just now, so it will be sorted for the next version!

    9. Promiscuity pill doesn't do anything, just blocks a space on your inventory

      1. Thanks for the report, I've got this fixed for the next version!

    10. When being defeated by a male lesser wolf morph , when he yells "Don't try anything bitch! I'm the one in charge here! she growls, before pulling you into another forceful kiss." it should say "he growls".

      Also, in the info screen it says I had non consensual sex with him 5 times, 5 of those with me as the dominant partner and 5 times with him as the dominant partner. That should be impossible. In actually I had sex with me as the dominant partner 2 times and 3 as the submissive partner (although one of those times was by defeating him and then choosing to submit).

      Also, new player here, how can I have have consensual sex with the random NPCs? I don't like either Brax or Raplh so far, so the NPCs are my only options (well, male options anyways). And is it possible to encounter a male demon or a male harpy?

      1. Oh, yes. I noticed the first bug as well. And consensual sex with random NPCs hasn't been implemented yet, but I think Innoxia is planning to do so (if I recall in the response to my comment in "Fetish Content"). I don't think it's possible yet to encounter a male demon or harpy yet, either...

      2. Thanks for the answer about consensual sex. I really hope we can encounter a male harpy in the harpy nest update, that lore about male harpies makes me want to keep one for myself.

        Also,just add another gender bug to the report:
        When I gave birth to a male and female dog-morphs, the male was misgendered as female in the text describing the picture of your children, even though the text describing him was blue and he was described as male after I gave birth (he kissed and murmured something to my character instead of hugging and patting me on the head like female children do).

      3. Hm... I haven't read about harpies yet, but I am glad to have been able to help. I don't know too much, though, but what I've received in responses.

        I saw that bug as well, and hopefully Innoxia added that to the issue tracker, since I mentioned it as well (though I think I missed some things that you mentioned).

      4. There are male harpies, but they're all traps. (Which I'm 100% okay with)

      5. Thank you for all these bug reports, I've fixed each one of them! ^^

        As Anonymous says, you should be able to encounter male harpies in this version, but they all look like girls. There aren't any male demons just yet, but I'm going to add them very soon, as a lot of people have been asking for them.

        I'm going to expand more upon the random NPC content in the future, so there will be an opportunity to have consensual sex with them then! ^^

    11. How in the world to add new genitals? I can remove them but I can figure out the combo to add them.

      1. Sorry I wasn't able to reply quickly, but at least you figured it out now. ^^

        (If anyone else was wondering, you have to craft a potion using a racial ingredient, then choose "penis" or "vagina" as the primary element.)

    12. a new(not game breaking) bug where there are two submission entrances on the map.

      1. Well spotted, but that's intentional. ^^

        Submission is going to be an area like Dominion, where you can travel around it on a little mini-map, so I wanted to provide multiple entrances for getting down there quickly. (I might add a third entrance when I actually add Submission to the game, which is going to be in version 0.2.0.)

    13. While dominating Brax and making him eat my character out, I keep getting lines about how he's fucking my character with his cock, even though he's just eating her out and my character is still a virgin.

      1. Thanks for the bug report, I've got this fixed for the next version!

    14. This may seem a little nitpicky, but how do harpies wear hoodies and long sleeved shirts? It also seems like it'd be a pain for them to get stockings/pantyhose on. (I'm not saying I dislike it, I'm just saying it seems inconvenient for them :P)
      I was thinking, you could give harpies the exhibitionism fetish and make them all naked/mostly naked. It'd be cool to see more NPCs with fetishes and it'd make sense for them to not wear many clothes, but I'm not sure if that'd fit into the harpy lore or not.

      1. It'd also sort of fit in with their racial effect of less strength but higher willpower damage. Kinda like a glass libido cannon.

      2. That's a very good point regarding harpies being able to wear hoodies, long sleeved shirts and pantyhose!

        I've removed the chance for random NPC harpies to spawn wearing these items of clothing, but the player will still be able to wear them for now. I might add some more variables to clothing to help me deal with these cases, and then I'll apply the restrictions to the player once I've got that sorted.

        I'm also going to give random NPCs the chance to have a fetish or two. Oh, and I already have a race planned to be the exhibitionists, and you'll see them soon(ish). ^^

      3. I just think it's funny thinking about a harpy poking all their feathers out of the sleeves of a hoodie, or them trying get put on thighhighs and their talons ripping through

    15. Are there any plans to add things like wolf or harpy pussies to the game? I noticed that there are already horse-ginas And it seemed kinda weird that all the races get their own special penises but only horses get their own pussy. Nice update though, really liking the new transformation system.

      1. Yes, I'm going to go through and give all the races body parts specific to their race. At the moment, a lot of races have human parts for their breasts, ass, and vagina, so I'll go through and correct all those for the next version.

        I'm glad you like the new transformation system! ^^

      2. I know you've coded horse-ginas in the game. You can just implement that code towards the horse-morphs for that part of the anatomy.

    16. i have no idea how to play this game. i downloaded the latest version of java and do all the instructions but it doesn't work for me. i use the latest version of windows 10, i don't know if this has anything to do with the problem though.

      1. I'm sorry to hear that the game isn't working for you, maybe try doing the following:

        1. Make sure you've downloaded *and* installed Java SE

        2. Make sure you're running the game through the installed SE binaries (and not through a web browser or anything). To do this, right click on the 'LilithsThrone_0_1_7.jar' file, then choose 'open with' -> 'Java(TM) Platform SE binary'

        If that isn't in the list, select 'Choose default program' -> 'Browse'. Then find where you've installed your java to, then open the 'bin' folder and select 'javaw.exe'

        (Sorry if these instructions aren't enough to get it working. Please let me know if you're still having trouble and I'll see if I can figure out a solution!)

      2. The instructions were clear and I did everything you said but it doesn't seem to want to work. It doesn't open when I double click on it when I'm using java(TM) Platform SE binary.

      3. I'm not sure what the problem could be... If you wanted to give it another go, you could try doing the following:

        1. Open your command prompt. To do so, type "cmd" (without quotation marks) into your windows search bar, and press enter.

        2. Type in "cd", followed by the path to the Lilith's Throne jar file. For example:
        cd C:\Users\Innoxia\Downloads\Lilith's Throne

        3. Type in:
        java -jar LilithsThrone_0_1_7.jar

        4. Right click, then choose "Select all". Press enter to copy all the text, then you can paste the error in here and I can see what's going wrong. ^^

        I'm on the Lilith's Throne discord, so you could send me a direct message on there if you'd prefer. (I'm not around all the time, but I'll get back to you when I can!)

        (Also, you can just combine steps 2 and 3, and type java -jar path_to_jar.jar if you wanted. ^^)

      4. the error i got is this one. Error: Unable to access jarfile LilithsThrone_0_1_7.jar i don't know if i did something wrong or what.

      5. I haven't come across that error before, but after a bit of googling, it seems as though it might be related to folder permissions.

        You could try moving the "Lilith's Throne" folder to a different location on your computer and running it from there. That seems to have fixed the issue for someone on stackoverflow.

      6. nope moved it all over my computer from desktop to inside the java folder itself and dosent work.

      7. I'm really sorry the game isn't working for you. :(

        I'm going to try packaging it as an .exe file for this next release (as an optional download for people with difficulty running it), so hopefully that will able to resolve the issue.

      8. thanks for trying to help and exe files almost always work for me so that should be good. Cant wait to play it.

      9. I managed to package this latest release (v0.1.75) into an .exe, so I hope it works for you now! ^^

        If the game still isn't working, please let me know and I'll try to help!

    17. If i may ask how can i transform into a harpy and can someone link to a page so i can at least see some of the potion recipes cause they confuse me

      1. To get harpy TFs, find a bubblegum lollipop and take it to the enchanting table in your room. Click on it to add it as the ingredient, then click primary elements to pick which body part it affects.

        Ingredients that are in bottles (EG wolf whiskey, equine cider etc.) make stat potions, and food items (EG meat and marrow, kitty's reward, etc.) make transformation potions.

      2. Thanks DesuDemona for explaining, sorry I wasn't around earlier to respond. ^^

        I'll try and get a wiki set up at some point!

      3. I was actually gonna ask if I could set up a wikia :P

      4. Why do you need to ask for that? I believe it will be strongly appreciated.

      5. Thank you god bless you i needed that and keep up the good work innoxia

      6. If you'd like to set up a wikia, DesuDemona, that would be fantastic! Please feel free to do so. ^^

      7. Please do i cant be the only one confused by the new enchanting system and having a spot where i can quickly look up the recipe would be grand

    18. The only unreported bug I have found so far is with the Succubus encounter;

      Whenever you end a submissive scene with her (either directly losing or winning the fight and submitting afterwards) the Explore button does not return, changing cells and back again returns the button.

      As my first post on this blog, can I also just say how much I am enjoying this game so far, especially the submissive paths available. In a lot of similar games to this (like CoC) the only way to get the 'submissive' scenes was to basically throw your fights. Being able to play the fights normally but still submit afterwards is really appreciated.

      1. Thank you for the bug report! I'll get it sorted as soon as I can!

        And I'm glad you like the submissive option, I'm planning on expanding content for all of the fetishes, so more submissive stuff will come out in the future! (Maybe not for a few versions yet though...)

    19. Here is my latest bug list:

      Jinxed help quest small typo: “...enchanted weapon Here, I've…” missing a period between weapon and Here.
      Harpies don’t drop items, only essences. I am assuming they are supposed to drop the lollipops and perfumes.
      Pregnancy Stats button is not clickable. On a related note, Lilaya still gets pissed even while/post her pregnancy with PC. The scene in the Lab post upset also occurs. After the first time she shouldn’t be getting that upset, albeit she could still be mildly so if she dislikes it so much. I think, however, you did mention her scene is not finished completely, so that’s that. Also, the “Oops…” button still shows up even if the PC is the one getting creampied, and of course the Lilaya pissed off scene also plays then as though she got the creampie.
      Suggest to replace auto-encounter remembering with asking the player if they wish to remember. Also, to be provided the option to escape right away, if a chance of failure and the NPC to get 1st strike.

      Something I’ve noticed: It’s as if demons forgot they have tails. They rarely, if ever, use them for any purpose. I would also suggest to allow the tail-fuck/pegg actions to be active a-la choosing to penetrate. This action would, of course, depend on your partner if they want to continue or pull out.
      Spreading legs doesn’t seem to have a purpose at this time as it disappears once the PC gets penetrated. Not really a bug per-say but something I’ve noticed.
      PCs with nipple cunts don’t have the wet/dry nipples status icon. On a related matter, the PC can only pinch their own nipples. Perhaps add the option to do so for NPCs with breasts? And it seems only Lilaya’s nipples are kissable. Hoping Kate’s and Succubus and other NPCs with nipple cunts will be able to as well.
      NPC orifices seem to not have elasticity, or if they do it doesn’t change regardless of how often or how many times the orifice has been used. On the topic of orifices, you can enable for any gender NPC to have any body part possible for their respective race. And you could also take the two perks Ladykiller and Minx take into consideration the chances of getting feminine or masculine characteristics for each gender depending on which one was chosen.
      No NPC ever tries to take off their or the player’s shoes and pants/bottoms. Maybe there should be a bit of a tease from the partner requesting for the PC to assist in the removal of their garments. Or, at the very least, for their continued “assistance” for the removal of clothes for at least the nether regions.
      Not all possible purchasable items are listen in Kate’s shop. Magic items listed show up at the bottom. Once an item is bought, the rest auto rearrange. Lip rings has a small typo where, even though they are a pair and hence plural, the word lip should be singular: “…simple lip rings”.
      Stopping sex right away without any further interaction other than selecting to “have some fun” still states how exhausted your partner is from the encounter. Also, when engaging in penetration of any kind, there are two buttons that state “Stop sex”. Looking at the message while hovering over each becomes clearer as to each button’s purpose, but I suggest renaming the “Stop Sex” button for penetration to something else. Or better, the second one could be renamed “Stop encounter” or something.
      There is a text space issue for money when looking at the inventory. The symbol and number are shifted downwards. In the enchantment menu two symbols of whatever essence you have selected show up on the center right, in between where it says “Requires {race} Essences”, and the Elixir symbol, and text are overlapping that text. The way I see it the “Requires {race} Essences” text has to be centered in between the symbols and the whole package has to be shifted up a bit as, depending on the essence, the text gains a line and would continue to cause issues. Also, the essence icons cover the inventory space count, needing to be shifted down a bit. This may require the above mentioned item description text to be shifted down further to compensate.

      1. Thank you once again for your huge list of bugs and suggestions! ^^

        I really appreciate the amount of time you put into writing all these out, and I'll get them fixed as soon as possible!

    20. Few things about the latest version.

      1# I liked the "do nothing" option. For me who usually plays submissive.
      But the calm down option reduces arousal way too much. That's some serious willpower there.
      Also, the text in pink always says my character is actively participating regardless of what I do.

      2# The AI seem to do foreplay way too much. I had a few monster encounters where they barely touched my character. Maybe it was bad luck?

      3# I like to cheat certain perks, so I don't have to grind in order to tell other npc's that my character has certain fetishes. But using character import, I was unable to gain more perks. I had to use cheat engine instead.

      4# Will you be adding threesomes? Or do you have to add so many things to the combat system?

      Thanks for all the hard work.

      1. Thanks for the feedback!

        1# I'll add in a 'Do nothing' option again. And I'm planning on adding some more options to sex scenes to give you the option to be less enthusiastic about it. (But that may take me a little while.)

        2# All AI are using the same behaviour template at the moment. I'll tweak it to try and make some of them care less about foreplay (especially during an arcane storm).

        3# If you want to cheat in perks, you can use the debug menu. Just type in 'buggy' at any time, but doing so interrupts scenes, so best to just use it when you're on a normal tile, and not in the middle of sex or quest dialogue.

        4# I will be adding multiple-partner sex (threesomes and up)! And as to the combat system, it's still in development, and will be polishing/improved in future versions!

    21. Just a recommendation:
      The name Enchanting table, looks like more Alchemy table

      1. You're absolutely right, it is more of an alchemy table at the moment! ^^

        I was planning on allowing you to enchant clothing on the same table, so that's why I left the name as the more generic 'enchanting table'. Clothing enchanting will probably make it into the game very soon!