Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Targets for 0.1.7

Even with this new release schedule, I keep on forgetting to make this post on Mondays... Anyway, better late than never!

As a note from last version's target to 'Try out a new blog style', I actually did try out some styles, but I found that they weren't as readable as this layout, so I've just kept the blog design as-is (don't fix what isn't broken I guess).

Also, I just wanted to put out a reminder that the full version of 0.1.7 will be released on April 21st, but there will also be a preview version (most likely filled with bugs) released on April 14th.

Goals for version 0.1.7:

Add the next stage of the main quest.

Add a new race related to the main quest. It begins with 'h' and ends with 'y'...

Add pregnancy for Lilaya and Kate. This should have been done ages ago...

Polish all the current sex scenes and NPC interaction scenes.

Fix more bugs!

Create a roadmap page on the blog.

Final engine goal:

v0.1.7: Implement a new system for TFs. I've brought this target back from 0.1.71 to this version, as I'm crazy and think I can get it done in time! (Now that I'm spending 2 weeks on each release, that means I have to do twice as much for each release, right?!)


  1. I'm really enjoying the game, can't wait for more releases!
    I love games with clothing systems like this, but it feels unimportant, the type of clothing definitely needs to matter more, but I really like the framework laid down.

    Bug: When your opponent fingers themselves whilst kneeling, then options appear for oral, "Passive" and "Stop oral", but don't even show your genitals, they say "genderless mound" or "doll-like crotch".
    It scared me for a second, until I realised it say a bug :P

    1. Hello, I'm glad you're enjoying the game!

      I'm planning on improving the clothing system in a future update, as well as adding more clothing items. I agree that it's a little underwhelming at the moment, but hopefully I'll be able to make it better soon! Did you have any suggestions as to what sort of thing you'd like to see in the clothing system?

      Thanks for that bug report as well, I'll get it fixed asap!

    2. I demand- kindly request ribbed sweaters/keyhole sweaters.
      It'd also be neat to have itemsets that transform you into a certain race while you're wearing them. (And more itemsets in general, but I'm assuming you're already planning to add more at some point in the future.)

    3. Oh, and also clothes that leave certain parts exposed.

  2. I quite prefer your blog's layout as-is.
    New race starting in h and ending in y.. Harpy? :3

    And oh my gosh stop rushing work o-o
    Inno pls
    You'll get there when you get there, don't move things up the schedule unless you're finished ahead of schedule.
    I care about your health.

    1. Yes, they're going to be Harpies. ^^

      Also, thanks for the concern, I'll do my best to stay healthy!

  3. A new race related to main quest........don't tell me it is herpy....
    I like the idea of STD, but don't think you import a system in these early weeks......

    1. haha, well you're just one letter off there... ^^

  4. I hope it's "hellboy" race)