Friday, 28 April 2017

Version 0.1.75 Preview

It's that time of the week again, where I try and get the release ready for 21:00! This week, there's been some kind of miracle, as this is actually 30 minutes early (has this ever happened before?).

I feel like I could have got a lot more done this week (don't be fooled by the size of the patch notes; they're mainly just minor bug fixes), as I still didn't manage to get the next stage of the main quest into the game. For the full release next week, I'm just going to be focusing on that and bug fixes (and polishing some of these sex scenes).

I actually have a couple more big things I need to do in the engine as well (despite me saying I was done with that last week), so there's plenty of work for me to get on with! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the changes in this preview version, and I hope that there aren't any huge game-breaking bugs like last week!

Just as one final reminder, these preview builds are likely to contain a lot of bugs and half-finished content, so if you don't want to deal with annoying bugs, please wait for next week's release! (Although there seem to be bugs in every release...)

Here are the download links for version 0.1.75P:

Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

Lilith's Throne requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer.

This is a preview build! It will contain annoying bugs and half-finished content!

Patch Notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added: More colours for hair, fur, and eye dying at Kate's shop.
      Added: The ability to use transformative potions on random NPCs. (I'll add some reactions to their transformations soon.)
      Improved: NPC randomisation:
      Attributes are now based on their race. (Combat may be a little harder now...)
      Body parts are randomised, based on their race's average.
      There's a chance for NPCs to have a fetish (with a small chance of having two). I'll add more fetish interaction content soon!
      They now drop a random amount of money, between 10 and 10 + NPCLevel*10.
      All clothing and piercings are now fully randomised. (There might be some strange clothing combinations; I'll improve this soon.)
      Added: A small chance for random NPCs to be a trap. (I'll add some control over gender ratios in the options for the next version.)
      Temporarily added: Innoxia's gift; A demon TF potion.
      Added: Vicky now sells random potions as well as weapons.
      Harpies now drop perfume or bubblegum lollipops.
      Increased the amount of essences enemies drop. (If you still feel like it's too much of a grind to earn essences, please let me know!)
  • Combat:
    • Increased base escape chance from 10% to 30%.
  • Clothing:
    • Added: Fishnet stockings.
      Added: Fishnet top.
      Added: Thigh high boots.
      Added: Open-front cardigan.
  • Items:
    • Added: Mother's Milk. A drink that speeds up pregnancy.
  • Misc:
    • Improved: Body descriptions. Both on the selfie page, and for NPCs.
      Changed 'save persistent character' mechanics. Now it's a toggle-able option, so you have the option to remove the character and still have sex with them.
      Added feedback message to game saves and overwrites.
      Spent a long time trying to figure out the memory leak issue, to no avail. (I shall carry on trying!)
      Very slightly tweaked chances for clothing to spawn as either jinxed or enchanted.
      Added clit size to body description.
      Slightly improved leg transformation descriptions.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed issue where asking for pullout in dominant sex would freeze the game.
      Fixed issue where Lilaya's non-sex content would be locked if she was pregnant.
      If Lilaya is already pregnant, she no longer gets angry if you don't pull out.
      Fixed Promiscuity pill not working.
      Fixed typos and instances of incorrect gender pronouns.
      Fixed some text not rendering in orgasm descriptions.
      Fixed inaccurate counts of submissive and dominant sex at the bottom of each NPC's description.
      Fixed incorrect gender names for offspring.
      Lilaya now no longer asks for you to cum in her.
      Minor fixes to some reported dialogue inconsistencies.
      Fixed eye recolouring in Kate's shop.
      Fixed bug in description when your partner takes their own virginity.
      Fixed demons not recognising you after the first encounter.
      Post-sex succubus scenes now have the 'explore' option enabled.
      Fixed bug where you'd be unable to pick up a stackable object if your inventory was full, even if you were already in possession of an instance of that stackable object.
      Fixed bug where selfie leg descriptions were based on arm race.
      Kate's inventory will now start sorted, and she will spawn with at least 1 of every piercing type for sale.
      Random NPC post-sex descriptions no longer say how exhausted they are if you didn't let them orgasm.
      Fixed bug with larger text sizes causing enchanting and inventory screens to not display correctly.
      Fixed bug where removing a jinx from an equipped item would leave you stuck with the negative attribute modifier.
      Fixed description of giving your partner a facial while wearing a condom (you now take it off as you pull back from their throat).
      Eye recolouring is no longer seen under Kate's 'skin recolouring' service menu.

    P.S. It's a preview build!

    P.P.S. I'll be on discord for the next 20 minutes, then I have to go for a few hours, but I'll be back on later to see if there are any major bug reports!


    1. Hi, I want to report a bug : with the debug mod, we can't add perks point even when we click on +1 perk point

      1. Thanks for the report, I've added it to my list!

    2. You have any plans of adding content for Lilaya where she will end up not caring or liking if you keep on impregnating her? I like the content she offers so far, and also like the character, would love not to piss her off every time I did it. Or that she at least would get pissed on a "tsundere" way lol.

      1. I still have a lot of writing to do for Lilaya, so that will definitely be something I'll consider when improving her scenes! Thanks for the suggestion. ^^

      2. Thanks for replying! Looking forward to the development of your game.

    3. Bug: Cannot load saves. Clicking on "Load" does nothing. Can still create saves, just cannot use them.

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

      2. Nvm. Just tried with a save created with a previous build (last non-preview build), same thing. Importing and Exporting seem to still work though.

        Btw, in case it helps, my relevent specs...
        Windows 10 64bit
        Java version
        Lilith's Throne v0.1.75P

      3. Thanks for the bug report, I'll try and get this one fixed as a priority!

    4. Really glad to see my suggesting of NPC having fetishes was implemented. And so fast too! I can't wait to see this version completed next week.

      Despite not being on discord, I'm still working on my harpy character in preparation for version 0.2.00, and I have a question. I'm at the phase where I'm converting some of my finished text to the parser commands and I'm wondering, do I have to write a description of my NPC's various traits for every single command there is? (even when I would just leave it blank since he doesn't have a vagina for example, so the command [Pazu.vaginaRace] would return nothing) Or will the NPC creator you're working for the parser do that automatically once I input his info on it?

      1. The parsing commands will be able to automatically return appropriate descriptions based on the NPC's body, so don't worry about writing anything in for those. ^^

        Also, while I'm more than happy to accept requests to put new characters into the game, please take into consideration that they'll need to fit into the game's lore. We can discuss your character and how to fit him into the game at version 0.2.0, but please be prepared for a little bit of discussion before I'm able to give the green light for him to be added.

        I'm looking forwards to seeing what you've written! ^^

      2. The game's lore is something I'm trying to consider, and it's why the only real text I've written is sex actions, and basic ones at that, because I'm still very unsure of several things about harpies. For example, what does the harpies' nest look like? Do harpies give birth or lay eggs? Are their wings sensitive? What do their cocks look like? Things like that.

        I think I'll wait until the next version is released and you spend some time on discord for bug reports. We can talk in detail then. But the concept of the character at its base value is, a submissive who wants to be treated nicely. Most of the submissive content in these games use the rough treatment that the sadistic and dominant traits provide, which is true to life I suppose, but I always wanted to write something a bit different. And not in the "you get really good after care afterwards" sense. This is why I choose a male harpy, since the lore we got on them shows that the ugly and male harpies are bullied until they submit, so I imagine that for a harpy who hates that might want to leave the nest for someone who treats them differently. In a way it's a reverse damsel in distress situation, you meet a very young male harpy who has not yet submitted to a superior harpy, and by treating him nicely over several encounters, he chooses to serve you instead. That's the basis of it, and the way the encounters go is still to be decided by the type of quests the parsing system will allow.

        I have some other simpler ideas, so no harm off my back if that doesn't work. Another one I have is of a simple cat you meet and can eventually go on some dates with. He's just a poor cat you can see doing various low end jobs sometimes (cleaning windows of a store, gardening, etc) who is nice to you (as a contrast to the successful Brax). There shouldn't be anything about him that goes against the lore, but if I decide to had a deeper backstory I'd talk to you first. I might actually go with writing him first, since his quest and story is simple enough for a first try and a cat's anatomy is easier to work with.

      3. I'm going to be adding the harpy nest in this next update, and will try to expand the harpy content a bit as well (but I may not get enough time). At the moment, in-game harpies give birth to live young, but that's just a generic placeholder until I can implement egg-laying mechanics. ^^

        Your male harpy idea sounds good to me, that's pretty much exactly how harpy society is meant to work. We can talk more about it (as well as your other harpy questions) on discord when you're around, but there shouldn't be any problems with that idea.

      4. Ah, your characters sound nice so far, Kumiko! I would be interested to see them in-game later. :3

    5. Typo/Bug

      Greater Cat-Boy is being referred to as she in post victory text:

      The cat-boy collapses to the floor, completely defeated. She looks up at you, and you see that she's still got that same hungry look in her eyes, despite her defeat. She reaches down to her crotch and starts stroking himself, making pitiful little whining noises as she squirms on the floor.

      Aaah! What are you waiting for?! Come fuck me! she pleads, biting her lip as she continues touching himself.

      You wonder if you should indulge her request. After all, she was going to do the same to you, and she quite clearly wants it. Then again, maybe it's best to just leave.

      1. Thanks for the bug report, I'll have this fixed for the next release!

    6. "Fixed bug in description when your partner takes their own virginity.".

      Wait, Did I miss something? Is there a new character that's a virgin? How do I meet them or encounter them?

      1. It was just some odd behaviour for if Lilaya or Kate took their own nipple-virginity with their tails (although I've changed it so that they aren't nipple virgins anymore).

        Now, if I add a character in future that decides to take their own virginity, the game will be able to appropriately handle it.

    7. Ok, couple of things.

      1: Exhibitionist fetish NPCs apparently are walking around mostly naked, but viewing them in the "character's present" thing is still saying "You've never seen her naked chest, so you don't know what her nipples look like." etc. And I think that since they have no clothes to take off for the 'reveal', they just stay as 'unknown' forever; I've had sex with a saved npc in this location 6 times and they're still "I don't know what they look like?!"

      2: for the LIFE of me I cannot get butt stuff to happen organically as a dude in the submissive setup.

      -- If I don't do anything and they end up putting me back-to-wall, it never progresses from that. Even if I "request anal", the NPC never swaps me to face-to-wall. It just sticks there until orgasm.

      -- If I specifically swap myself to face-to-wall, but leave it at that, they usually go right to fingering(most of the time) and that's as far as it goes unless I specifically request anal.

      -- The succubus random NPC! If I don't do anything, she pushes a male character back to the wall, and immediately uses her pussy. Given that her pre-submission comments are specifically "You didn't seriously think I'd let you use my pussy, did you?", I feel like this is *probably* unintentional?

      -- I can put my own back to the wall, if she's not doing anything else she'll immediately put my face to wall, and then... fingering. Like, at one point she was fingering me, fingering herself, and tailfucking her tits. All at the same time. Even requesting doesn't help, although i think requesting is the only thing that makes her interact with me at all; otherwise she just fingers herself to orgasm and then leaves.

      Just tried all the above with anal-fetish as a perk, no change.

      If it helps, in 0.1.7, IF you immediately went back to wall and then she put you face to wall, and if you specifically request anal, THEN she'll fuck you. Sometimes. I think the only reliable way to do it is to wait til she's already fingering you and then request it. Usually that works. But in 0.1.75, nothing at all works.

      Everything else is amazing, btw; this has probably been the one H-game that i've been most excited about in years, and thank you so much for your work. I don't wanna feel like i'm just whining right away, it's just the succubus thing is really really weird that it's emphasizing "i'm gonna fuck you this specific way cause you're my bitch now" and then ignoring it.

      1. Hello, I'm glad you like the game so much, and thanks for the bug reports!

        1. I'll get the "unknown body parts" bug fixed for the next release.

        2. A lot of the NPC choices in sex right now are a little broken. I'm going to be focusing a lot of time this week on fixing all of those issues you've identified, so (hopefully) for this next release, all of these issues will have been addressed! ^^

    8. Bugs/improvement suggestions prior to new preview version. Also my shortest report?:

      When consuming Used condom the action description is duplicated.
      Any intention to be able to control each breast row? I see the current idea is to have gradually lower tier breasts but at least the option to “equalize” via potions or whatnot wouldn’t hurt. What can I say, I like balance ^^.

      I don’t remember if I have mentioned this but will PC getting nipple penetrated be added?

      The NPC commentary once penetration starts seems to stop or really die down. The NPC would occasionally comment on something.

      0.75P version:
      In the importer, is it normal for my futanari char to be seen as a Trap by others? My character has blonde hair, but the importer shows it being white.

      The quest “Knocked up” triggers even though the PC was already pregnant. When selecting Pregnancy option in Lilaya’s lab, she says the PC got pregnant again but goes on to explain what happens in pregnancies. I guess this whole triggering of the scene is until you allow cross version saves.
      Description when lactating NPC fingers their own nipples cunt: “Your milk starts to flow out around her fingers and run down her large breasts.” Should be her milk; When using human TF item on NPCs pertaining ears: “ears start to involuntarily twitch and itch, and as rubs at them, they start to transform.” Missing “Her” in the beginning and “she” before “rubs”. Similar for eyes: “eyes suddenly grow hot and itchy, and shuts them tight, rubbing at them as they start to transform.” Also, a suggestion for the game to track NPC type based on appearance tracked by partial/greater rather than a hard-coded race.

      Some NPCs have the Recovering Vagina or orifice status effect but it has no tool tip. It also disappears once they lose battle. Saved NPCs with penises keep mentioning how surprised the PC is even though it should already be expected. On a related note, certain changes to NPCs due to potions only get reflected after re-encountering them while others show up on the description right away. For example, wetness or milk production get reflected in the NPC screen but capacity of any orifice does not until re-encounter.

      The game still refers to items that don’t exist in this version, since the addition of Crafting. Referring to bubble milk.
      I am certain it’s in the works, but add nipple length adjustments via pots as well. The width I know is managed by the breast capacity pot. Maybe add nipples inside the breast enchant option or have its own category. Related to nipple TF, shouldn’t they stop being dry if the PC/NPC is lactating? Also clit piercings? And perhaps usage in sex?

      1. Thanks once again for your detailed reports! ^^

        I have lots of other stuff piled up in the todo list at the moment, but I'll get around to fixing those bugs and implementing those suggestions as soon as I can!

        I'll add some more fine control over breast rows, as well as a nipple-size TF.

        PC nipple penetration is definitely going to be added.

        A lot of the importer methods are pretty buggy right now. I'll see if I can get some time this week to take a look at it.

        As to piercing usage in sex, I'll try and include some descriptions soon! ^^

    9. I don't believe you saw this in Discord earlier, so I decided to post here so you could see it easier (hopefully, it will be easier to organise bug reports once you open the repository, and hence the issue tracker).

      In the sex scene with Pix in the shower room, one of the times that I picked "Dirty talk", it gave me this:

      Opening your mouth, you don't even get the chance to say a single word before Pix clasps one of her INVALID_TARGET_NAME over your plump lips.

      I think that INVALID_TARGET_NAME was supposed to be "paws", but there must have been a mis-spelled reference. Hopefully, this one is easy to fix. ^^;
      (I also have some ideas pertaining to that part (and perhaps more testing to do), but that is not of any priority, since you have more than enough to do already. e.e)

      1. Thanks for the bug report, I've added it to my list! It should only take me about 30 seconds to fix. ^^

    10. I can't for the love of me recall what I meant by the piercing and sex. ><

    11. Minor bug reports, incorrect gender:
      - Every single male NPC I've encountered is misgendered. They refer to themselves as female when I defeat them and plead me for sex, and the text also refers to them as female when they attack. Example: "The wolf-boy feints a punch, and as you dodge away, she tries to deliver a kick aimed at your legs."

      None of them were traps, I checked.

      1. Thanks for the bug report, I've got this one fixed for the next release! ^^

    12. I don't think I've got anything to report that someone didn't. For now, essence drops seems a little high (I'm gessing it should be dependent on enemy level or something else related to their aura) It does make easier abomination making.
      Having lots of fun using transformatives on generic characters to build chimeras. The game recognizes both feminine and masculine herms. Only mistake there are male dolls with female pronouns (ken dolls anyone?).

      1. Also, I'm curious (And story content update is due to happen soon). What's in the plans for Felicity? (Arthur's dog-girl neighboor)

      2. Thanks for the feedback!

        I'll try and get the essences balanced out a little better when I work on the enchantment mechanics next.

        I'll take a look at the male/female pronoun recognition when a character has no genitalia, thanks for that report.

        And Felicity has taken a little bit of a backseat at the moment, as I'm working on fixing bugs and other issues. However, when I do add her content, she'll be a minor NPC that you can romance. ^^