Friday, 19 January 2018

Github update tomorrow

Hello everyone! ^^

Sorry for the disappointing news, but I'll have to push tonight's github/Patreon update back by one day. :(

I've finished refactoring all of the code that's needed for multiple-partner sex to work, but there are still quite a few major bugs that need to be fixed. I need another day to get them all sorted out, so I'll have to release the github/Patreon update tomorrow (I'll try and get it released a few hours earlier than the usual time).

Update will be: Saturday ~23:00 GMT Very soon (before 00:30 GMT)! (Just a couple of bugs... x_x)

I've updated the github, and am currently working on packaging up the Patreon preview version. Please be aware that I've updated to Java 9.0.1, so if you're building from the github, you may need to update your Java!


  1. Hey, you almost got it! Congratulations!

  2. Perfectly fine with this. :)

  3. "Short delay so you can actually enjoy the update" is always fine with me.

  4. Master of Puppets19 January 2018 at 23:53

    Indeed, minor bugs are one thing, but pushing out code that simply doesn’t work doesn’t do any good to anybody.


    Presently, some hairstyles have a minimum hair length. Maybe some hairstyles should have a maximum length, too? I’m imagining someone with hair down to their knees trying to style it in a mohawk or afro. I’m no stylist, but that doesn’t seem possible.

    Make spanking someone reduce their arousal if they don’t have the Masochist fetish.

    Bug Report:

    The thigh high boots and the heart necklace are darker than other items of clothing.

    NPC’s hair seems wrong. Examining one, she has 43″ hair, which should be “incredibly long”, but her description just lists it as “long”.


    The status effect for the weather has a willpower resist debuff during storms, but it also has an “Enhanced Libido” effect, and NPCs have an “Overwhelming Lust” effect during storms. Do these actually do anything, or are they purely cosmetic?

    1. Thank you for the bug reports and suggestions! :3

      Those status effect descriptions are just cosmetics. ^^

  5. Ah, last-minute bugfixes are always to be expected. Great to see you're working so tirelessly!

  6. Thank you all for your kind words! ^^