Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Version 0.1.97 Goals

Hello again everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas, and I wish you all the very best for 2018! ^^

I had a nice relaxing week over the Christmas holidays, so I'm fully refreshed and ready to get started on the work for version 0.1.97! There have been quite a few bugs reported in the game so far, so I'll spend the rest of today fixing as many of those as I can, and then for the next three days I'll concentrate on the new orgasm content, as well as getting the multiple-partner sex mechanics implemented. (That will most likely be finished for the full release on January 12th.) :3

There are lots of other minor things to add over these next few weeks as well, such as (finally) adding the ability to take slaves to Kate's shop, adding descriptions and TFs for cloacas and body material types, finishing off the new xml save system, and many more small things like that! I'll do my very best to get all of the engine work finished off by the end of January, so that I can move on to the more content-focused section of development at the start of February. ^^

Finally, thank you all so much for your support, feedback, and interest in Lilith's Throne! I promise that I'll work just as hard this year as I did in 2017, so there should be lots of new and exciting things being added to the game over the next few weeks and months. Happy New Year! ^^

Goals for 0.1.97:

- Fix bugs.
- Improve orgasm dialogue, and add in position-specific orgasm scenes with body-part recognition (such as knotting, orifice modifiers, fluid modifiers, etc.).
- Add in missing content related to the new transformations. Addictive fluids, part modifiers referenced during sex, etc.
- Add in engine support for multiple-partner sex scenes & work on final improvements to the sex system. (This should be done by January 12th.)


  1. FIRST! Also, I was eagerly awaiting for your next post. I can't wait for the update!!!

  2. I had a memory leak with the last version. Restarting the game fixed that, till it came up again.

    During submissive sex, the partner stops after getting one orgasm. This can result into scenes that are too short. This happens often when the partner is doing "self penetration".

    You've added a change that makes the partner automatically pull out before the orgasm. This should give the player more control...?
    What currently happens is that the partner pulls out and sometimes changes to a random new position, then they come on the floor. What is this option supposed to be doing? Because I can't find it.

    Option to start as futa?

    Can you make "full screen" really full screen? Right now I can still see my task bar.

    Are there any female/futa bosses in the game? You have to fight (or seduce?) a police guy, then later you encounter a demon guy. There is a quest where you have to interrogate harpies, but the loss scene is a bare minimum, and I haven't found any other NPC's that aren't random and are female/futa.

    Thanks for the hard work.

    1. I think the demon guy has 3 maids that act as mini-bosses if you talk to them, I think all 3 are futas, I could be wrong. They are all demon so they all have he ability to transform into futa. I know one of the maids is a dominant, so she will be futa without any prompting.

    2. There is a dom futa demoness called Kate in a deep back alley.

    3. Umm, 2nd Anon are you sure you didn't just encounter a random Greater Succubus whose name was randomly assigned as Kate? Because the NPC known as Kate is a submissive who runs a shop in the Arcade. The deep back alley is where the Succubi spawn, and they aren't tied to any events or anything so I wouldn't even consider them as a mini-bosses.

    4. Master of Puppets3 January 2018 at 22:26

      There’s a full-screen mode?

      Also, yeah, the deep alley succubi are random, they often aren’t even succubi. Incidentally, Scarlett claims that incubi are, like, super rare, but with the update that lets them spawn in alleys, they really don’t seem that way. Now that they do appear, not to mention the one who likes to stroll around the city showing off his pet catgirls, maybe her dialog should be updated?

    5. I think he's referring to the fact that the window can be resized to windowed maximum, but window borders, tabs, and desktop task bar are still visible and still considered foreground focus. As LD doesn't have a built-in window setting to change window behavior, he's asking if it were possible to add in an actual fullscreen setting.

    6. Master of Puppets4 January 2018 at 00:22

      Ah, so basically he doesn’t know the difference between “Fullscreen” and “Maximised”? I didn’t think of that one, but it makes sense, yeah.

    7. The option in game is called "fullscreen" but as you said it's just maximized. I didn't say anything about not knowing what the difference is.

      Also, English is not my native language, so I can only translate so much.
      Keep your snarky comments to yourself please.

    8. Master of Puppets5 January 2018 at 00:15

      I didn’t mean any offense, the reason I figured you had the name wrong is that I can’t find a fullscreen option, hence my confusion when you mentioned it. I imagine a lot of less tech-savvy people could easily confuse the terms, so when CTD mentioned that possibility it made sense that that could be the case.

    9. That's my bad. I made it sound like I was correcting people on their assumptions. See I mentally use the term fullscreen much more liberally than I should to include just maximizing window size. Assuming others could do the same I wanted to make it clear to anyone that Reffie2 was asking about adding a true fullscreen setting to LD, not just looking for a way to stretch the screen to maximum.

      Even my cat's looking at me like, "Way to go, dude."

    10. Master of Puppets5 January 2018 at 23:08

      No, it’s my fault. I should have said “confusing” the two, rather than suggesting that he didn’t know the difference at all.

    11. I'll try and track down this latest memory leak as soon as I can. x_x

      I'll also be changing the orgasm actions a little for the next version, and will also try to make some NPCs go for more than one orgasm. :3

      I'm not sure if I'll add the option to start as a futa, as I wanted the starting PC to be relatively "normal".

      I'll see if I can find a way to add a fullscreen option. ^^

      I'll add more detail to the harpy loss scenes soon, as well as adding in more female bosses in the future. You can also encounter futa demons in Zaranix's home. :3

  3. the prepare button seems to have broken mutual orgasms. it resolves the PC first and they pull out before the other person cums. making the followup scene be as if they came without penetrative action.

    1. Yeah, the 'prepare' actions are messing sex up a little... I'll get this fixed for 0.1.97, thank you for the report! ^^

    2. It may work better if the NPC's climax resolves before the player's if both were to occur simultaneously, that should correct it, maybe.

  4. Happy new year Innoxia! :D

    Been waiting for the latest news, sounds promising. Can't wait for the orgasm descriptions!

    On a different note, is there a way for our kids to initiate sex in their own? I keep seeing they have the "he/she keeps glancing at your body", but nothing happens if I don't request, even though they have the Incest fetish.

    1. Sorry, forgot something else

      How is the cloaca feature going to work?
      It replaces the sex organs and anus?
      Personally (and this is just me!) I'd prefer to have the anus turned into a "sort of" cloaca. This means, the sexual organ (vagina, penis) doesn't gets replaced, but the bumhole gets turned into a fertile... hum, hole.
      Basically, full males can become pregnant (either with child or eggs), and full females can have 2 pregnancies at the same time (vagina, and butt with live child or eggs).

      Just saying, I'm that annoying :P

    2. Roleplaying Anon3 January 2018 at 05:10

      I'm fairly certain that the cloaca merely houses the sex organs and anus instead of replacing them or combining them into a single organ like you seem to think they do. So, I really don't think that a cloaca is going to do much more than hiding a characters sexual organs and maybe getting some specific dialogue written to reference it in sex scenes and possibly some unique actions for interacting with one at some point.

      You might still have anal pregnancies in game from something else, but I wouldn't say it makes senses for it to be possible just because your character has a cloaca by itself.

    3. I'm not 100% sure of it, but I'm at least somewhat positive some form of mpreg is planned. I'm fuzzy on the discussions, but I think oviposition was brought up as a potential means.

    4. Hum, as far as I knew (and I could be totally wrong!), a cloaca it's a sort of "all in one" on several species. Birds mostly, with some exceptions. It's not a sort of sheat or anything like that, literally, it's sexual organ and anus at the same time.
      Basically, I can see the appeal of laying eggs, or having the anus become a fertile hole, but not at the cost of having the sex/s of my character (male or female -or both-) turning into something else.

      But, if mpreg and /oroviposition is planned, then it's all good!

    5. Roleplaying Anon3 January 2018 at 18:05

      Probably the best way I can think of to describe a cloaca is comparing it to a vulva, which the vulva contains both the urethra and vagina openings inside of it. So for a female with a cloaca such as a bird, their "vulva" basically has the opening for the vagina, urethra and anus all inside of it, but those three openings are separated from each other inside of the cloaca itself.

    6. Yep. I'm no biologist but as I understand it's definition the cloaca is literally just point at which the external bits are arranged so they share the same locations on the body exterior. They're still internally separate in such a case, it's just that they start (or end depending on which organ we're talking about) with a common orifice. They don't function any differently than they would on any other mammalian vertebrate without a cloaca.

      I know birds have them as well as reptiles and fish. There's actually a number of different types of vertebrates and invertebrates that feature them.

    7. People... when in doubt, Google is your friend.

      But Crash is right, it's just skin flap and a chamber, nothing more...

    8. Happy New Year to you too! :3

      Cloacas will work very much as Roleplay Anon says. I think I'll make them just house the sexual organs (i.e. have them able to conceal the character's vagina & penis), and leave the anus in the usual place. I would also move the anus into the cloaca, but the amount of variations that would need, both in sex scenes and for clothing concealment, would be too much for me to handle right now. x_x

  5. In the slave overview, sometimes you find entries such as 'Slave encountered another slave and pulled them into an empty room and gave them a fucking.'

    Will you possibly expand on these entries where the player can encounter this happening? Also, in the future, will the player be able one slave to have sex with another slave?

    1. I will definitely expand that in the future so that you can encounter two slaves having sex. I'll add options for the player to join in/watch/leave. :3

  6. Regarding the eventual multi-partner sex, will it allow for voyeurism?

    Watching two NPCs go it, or like Yandar said, order two slaves to do it for your amusement, etc?

    1. Being able to sneak a peek on the lovelies every now and then would be pretty hot admittedly.

      And since we're making suggestions, being able to sleep with one -- or two -- of them would be extra cool points in my book.

    2. I asked the same, and Innoxia said it was planned ;)
      (voyeurism, both spying or someone, and getting spied -or getting caught and watched-)

    3. Yeah, I'll definitely be adding voyeurism to the game. :3

  7. Will it be possible to meet/enslave offspring from your slaves that were not fathered or mothered by the player?
    Will idle slaves b with house freedom be able to use or be used by other idle slaves or working slaves?
    Will it be possible to encounter slaves with outside freedom and get used by them in the alley ways?

    1. I might add non-PC offspring as encounterable NPCs a little later on. I'll also add idle slaves to the available pool of sex targets for other slaves, as well as adding in events later on where you can encounter slaves outside of the house. :3

  8. Bug report: Lost virginity to an Incubus and the broken virgin fetish lines were referring to the Incubus as "she" and "her".

    1. Thank you for the report! I'll get this fixed asap! :3

  9. Hi!

    I have an off-topic question: I noticed that unlike other Java games with a GUI, yours does not look like shit but it is instead quite smooth and stylish.

    What toolkit are you using. I couldn't figure it by examining the .jar file.


    1. Master of Puppets4 January 2018 at 00:24

      I think it’s just plain JavaFX, although I haven’t checked the git to see for sure.

    2. Thanks!

      JavaFX looks a bit dead as a toolkit, but I'll check it out on Monday and see if I like it.

      I'm thinking of starting up my very own story based sex game...

    3. I use JavaFX for the UI stuff, but really it's just displaying a WebView, which I write html/css to. ^^

  10. Master of Puppets4 January 2018 at 00:44

    Wow, hit the 4kB limit again.


    Now that multiple clothing colours are a thing, probably some of the old clothing items could do with them. Ones that spring immediately to mind as having significant non-primary-coloured parts would be the Bike Shorts, Shin Guards, Trainers, and Skater Shoes. Some of the panties also have that thing where if they’re light pink, they turn out white with trim, which would also suggest multiple coloured areas would fit nicely.

    We’ll be able to set up slaves in double rooms soon, correct? Will roommates have relationships with each other? I can imagine a bit of variety depending on if they get along or not, maybe if they start fighting the player has to step in and make them resolve things?

    In full character descriptions (selfie + examining NPC), animalistic faces are described, while human faces simply say “face”. Also, neither describes the colour of the face. IMO it should say something like “She has a feminine, human face with pale skin” or “He has a masculine, muzzled wolf-like face with white fur”.

    Unzipping trousers or shorts doesn’t provide access to a character’s pussy. While that might not be enough of an opening to fuck someone, it should easily be enough to get a hand in and finger them.

    The “Frustrated” status effect has been discussed before, but while quite a few people have complained about it, I don’t recall anyone else suggesting a way to improve it. One way would be, instead of basing it on orgasm count, to base it off of arousal level at the point sex ends; if you’re not aroused, you don’t get frustrated, if you’re building up to an orgasm and get denied, you do. Whether you’ve stayed calm while masturbating someone into oblivion, or are sated after having just cum yourself, either way you wouldn’t get frustrated.

    The shield spells are completely useless. They give you +50 resist, but they only last for 2 turns(?!?), so you’re pretty much wasting one action to get half damage on two enemy attacks. However, you’re then one attack behind them, so you actually only break even. Assuming that the enemy made that kind of attack, of course. If they made another kind of attack, you actually end up worse off than if you hadn’t cast anything. It would be worth casting a shield at the start of a fight if it had an extended duration, but with such a short duration they are totally not worth it.

    We can suck our own fingers (or tail if we have one), but we can’t make our partner do it. This would be both an alternative means to get them lubed up before use, or if you’ve already used them, make them taste themself on you.

    When farming for essence, it would be nice to have some form of indicator on the map to show if an NPC will give you any. Maybe a “Hunting Senses” perk? We could sure do with more of those. Or a spell we could learn — we have all sorts of examples of demons doing cool stuff with their magic, most of which we can’t learn to do.

    1. Master of Puppets4 January 2018 at 00:45

      And the Bug Reports:

      Are NPCs supposed to spawn with snowflake jewelry out of season? Playing a save still in October, and NPCs are spawning with them.

      Vicky sells essences, but won’t buy them. Ralph doesn’t sell them, but will buy them from you. This is probably wrong.

      Most potions are named in the style of “Canine elixir of <whatever>”, or something similar. However, reindeer potions are simply named “Elixir of <whatever>”.

      The demon transform menu is a bit inconsistent if you’re only part demon:
      If your arms or legs aren’t demonic, you can’t edit them at all (and if they are, you can’t change them to anything else — what is that section even for?);
      If your eyes aren’t demonic, you’re permitted to edit what your eyes would be if they were demonic, but this doesn’t affect your actual, non-demonic eyes;
      For the rest of your body, you seem to be able to edit it freely even if it’s still human (or one of the furry types).

      If you start a new game while in an existing one, any characters in the current cell get added to the new game’s contact list.

      I met a brand new NPC in cell (0,0) and immediately knew the details of her cock and ass, before getting her naked. This is an update, I reported a similar case before and suggested it might be related to an import error, but this time was in a new game started in version 1.96.1, so not an import error.

      Given how long the demon tail is described as being, you should really be able to tail-fuck or tail-peg a partner from any position, but some of them don’t allow you to. Seems to be the oral positions (doggy, kneeling, and 69) that are missing it.

      The “Tease Clit” action disappears when you start fucking someone.

      When you drink a stat boost potion (as opposed to a TF potion), the list of effects is printed out twice.

      I’m guessing this one is a “WONTFIX”, but for completeness sake: When you start a new game with an imported character, in the intro sequence in the street, the catgirl says “He’s human” even if you aren’t. Even if you’re a full demon, they don’t react, and Lilaya still finds it surprising that you aren’t affected by the storm.

    2. Thank you for all of your suggestions and bug reports! I'll get all of those bugs fixed as soon as possible. :3

      In response to your suggestions:

      - I'll add more dye options to the old clothing as soon as I can.

      - I will add double rooms soon, yes. Inter-NPC relationships are already supported in the engine, so I'll definitely add relationships between roommates. :3

      - I'll try and improve those face descriptions soon.

      - The engine currently can't distinguish between openings that are suitable for fingers but not penises. I'll add this to my list of things to implement later.

      - Good idea; I'll make the frustrated status effect only apply if the character is at a certain level of arousal.

      - I'll be completely reworking the spells when I do the combat update in 0.1.98. :3

      - I'll add partner finger/tail sucking soon. :3

      - I'll add that map marker suggestion to my list as well. (I'll definitely add more utility/non-combat spells as I develop the game.) ^^

  11. On the flip-side of multi-partner sex, how about no partner? Will there be the ability to just plain masturbate, especially with a prehensile tail / penis?

    1. I will definitely be adding masturbation scenes, yeah. :3

  12. Hai Innoxia!
    Sorry in advance but i left a bug report on ur patreon page instead of coming here like an IDIOT because i am an idiot. im sorry. like REALLY sorry.
    but yeah, i got the bug where TF npcs dont transform you, just change your sex. Its upsetting.
    also, i noticed that after i started a new game from regular play, when i was customizing my character (masculinity, body type, orientation, etc) instead of my new characters name, it said the name of a demon slave i had who i had customized with the demon transform menu. just wanted to let you know i somehow broke your game like that.
    i also asked on ur patreon (again, IM SO SORRY im such an IDIOT q.q) if it would be possible to add a function to the cell phone menu for the slave manager so i dont have to keep ducking into random rooms to collect cash, see who got knocked up, adjust everything, etc etc.

    Super stoked to see so much progress on this (i started following u after ur first debut on ULMF) thank you for you're hard work and keep at it

    1. Don't worry; I read bug reports both here and on Patreon! There's nothing to be sorry about! ^^

      I'll get that TF bug fixed for 0.1.97. :3

      I'll also get that demon name bug fixed, thank you for reporting this! ^^

      I'll move the slave management overview to the player's phone very soon, good idea! ^^

      Thank you as well for your kind words! ^^