Saturday, 4 March 2017

Version 0.1.68 release

Version 0.1.68 is here! And it's still not really very polished...

I've pretty much completely finished all work on the engine related to sex mechanics (which took up most of the time this week). There are a couple more minor things left to add (such as post-orgasm scenes), but they really won't take very long to implement. I also still need to go over all the current sex scenes and bring them up to a decent standard (as most of the sex scenes are still using a lot of draft/placeholder text). I'm going to make all scenes work like how Brax's submissive scene does, in that you'll be able to swap between positions during sex.

I'll make a big post on Monday about what's coming next. Also, if you find any bugs, it would be super helpful if you'd report them as a comment to this post! (And thanks to everyone who's reported bugs in previous versions!)

Here are the download links for version 0.1.68:

Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

Full folder download link (as a backup): Google Drive

Lilith's Throne requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer.

Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

Patch Notes:

  • Gameplay:
    • Added: Character import option when starting a new game.
      Added: Status effects for each attribute. You can hover over the corresponding attribute on the left UI panel to see your attribute-related status effect.
      Increased creampie time from 1 to 2 hours.
      Made pregnancy status effect timings a little less random, and increased the time spent in each pregnancy stage. (Pregnancies now take between 5-7 days in total to run their course.)
      If you have the submissive fetish, you can now choose to submit after defeating random attackers.
  • Sex:
    • Added: Sex-related status effects (the final big sex mechanic). All penetration, stretching, and 'too loose' types now have sex-specific status effects which affect arousal increase modifiers.
      Improved: Brax's submissive sex scene. Added more options, improved and expanded the majority of the descriptions, and added the ability to switch back and forth between oral/cowgirl/doggy during sex.
      Improved: Formatting and content of repetitive descriptions in sex.
      Added: Bimbo fetish. This is a replacement for the bimbo status effect you used to get when being reduced to 0 intelligence.
      Added: Cum fetish.
      Virginity fetish no longer blocks/unlocks sex actions if you don't have the 'pure virgin' status effect.
      Virginity fetish: Added expanded descriptions for when you lose your virginity, lose your vagina (after losing your virginity), and when you grow a new vagina.
      Fixed some more corruption requirements.
      Did a lot of back-end improvements to the sex engine, which will allow sex scenes to naturally progress between positions (currently only implemented in Brax's submissive scene).
      Slightly lowered arousal gains so sex goes on a bit longer.
  • UI:
    • Improved: Sex UI. Did a complete overhaul of the sex UI panel. Instead of the regular attributes panel, while in sex, you'll see arousal, corruption, fetishes, and sex-related status effects.
      Did a few alterations to the attributes sidebar.
      Removed perks from the effects panel. (You can always just check to see what perks you have in the character screen.)
      Added timer indication next to status effect icons.
      Inventory now maintains ordering of items based on rarity.
  • Other:
    • Kate's skin recolouring service has been split up properly into Hair/Skin/Eye colours.
      Improved rendering performance in all screens.
      Improved inventory performance.
      Encyclopedia subsections now light up to help show you what you've discovered.
      Tidied up the menu screen by moving all the miscellaneous options into the Options menu.
      Split Nyan's shop menu up and added every basic clothing item.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Penis & vagina piercings should work correctly now.
      Added piercing descriptions in selfie.
      Fixed Kate's sex scene repeating introduction text.
      Fixed a lot of reported grammatical/spelling errors.
      Fixed bug with getting stuck in pregnancy status message screen.
      Inventory UI should now update correctly when equipping weapons/clothing.
      Fixed character exporter saving incorrect attribute values.
      Incorrect eye colour descriptions in selfie fixed.
      Re-implemented corruption gains from orgasming in non-consensual sex.
      Fixed all NPCs using bimbo speech when you had the bimbo status effect. (Probably the funniest bug fixed so far.)
      Fixed Scarlet Whisper applying vagina transformation even when you already had a vagina.
      Fixed "rest until morning/evening" incorrect title description.
      Fixed NPC speech not being coloured in some scenes.
      Fixed bug where Nyan was duplicating clothing.
      Fixed bug where items would always display 'Unknown effects' in the tooltip (even when you knew what they did).


    On Monday I'll make another post about the week's goals!


    1. While the submissive addition is nice it seems like there was a slight oversight. When you orgasm you still gain corruption even if you win if this is intentional (i don't believe so) it is unnecessarily punishing to submissive players and i don't know of any way to reduce corruption legitimately.

      1. This may or may not be intentional. Currently there is no way to reduce corruption.

      2. That's unintentional (oops!). I'll get that fixed for the next version, as well as adding in a way to reduce corruption.

        Thanks for the report!

      3. There actually is a way to reduce corruption. You drink those angel's tears drink to turn human and it will sometimes purge one point of corruption.

    2. When you choose to submit after winning a fight, the dialogue gets mixed up at the second line (the enemy speaks as if they're you, and you speak as if you're the enemy.) It's especially funny if you have the bimbo fetish. :P

      1. Thanks for the report, I'll get that fixed!

    3. Nobody will ever read this, so I'm going to say that Harpies are the next race being added! XD

      1. Sorry to burst your Wario shroom but Demons already confirmed. lol

      2. Haha, looks like someone actually read the bottom of the readme! :)

        (And yeah, demons are going to be the next random encounter, but they're sort of already in the game in the form of Lilaya and Kate, so harpies are going to be the next completely new race. ^^)

      3. Oh schnaps Readme pulled through!

    4. Is there a reason that you can't initiate sex when you defeat an opponent? Whenever I defeat someone and either press "sex" or "Oral" all I can do is tease myself or the one I defeated. I cant make them oral me and I cant sex them either or they sexing me.

      Also when you defeat Brax, you cant sex him either, going into doggy style or cowgirl does absolutely nothing. You can't pen him in doggy and he cant pen you in cowgirl. You just stand there, awkwardly waiting for the orgasm meter to reach maximum.

      Also I noticed the extra virginity content but It's still a little empty. The ones fucking you still has the same dialogue as before, nothing centered around the fetish other than the cherry words instead of pussy and the "Hymen is torn" but otherwise its still missing something.

      1. You have to either unequip or move aside your clothing in the menu in the bottom right.

      2. Bottom left I mean, my bad.

      3. As 'Anonymous' said, you have to remove your clothes during sex to get access to the required parts. It's a little unintuitive at the moment, but I'm working on a way to improve that part of the UI. (I might highlight clothing that's blocking parts in sex or something...)

        Also, I'm still working on adding content for all the fetishes. The virginity fetish is one of those that really need unique dialogue in every scene, so it may take me a little while to get all that content in the game (but I'm working on it)!

        Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into ways of drawing attention to your inventory/clothing during sex scenes!

      4. Yeah I thought from the submissive sex scenes that it was automatic, that you the character did it when the arouse bar hit a certain point. Wish I'd know that but whatevs.

        Oh and while playing, I got a glitch, I'm not sure what exactly happened but I tried to save and as so the save folder popped up but what I didn't see is that it popped up behind the game itself.

        This made it impossible to save the game because you can't move the game itself if the save folder is open, it just makes Ping noises. Had to manually stop the game.

        It also doesn't close the save window if you do stop the process. But you can't save the game unless the actual game is on as I tried to overwrite the open save window but nothing happened ingame.

        As always, im using the newest Java and running windows 7 64bit.

      5. Thanks for the bug report, but this might be something related to the underlying JavaFX system. (If it is, it's outside my power to fix it.)

        I'm going to create an internal save/load screen soon, instead of using the external file-chooser. So, when I do that, that bug will no longer be an issue. ^^

    5. In the world that literally is powered by sexual energy people with dual genders being an extreme rarity seems unfitting. It would seem logical to add them to the random encounter pool at a smaller chance than males or females and add a setting similar to the furry setting for those who wish to avoid it.

      A perk next to Minx and Ladykiller could be added that increases the encounter chance. Encounters could potentially have a maximum Feminimity of feminine and masculinity of masculine (in contrary to very masculine/feminine).

      1. Thanks for the feedback!

        I'm planning on adding futa/herm/trap characters soon, but I was holding off on putting more NPCs into the game until I'd got all the sex mechanics finished.

        Now that the sex mechanics are all done, I'm going to go through and polish all the current sex scenes. And once *that's* done, I'm going to start adding more enemies/NPCs, which will include futas/traps. That's a good idea to include an option for those that wish to avoid it, I'll make sure to add that in!

        All the sex scene re-writing/polishing should be done for this next version, so version 0.1.7 is where you'll start to see these new NPCs being added.

    6. Can you please pull an option to push away enemy during sex for rough festish instead of make us always have to ask nicely to make them pull out before they cum?
      It breaks the immersion of defeated but not willing to cum inside for people defeated in early game when without too much corruptions...

      Also maybe a new line of item/equipment slot of internal area would be better? Would love to see that you could stick removable plugs on yourself or just a sets of item as plain loads of cum floating inside an internal slot.

      1. Thanks for the feedback!

        I still need to go through all the sex scenes and make some of the options more fetish-related, so when I do that (this week), I'll make sure to give dominant players some options to push the NPCs about a bit.

        On to your other suggestion, I like the idea of plugs, but they may have to wait until I start working on the clothing mechanics. I'll definitely add 'plug' items of clothing, and, wanting to give players the option to wear underwear over the top, that might involve creating some new 'orifice' slots...

    7. With Brax's Submission scenes your allowed to ride him. Will this be allowed for all mobs eventually?

      1. Probably, but for the near future, I'm going to focus on adding more enemies instead of adding more sex positions for the current enemies.

        I'm going to go more for the 'lots of enemies, with a few sex positions each', rather than 'a few enemies, with lots of sex positions each'.

        Obviously, it would be ideal to have 'lots of enemies, with lots of sex positions each', but I don't think I have enough time at the moment (due to still doing a lot of work on the engine).

    8. What does the 'Male Pregnancy' mean? Male characters can get pregnant now?

      1. The only condition required to get pregnant is whether you have a vagina or not. So even if you have a masculine body, so long as you have a vagina, you can still get pregnant.

        I don't see a reference to 'Male Pregnancy' in the patch notes, did you perhaps misread 'Made pregnancy'?

      2. Ah, sorry, misread it...