Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Targets for

I've had a pretty hectic couple of days, so once again I didn't manage to get this post up on Monday. This is also the reason why there aren't as many goals this week, as I didn't have much time at all over the last two days in which to get any work done. That being said, I should have the next three days completely free, so I'll still be able to get a lot done for this next version.

I'm still not calling this next version 0.1.7, as (once again) I want the '7' part to signify that there's been progress on the main story. I've run out of '69' versions now, so that means the version after this one will have to contain main story progress!

Goals for version

Add more detail & options to the sex scenes, and update Lilaya's and Kate's scenes. To include pregnancy variations.

Add pregnancies and persistence for the random attackers.

Fix more bugs!

Try out a new blog style. I'll probably play around with this tomorrow.

Create a roadmap page on the blog. So you can all see what I (roughly) have planned as big milestones. (I might just rename the 'What I'm working on' page to this.)

Final engine goals:

v0.1.69.9 (this week): Implement locking/sealing for jinxed clothing. The mechanics for this are already 90% done in the engine, I just need to go through and make sure it all works.

v0.1.71: Implement a new system for TFs. This is going to be a crafting system, allowing you to create items that will cause very specific TFs.

v0.1.??: Create a writer-friendly parsing language.


  1. An update! OK so for Lilaya's scene, aside from the preggers option (yay!), will the interactive options be there? As she currently is the only one that you have minimal interactive sex options.

    1. I'm rewriting/upgrading both Lilaya's and Kate's scenes to use an expanded 'chair-sex' position. I'll be adding the option to be able to switch between being the standing or sitting partner, as well as options for anal/breast penetration.

      Also, I noticed that for a lot of Lilaya's sex actions, the descriptions are really static (there's only 1 description for most of the actions). This will be hugely expanded! (Although the release date has been pushed back to Saturday evening, as there's too much to get done by Friday evening.)

  2. You seem to work very hard, Innoxia!
    Don't burn out!
    I hope the parser documentation turned out very helpful for you :)

    1. Thanks, I do indeed put a lot of work into this! (I usually take a break over the weekend in order to avoid burnout.)

      And yes, that parser documentation was extremely helpful, thanks ever so much for that! Oh, also, I should get some free time before the end of the week in which to get discord set up (it's been a little while since I last used it). I got your discord tag, so I'll send you a message over there within the next few days!

    2. Well I'll be looking forward to chatting :)
      Coincidentally, another text-based h-game dev working in Java contacted me just the other day after I'd given advice to you.
      ...I'm scared. There is no parser here. He wants writers to basically know Java.
      Godspeed Innoxia.
      Save us writers from this mayhem.

    3. I'll do my best!

      I actually put a quick implementation of a parsing system into the next version. (When I finally get a free moment to get discord sorted out, hopefully I can get your feedback on the sort of methods a writer would like to see. ^^)

  3. This game is amazing. Keep up the good work hun.

  4. Oh and a small bug report: City gym button used to enter it says “Leave”. Suggestion: Give an option to have internal testies.
    I will stop the bug report, as I think we got most if not all of them, until Saturday.

    1. Thanks for the report, I fixed that just now!

      Also, I'll add the 'internal testies' to my todo list. That's definitely something that I'll add.

  5. i was wondering if the directional buttons will will tied into a map system (perhaps have the map update as you walk around)

    1. Maybe I'm understanding you wrong, but I'm pretty sure it already does that.

    2. As Anonymous said, that's how it should be working at the moment (unless I'm misunderstanding you as well).

      There should be a map in the bottom-left of the screen that updates as you move around. Or did you mean something else?

    3. In his defense, the map is very small and hard to read. It doesn't really tell the player anything about where they are and I don't see a map key telling me the difference between purple directions and pinkish ones.
      It only shows me the immediate directions I can take, nothing about where the routes I've taken. I can't see how many south-bound moves I need to take to find my way back to Lilaya's place, I just have to read and learn the place in my mind. Since I can't rely on visuals - as it is text - it's harder to keep track of where things are.

      So.. it's really not a map. It's just "here are the directions you can go"

    4. Hmm, is the map not displaying for you properly? (There should be tiles/icons to show you where you've been...)

      I've uploaded a couple of screenshots of what the map should look like on the screenshots page (the link is in the sidebar). Does your map look like that? (Or is it just far less intuitive than I'm imagining it to be...)

    5. Definitely not displaying properly.
      I'll just screenshot mine anddddd
      This is how the UI has always looked for me since starting back on the update where I made my first comment.
      OS: Win7
      Will provide any other info you need.

    6. Oh no, how have you even been finding your way around with no map? :o

      I'm almost certain that this is being caused by an older version of java. If you open up your command prompt (by typing "cmd", without the quotation marks, into your windows search bar in the start menu and press enter), then type:

      java -version

      What does it say your version is? (I made the game using version 1.8.0_102, so if it's anything lower than that, that might be the cause...)

  6. 1.8.0_31
    That seems like such a minute different in version... But I'm no techie.
    Been finding my way around by trial and error, really. Mentally map it from what I see like the old'n days of text adventure.

    1. Updated Java, now on 1.8.0_121
      Map works now! Wooo
      This is waayyyyyyy easier to navigate.

    2. It looks like 1.8.0_31 was released in January 2015, and there have been a few updates since then.

      With normal java programs, an older version wouldn't really be an issue, but because I'm using JavaFX to render the interface, the game requires a newer version of Java for it all to work properly (as JavaFX is improved with almost every update). If you update your java version, I'm sure that it will fix the map rendering issue.

    3. Haha I posted at the same time that you just said you'd fixed it. ^^

      Yeah, navigation should be a little easier with a map. ^^

    4. I would have thought version 1.8.0 was all that mattered and _### was only minor stuff that normal people wouldn't ever worry about.
      Thus 1.8.1 would be the only time I'd actually need to update.

      Lesson learned, I guess! Thanks for the help :p