Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Version release

Hello again! I managed to fix a lot of the bugs you've all been so helpfully reporting, and so, like I said I would, here's a little polished version of 0.1.69!

I'm sure most of you are aware of the reason for this being a bit of a weird release week (due to the whole reworking the sex scenes thing), so I won't repeat myself about it here. (If you want more detail, please read the previous three posts.)

Instead, I'll just quickly let you know what I'm working on for next week. For the next version, I intend to update the other sex scenes to the same sort of format as the one the random attackers have. Lilaya's and Kate's scenes will also (if I get enough time) have some pregnancy variations added. I'll also definitely get the demon attacker into the game this time!

The next big version (0.1.7), will include a rework of how clothing behaves (by adding in some sealing/corruption mechanics). This might not be next week's release, as I might just end up doing a lot of polishing on the sex scenes for the next version. If I do that, I'll most likely call it, and v0.1.7 will come out the following week.

Anyway, I won't ramble on too much, and I'll make a proper post detailing my week's goals tomorrow!

Here are the download links for version

Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

Lilith's Throne requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer.

Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

Patch Notes (Not including v0.1.69's notes):

  • v0.1.69.1 additions:
  • Combat:
    • Very slightly improved some of the combat attack descriptions, as well as fixing damage type names ('hit for X fire!' now reads 'hit for X fire damage!').
  • Sex:
    • Finished 69 dom and sub scenes. (A lot of the descriptions are similar to kneeling oral actions, bt this is something I'll keep improving over the coming versions.)
      Added old orgasm options to the new sex scenes. (Mutual orgasms and more orgasm options will be added for the next version.)
      If an action is blocked due to clothing access, it will now show up as a disabled action (instead of not appearing at all).
      Added some 'Request X' options to sex scenes (I'll make sure there are some more in the next version).
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed partner acting as though they know the player's genitals when they don't.
      Fixed character importer not reimbursing any perk points. (When you import an old character, all of your perks and fetishes should be reset, and you should now receive the correct number of reimbursed perk points.)
      Fixed some screens where larger text sizes were not working (didn't have time to fix the 'keybinds' and 'Gender pronouns' pages).
      Fixed quite a few reported spelling/grammatical errors.
      Did a quick fix for the Encyclopedia text spacing issues. I plan on completely revamping how the phone menus look soon (so that's why I haven't put too much time into refining them in their current state).
      Fixed button text in options menu not reading the correct values for 'dark' or 'light' themes.
      Fixed the light theme not using light theme text colours. (You should be able to read all the text now, although some colours still need improving. Also, the light theme is still really rough in a lot of places...)
      Fixed error in xml parsing that was causing the "true" value in lightTheme to be read as "false". (You shouldn't have to re-enable light theme each time you launch the game now.)
      Fixed Kate's 'Piercings' option being duplicated. (The duplicated one was meant to read 'tattoos', but tattoos haven't been implemented yet...)
      Minor fixes to reported bugs in Lilaya's and KAte's sex scenes. These scenes are going to be massively improved for the next release (by adding some position switching and more options).
      Fixed bugs with Brax's orgasm not applying correct effects.
      Fixed masochist effect stating that damage was reduced by 60% (when in fact it was being reduced by 40%).
      Fixed possible cause of the bug that makes dying clothing while in a shop not work correctly.
      Fixed bugs related to gender identification when androgynous (it should all be working correctly now, and can always be changed in the 'Options -> Gender pronouns' menu).
      Losing virginity to sources other than a penis will now be tracked correctly. (Such as losing anal virginity to Kate's tail.)
  • Other:
    • Added "+1 perk point" option to the debug menu. (If you don't know the debug code, read the readme! ^^)
      Moved character importer from an external file chooser to an internal one (like that used in the save/load menu).

    P.S. Ooh, I just saw that this was my 100th post! I don't think that really means anything, but it seems like a nice milestone. ^^


    1. I've got a few suggestions (or rather, requests) for you to consider down the line, when you've got less on your plate:
      1) Fox TFs
      2) Titjobs
      3) Encounters with multiple enemies
      I'm obviously not asking you to really think about these anytime soon, considering how much you're already working on, but I think it'd be nice to see them in the game at some point in the future (if you'd be willing, of course.)

      1. Hi, thanks for the suggestions! I'll answer each in turn:

        1) I'm 100% going to add Fox TFs. I was holding off on adding any more TFs until I re-do the TF mechanics (probably in v0.7.1), but once that's done, Fox TFs will be one of the first races to be added. (That being said, there will be a new race added in 0.1.7, but only because it was already planned out a while ago.)

        2) Titjobs will also 100% be added. This *might* even be in the next version, as I'm going to be mainly focusing on polishing the sex scenes this week. If it doesn't make it into this next version, just know that I'm definitely working on it!

        3) Multiple-enemy encounters are something that will definitely be added at some stage, but due to the added complexity of combat/sex mechanics with more than one NPC, this might not be added for a little while yet. I wanted to avoid the whole 'treat a group as a single NPC' type mechanic, so it will take me some time to expand the current system to factor in multiple NPC turns. (Although it actually shouldn't be too hard to implement...)

        Thank you for the suggestions, and in brief, yes, all three of your suggestions will make it into the game at some point! ^^

      2. Oops, I meant TF mechanics will be re-worked in 0.1.71, not 0.7.1!

      3. Well, that's certainly exciting. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

      4. Talking about titjobs, I am assuming there will be ways to get those lovely nupplecunts, or perhaps even nipplepenises. And, of course since all demonesses seem to have them, to be able to penetrate them?

        With that said, *rubs his hands together in absolute glee*, I will have a field day test driving this baby!

        And not to try to steal your thunder, as it were, but found 1 bug regarding the importer. The importer character description mentions I have a normal pierced tongue, while the log says piercedTongue false. In this case the log is correct, as I have not pierced my character’s tongue yet. With that said, the skill points are refund this time around so that's awesome!

        Will keep you posted for more.

      5. I'll be adding content related to fuckable nipples very soon (maybe in this next release, depending on how much I can get written). Nipple penetration is definitely coming, and apart from the player being able to receive it, all the demon NPCs will be able to be penetrated there as well.

        I don't have nipplepenises planned just yet, but that's not to say that I'm not willing to add them, just that I'm focusing on other TFs first.

        And I'll add that bug to my tracker now, and I should be able to get it fixed for the next version! Thanks for the bug report. ^^

      6. Since I'm 3 for 3 on requests, is there any chance of tail genitals being added later on?

      7. Haha, you're making me reveal all my plans! Yes, I was planning on adding tail genitals as well. (Now you're 4 for 4...)

        This will most likely only affect demons though. I was planning on giving them a bit more variety in their demonic parts, and alongside cosmetic differences, such as for their wings and feet, I was going to give some of their body parts gameplay effects (such as giving some of them tails with feminine genitals on the end).

        I know that you're already aware, but I'll just put a reminder here to anyone else that sees this: These features are planned, but it may take quite a few versions before they make their way into the game!

      8. Will there be male genitals as well, or only female? And will you be able to have multiple tails? (Sorry for all the questions, but I'm curious now. :P)

      9. Well, female genitals will probably come first, but I guess I could add tails with male genitals as well!

        I hadn't considered multiple tails (apart from dealing with them all as a single tail game-object, such as for a kitsune's nine tails). If I were to add the ability to keep growing new tails, sex scenes could get a little out of control. (With female and male genitals on the ends of dozens of tails... Sounds kinda fun actually...)

        I need to head off and get some sleep now, so if you had any more questions, I'll answer them when I wake up tomorrow! ^^

      10. Does sound fun, if the game can handle it. My curiosity is satisfied... For now. :P

    2. When the slave market gets released, will you be able to buy every kind of race or a set race? Can you buy virgins or is the term "Broken in" applied?.

      1. Also how do you import a previous character to a newer version? I can't seem to get it.

      2. I have plans to make the slave market a pretty big 'side-area' of the game. Although it may not be added for a little while yet (as it's going to be a pretty big project), I can say for sure that you're going to be able to buy slaves of every race.

        There will also be every possibility available for a slave's body. That means you'll be able to buy slaves who are virgins (although they'll be more expensive), as well as slaves that have seen quite a bit of use.

        I don't think it will get quite as complex as some of the more specific slave management games out there (such as FC), but I want it to be more than just a passive counter in the background of how many slaves you own.

        I'll expand more upon how slaves will work when I start to add them to the game, but I can't see that happening until at least version 0.2.0.

      3. And to import a new character, you need to move your old 'characterName.xml' file into the 'data/characters' folder of the new version.

        If that folder doesn't exist, you can either create it manually, or export a newly created character from within the game (and it will create the folders automatically). This was a bit of a mistake on my end, I should have packaged the game with those folders already included...

      4. Did you not get to add the virginal fetish to the random attacker sex scenes? They completely ignore the hole fact that you're a virgin.

        I found a few bugs aswell:

        If you got a Impenetrable pussy, and a random attacker fucks you, the text keeps saying that they fucked your impenetrable pussy even though for one its clearly not impenetrable if they do penetrate you and secondly, it doesn't seem to update that it's getting stretched either.

        And when the sex is done, it says that its been stretched and will go back to being "Impenetrable" which wouldn't make much sense.

        Also if it's Impenetrable, how can you even penetrate it at all?

        Another bug I've noticed is that when you are a virgin, the text also keeps saying that they fucked your Cherry or stretched your cherry out. When "Cherry" is usually used when you pop someone's cherry or is about to pop it. Not continuously from start to finish.

        It also doesn't seem to matter whether or not either of your holes are moist or dry as you can penetrate without any foreplay at all.

      5. Sorry, I didn't have enough time to add the virginal fetish content. I'll do my best to get it included for the next version though!

        The 'impenetrable' descriptor for extremely tight vaginas is, looking back at it, a little confusing. I'll change it to something a little more accurate for the next version. I'll also take a look at that bug where the stretching isn't being applied, as well as making the 'cherry' name for vaginas only appear if it's still virginal.

        And yes, you can still penetrate orifices if they're dry, but it will apply a negative arousal increase modifier (if you hover over the penetration effect icon it should say that). I'll probably increase the negative arousal modifier for dry sex, as it's not quite punishing enough at the moment.

        Thanks for your bug reports and feedback!

      6. Yes, the term impenetrable is misleading but I never thought I can't penetrate. That's just a misconception people.
        Maybe instead of increasing the negative effect of dryness, add one for tightness. The tighter the hole you wanna get into the lower the pleasure provided to your partner. For that to work well though you'd code for allowing the stretched holes to remember. With elasticity of some NPCs generated at random this might actually not be possible. Unless you somehow randomly encountered the same NPC you just fucked the brain out of, which would be a nice feature. The remembering encounters, not the brain fuck...not that it wouldn't be hot.

      7. That 'tightness' effect should already be in the game (it shows up as a little pink expansion icon when an orifice is being stretched). The game can already remember stretched holes as well, but, as you say, there's no way to encounter the same random NPC at the moment.

        Remembering encounters is going to be added soon (when I add NPC pregnancy).

    3. May I ask what is the status of the demon attacker mentioned earlier?

      1. I already have the demon attacker half-written, so she'll definitely be included in the next release!

        (I'll probably also add a way to get some demonic transformations.)

    4. Question, where do you find a romance quest? Is it to do with slaves or attackers?

      1. I haven't added any romance quests just yet, but they're going to be related to unique NPCs. The first NPC to get a romance quest will most likely be Lilaya. (And will be added within the next few versions.)

      2. Oh cool. Anyways can you get an attacker preggy with the vixin pill or is that going to be latter on?

      3. That's going to be added very soon. I forgot to make my "weekly goals" post yesterday, so I'll make one this evening. One of the goals is going to be 'add NPC pregnancy' (which has been a goal for the last few versions, but I might actually get it done this week).

      4. Nice, are you going to make herms and futas also?

      5. For like the attackers and stuff?

      6. Yes, there's actually a futa enemy in this version! I'm also going to add a chance for the 'standard' attackers to be all sorts of different genders, not just plain male and female (but that won't be until the next version at least).

        Unfortunately, the pregnancy stuff didn't make it into today's release, but it's going to be my number one target for next week's release!

    5. Found some bugs, all when dominating Brax as a virgin, haven't yet tested otherwise.

      1) I had him do cunnilingus on my character to get started, and the text was saying at random times that I was getting wetter by his cock fucking me.

      2) When riding him, and taking his load, the game would not recognize that I got a creampie by him if we orgasmed at the same time, and so no chance at pregnancy.

      3) This isn't a bug but I couldn't help but notice this, but during the domination scene, I couldn't get Brax to orgasm before me, had to get the dominance to perk to calm down so I could test Bug 2. As a sort of suggestion for victory sex in general you can have like a tease option that would get them to orgasm faster than you.

      1. Thanks for the bug reports, I'm working on Brax's scenes at the moment, so I'll make sure to get those problems sorted!

        Also, you bring up a good point about struggling to get partners to orgasm before the player. I think that's related to the fact that I haven't properly balanced the arousal values for each sex action yet. I'll make sure to give the player some actions that cause a large increase in arousal for the partner!

    6. im pretty sure this is a bug:when having sex with Lilly for the first time for her "tests" the finger nipples and eat out nipples options are blocked
      showing the requirements "partner nipples" in red as if she doesnt have any

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

      2. also im unable to name my saves,it only lets me stick with new save

      3. alright disregard my first post now im pretty sure its locked out because there not written yet

      4. Did you remove her top clothing? I've been lovin' her nipples since release #1. Also for the saves, click the white box and name your save. You can't rename but you can create a new save with a name you want and delete the old.

      5. how do i remove npc's clothing?

      6. Hi, thanks for the feedback!

        As to the nipple fingering action, it's as koolgam3r said, and you need to remove Lilaya's clothing first. You can do that by switching to view her inventory (press 'i' or click the button at the bottom-left), then click on her items of clothing. You'll get the option to either displace them or take them off.

        I'm planning on making clothing displacement a little more intuitive in the UI, but I'm still figuring out how to do it. ^^

        And as to the save game name problem, that should also be able to be resolved as koolgam3r said.

        However, there is a slight bug at the moment, in that you can't save a game until you've quicksaved first. (This is because I messed up the folder creation code... It will be fixed for the next version!)

      7. yeah i assumed only npc's could take there clothes off

    7. I still don't see an option to be fucked anally as a female with a cock after beating a male NPC

      1. Hi, there isn't an option to do that at the moment, but I'm adding it in for this next version!

        It will probably be an option in the 'Back-against-wall' position, where you'll be able to turn around and penetrate your ass on your partner's cock.

        I'll add some more positions in the future for receiving anal when you're the dom, but for the next version at least, that will be the only way to do it (due to time constraints).

    8. So the thing about multiple tails got my interest since i was meaning to ask you about that before you started working on the TF changes. I do like kitsunes and a proper way to have multiple tails would be nice although i do see how involving them in sex could become a total mess on the coding end.

      On another thought do you plan to add kitsunes as an npc eventually (separate from foxes which im exited about)? If you are i have kind of wanted to write a kitsune character for a while for something and i don't know if you would take submissions of some sort. If my writing is rubbish you could always toss it in the bin or tell me what needs improvement.

      In any case you are doing a great job but looking at the hours you are posting i think you might need to take a wee nap or two.

      1. Hi, thanks for your feedback! (And concern over my lack of sleep, my sleeping pattern is a total mess at the moment... But I'll be ok! ^^)

        I was thinking about the multiple tail idea earlier, and, even factoring in the complexity of tails with genitalia, it shouldn't be too hard to implement (there might end up being a load of tail-related actions in sex though). When I get the TF rework done, I'll probably add in the ability for multiple tails then (in version 0.7.1).

        And yes, kitsunes will definitely be added as NPCs, as a separate type of race to foxes (although they'll be in the same 'vulpine' family).

        As to your offer of helping to write some content, I'd be more than happy to review (and add) third party submissions for content, but I may not be able to do that for a little while yet. Currently, I'm still making big changes to the engine, so if I were to add too much content at the moment, it will just create a huge amount of refactoring work further down the line.

        I really do appreciate your offer of contributing content for the game, but as I had to say to a couple of other people before, I'm afraid that it'll have to wait until I get the engine stuff sorted.

        When I put the code up publicly on github (at about version 0.2.0), that will be the indication that the engine work is pretty much done. At that point, all my efforts will turn to adding in content, and I'll be more than happy to work with people in order to get their content into the game then!

        Thanks again for your kind offer! (And I hope you're still interested by then!)

    9. I understand, adding more content that will just have to be rewritten is a waste so no problem there.

      I do have a couple questions relating to lore. Are there any furry demons either ones that took transformatives and retain their rank or ones born that way, and do half-demons like Lily have the magical genderbend powers as well?

      1. There aren't any furry demons, as transformation items don't have any effect on them. Also, half-demons are only able to transform their genitals (unlike full demons, who can transform all of their body parts into other demonic forms). The Lilin, however, can transform themselves into absolutely anything, so when you encounter them in the main story, you'll see some furry style demons there!

        All of this will be explained in Lilaya's romance quest, which will be added to the game quite soon (within the next few versions). I don't want to give too many details away, so I'll just say that her romance quest will involve a lot of demon and Lilin lore. ^^

    10. There's a couple things I noticed that may not necessarily be bugs, but stood out to me. For one, the fetish teases will only ever do the female variant when you have both a penis and a vagina, rather than both male and female variants. Another thing is that I remember there being some references to cum inflation in random encounters when cum volume is large enough, but I haven't seen that in the last couple versions, which is probably a result of switching over to the new sex system.

      1. Hi, thanks for the feedback!

        I'll try and add some gender-specific fetish tease descriptions for this next version. A lot of the fetish content is still in a very early stage, so this is something that's going to be gradually improved over time as well.

        Also, the cum inflation orgasms were sort of 'left behind' when I switched over to the new sex system (exactly as you surmised). I'll add them back in for this next version!

    11. If you could add a futa enemy/NPC, that would be nice.

      This game already has a lot of replay value, since every win and loss will play out differently. Which is nice.

      I don't know if this was already in the game, but if the NPC's will get rougher on you if they win and you aren't cooperating?

      1. Hi, a futa enemy is coming in this next version! ^^

        Oh, and also, there currently aren't any 'non-cooperative' actions you can take during sex (apart from 'do nothing'), but I'm still working on adding more sex actions as the game develops, so this might be something you'll see in the future.

        I'm also going to give NPCs randomised fetishes, so those that have 'dominant' or 'sadist' fetishes will end up using rough sex actions.

    12. Not really a bug report but more about my thoughts so far.

      I love it how in Kate’s sex scene at times when you choose the talk options or some sexual option at certain times she reacts like a person would normally do. For instance you say “Ah! I love fucking your tight little pussy!” and she replies “Aah! Yeah, I love your cock!” I am not sure if this is on purpose, but it’s pure genius if you have added some smart AI shit to it! And I’d endorse further expected “reactions” from your partner or even yourself.
      Random attackers don’t seem to strip their clothes and basically wait for you to do it for them.
      There doesn’t seem to be a clear way to make enemy orifices wetter. I know fingering could help, but perhaps an option to wet our fingers would be good too. Also, the text still mentions that the back door is dry even though in the orifice description is states wet.
      I know this is trivial, but in the scene when orgasming there needs to be a space between “…back door.A desperate…”

      1. Hi again! Thanks for your feedback once more!

        Kate's sex scene does indeed have 'reactionary' actions that she takes. I'm going to start adding more of these to other sex scenes as well, as I think it's nice to see your actions provoking a response from your partner. ^^

        Random attackers have an arousal threshold that needs to be reached before they start stripping their clothes, but, looking at the code, I think I've set them a little too high. (I'll make them strip their clothes off quicker in the next version.) I'm also going to allow submissive partners to help strip the dom's clothing (and probably add an action to forbid/allow them to do this).

        I'll add a way to get your fingers wet, so that you can transfer saliva to your partner's (or your own) orifices easily. Oh, and I'll also fix that description about wet assholes being described as dry. (As well as fixing that typo!)