Saturday, 25 March 2017

Version (Mini hotfix)

I know I said I was going to take a break over the weekend, but I saw your reports about the succubus not keeping her vagina, and just had to get that fixed!

Here are the download links for version

Pre-zipped easy download link (use this one!): Mega

(Removed Google Drive link due to lack of storage space. If you'd like a copy of this version, and the Mega link isn't working, please contact me! :3)

Lilith's Throne requires the latest version of Java to be installed on your computer.

Be aware: This version is still a very early release. There are game-breaking bugs, dead-end content, and it has not been fully tested as an executable jar. Please take that into consideration while playing!

Patch Notes:

  • Bugs:
    • Succubus will now correctly retain her vagina if you choose 'keep vagina'. (This was the reason for this hotfix.)
      Fixed a couple of actions where the partner would start penetrating the player even if they didn't have a penis.
      Fixed description of tongue being pierced even when it wasn't in selfie.
      Fixed "cherry" description of Lilaya's pussy. (She definitely isn't a virgin...)
      Fixed small typos.
  • Other:
    • Increased succubus encounter chance from 1% to 2%. (I don't want to set it any higher than this, as low-level players are pretty much guaranteed to get destroyed if they encounter her.)

    P.S. I'm aware of several more bugs that you've reported, but didn't have time to fix them just yet. The ones I'm aware of are:
    - Piercings bugs (not getting pierced but money is being taken from you).
    - Partners do not respond properly to your requests in sex.
    - Anal penetration is not an option when the partner has their back against the wall. (I couldn't replicate this, but I'll do some more testing on Monday!)
    - Explore option not appearing after sex in alleyways.
    - And as an extra bonus, I'll just say that options to interact with the succubus's nipples/tail will be included next version. (As well as demonic penis/vagina descriptions, and unique descriptions for the succubus.)


    1. First, let me commend you on your continuous dedication on this great piece of work. You threw a hotfix despite you wanting a weekend off! But now you can chill until you decide to continue on your work. With that said here are some, mostly, suggestions with a bug or two:

      You didn't need to raise the Succubus encounter rate. I only noticed that ALL OTHER encounters are very low chance, compared to the previous patch, and was thinking you may have tied them accidentally to her encounter.
      When climaxing as a futanari, assuming this is true with all partners, if you have pinned your partner against the wall would it not make sense to cum on their face rather than the floor?
      The way I would think it, if I choose to finger myself, I should be able to lube my fingers so I can use them to lube my partner. Just a good QOL suggestion. If I remember you mentioned something about lubing fingers with your saliva? That would be good too. Maybe even add an option to put them in your partner’s mouth as well.
      Another few suggestions could be to be able to still suck your partner’s dick even if you are the dom, or, while the partner is facing the well, for you to lick their ass while kneeling.
      A little funny situation that can happen, which I hope you’d still consider keeping: you can be fucking someone, while fingering yourself and them (using their open available orifice). Just found it funny. Please keep it!
      Regarding the wanted poster in Arthur’s room, it still is odd. I suggest moving the text below the self-reflection at the end of the notice to the same line as the self-reflection: “…you think, letting out another sigh.”
      Kate seems to wait for the PC to remove her skirt, while partially assisting the PC in taking their clothes off. Also a little bummed out for no Kate anal, butt I know it’s coming. Typo fully intended :D

      1. Thanks once again for all your feedback! ^^

        I'll check the encounter rates out. I did do a little change of how they work behind the scenes, so I may have broken something...

        I'm going to add a little more depth to the orgasm part of sex, so I'll make sure to add some options as to where the player/partner cums.

        The lubrication transfer mechanics are also going to be expanded (as well as adding options to get saliva).

        I'm going to add some more options/positions in sex, such as kneeling and providing oral options for when you're the dom. (Extra sex options are something that I'll keep incrementally working on for each version.) Oh, and also, I'll definitely keep the dual fingering while fucking option! ^^

        I'll take another look at the formatting for the poster on Arthur's door.

        And finally, I'm aiming to get Lilaya's and Kate's scenes improved for this next version, so I'll definitely add the option for anal (as well as nipple penetration and titjobs).

        Thanks again for all the reports and suggestions! (I'll get them sorted out as soon as possible!)

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    3. "Exposed! Naked; -15 intelligence"
      Silly logic :p
      'Hang on you're gonna need to talk slower, I'm not wearing any pants'

      I have a bit of optimism for combat as I've seen it so far. I enjoy the emphasis on magic, I'm pretty tired of all these games where you need half a dozen perks to make magic the standard mode of combat. Here even just [Main Attack] is flaming from the magical stone you absorbed into your hand.
      It seems like something I could feel like a bad-ass in the further I go. >:3

      Navigation was confusing! Everything up until walking out of Lilaya's home was button-based navigation on the bottom of the screen. Suddenly the only option is to go back inside. I thought "Maybe it's too late at night?" but then I curiously clicked a very small button that says "W" and it made me go down the street.
      That button is so small! Hotkeys fortunately work as well but there was nothing that made it immediately obvious I could navigate that way.

      I really like some basic concepts in the design of sex scenes. You can take it at your own pace and work through it step-by-step. This seems to have some limitations but retains player interest as they're in so much control. I'd like the ability to leave victory-based sex before orgasm though. Maybe I see what's in their pants and change my mind, or maybe I'm just losing my groove. Not a big deal, really.

      The random encounters don't describe who I'm facing very well - or if they do, I don't know where that is displayed.

      I found someone with a dog dick! Yay!
      It wouldn't let me suck his dick! No!
      That was the only part I actually wanted :(

      The Furry status isn't quite descriptive enough. I presume "reduced" means they'll be humans with ears and tails, maybe even claws. Then normal is - well - anthro furry, right?
      ..What's extra? Is that bestiality? Fully animal? What else could "fully furry" mean if normal amounts of furry are anthros.
      If it IS bestiality.. Why can't I choose that without having anthros? I LOVE animals! Anthros are kind of unappealing though. Would rather have some kitty ears and tails on a human and then find a quadruped wolf without meeting any anthro-furry.

      >Pronouns > Young > Male:Boy
      Pronoun system is nice and handy, I like that feature. Then, however, I started fighting catboys and could sex 'em up. I love a little shota, sure, but I think I read you wouldn't put any implication of being underage... With the lack of description for these random encounters, I don't really have any inclination to assume that ISN'T a 14-year-old. Certainly talks like one.
      I don't mind if you're going to feature that but you seemed to imply you wouldn't.

      The introduction sequence is loooong! Not interactive enough. It was just a lot of reading with no real choices or anything. In Corruption of Champions I read a couple pages and then I'm given a suite of buttons allowing me to immediately learn the navigation system or - if I'd rather - kick things off with a masturbation scene.
      I like your writing, Innoxia, I just have some mild ADD and want to hit some buttons and start learning the world through *play* rather than through pages and effective [Next] buttons :p

      Still, this is all early on in development. I'm very optimistic about what you've started. I will follow this off and on as you update.

      P.S. If you have a personal FAQ/Q&A about yourself, your writing experience, your inspirations, etc., I'd like to read it. Alternatively it'd be nice to just have a chat with you.

      1. Everyone has their own preferences, so I don't want to imply that you're somehow wrong but I also want to share that I have a differing view. I personally enjoyed the intro scenes. I appreciated starting off with a bit of world building to sell the setting and provide a plausible reason for the world to be filled to the brim with pseudo-rapists. It makes the world seem a little bit more real, and it makes me get a little more invested in wanting to know more about the NPCs. I'd just like to encourage Innoxia not to change the intro TOO much if he/she decides to streamline things. I'd rather see the writing time dedicated to more sex descriptions, kinks, and NPC content instead.

        PS: I don't know about you, but if you asked me to write a math test while being naked in public, I'd almost certainly perform worse than I would if I was clothed.

      2. There's a button in the lower left that gives you a description of NPCs similar to the selfie screen. It's between the inventory and zoom buttons, and it looks like three silhouettes.
        The furry preference changes the minimum/maximum "level" of furries (minor, lesser, and greater).
        Minor: Ears, tails (EG nekos)
        Lesser: Paws, furry limbs
        Greater: Full body fur, animalistic faces
        As for catboys, I think that's just a common term for male nekos and such, and not representative of their actual age.

      3. To answer your question regarding furry preference better, reduced makes the maximum level minor, and extra makes the minimum greater.

      4. Ohh Hi IxFa~~~~, I guess you've played it now. It has its own bugs, glitches etc but its a fine piece of work, just hope it doesn't die like CoC did, not the mod of course though I highly doubt CoC mod will go further than 1.3 as its taken a pretty long time and its not even close to finishing.

      5. @Josh
        Personal opinions. I'm always focused more on interactivity, but it's fine if you like to take more time reading. I assume Innoxia wants to hear diverse perspectives.

        Thank you! I understand much better now. Maybe the button should be pointed out, like the navigation bit.
        They also call this horse-morph a horse-boy. This really wouldn't jump out at me as strange except for the fact the gender-pronoun system differentiates it.
        Noun - Male: Man
        Young Noun - Male: Boy
        Although it does say play-specific pronouns.

        Yeah it seems very promising. I like what I'm seeing from Innoxia's work so far. I hope to see more! ^-^
        As for the CoC mod, that did just get a nice chunk of updated. Now on
        Includes some combat changes/additions while also expanding the loli/shota content. I should keep working on that today too.

      6. Oh I meant no further than 1.4 not 1.3. Its not already released is it?

      7. is out right now. My loli-specific content is in plus OtherCoCAnon's combat changes.

      8. if you don't mind me asking, where can you find the new version? it usually gets uploaded on e621 but its not there yet if its been released. where do you like download it or play it?

      9. Up-to-Date thread on Little Angels Hentai (Must be logged in and read the rules to use the download link)
        Up-to-Date development/discussion thread on 8chan
        Either of these should provide whatever version is most recent. The download link in the OP theoretically stays updated until OtherCoCAnon leaves. If he does, the link on LAH will be the up-to-date one since that opening post can be edited.
        *Innoxia; I hope you don't mind me linking this here! I don't want to be here just to plug my stuff >.<

      10. Ooh that's a big post! Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions! I'll try and address each one in turn (oh, and also, I don't mind you linking your stuff here ^^).

        Ok, here goes! Firstly, the exposed status effect is still pretty much a placeholder at the moment (I still need to go through and adjust a lot of perks/status effects for balancing). I sort of wanted to get across that the player is feeling embarrassed, so can't think as clearly as they might usually be able to. (-15 is a bit extreme though...)

        I'm glad to hear that you like the combat system! (I still have a lot of stuff planned for it, such as adding more detailed weapons, spells, tease attacks etc.)

        You aren't the first to find the navigation system confusing... It's one of the areas of the UI that really needs a lot of work doing to it, but I just haven't had the time (despite it being on my todo list for a while now). I'll try and get this sorted as soon as possible, as it's one of those things that really should have been fixed by now.

        I'm planning on adding a few more mechanics and options to the sex scenes (but I'm happy to hear that you like the basic concept)! The ability to leave sex at any time will be added, as well as being able to continue having sex past the arbitrary "sex ends after X orgasms" mechanic. (Which is just a placeholder.) I'm also going to add options to perform oral on defeated enemies.

        As to the descriptions of enemies, I'll make the 'characters present' button a bit more obvious (by highlighting it when there are people present). I was going to make some improvements to the combat and sex UI to make it easier to see what your partner looks like (as well as what they're wearing), but that might not make it into the game for a few versions yet.

        The furry options make a lot of references to the in-game system I'm using to identify the 'stage of furryness' (partial, minor, lesser and greater), so I guess it may be a little confusing at first. I'll make those descriptions clearer.

        There isn't any bestiality at the moment, but I do plan on adding 'feral'enemies at some point. (Which will be a lot closer to full animal bodies.)

        The 'young' pronoun was just a way to distinguish between woman/girl and man/boy. It isn't meant to imply any underage content. Monster 'girls' and Monster 'boys' seem to be the usual descriptors for furry/monster morphs, so I called enemies 'X-girls' and 'X-boys' in keeping with that. As to the enemy's dialogue (and sex talk), that's definitely an area that needs improving. Most of it was written as a placeholder, and I haven't had time to go back and polish it up yet...

        I know the intro is a bit long (and maybe a bit tedious), but I've refrained from cutting it back too much as to give a bit of world building for those who like a bit of reading. While writing it, I was quite conscious of the fact that it's a lot of pages of text to crawl though, so I made sure that you can easily skip it by just mashing '1', or choosing the 'Skip prologue' option at the character creation. I plan on keeping all the other passages in the game a *lot* shorter than the intro, as I agree that world-building while playing is far preferable to reading huge pages of text. (With the intro as very much an exception to the norm.)

        Thank you for saying that you enjoy my writing! This is my first time writing a story, so I'm sure there's still a lot of room for improvement. ^^

        Thank you very much for all your detailed feedback! I hope I didn't miss anything, and I'll take on board everything you've suggested and try to improve the game for future versions!

      11. Ixfa, I don't get how to download the latest version, I've made an account, read the rules and found out that I had to change the Hxxp to Http and so I did but it doesn't show the file, just tells me if I want to upload. How do I find the rest of the link?

      12. I'm more than happy to give you all the constructive feedback you'd like.

        I can always give you more detailed deconstruction and analysis if you were really seeking it. I am, however, biased as anyone else is. Be sure to value your own desires too. Make the game you'd want to play, ideally.

        From my experience writing in other games, there are a diverse number of ways to parse and implement text. Some work better than others, and for other reasons. If you want to show me how your scenes are written and parsed then I might be able to help you out a little. (Not much, I'm not a programmer!)
        It's just preferable to figure that bit out sooner rather than later. I remember when Corruption of Champions revamped the parser and had loads of work to do in order to fix every scene that didn't use the parser. Adjusting the way the parser worked also lead to bizarre text. The sooner you figure these things out, the less work it'll be...

      13. @Daniel
        Mega links on LAH work much the way passwords do.
        If you have further questions regarding Little Angels Hentai please consult me there. I am a moderator with the same name as here; IxFa.

      14. I'm always open to constructive feedback if you'd like to leave some!

        Thank you for your advice as well. I'm trying to make the sort of game that I'd want to play, but I try to be receptive to other people's ideas and suggestions as well.

        As to the text parsing system, it's still very much a work-in-progress. At the moment, I have some basic parsing methods, but a lot of it is still done by calling methods directly from the code. I plan on getting the parsing system completely done for version 0.2.0, at which time I'll make the code publicly viewable. (I wouldn't want to waste your time with it at the moment, as it's really messy and will definitely see big changes before version 0.2.0.)

        If you don't mind me asking for your advice, as you seem to have a lot of experience writing content, what sort of parsing system do you prefer? I haven't checked out any ways of how other games handle this, so do you have one that you'd recommend? (I see you mentioning that you write content for CoC mod, is it worth checking out their parsing method?)

      15. The parsing system you use varies based on a number of things, such as the way you want scenes to work and how much the characters in those scenes can vary.
        For, say, Lust Doll, the scenes can be written with a pretty clear idea of what all characters involved are like. Adding variables to check the state of their genitalia and size of breasts is about it. Writing for that game is as simple as
        "The bandit chokes your neck while pulling his meaty cock from his trousers. Your hands dash from their futile grip on his wrists to instead conceal your [vagina][if p.vagina=virgin] in a desperate attempt to protect your chastity[/]."
        While CoC or Trials in Tainted Space have to account for massive variety of players and even transforming NPCs. The player might have convinced this pure female to grow a dick using science. Conditional statements then will exist in scenes for the character that check if the NPC has a penis and then therefor show new text. So there is pc.cock and also nova.cock. Most other games don't have parsing for NPCs, that's something to consider if you want NPCs that can transform throughout the game. They also design the parser to be able to call long, medium, and short descriptions.
        pc.cockShort = cock / dog cock / pecker / penis
        pc.cockMedium = big dick / bulging knotty cock / cum-dripping pecker
        pc.cockLong = big, meaty, cum-dripping, red doggy-dick (best designed for describing ALL attributes of the part being described.)
        As well as being able to call for multiple genitals at once if they have them, and even pick out a single dick from the bunch to reference multiple times.
        Such a parser is extremely powerful. It is, however, a massive barrier for new writers. I literally had to read 18 pages of documentation before I could do anything with TiTS and that's just counting the parser reference itself. They also have another 24 pages for a writer's guide.

      16. A simple system is wonderfully easy for fledgling writers and works perfectly fine for largely static characters that will usually be the same. This will be a nightmare if you have tons of transformation.
        A complex system is frighteningly powerful and can make a billion different characters all feel like scenes were made specifically for them! It is, however, going to intimidate the hell out of writers while being a bit difficult to perfect in general. Even you yourself could find a complex parser a little difficult to write in.

        Rule of thumb: Even if you can't think of a time when a scene would need to reference it, add a parser for all changeable features. Skin colour, texture, furriness, scaliness. Height! Hair colour and hair LENGTH! If it can vary, make sure the system can support that.
        Make sure that there is always a way to parse with descriptors included and without.
        Ex: In general you probably want a parser to take "pc.cockType=Horse,pc.cockLength=18,pc.cockGirth=5" and spit out "massive, meaty equine cock" when the code is [pc.cock]. However if they're with a really dominant teasing demon babe, she might want to say "Your pathetic horse-cock is hardly anything worth my time". If you don't have something akin to [pc.cockShort] then the only option the writer gets is to often make her say "Your pathetic massive, meaty cock" which is dang weird!
        Also try to make parsers obvious and consistent in their function. If any parser for the player-character starts with "pc." then ALL player-character parsers should be "pc." and in that case it helps to have all specific parsers begin with "*character*." ex: layla.chest or rose.butt
        An interestingly useful tag is [vagORass] to allow some penetration scenes work for either gender + genderless(no genitals).

        You might find that TiTS parser document really interesting.

        If you want to chat more 1-to-1 about this stuff we could. I have Discord and Skype.

      17. Hi, thanks once again for a detailed reply! (And for the link to that TiTS parser, it's interesting to see ideas for parsing syntax!)

        The system I currently have in place sounds a lot like that TiTS parser. Everything is able to be parsed in relationship to the player or any NPC. I have methods to get names (with or without descriptors) for every part that a "Body" is made up of, as well as for other miscellaneous variables such as "cumProduction". (There are also several different methods for getting clothing names.) Unfortunately, instead of simply writing "pc.hairLength", for example, I have to use very long-winded method calls directly from the code...

        I already have a gender parser set up in the engine, so, using that framework that I've already created, it wouldn't be too hard to implement a much more writer-friendly parsing language. I really should do this sooner rather than later, as it will save me (and future contributors) a lot of typing...

        I'd be able to IM you over Discord some time this week if that's ok with you? (It's 4:30 in the morning here, so I have to get some sleep right now...)

        Thanks once again for your detailed reply! You've been super helpful, and I'll be able to create a much better parsing system than I originally had planned thanks to your advice!

      18. This comment has been removed by the author.

      19. Hey IxFa, I found out that I had to check the description, found a picture, found the code to the link. I'm guessing I need to download the zip file (CoC.Zip)?

        When I do this though, I need to use chrome as the file is to big but when I use the link on chrome, I somehow need to log in. It doesn't go to the downloads. Idk what happened.

      20. The latest version, as of this post, is You don't need to download any of the older versions.
        I also said if you have further trouble, consult me on Little Angels Hentai.

    4. Just a warning: WALL-O-TEXT incoming!

      Just to clarify, again, regarding the Succubus encounter rate. This phenomenon, for a lack of a better word, seems to only occur while using the “Explore” option.
      Small grammar/typo: When Succubus climaxes in PC vagina: “…you pregnant.She suddenly…” there is a space missing. Same issue when in 69 BJ and she climaxes: “…into your stomach.She suddenly…” Same when you’re fucking her vaginally and she climaxes with her penis: “…over the floor.She suddenly…”; Still in the Succubus scene where you get fucked while dom, Rough fuck option: “…slam against your lips, and you carry on grinding…” “lips” should be “hips” to coincide with the above sentence. Or, you can keep “lips” but do explicitly state “pussy lips” or a variant thereof.
      Confusion about PC cum type, when climaxing and having over 100ml capacity. I have a horse penis: “…as your hot dog-jism backs …” “…potent dog-cream…”
      Regarding the Back-to-Wall option, this seems to be my misunderstanding. The way I read it is that I can fuck my partner anally in that option, but what you meant is that I can choose to be penetrated instead. Sorry ><. You can remove this from your “bug” list. Well I would still say the option of anal sexing your partner in that position should still be possible, but perhaps in a later update. Something along the lines of their legs over their heads while you support them by holding onto their ass. If you decided to add this type of scene, I would recommend removing all other options aside from kissing, or suckling/eating out their pussy nipples in a case of demons.
      Suggestion: To assist/alleviate some Arousal issues I would suggest for Arousal to not raise unless the action performed by either PC or partner involves sexual contact. Meaning things like position change should not affect it.
      Suggestion for Succubus: When fucking her, why not allow the PC to give her a BJ depending on the penis size?
      With the introduction of quest types splitting, the yellow highlight should also apply to quests in the “Planner”, but currently only highlights the title “Planner”.
      The game considers me a Partial Dog-girl even though I am a human with a horse cock and demon nipples. Perhaps the Innoxia’s Gift applied this label. I should still be considered human.
      Regarding that funny situation in my previous post, I see why these extra options should be disabled. Not sure how it would make sense to be able to penetrate a Succubus while being turned around and doing anal in the Back-to-Wall position. At least while doing anal with her, best to turn off all other penetration options and fingering that doesn’t make sense. For example, even if you are the dom in this case, you or your partner shouldn’t be able to finger the partner, only you as you’d be the easiest to reach.
      As a final note, as I realize this is A LOT (tells you how much of a fan I am of your work. Bug hunting while getting one’s rocks off!), I love the Mutual orgasm scenes you have added so far, and, since I know you said there will be more to come, I cannot wait!

      1. Thank you once again for all your feedback! (And I'm happy you like the game so much!)

        As to all the typos and bugs, I'll add them all to my bug tracker and get them fixed asap!

        As to adding anal sex for the back-to-wall position, I will definitely add that (as soon as I can), along with incrementally adding other positions/actions as development progresses. The bonus of having all the 'standard' NPCs sharing these generic positions, is that when I add something to these sex scenes, every enemy benefits!

        As an extra note, I plan on going through and adding more body-specific descriptions to all sex actions (so they don't all feel the same for every enemy). As an example, the action 'Suck cock' will, eventually, give different descriptions based on cock size, blowjob skill, and what type of cock it is. This, once again, is something that will be continuously worked on throughout development.

        The arousal increases are meant to be 0 for position switching, but I think I accidentally made some of them give arousal. Also, just remember that you might gain arousal from your partner's action that turn. So, if you change position, they might use an action immediately after that which could cause an arousal increase.

        I'll add an option to suck the succubus's cock as part of the expansion of that scene's 'generic' structure. (Meaning that I'll add an option to perform oral on all defeated enemies.)

        Thanks once again for your feedback! I'll get these bugs fixed for the next version!

    5. Found a bug, when you get pregnant by the succubus the game doesn't register what you give birth to. For me it just said:


      With blank spaces for their race and gender.

      1. Thanks for the report, I'll get it fixed ASAP!

    6. Hi there! I just want to say, this is awesome!

      I hope you will add more Races to the game. I also appreciate the options in the game menu. I hope you add guro things to this in the future! Though, I do know that TF is being worked on, but i had a bug. I think

      I became a Incubus once and I thought i had saved, I guess not, but anyways, I went to a previous save and (Human 100%) and re-drank the Innoxia's drink and became.. Partial Dog Boy? But i grew 2 things demon wise? I looked at my stats and it showed i was all human but my hair and horns. How did Dog-Boy come into play? xD

      1. Also, it would be nice if not everyone was wiling. I mean you can screw them after you defeat them... but they are like, "Fuck me! Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!" That doesn't sound to me like "NO. PLEASE. SPARE ME." And have a choice to kill them or not.

      2. Hi, thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you like the game!

        I've got that 'dog-morph' bug fixed for v0.1.69.9, thanks for the report.

        And as to guro/killing enemies, I'm afraid that I don't have any plans to add that sort of content to the game. (As I'm not comfortable with that fetish, sorry.)

        As to there being more 'forced/rape' content, I'm again not 100% comfortable with that sort of content. I'll add some more 'rapey' enemies to the other regions, but I don't think I'll ever write content where one partner is clearly distressed/upset by what's happening.

      3. Hi there!

        I completely understand, and I respect your boundaries. It is your game after all :) There are games where there is a variety of fetishes, but when cancelling out fetishes, it feels as if the game is limited. I know it's not exactly.. a rpg game (Well. it is but.) but you don't go having sex with Succubus's in real life. I hope you catch my drift. If you don't, I apologize ;c. My point is, I understand if you may not want to add this in as you are writing/reading it and implamenting it into your game, but perhaps, if there is a way for me to add a Mod prior to Lilith's Throne where if people WANTED to have these Fetishes, they are allowed to. Or if they don;'t want it, they don't have to install my Mod. This may be a big steep for you as well if you consider this. I will just let you know, I like this game more than CoC. Not just cuz there's less TF, but there's.. fuck... i don't even know how to explain it. I just like Lilith's Throne 20x better than CoC and wish for many good things to come your way. :)

        If you ever consider on me making a mod (Connected to your game, Optional Mods only), please let me know and I can privately contact you, or you privately contact me. Let me know.

        Keep up the good work! Don't strain yourself!

        P.s I don't exactly have a rape or guro fetish, I just like freedom. In my opinion, RPG games need to have as much freedom as possible. Tbh, I couldn't handle CoC very well because EVERYONE wasn't a human. Not one friggin person ;d. It was weird walking around JUST seeing furries. I mean there is kind of here... but Meh. Hopefully you can add more races, elves, humans, vampires, ( i noticed you had slime ;d), robot, i guess? xD

      4. I also noticed that in your Fetishes Link, you have Bondage and Rape fantasy. There's kind of rape going on. Like at the beginning where you have a girl getting ready to do something to you. But I havn't exactly had any bondage experiments yet. If there are bondage moments in game, I suppose let me know? Tyt!


      5. Thanks for your detailed feedback, and I'm glad you like the game so much! ^^

        As to modding the game (to add in content that I'm not comfortable with), I plan on putting the source code up publicly on github some time around version 0.2.0, so there will plenty of opportunity to mod the game then.

        Also, I haven't put any bondage content into the game just yet, but I'll definitely add some later on.

      6. Duly noted. Though, I am curious. Will the game have a massive story to it? I am aware that there is a story to it, but not exactly massive. I just don't want it to turn out like CoC where there is barely any story to it. Interactions are in CoC, but not exactly story. If you plan on expanding the story, I hope it goes further into other races, and just, a story really. Maybe not massive, but a pretty big story. Possibly multiple endings.

        Hopefully later on in the game, you can have a party (NPC's) and they work for you, etc.

        Anyways, I am also curious if you are needing artists? Well, some what of artists. I can design objects, logos, HUDS, etc, so if you need any help on that to speed things up a bit, let me know! :)

      7. I'm planning on making a pretty big story for the game, yeah. ^^

        I don't want to give away any spoilers, so I'll just say that the main quest will become clear after you find Arthur. Each section of the main quest will take place in a different area of the map, and will definitely have parts that focus on the different races to be found in each area.

        As to having a party of NPCs, I'm probably not going to add in the ability to travel around as a party (it would require a complete rework of the combat system, as well as unique dialogue for every quest depending on who's in your party, and that's just too much for me at the moment).

        I will, however, add romance quests for all of the important NPCs, which will unlock special actions (like getting them to work on things for you). I don't want to give any spoilers away again, but Lilaya is going to be the first NPC to get a full romance quest, so you'll see what I mean when I put her quest into the game. ^^

        And thank you very much for your offer of helping to design some art for the game, but, just like third-party-submitted scenes, I wouldn't be able to give you a fair amount of time to help integrate them into the game at the moment, due to still doing a lot of work on the core engine.

        Once I get to 0.2.0, if you're still interested in contributing art to the game, I should have some time to talk about it then! (Thank you again for the offer though!)

      8. Thanks for getting back to me. I can't wait for the story!

        As for art, you could always give me work over time, so you have it up front. Regardless if we are on the version or not.

        Also. What's after 1.69.9? 1.70?

        Of course I will be interested then!

        P.s It's better if i get a head start so you wouldn't have to worry about release dates on me.

      9. Yeah, after, I'll move onto 0.1.7. After that, there should be far less of the 'sub versions' for each release. (i.e. There will probably only be a couple of 0.1.7x versions before moving onto 0.1.8, 0.1.9 etc.)

        And regarding the art, I'm not really sure what sort of stuff I need at the moment, so I don't really know what to ask for. I really do appreciate the offer of help, but I don't want to get your hopes up by asking for something that I may not get around to using...

        I'd just say, if you wanted to design stuff for fun, I'll definitely take a look, but I don't really know what sort of stuff I need. I can't promise that I'll incorporate anything into the game just yet (as I don't have much time for anything other than engine work at the moment), so if you do decide to design anything, please only do it because you find it fun!

        I'll have a proper think about the final art style that I want in the game over the coming weeks, so by version 0.2.0, I'll be able to say what sort of things I want to include in the game.

        Sorry if this is a bit of a vague response, but I really haven't thought about any sort of art style yet...

      10. A'h, I see. No worries then. I suppose when you want things in, let me know (Especially the ones you want done sooner please). Do take your time however!

        Not a vague response at all! I'm glad you said this instead of just, "no." xD.

        I will also ask though, i noticed you don't have a forum page. If you'd like, I can make a forum dedicated to this website only. I can put things there for you for Bugs for specific versions of the games and announcements. Let me know if you want this done or not. It is up to you. ^^ Until then, take your time.. You're doing great!

    7. If the enemy can undress you in he sex scene we should be able to undress them ;)

      1. Absolutely! This was an oversight on my part...

        While some special sex scenes may limit clothing removal, I'll make it so that all the 'normal' ones allow you to remove your partner's clothing.

      2. I believe there is already a way to strip their clothing off. You must either be dominant or defeat the person to gain access to their clothing. If they have you pinned or you're defeated, you don't have access to that.

    8. As for the Rapey enemies, i suppose that's fine, but have an option to it if people don't want that in their game. As well as vice-versa (You're the rapey enemy) if you choose so.

      I apologize for the log text. You have better things to do than read all this crap :d

      1. Yeah, I'll definitely add an 'opt-in' option for any of the more extreme rape content later on.

        Also, don't worry about writing big posts! If you take the time to write out a big reply, the least I can do is read through it all and offer a response. ^^

      2. When Version 0.2.0 comes out and people start making mods, any mediumSized/completed mods should be posted on your page. Though, that means testing etc. If you'd like, I can test along with a few people here on your website and will be able to see if Special Mods are worth adding to your page (For people to find easier). That or have an Archive on your blog showing all the mods that are either completed or big but not a lot of bugs, etc.

      3. If anyone makes mods for the game, I'll definitely add a page on the blog about them! I guess I'll talk more about mods when I put up the source code, as it all seems rather far off to me at the moment (I still have so much engine work to do before 0.2.0 is released).