Friday, 17 March 2017

Sex scene progress (and a 1-day delay...)

So, first off, I'll have to apologise again, as version 0.1.69 is going to be delayed by one day, much like last week...

New release target: Saturday ~21:00 GMT

EDIT: Ok, so I'm hopelessly optimistic when it comes to estimating how long things will take me to complete... It looks like the release time might be a bit later than 21:00...
Updated release time: ~22:00-03:00 GMT (sorry!)

EDIT 2: I don't think it'll be any earlier than 03:00. Don't worry though, it will definitely be released before I go to sleep!

EDIT 3: (03:43GMT) I'm just finishing up a few little bits here and there. I've decided to just release this version as it is, even though it still needs a lot more work. I'll go into more detail when I make the release post (in about 30 mins).

EDIT 4: (04:07GMT) I'm just writing in the patch notes, then I need to test it as a .jar. Not long now!

Sex scene rework (a wall of text!)

So, the reason for the delay this week is that I decided to rework how sex scenes are being handled. There were quite a few posts scattered around the place that were asking for different sex scenes to have one position or the other, which got me thinking about the way I'd planned out how sex scenes should work.

My old idea: So, my old idea was to basically give each NPC a couple of different sex positions each, to make them a bit more unique. The problem with this, however, is the same one that quite a few of you were pointing out; why should one NPC be limited to only having certain positions?

A clear example: The best example of this problem can be seen in comparing the scenes that Brax has to those available to random attackers. While Brax can use the 'cowgirl' and 'doggy-style' positions, random attackers are being limited to 'on knees' and 'against wall' positions. (Even though they should both be able to use all four of those positions...)

The main problem: The main two problems with my old idea are, one; that I'm going to run out of positions as I keep introducing new 'standard' enemies, and two; it can be pretty annoying to find that some standard positions are only available to certain NPCs.

The new idea: What I've been mainly working on this week is turning the specific sex positions into a more generic format. I plan on creating a general 'blueprint' of how sex positions can be reached, all branching out from a standard starting position. For all standard enemies, provided that you're the dom, you'll be able to choose whatever sex position you like the best. If you're a sub, however, your partner will have a certain preference as to the position they like. So, for example, Brax will want to take you doggy-style, while a random attacker may prefer to push you down to your knees or fuck you against a nearby wall.

Unique NPCs: I've made sex positions very easy to modify in the engine, so for the more unique NPCs, I can easily add or replace actions related to a unique sex scene. For example, while a normal action might be 'slap ass', I could easily replace it with, or add alongside it, a unique 'punish Brax' action, which would replace all the descriptions of you slapping your partner's ass with ones specific to Brax. (And for really unique scenes, all available actions will be written from scratch!)

I'll draw a diagram to show you what I mean! (My pc is messing up at the moment... I'll go into more detail about the new sex system in Monday's post!)

In conclusion

All this work took a lot of time this week (I had to rewrite/modify almost every action available while in sex with random attackers). As a result, I'll have the new sex positions finished for this evening, but I didn't have time to add in the demon attacker...

I'm therefore going to delay this week's release by one day, so I can add in the demon attacker and get some time to hunt for bugs in this new method of how sex scenes are handled.


  1. As long as every NPC has a different personality, I don't see the problem in changing how scenes work and not so that every NPC would be just a reskin of another where the scenes are the same.

    Like it actually is at the moment. Taking out the fact that every scene has its character's race, and genital descriptions, the scenes are mostly the same. Having each character act differently from each other, would make it more playable as otherwise, you would just choose the race you like the most.

    However, I feel like some enemies should be restricted to some positions. A dog morph would in any sense be more inclined to do doggy style, same as horse, or horse against the wall while demons would be more into missionary position and Face down, ass up position. These would be when you lose of course. Otherwise, you would be able to choose.

    1. Also, will demons have a Male and Female?

    2. I'll do my best to make each new NPC feel unique! At the moment, the 'random attackers' are all the same NPC class, just with a chance to have a different race or gender (that's why they feel the same). I'll make sure to write in new scenes/actions for each fully-new NPC, so that they don't just feel like a re-skin.

      Also, NPCs will all have a preference as to what sex positions they prefer. As you say, dog-morphs (and wolf-morphs) will want to use doggy-style positions more than the others.

      And onto demons, yes, there are going to be male versions. (But demons are a little different to other races in terms of gender. I'll go into more detail about it when I write in Lilaya's romance quest!)

  2. is there a way to support you, like patrion or something like that. i would totally do that.

    1. Thank you very much for your offer of support! ^^

      That being said, I don't have a patreon or any way to support the game at the moment. I really want to get all the core mechanics and the first section of the story finished before setting one up, as I don't want to start accepting donations before I can prove to everyone that I have a clear vision of where the game is going. (I'm aiming at version 0.2.0 to be the release that moves from 'early alpha' to just 'alpha'.)

      Just as an extra note, if I do set up a patreon, I want everyone to know that I'm never going to lock out features behind a paywall. I'll probably follow the same format as a lot of other games out there, in that the patreon build will be one version ahead of the public build.

      Before I make a patreon, I'll make a big blog post about it and ask for everyone's feedback on what you all consider to be fair.

      Thanks again for your offer of support!

  3. No worries, Innoxia! Personally, I would always rather you take the day to get everything up to your standards, given that you are so amazing at keeping us all in the loop, both on here and TFgamesite.

    Just glad we can be here to let you know how awesome the game is, how cool its coming along, and glad we can at least give you encouragement and support. ^_^

    1. Thanks very much for your kind words! ^^

      It gives me a lot of motivation seeing supportive comments like yours, and I'll do my best to make the game as good as it can be!

  4. You say sorry too much.
    Don't you usually give an update every week?
    Compared to people who update anywhere from every 1-7 months, I think you do enough to not worry about it.
    Any person who complains is an idiot with no understanding of game creation.

    Most games on the market for console and PC at stores take years before they come out right?
    So waiting an extra 1-3 days wouldn't even be a problem with your schedule...

    1. Yes, ThatOneJester is right! You have no reason to apologize. I think it's due to your belief you owe us, but rest assured we are quite satisfied with the progress you've shown us. I haven't dropped any bug reports as of late as I decided to wait for this fuller release to drop. Can't wait to go bug hunting and Make Lilith Great Again!

    2. Thanks, I think I worry too much about not getting enough done each week...

      I'll try not to apologise too much as well. (Sorry! ^^)

  5. Replies
    1. Seeing as this is version 0.1.69, I'm having to finish the 69 sex scene before I release it. ^^

      As a result, it may be a little while longer yet... (If it's not ready by 04:00, I'm just going to package it and release it as it is.)